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Dogear: Plugin for many browsers to store bookmark in dogear

: links, bookmark
Michael Tassati5289 - 19 2010 / (4)
i wish a button in my browsers (Firefox, IE, Notes-Embedded, Safari), to add links to Dogears.

Multiple Activities Sites Abound, but only one entry in Client exists

: multiple activities, activities
Keith Brooks6439 - 22 2009 / (3)
While I understand IBM's perspective is one Activities server to a company, what if you have more than 1? what if you belong to Bleedyellow, greenhouse, IBM's, test domain, live domain, other live domain?
sure some follow you in the location doc switching but what if you don't switch? ...

Number of rows

: rows number
Urs Meli3587 - 07 2011 / (3)
Make the number of rows persistent.
If I select 50 rows in blogs, I'd like to have the 50 rows again in wikis or the search.
I personally don't like paging with only 10 entries.
Can't it be 10, 25, 50, 100 or continuous ? 

How to Connect Windows Active Directive Group?

: active directory
Prasanta Biswas10 - 15 2016 / (3)
 How to Connect Windows Active Directive Group?

Tag list for files, etc.

: files, enhancement, files admin client archives, index
James Carroll246 - 30 2011 / (2)
I would llike the ability to set up a controlled list of index terms (tags) to be used to tag files, etc.  When searching by tags you'll only find those tags that are spelled exactly like the word you're using.  With IBM's attachment to TLAs, you can't always count on ...

Syndicate content from an external blog to your Connections Blog

: blog, rss
Scott Gentzen268 - 04 2008 / (2)

What I would like is have the ability for Connections to pull an RSS feed from my blog and repost it in my Connections blog.  I would set up a feed just for a particular Connections community and only send items to that feed that I think are releavnt in the ...


Admin interface

: connections, administration
Urs Meli3587 - 30 2008 / (2)

There are a lot of admin-features (configure dogear, removing dogears from  users) built in connections, but they are only available through the unfriendly wasadmin interface. It would be awfully usefull if connections had a webadministration / configuration interface.


Allow feeds as input to Dogear

: connections, atom, rss, feed, delicious
Handly Cameron331 - 18 2008 / (2)
Provide the ability to add a RSS/ATOM feed to Dogear.  New links in the feed would be added to Dogear, including propagation to the Home Page, Communities, Activities, watch lists, etc.
Why this would help:  Users of services such as Delicious or Mag.nolia would be able bring in their ...

Activities - Dynamically sized edit-boxes on Web Interface

: activities, connections, feature-request, userinterface, functionality, usability, interface
Alex Forbes299 - 23 2008 / (2)
Currently, when editing a Comment, To Do or other entry in the Activities web interface, you can only see about 6 or 7 lines of text in the edit box. This makes it very hard to edit entries of non-trivial length. I would like to see an option to make ...

Redo the business partner portal

: business partners
Lisa Whitsell515 - 28 2009 / (2)
Make it easy to get to the information you are looking for and rank partners based on search criteria. Have phone staff search this area when they take calls to ensure customers are routed to partners that can help them effectively.

Newsletter feature - with HTML options and distribution list mgmt

: newsletter, lotus connections, communities, mail, email, html
Joyce Davis531 - 26 2010 / (2)
Although Lotus Connections has a "mail community" feature, it's an all or nothing proposition. A great newsletter feature would include:
  • Ability to create content in HTML
  • Editing workflow to allow review cycles prior to publishing
  • Ability for community members to opt in/out
  • Email notifications in the format the users ...

Add recommend, comment and notify options to every update/item

: profiles
Aden Davies153 - 05 2010 / (1)
For example wherever a users status is shown I should be able to recommend, notify or comment on that status.  the display should be consistent eg in top updates section on 2.5 you cant comment you have to go through to the profile page. The ability to notify other users ...

Edit version details for Files

: files
Peter Presnell28487 - 17 2010 / (1)
After adding a new version of a file it should be possible to edit the description assigned to a specific File

In-place document (pre-)viewer for files (not only Files modul)

: in-place viewer file
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 25 2012 / (1)
Hi All,
I QuickR for Domino there is an in-place viewer for uploaded files. This should be available in both Connections and QuickR for WS.
It's better to pre-view the contents of a prezentation or a document then downloading it. This saves network, diskspace.

Activities - More status options

: activities, connections, feature-request, userinterface, functionality
Alex Forbes299 - 23 2008 / (1)
Currently you can only mark a To Do or Activity  as "Complete" or "Incomplete". Having only a boolean choice between these options makes it difficult to see, at a glance, the bigger picture of the activity and makes it harder to collaborate.
I'd like to see a system where ...

Limited use entitlement for Activities

: connections, activities, notes, domino, limited, use, license
Matt Buchanan2137 - 22 2008 / (1)
Much like Sametime was introduced to R6.5, give passport customers who use Notes/Domino a limited use to the Activities part of Lotus Connections. In my (humble, of course :) opinion, Activities is a much better fit functionality wise with Notes/Domino than it is Connections anyway.

Bootstrap Import capabilities for Profiles

: import population profiles
Jerh O'Connor28 - 01 2009 / (1)
I'd have a lot more info. and save a lot of time if there were a set of import tools to suck data from external sites like linkedIn and Naymz and pre-populate my profile. Give me a preview option before I publish just in case and voila - a much ...

Extend field limits of forms for 4byte unicode characters (e.g. Russian).

: encoding, field, limit, unicode
Petr Valing102 - 18 2008 / (1)

Current field limitations (for 4byte unicode ~127 symbols) are too small.


Windows desktop plugin

: connections plugins, msoffice, plugin, plug-in
Michael Falstrup10 - 29 2013 / (1)
I would like to see the following improvements to the IBM Connections Windows Desktop plugin:
  1. Full feature enablements, which means, that the hidden files section for MS Office, that gives you ablillity to open files directly from IBM Connections into MS Office, is not active and cannot be activated. Already have a ...

Better Administration Tools for IBM Connection

: connection, administration client
Tinus Riyanto2825 - 04 2014 / (1)
 With all the focus on IBM Connection and its feature I find it hillarious that Administration of IBM Connection is still done by editing XML files. I am well aware that there is a 3rd party product for this like one created by TimeToAct group but their ability still feels ...


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