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10 Things to Consider when Developing & Deploying Applications in Large Scale Environments

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: huge, domains, lotusscript, infrastructure, ls09
Martijn de Jong553 - 09 2008 (26)
Many common development techniques can cause dramatic effects when your application is rolled out over hundreds of servers. As a developer you therefore need a good understanding of certain parts of the infrastructure to build such an application. System administrators who review applications before deployment should know what to look ...

Best Practices for New Admins

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09
Keith Brooks6439 - 05 2008 (8)

Best Practices are fine and good, but what about the junior admins who never get training anymore? Or more importantly those developers that never quite understand mail routing, among other topics?

Updated 9/7 with a better description - We have all been there, done that, some of us for more years ...


Adminblast 2009

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09, administration
Paul Mooney2157 - 07 2008 (7)
A follow up from adminblast 2008 presentation at last year's event.  This year in an hour, I will run through approx 60 random Infrastructure tips for delegates to take away with them.  Some they will know, some they wont.  Focus will be on the slide deck, as the information to ...

To View Or Not To View...A UI Perspective

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: development, ls09, views
Chris Blatnick702 - 07 2008 (4)
This would be a technical session focusing on one specific topic.  I believe you can do a lot to make your applications much more modern and Web 2.0 like by bringing a lot of those best practices to bear in the Notes client.  My last two sessions with Nathan Freeman ...

How to use the wrong design elements to do the right thing in Domino web development

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: development, ls09, best-practices
Matt White13605 - 06 2008 (3)
I'm sure the focus of LS09 will be on XPages but there will still be a lot of developers using older versions of Domino for web development, and hopefully this session will be useful to them.
Domino web development requires a subtle blend of skill, knowledge and black magic. ...

Getting To WOW......Interface First Design For Lotus Notes Developers

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: userinterface, interface, business, ls09
Chris Blatnick702 - 07 2008 (2)
I'm happy to say that this abstract was submitted as a co-presentation with the one and only Tom Duff!  Since we've officially put the abstract together, I wanted to update this idea to include the new one.  My initial thoughts on this subject are below that.  Thanks for ...

Development Tips and Utilities for Admins

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: development, admin, administration, best-practices, lotusphere2009, ls09
Bill Malchisky12192 - 10 2008 (2)
As an Admin, many times learning what could be a problem inside the Directory can be time demanding, and if you need a developer to code the fix rather than your manually editing documents, well, we know that they are busy too. This session will present to Admins with utility ...

Sametime on Linux

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09, lotusphere2009, session, best-practices, linux, sametime
Gregory Engels1706 - 27 2008 (1)
Thinking about moving to Sametime to Linux? Or if you about to start installing your first Sametime Server ever, why not do it on Linux? This session will cover everything you need to know to make your deployment a success - with topics covered like performance considerations, configuration tweaks, networking, ...

Domain Migration Best Practices

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: domino, domain, migration, best, practices, ls09
Perry Hiltz206 - 07 2008 (1)
As organizations are continually aquiring other companies or divesting aspects of their business, the need to either consolidate, or split Domino domains is not an easy task nor is it a quick task. 
In a world where divestitures and acquisitions are increasingly common, the need to either consolidate or ...

Defend and Extend Lotus during a merger

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: domino, exchange, migration, merger, ls09
David Price156 - 24 2008 (1)
Acquisitions and mergers are a fact of life, now more than ever. You will come across a company with Outlook and Exchange at some point. Lotus Notes Release 8 can stand toe to toe with Outlook in regards to UI and Domino continues to tower over Exchange. That being said, ...

Cloud computed IBM Lotus iNotes infrastructure - Using IBM Lotus Domino and IBM WebSphere

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: inotes, websphere, domino, infrastructure, lotusphere2009, ls09
Fredrik Söderquist45 - 01 2008 (0)
Session abstract/description:
How did SLL design and build their unique, highly available and extremely scalable solution for their 45 000+ iNotes-only users using IBM Lotus Domino and IBM WebSphere Application Server? What are the key elements that made SLL’s IBM Lotus Domino solution eligible for an IBM Best Practice ...

YellowHat Hacker - Live Hacking Into A Domino Application

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09, lotusphere2009, session, security, hacker, development
Gregory Engels1706 - 27 2008 (0)
Hacking Domino Application live! Watch and learn about the web application security "the hard way". See how easy it is to break into an unprotected Notes Database and how to protect yourself from such attacks. Learn (and see with your own eyes) how Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Cross Site Request ...

Driven to Abstraction –Your Business Logic and Your Platform Need A Little Time Apart

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09, lotusphere2009
Scott Boyer104 - 28 2008 (0)
Let’s face it; your code and your platform have developed an unhealthy codependency. To be sustainable, linked applications must remain independently upgradeable and they must integrate with the increasingly diverse platforms that comprise your enterprise. By leveraging SOA theory, you can achieve loose coupling between your business logic and the ...

Admin for the Developer – Build and secure your own Domino Server Playground in one hour!

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09
Jess Stratton1270 - 26 2008 (0)
Admin for the Developer – Build and secure your own Domino Server Playground in one hour!
Are you a developer who has only worked with a Domino server already in place? Would you like to learn how to start from scratch and make sure you still end up secure? ...

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Notes.ini

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: notes.ini, session, best-practices, ls09, lotusphere2009
Gregory Engels1706 - 26 2008 (0)
In this entertaining session you'll get introduced to some notes.ini settings you probably never have heard of. And probably don't want to hear of again. There will be settings for the admins, for the developers, the longest and the shortest setting there is, the funniest and most bizarre and the ...

Become a User Whisperer to give your users the best upgrade experience possible!

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09
Jess Stratton1270 - 26 2008 (0)
Become a User Whisperer to give your users the best upgrade experience possible!
If you're an admin who wants to give your users the best upgrade experience to any version of Notes, you need to become a User Whisperer! Learn techniques for getting your users more involved, tips for ...

The Jekyll and Hyde Administrator, 3 Sides to Every Story

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09, admin
Keith Brooks6439 - 26 2008 (0)
Gregg Eldred and Keith Brooks presenting
As an administrator or a developer, your job is to manage your users, their expectations, and their attitudes. Come experience all 3 sides of the story, the good, the bad and the users. On a daily basis you are asked some pointed and ...

Performance Duet: How to Get Your Apps and Servers in Tune

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: performance, administration, development, ls09
Jamie Magee154 - 26 2008 (0)
ABSTRACT: Administrators and developers usually work only in their respective worlds, but performance is one area where collaboration can get you a HUGE boost. Come watch administrator Francie Tanner-Whitlock and developer Jamie Magee work in concert to tackle topics such as: sizing server hardware against application needs, view indexing strategies, ...

Why is developing accessible websites important to you and your customers?

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09, accessibility, design, web2.0, website
Paul Hudson1035 - 26 2008 (0)
Do the new Web 2.0 technologies in Domino 8.5 excite you? Are you planning to turn all your web applications in dynamic Web 2.0 websites?
If like me, the answer is a big yes, do you also share my concerns about the accessibility issues we might be introducing into ...

Succeed in Managing Notes Development Projects using Notes Tools (RAD & JAD meet Project Management)

:LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: ls09, best-practices, notes, development, project management
Libby Ingrassia441 - 25 2008 (0)
I won't be giving this session, but two of my colleageus are planning to submit it:
Your choice of approach to Lotus development projects can signal success or failure. If you've ever had to document or inherit an application, and if you don't want to hear "I thought the application ...


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