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Connections integration from Outlook

: outlook, connections, connector
Neil Burston151 - 20 2007 (8)
It would be great to be able to offer Outlook users the possibility to configure a Connector to link with Activities in particular, but also other parts of Connections - I know of quite a few people who would like to do this and it would really open things up ...

Connections client for iPhone

: connections, iphone
Chris Fickett808 - 25 2008 (8)
I would like to see a Connections mobile client for the Apple iPhone.  Similar to the Blackberry client.

Add Connections Features To Notes

: connections
Peter Presnell28487 - 10 2008 (7)
A lot of the clients I work for refuse to install Lotus Connection because of the need to install (and hence support) DB2 & Websphere.  I would like to see some of the functionality of Lotus Connections made available in the Notes/Domino (only) domain.  e.g. Provide an extended Names.nsf (Domain ...

Add a "Community Calendar" to the Communities

: connections, community
Mario Costa4453 - 19 2009 (5)
One of the things I miss the most on the Connections Communities is the lack of a community calendar. Communities usually have events, calls, meetings, and so on ... it would be very usefull to have a community calendar functionality ... then it could support iCAL and we would be ...

A detailed and useful guide to installing and configuring IBM Connections

: connections, guide, manual
Alexey Katyushyn3674 - 08 2011 (4)
Due to the free availability of Files and Profiles for Domino users, I bothered to install them. All roads now lead to the IBM Connections Wiki, which has no normal integral guide to installing and configuring I would like to have available guidance in several ways: Win32, Win64, Linux32, ...

Highlight search term in the search results

: search, google search, connections
Garrett Wolthuis634 - 30 2009 (4)
When searching for a term in Connections it would be nice if the search term was highlighted in the resulting documents, dogears, communities, and profiles. Much the way a Google search works.  This would help with finding the correct instance and context of the search term.

Provide an incentive for building colleagues list

: connections, profile, colleagues, invites
Matt Buchanan2137 - 08 2008 (3)

Connections 2.0 allows users to build up a list of colleagues via an invite system, a la Facebook. When I first heard about this I thought it was pretty cool, but having actually used it for a while now, I think there's a fundamental flaw with the implementation - there is ...


Allow multiple assignees for to-do's in Activities

: connections, activities, to-do, assignee
Matt Buchanan2137 - 17 2009 (3)
In Activities you can assign a to-do to a single named individual, or 'anyone' - if assigned to 'anyone', then any member of the activity can mark it as complete.
What I think might be quite cool was if you were able to assign a to-do to multiple named ...

Electronic Writing on iPad and then store in Lotus Connections blogs

: connections, ipad, iphone
Johan Koopman647 - 03 2011 (3)
Recently I started to capture my customer meeting notes in my own private 'community' in blogs to "Organise my work a little better".  With tagging I am able to search my meeting notes.
Currently  I write down the notes on a writing pad ...

Extendable Connections Mobile App

: connections, mobile, application, extension, widget
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 27 2013 (3)
The actual Connection Mobile App is working only for standard modules of Connections. It would be useful to develop extension point wher developers can include their own modules. eg: You develop an applications for Connections, it apears ony the web interface (widget), but not on the ...

Email members from community

: connections
Keith Brooks6439 - 15 2007 (2)
Brought up many times, but a major item. I want to be able to email or rss everyone with updates or announcements within my community.
But can't because it is not int he program.
Why weren't the good things from quickplace(like email notifications) brought into Connections?

Mobile Connections app to use notifications

: notification, mobile, connections
Robert van den Breemen118 - 22 2012 (1)
Add instant notifications to the Connections App (use native infrastructure, like the Sametime App does) to notify the user of statusupdates of people I follow, reply's on my board, posts in my community. And in the future of mentions I get or retweets of my statusupdate in my networks.
This ...


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