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On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair

:Domino Server / Other
: deletion, database
Mark Demicoli10736 - 09 2010 / (33)
Ever accidentally deleted a database?  It can't be that hard to use the Recycle Bin on Windows Platforms instead of effecting an irriversible file system deletion.
This should occur at the API level so that all methods of deleting databases use the OS recycle bin if available.

Open Source the Domino Product Line

:Domino Server / Other
: community development
Ian Tree651 - 21 2008 / (29)
Change the development and publishing models for the Domino product family to be an Open Source, Community Developed product. IBM should follow the same paradigm as they have done with Red-Hat Enterprise Linux i.e. having a fully supported product that is based on a Community Developed offering.
For more ...

Please update Domino to fully support TLS (SSL v3.1)

:Domino Server / Web application server
: ssl tls 3.1
Craig Wiseman24988 - 10 2011 / (20)
Domino has always had strong standards support for Interweb protocols, but that seems to be slipping a bit. At present,  Domino http & smtp do not fully support TLS. For competitive reasons and to keep the product progressing, it needs to.
" ...

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino

:Domino Server / Other
: richtext, mail, server
Gregg Eldred8655 - 10 2009 / (18)
For too long, e-mail messages using rich text formatting have lost their fidelity when sent to either external addresses or to the iNotes client. A messaging server should be able to preserve the sender's formatting, providing the recipient with a message as it was intended with no loss of fidelity. ...

Please Fix the NSF

:Domino Server / Other
: nsf nosql
Mark Myers395 - 04 2011 / (14)
Please fix the NSF database 
and by 'Fix' i mean:
1) Remove the obvious size limitations such as 32k view lookups, maximum field numbers and plain text field limits 
2) Provide a good JDBC and .Net Drivers that enables access to the database from remote locations
3) Improve scaling ...

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes

:Domino Server / Other
: full-text, fulltext
Mark Demicoli10736 - 17 2009 / (14)
The current all-or-none approach to full-text indexing causes unnecessary index size and performance considerations.  I propose that a mechanism be implemented either/and by:
1.  Dialog selection of fields to index
2.  Special form field that specifies fields to index (eg: $FTIndexFields)

Implement Sender Policy Framework / Sender Rewriting Scheme

:Domino Server / Messaging router
: email, router, spam
Jan Schulz4949 - 08 2007 / (13)
Implement SPF or better Sender Rewriting Scheme for forwarded Mail.

In certain circumstances, enabled SPF will reject forwared Mails from your domain: If you have webuser which get their Mail forwarded to a external adress, a certain percentage of Mailserver will not accept this mails anymore, as ...

FREE Domino!

:Domino Server / Other
: domino server, business, licensing
Mats Ingelborn419 - 31 2009 / (13)
Make Domino free to install and use. Maybe restricted to web access, but IBM can always charge for the client...
The Domino web server offer some unique and extremely powerful development features but when developing new online applications the user licences will put off most developers and startups. There ...

Ability to tell AdminP to not remove a name from a document for deletion requests

:Domino Server / Admin Tools
: adminp, name
Michael Sobczak2837 - 20 2007 / (12)
In custom Notes applications, user names are typically stored in Reader, Author or Names fields.  If the database's ACL has the "Modify all Names fields" setting enabled, AdminP will update the user's name in all Reader, Author and Names fields in accordance with a name change.  However, when a user ...

CALDAV support for open calendar interoperability

:Domino Server / Web application server
: webdav, caldav, ical, vcalendar
Mark Demicoli10736 - 02 2008 / (11)
The rise in popularity of online calendaring applications such as Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar has spurred these megalyths to support the emerging CALDAV standard (RFC 4791) for calendar event interoperability between disparate systems.  On the client side, Mozilla's Firebird is already supporting CALDAV.  This means that fully-compliant CALDAV servers ...

Allow easy remote access (telnet/ssh) to the server console from Linux

:Domino Server / Admin Tools
: administration, admin, console, server
Daniel Silva454 - 14 2007 / (10)
We are currently "tied' to the Domino Administrator client which currently only runs on Windows.  I'd like to be able from a Linux client to telnet/ssh to the Domino server's console and run any commands remotely w/o need any special "client' to connect to it.  Authentication would be done via ...

Automatically delete dead mail (router)

:Domino Server / Messaging router
: dead mail
Mark Demicoli10736 - 30 2010 / (10)
Dead mail could be purged from mailboxes in certain configurations.  This could be implemented as a policy, and could be based on certain SMTP return statuses and not others (eg mailbox invalid).

Don't overwrite favicon.ico if it already exists

:Domino Server / Web application server
: installation
Niel Revelle204 - 04 2010 / (10)
Everytime we upgrade to a new version the favicon.ico is overwritten with the default Domino icon.

Disable to open or copy mails in the

:Domino Server / Security
: mail, disable,
Marius Jaeger2466 - 17 2009 / (9)
Any domino administrator can open mails in the or can copy mails from the into an other database.
It is not necessary for any administrator to do this.
So disable open documents and copy documents in the

Calculate quota without considering whitespace

:Domino Server / Other
: quota, whitespace
Steven Santamorena988 - 06 2007 / (9)
Rather than having to compact mail files to get them under quota, it would be great if the calculation that determines quota could ignore any whitespace in the mail file.

Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts

:Domino Server / Other
: replication, rules
Charles Robinson8913 - 28 2007 / (9)
Currently there is no way to determine in real time when replication/save conflicts occur.  I would like to have the following:
1)  An event that gets triggered at the database level so we can resolve these in real time.
2)  Some way to determine which fields triggered the conflict.

Add new view "Groups By Members" to the Domino Directory

:Domino Server / Directory
: directory, addressbook
Hynek Kobelka7940 - 03 2007 / (8)
Simply add a new categorised view to the Domino Directory, to display all groups by its members.
Additionally embedd this view into the Person-form in such a way that only the groups of the current person are shown. (Its about 10 minutes of work)  :-)
And if you want ...

Support Lotus Domino on Ubuntu Server

:Domino Server / Platforms
: linux, domino, support
David Vasta2524 - 14 2007 / (8)

I am sure that I am not the only one who is in love with the technology and quickness of Ubuntu Server. It's lite and powerful. DB2 is supported on Ubuntu Server and I feel like Lotus should give Ubuntu Server a chance and support it. As a very stable ...


Server NSDs: Send to IBM automatically when created

:Domino Server / Admin Tools
: nsd, crash, support
Mike McPoyle397 - 17 2009 / (8)
As I was zipping up some NSDs and sending them to IBM from a recent server crash, I wondered how efficient this really was?  How many times does a server crash, and it's so rare that the crash is never reported?
Creating a PMR isn't difficult, but I'd much rather click an ...

Let's consider what DB2NSF does for us.

:Domino Server / Other
: db2, nsf, nsfdb2, dbsnsf
Craig Wiseman24988 - 03 2007 / (8)

I like to stir the pot,and since one of the points of IdeaJam is to "gauge the marketability, popularity and viability" of N/D things let me propose this.

In a lot of ways DB2NSF seems like a holdover from the Dark Years when the goal was ...


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