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Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors

:Domino Designer
: notes
Mika Heinonen3778 - 24 2007 (29)

Currently only 16 colors are possible.


LotusScript Editor element for Classes

:Domino Designer
: lotusscript, classes, editor
James Summerton1546 - 01 2007 (14)
One of the big negatives for using classes in LotusScript is the fact that they live in the declarations section.
I would like to see a specific section created in the LotusScript editor that at the least works like the Java Editor.
The following is my crude example ...

Mark Scheduled agents to 'Don't run in Template'

:Domino Designer
: designer, agent
Theo Heselmans9557 - 03 2007 (9)
Often scheduled agents runs on a template too, while they shouldn't. Just disabling them often has the side effect that a refresh design disables them in the 'production' databases too. By adding a checkbox in the agent properties 'Don't run in Template' this could become a developer setting.

Integrate Dojo/AJAX objects into Domino Designer

:Domino Designer
: dojo, ajax, domino, designer, views
Eric Radloff205 - 04 2008 (9)
I would like to see AJAX via the dojo framework integrated into Domino 8, to make it more web2.0-capable.  IBM is backing dojo now, so why not include it in Domino? 
Some examples...
Notes views on the web:
Let's say I'm building a view to display on the web... in addition ...

Doc.IsRead= True/False in Lotusscript

:Domino Designer
: lotusscript, document
Ulf Grindstad2102 - 26 2008 (6)
Would be nice with some the possibility to check if a document has been read by the current user in Lotuscript .
If Doc.Isread Then
'Do something
'Do something else
End If
This is especially useful in web applications, where you have list of ...

DXL Editor

:Domino Designer
: dxl, designer
Peter Presnell28487 - 04 2008 (4)
The idea of supporting full DXL round-tripping has received more votes than any other idea.  So why not negate the need to even export to DXL for many situations by providing a DXL Editor within Domino Designer?
One of the greate features  of Microsoft's Visual Studio is the ability ...

Change database icon from database properties

:Domino Designer
: icon, database
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 11 2008 (3)
Why do we have to digg so deep in Designer if we want to change the icon for a database (Other\Database resources\Icon) ?
Wouldnt it be much better to be change the icon from the database properties, preferably from a list gathered from "shared resource\images"

Prompt before adding a database to a working set

:Domino Designer
: working sets, open in designer
Matt White13605 - 28 2009 (3)
When I right click on a database on my workspace in Notes and select "Open in Designer", if I have a working set open in Designer, I'd like to be prompted whether to add the database to the working set. 
If this isn't possible then switch me out of ...

Project centric development in Domino Designer IDE

:Domino Designer
: designer, eclipse, projects
Jeff Gilfelt1072 - 15 2008 (2)
Allow us to create and work with 'projects' that consist of multiple databases within Domino Designer.
This should be a no-brainer for a modern IDE, but I'm still seeing the old style 'Database Navigator' in the Designer 8.5 screenshots that came out of Lotusphere. When was the last time ...

Opening design element that contains the error, from the tab "Problems"

:Domino Designer
: lotusscript, error, doubleclick, navigation
Vlad Sh10679 - 25 2009 (1)
In the Lotus Domino Designer tab will appear on "Problems", in which displayed records of errors. I propose (for LotusScript) at DoubleClick on records not to display the source code of the element of design in XML, but open the corresponding element of the design, automaticaly finding the wrong area ...


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