LS09 Best Practices Sessions 
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10 Things to Consider when Developing & Deploying Applications in Large Scale Environments

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: huge, domains, lotusscript, infrastructure, ls09
Martijn de Jong553 - 09 2008 (26)
Many common development techniques can cause dramatic effects when your application is rolled out over hundreds of servers. As a developer you therefore need a good understanding of certain parts of the infrastructure to build such an application. System administrators who review applications before deployment should know what to look ...

Lotus Notes and Me: Maximizing Personal Productivity with Lotus Notes

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: productivity, personalkm, gtd
Eric Mack576 - 08 2008 (10)
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9/26/2008: Updated description
Best Practices Session:
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Lotus Notes and Me: Maximizing Personal Productivity with Lotus Notes

Please someone create a session to demonstrate setting up self-registering on the web

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: lotusphere2009
Jess Stratton1270 - 07 2008 (10)
I would love to see a complete "how to" session on self-registering for the web, as there's no easy to find documentation (though I'm sure it exists somewhere) and the entire process mystifies me.
Things I need to know and would like to see:
1. Setting up an additional address ...

Domino Clustering and Server Migration Made Easy

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: clustering, migration
Charles Robinson8913 - 09 2008 (8)
I'm debating whether to submit this to Show-n-Tell or Best Practices.  It's my "Mission Impossible:  From Single Domino Server to Linux Cluster In Less than 60 Minutes" session from ILUG.  And yeah, I managed to do all this in an hour at ILUG, with some prompting and prodding from ...

Best practices for new Notes developers

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: bp, lotusphere
Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 - 05 2008 (8)
This session would mainly contain a number of useful tips for the beginners in Notes programming.
It should not contain the basics of programming, nor focus on any particular classes. Instead it will be an overview of what to think about, and some useful tips and tricks:
* Why Lotusscript ...

Best Practices for New Admins

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09
Keith Brooks6439 - 05 2008 (8)

Best Practices are fine and good, but what about the junior admins who never get training anymore? Or more importantly those developers that never quite understand mail routing, among other topics?

Updated 9/7 with a better description - We have all been there, done that, some of us for more years ...


Lotus Notes Hints, Tips, and Tricks

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: hints, tips, presentation
Alan Lepofsky8175 - 06 2008 (8)
As a followup to my 2007 session, I'd like to present on some of the new features of 8.5, and how to get the most out of using Lotus Notes.  Items covered will include core Notes features, but I'd also like to show a few things about integration with Connections, ...

Adminblast 2009

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09, administration
Paul Mooney2157 - 07 2008 (7)
A follow up from adminblast 2008 presentation at last year's event.  This year in an hour, I will run through approx 60 random Infrastructure tips for delegates to take away with them.  Some they will know, some they wont.  Focus will be on the slide deck, as the information to ...

Inheriting Notes Applications

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: development, legacy
Stephan H. Wissel1981 - 10 2008 (7)
Notes applications often get transferred between generations of developers. The session sheds a light on practices what you can do on the receiving end of such a transfer. Armed with insight and tools you can get on top of any historic application understanding what it does and how to improve ...

Moving from Plumber to Painter  

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: lotusphere2009, ui
Thomas Duff871 - 06 2008 (7)
As a developer, are you quite proud of your kewl coding skills (plumbing), while your users are more impressed with the visual appeal of the application (painting)? Many developers haven't made a good transition from plumber to painter. Travel with Tom as he shows how he's working through that transition ...

Getting relational with db2

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: db2, domino, web2.0
Bruce Lill10666 - 11 2008 (6)
With Domino 8, Lotus provided a free copy of db2 to use as the filestore. This will help you understand how to use the information in db2 to improve your server based applications. Build Query views that will show documents from different Domino database but work like a normal view ...

Evidence Based Upgrades

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: upgrade
Jack Dausman233 - 05 2008 (6)
A frank how-to in winning trust and succeeding amidst budget cutting, organizational uncertainty and downsizing. It's a blend of management and technical techniques. For a few topics, code samples will be included. I'd like this to be run without being taped. The emphasis is on Domino/Sametime/Quickr Platform specifics for AIX, ...

Performance Overhaul - Real Recommendations to Real Clients

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: domion, performance, realty, check, -, ls, 09, session, idea
Andrew Pollack2817 - 09 2008 (5)
Domino Performance Reality Check
If you've ever wanted to get more performance and scale out your applications come to this session.  While there's no magic bullet, a combination of small changes can come together to make a huge difference.  The same is true for problems however.  A few poor ...

To View Or Not To View...A UI Perspective

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: development, ls09, views
Chris Blatnick702 - 07 2008 (4)
This would be a technical session focusing on one specific topic.  I believe you can do a lot to make your applications much more modern and Web 2.0 like by bringing a lot of those best practices to bear in the Notes client.  My last two sessions with Nathan Freeman ...

Templates, Templates Everywhere - If You Know Where to Look

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: openntf, templates
Kevin Pettitt1036 - 24 2008 (4)
This is an update to the session that Bruce and I delivered at LS08, and it will include a bunch of updated content. We would be interested in any thoughts about what you might expect or like to see in this presentation, especially if you've seen earlier versions from Lotusphere, ...

Extend your Notes applications to the Web with Ext.nd

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: javascript, ui/ux, extjs, ajax
Jack Ratcliff511 - 12 2008 (4)
This session would be an introduction on how to get started in using Ext.nd, a customized Domino version of the Ext JS JavaScript framework (  We would cover what Ext.nd has to offer and then walk through how to setup your Domino environment so you could use Ext.nd in your ...

Clustering Best Practices and the finally fixed SAI

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: clustering
Daniel Nashed1056 - 22 2008 (4)
I would like to present a comprehensive Clustering Session (maybe as a jumpstart).
This session would be about conceptual design, architecture, best practices how to implement it and show what Domino clustering makes so unique.
I can present details about how to set it up, monitor it and ...

Quickr Portal or Quickr Domino

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: quickr, portal, quickplace, domino
Pedro Fernandes80 - 20 2008 (3)
Hi All,
             I want to discuss about quickr architecture. Today we have an IBM two kind of quickr products: Quickr Portal and Quickr Domino. Although the both had the same kind of services talking about the tasks to customize is so different.
             How can we say ...

Domino HTTP Server Administration

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: administration, web, http, ssl
Greg Walrath288 - 19 2008 (3)
I've been wanting to come up with a good session idea for years, and I've realized recently that I don't see a lot of sessions strictly on using Domino as a web server. Plenty of stuff for developers, but nothing on the admin side. As someone who's used the Domino ...

Configuring your Domino Server for HTTP Access

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: domino, http, ssl, configuration, administration
Andrew Pollack2817 - 24 2008 (3)
The HTTP task is powerful and complex. We’ll go through the configuration and show you how to make your server respond just the way you want. We’ll talk about virtual web sites, multi-homing, URL redirection, headers, and path substitution. Learn the step by step process of requesting and installing an ...


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