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Wiki Migration Tool

: wiki, migration
Craig Davies318 - 24 2009 (9)
With the upcoming 2.5 release of Connections, the new wiki engine certainly looks the goods.  The issue is, many peole have already deployed Wiki software and it may be problematic to support two engines.
I would like to see a Wiki migration tool so that we can import content ...

Connections integration from Outlook

: outlook, connections, connector
Neil Burston151 - 20 2007 (8)
It would be great to be able to offer Outlook users the possibility to configure a Connector to link with Activities in particular, but also other parts of Connections - I know of quite a few people who would like to do this and it would really open things up ...

Connections client for iPhone

: connections, iphone
Chris Fickett808 - 25 2008 (8)
I would like to see a Connections mobile client for the Apple iPhone.  Similar to the Blackberry client.

Add Connections Features To Notes

: connections
Peter Presnell28487 - 10 2008 (7)
A lot of the clients I work for refuse to install Lotus Connection because of the need to install (and hence support) DB2 & Websphere.  I would like to see some of the functionality of Lotus Connections made available in the Notes/Domino (only) domain.  e.g. Provide an extended Names.nsf (Domain ...

Quickr and Connections should adopt same method of managing user images as Sametime

: quickr, photo, image, ldap
Stuart McIntyre1781 - 10 2008 (7)
The Lotus product range is very inconsistent when it comes to manging user photos.
You can paste them into a Domino directory to use in Notes. Sametime wants them added to the jpegPhoto field in the LDAP directory.  Whereas Quickr wants them available via a WebService (but gives no ...

Virtual meeting place in Connection

: virtual meeting place
Dola Basu Shome60 - 06 2012 (7)
Can we have a virtual meeting place option in Lotus Connection, while collaborating it will help us to quickly organize any live meeting.

A detailed guide on how to use Tivoli Directory Integrator

: tdi, tivoli directory integrator
Tinus Riyanto2825 - 02 2011 (6)
A few months ago I had the chance to try and use Tivoli Directory Integrator. The goal is to try and sync information (from Active Directory to a Lotus Notes Database and between Lotus Notes databases). After installation I thought that I would try the sync between nsf first. It ...

Multiple Fileupload to Files in Lotus Connections

: connections files
Ortwin Riske149 - 03 2010 (6)
Please make it possible to upload multiple Files to Lotus Connections in one Time.
  • Taging
  • Add to Collections
That would be great.

Add a "Community Calendar" to the Communities

: connections, community
Mario Costa4453 - 19 2009 (5)
One of the things I miss the most on the Connections Communities is the lack of a community calendar. Communities usually have events, calls, meetings, and so on ... it would be very usefull to have a community calendar functionality ... then it could support iCAL and we would be ...

I wish a "files" connector / plug-in (similar to the Quickr one) for Connections

: files
Mario Costa4453 - 20 2009 (5)
That's pretty much it. A Lotus Connections Connector that allow me to access (download, upload, view) my files collections in connections without the need to open the browser and navigate through the pages.

Create widget non-optional for all users in connections in Home - my page

: wcm widget
Thobias Sama174 - 27 2010 (5)
I have a few customers that use other technologies to create a first page customization. Some of those said they would not need that and actually would not need a wcm system, if they could make a " highlight news widget" where corporate communication department could publish important news and ...

Ad webcontent tab to connections

: connection, webcontent
Thobias Sama174 - 03 2009 (4)
If we could ad a tab in connections as start page where communication department can publish content, we could offer Connections as a whole intranet to smaller organisations, put presure on Sharepoint and other content tool vendors

Community Notifications

: communities community notification notifications email
Mark Westerham573 - 24 2010 (4)
We are an old company and I am seeing a lot of resistance to move away from email.  Therefore, we still need email notifications to pull people in to use social media.  We deployed Connections 2.5 a few weeks ago and I really like the new notifications in Communities.  GREAT ...

A detailed and useful guide to installing and configuring IBM Connections

: connections, guide, manual
Alexey Katyushyn3674 - 08 2011 (4)
Due to the free availability of Files and Profiles for Domino users, I bothered to install them. All roads now lead to the IBM Connections Wiki, which has no normal integral guide to installing and configuring I would like to have available guidance in several ways: Win32, Win64, Linux32, ...

File Is Not Saved When You Save

: file files version versioning
Mark Westerham573 - 25 2010 (4)
I open a file in Connections 2.5.  I make some changes then click save, or when I close the application (MS Office applicatiion) asks if I want to save and I click Yes.  Everything indicated that the file was saved but it was not.  It would be great if it ...

Highlight search term in the search results

: search, google search, connections
Garrett Wolthuis634 - 30 2009 (4)
When searching for a term in Connections it would be nice if the search term was highlighted in the resulting documents, dogears, communities, and profiles. Much the way a Google search works.  This would help with finding the correct instance and context of the search term.

Wikis - Import documents

: connections wikis
Alberto Valverde232 - 02 2011 (4)
 I miss the ability to import open format, already saved document into a wiki. That should ease a lot in the task of uploading documentation or procedures.

How about integrating our lotus note mail box in Lotus Connection

: new mail notification, mail box
Dola Basu Shome60 - 06 2012 (4)
How about integrating our Lotus Note mail box in Lotus Connection like a tab at the top, so that we no need to open it separately. Can Lotus connection be a single platform from where we can access everything. One single platform for communication & collaboration
If not, can it ...

Profiling the homepage

: connection, profiles, homepage
Roberto Boccadoro106 - 12 2010 (3)
Show a given set of widget to a user according to a profilation made ( by org, by company, by an LDAP attribute,...). Every group of users see a different homepage according to their profilation.

entry license for Lotus Connections

: license entry lotus connections
Michael Tassati5289 - 16 2010 (3)
there should be a license model of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino includes components Activies and Profiles - like Sametime Entry or Quickr Entry


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