Notes Client / interface 


Speed up!

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: interface, gui, speed, stability
Vlad Sh10679 - 02 2010 / (0)
Load Client on Pentium-4 2,8 MHz 2Gb - 20 seconds! And this despite the fact that when you install the Client was set option, is responsible for loading the core elements of the Client to speed up loading it.. The first call to the context menu on the icon of ...

Progress bar for shutdown

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: progress bar, client, interface, eclipse, java
Michael Tassati5289 - 13 2010 / (0)
When shutdown Lotus Notes it needs some time to end all tasks - when you restart Notes in this time, it will be slow in startup. Bring a progress bar to show that client is shuting down (or close tasks immediately).

Style settings for the Action Bar to use for the Sub Actions menu

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: style, action bar, sub actions, menu, interface
Vlad Sh10679 - 26 2009 / (0)
I propose for Sub Actions menu to use the same style (background color, borders and font), which is set in the properties of Action Bar. Now for Sub Actions menu used "system" style (from the operating system), even when the properties of the Action Bar indicated "Use database settings" or ...

Implement tear-off tabs

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tabs, ui, interface, tear, tear-off
Joseph Hoetzl5019 - 08 2009 / (0)
I know we just got open in new back on tabs in 8.5, but I've become used to the tear off tabs in Chrome and now Firefox, so, I'd like to see tear off tabs to new window implemented in the Eclipse UI.

Make none InputEnable Fields readable

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: field, interface
Pierre Lalonde142 - 27 2007 / (0)
When you have fields that have a Formula that evaluate at True in the InputEnable Field event, this field has a gray background with dark gray text in it. This is really hard for the user to read it.

Make a STOP button

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: client, ctrl+break, interface
Nathan T. Freeman2648 - 19 2007 / (0)
Make a STOP button next to the Open button that does exactly what Ctrl+Break does.  Right now, that's just the super-secret keystroke for power users only.
UPDATE: Just to clarify, there IS a Stop button in the toolbar today.  But it's not useful, because when your client is in ...

Remember screen size and location

: Notes Client / Other
: interface
Rob Goudvis8695 - 29 2007 / (0)
I would like that the size and location of pop-up screens, like the file selection box, are remembered when you restart the Notes Client.
There are some other screens where these attributes are kept, like the open database dialog.

Type ahead for more than just Names...

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, interface
Brett Patterson60 - 21 2007 / (0)
Enable the "lookup names as each character is entered" for more than just names in the client.


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