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Show each link just once

: linkjam
Martin Humpolec753 - 02 2008 (4)
Show each link just once, doesn't matter how many people copied it for themselves (or did I misunderstand the copy feature?)

Links should open in new tab or window

: browser, links, target
Jason Hook2740 - 18 2008 (3)
Currently it seems that all linkJam entries open in same window taking user away from the  linkJam site.  My preference would be for link to open in a new window or tab.
Firefox 3 on XP

Prohibit public links (not my links) to translate into private  

: usability, bug
Vadim Shvayko138 - 17 2008 (3)
when I chose public link (Top 10 custom JavaScript functions of all time) and proceeded on the link "copy" I noted the box "Private?" and clicked "Submit" actually copied this link in the "My Links", but looking at the overall list of links noticed that the link appeared in cap ...

Report bad links

: linkjam, feature
Richard Schwartz4594 - 18 2008 (2)
I ran into a bad link in LinkJam this morning.  I'd tell you which one, but I didn't mark it down.  Would be nice to just click a button marked "Report broken link".

https links problem

: linkjam, address
Martin Humpolec753 - 02 2008 (1)
When you create a link to https address it automatically adds http:// before the link when saving (eg. http://htts://

A user can post the same URL twice

: bug
Julian Buss275 - 16 2008 (1)
I added the button "Add to LinkJam" to my browser.
I opened the PLANET LOTUS site, clicked the button and added the URL.
After returning, I clicked the button again.
Result: exactly the same URL was added AGAIN to LinkJam.
Expected result:
a) message "you already posted that URL"

Private Link in My Links  

: usability
Vadim Shvayko138 - 16 2008 (1)
personalized list of links ( My Links ) may contain links as public and personal references. it would be rightly seen as one individual, both on the screenshot...

Specify favorite when entering link

: favorites
Martin Humpolec753 - 17 2008 (1)
When you introduced the favorite links it sounds like good idea to specify that link is favorite when I'm entering it in. Right now I could add a new link, return to linkJam and specify that it is the favorite one.


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