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Support iPhone

: traveler, iphone
Eric Larson2099 - 24 2008 / (23)
While DWA 8.0.2 should bring a supported browser interface to Domino mail on the iPhone, several of my customers have requested the ability to sync PIM information to the iPhone.

Support Fingerprint ID system (Touch ID) as a device security method in IBM Notes Traveler

: traveler, traveler, security
Ray Bilyk799 - 24 2013 / (10)
With iOS7 out now, there is an option to unlock your device using the fingerprint ID system (known at Apple as Touch ID security). I would like IBM to support Touch ID as a supported when setting up a Traveler policy under Security Settings\Apple\Require device password.

Traveler on Domino for Linux

: traveler, linux
Daniel Nashed1056 - 15 2008 / (9)
Traveler is a great product and I would wish it would run on a Domino Server on Linux.
That would give is a lot more options to run Traveler in customer and BP environments.
- Daniel

Sync Domino Directory

: traveler
Rainer Brandl2238 - 02 2008 / (7)
Wouldn´t it be great to have a address resolution from the Domino Directory in Lotus Traveler like on Blackberry ???
Or the possibility to sync another address book except the personal contacts like Commontime mNotes/mSuite ??

Rename Traveler to Traveller

: english, traveler
Anders Fredriksson362 - 21 2009 / (7)
Let's use proper English. (unless you come up with a really good explanation)

Let Traveler synch contacts with a different Address Book

: traveler, address book
John de Giorgio692 - 17 2009 / (3)
Traveler currently syncs the contacts on your phone with Names.nsf.  There should be an option to get it to sync with a different address book instead of Names (although using the same standard template).
I use a different address book for my phone contacts as I do for my ...

Clustering Support for Traveler Server

: clustering, traveler
Tinus Riyanto2825 - 06 2010 / (3)
Until know there is no way to built a cluster of traveler servers so that they can do automatic fail over upon themselves when one of them had a problem. Please add this feature so that traveler can be a trully scalable solution.
I even understand if clustering support ...

Native Traveler Client for all platforms

: traveler, native, client, android, ios, windows, mobilt
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 30 2013 / (3)
Hi All,
This is not fully my idea, but some of our customers rwere equested these.
IBM developed clients (like android) for all platforms. They would like to have some more control and security over the built-in clients, eg:
- client certificate based authentication
- container like worikg:

Please include the version # on the download page of the device clients

: traveler, version
Keith Brooks6439 - 22 2009 / (2)
After upgrading to 8.5.1 the download page still does not show what version is on the server for the various clients. Right now I manually edit the page with a version #.
Why doesn't this update appropriately like in Sametime where it shows the version available for downlaod?
Small thing ...

Hotspot Meeting Chair in Traveler Meetings

: traveler, calendar, chair, email, hotspot, mail
Bill Malchisky12192 - 27 2011 / (2)
In a meeting body, you can click to send an email to any of the other invitees. However, the Chair's name is unclickable. Add the option to make this imporant address accessible to an attendee, else, add an option to Request Info as you can in the Lotus Notes calendar ...

Out of Office handling from Traveler

: out of office, traveler, ooo
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 01 2012 / (2)
Sometimes it would be good to have the ability to manage the OOO profile from your mobile. What do You think?

Propose to download attachments before forwarding mail (Android)

: traveler, android, attachments, download, forwarding
Thibaud Maes51 - 14 2014 / (2)
By default, the Traveler client will only download attachments lower than 500k.
All bigger attachments will have to be downloaded manually, one by one (if multiple exist).
Even after clicking the "Download" button for truncated mails, the attachments aren't downloaded until you select them one by one.
When ...

Traveler Interference

: traveler
Keith Brooks6439 - 11 2008 / (1)
Traveler, sometimes, causes my other email boxes on my phone to not synch properly. Perhaps my phone is just  not a true multitasking phone(HTC 8125) but it seems since installing traveler that my deletions and synch with other mail boxes are not getting properly taken care of.

Traveler should synch, not overwrite on first install

: traveler, synch
Keith Brooks6439 - 11 2008 / (1)
Traveler is great, it's cool, but it overwritesmy data and that's not cool.
Instead of the default being that it will write over everything on your phone it should synch the 2 or have the option what to do like Easysync does.
So I have to synch my contacts with ...

Let Traveler store journal/notebook entries in an directory specified by the user

: traveler, journal, notebook, storagecard
Robert Ibsen Voith4057 - 05 2009 / (1)
Today Traveler store journal entries directly in the phone's My Documents directory. I would love to see the idea of specifying at least a sub folder for my Journal entries. This would greatly reduce the clutter of documents from all places in My Documents.
Perhaps this can supercede the ...

Update Site for Traveler Client

: traveler, automatic updates
Ulrich Krause5701 - 28 2009 / (1)
When the traveler client software is updated to a new version, the user has to navigate to the traveler website and select a client for his PDA / Smartphone.
I wish that there is a functionallity in the client to auto-detect a new version and download / install this new ...

Scheduled Synchronisation

: synchronize, traveler, scheduled
Rainer Brandl2238 - 19 2009 / (1)
Hi together,
it would be nice having the option at Lotus Traveler to assign specified times when Lotus Traveler starts a synchronisation with the server. Also it would be helpful when Lotus Traveler automatically stops the data connection.

user rename and traveler

: lotus, traveler
Rajiv Thomas173 - 04 2008 / (1)
there is a problem where you have to uninstall and reinstall traveler if you recertify the user .
check my blog posting on this at
this should be fixed asap as its very difficult to have remote users uninstall and reinstall traveller due to ...

Add reply without history to Traveler mail

: traveler, mail, reply, history
Lucien Buitenhuis529 - 05 2009 / (1)
Add an option to reply without history.

Calendar and Mail widgets for Android's

: calendar, traveler, widgets
Steve Medure114 - 01 2011 / (1)
 On most Android based phones you can create widgets for applications.  Before Traveler was able to work with android devices we were using Nitro Desk Touchdown to sync with Traveler.  Touchdown had a Calendar widget that would allow the user to see all of there appointments without having to open ...


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