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19 May 2016M B20Domino Designer available for Linux and MAC Os

I installed wine-1.9.10 on Ubuntu 16.04 following instructions on
{ Link } and installed Domino Clients as per instructions in this blog { Link }

All three clients started up and were usable. I was able to build a xpages java application NTF in Designer, used Admin client to sign it, refreshed design from server console on admin client. The refreshed NSF works fine.

Needs to be tested more.
17 May 2016M B20Domino Designer available for Linux and MAC Os

{ Link } Domino4Wine seems to be an option to get there. Hope IBM energizes the effort to get Domino designer and admin clients working on WINE.
23 Jan 2016Sam Sirry62use of use @ThisName in Hide-When formulas

Back in the days I could achieve a hide-when using @ThisValue and it worked in the client, but on the web it wasn't working.. I scratched my head a lot before realizing what Richard clarified...
11 Dec 2015J?Lsi_info and the name of the module on the Client

Would be nice if this worked on the client, too.
11 Oct 2015Starrow Pan5103Add responsive layouts to OneUI

Bootstrap has now been the more preferable option.
08 Sep 2015Sam Sirry62Analog @Command - [NavigateNext], [NavigatePrev], [NavNext], [NavPrev] for xPages

I've been working for a while on achieving this in XPages, but didn't succeed it.
Please tell me how to do it if some one has done already.
Using view.getNextDocument(document1) is generating an error.
02 Mar 2015Christopher Boote10606Design element support in XPages format

This sums up why I've done almost no xPages dev work - the 5-50x extra time involved for even the simplest of forms makes it a non-runner for me
And when coupled with the dreadful reliability of all the multiple libraries and obscure error messages - yuk!
27 Feb 2015Christopher Boote10606Abort searching design of form

I just tested this with 9.0.1 and 8.5.3 under windows and CTRL-Break-Break worked on both for me
25 Feb 2015anderson james20Make the columns of the design element lists customizable

I am very happy to be here because this is a very good site that provides lots of information about the topics covered in depth. I am glad to see that people are actually writing about this issue in such a smart way, showing us all different sides to it. Thanks for sharing, please keep it up. <a href="{ Link } flooring</a>
22 Feb 2015Starrow Pan5103Allow sorting results of view.FTSearch by view order

We finally get view.FTSearchSort().
12 Feb 2015Mike Woolsey4870Improve the XPages extension library

Then the community could stand to set that bar a bit higher.

If it's straightforward, then anyone could write the "Hello World" example.

If it's not straightforward, then it's no big deal to delay release 'til the documentation is ready to make people a success.

T'me that seems to be an issue: Notes & Domino have always been places that make people a success -- initially, in reasonable time, and over the long term. The Domino "learning curve" is mostly a series of successes, not failures.

The features that didn't do this, are mostly mothballed.
02 Feb 2015Starrow Pan5103Improve the XPages extension library

@Mike, Although the extended library has been added to Domino as a supported feature, I see little endeavor from IBM to polish this toolbox. On the other side the community drive to improve it is not big enough and renders few progress in documentation.
01 Feb 2015Mike Woolsey4870Integrate Worklight into Designer

eat whatcha cook!
01 Feb 2015Mike Woolsey4870Improve the XPages extension library

I'm still baffled by many of the components.

More documentation would be a big plus to some of 'em. One nice "Hello World" demonstrating each piece, describing diagnostics of common problems would help too.

Hey, and did they ever get the view control to do both alternate sorts properly? It used to be, the second alternate sort wouldn't sort properly. I hope that's resolved in later releases.
24 Jan 2015Mike Woolsey4870Create Computed Text with the same text style as the current paragraph

In the past it wasnt this way, either. Bring back the good stuff.

Lots of wierd things with computed text. Why cant I put computed text in a link hotspot?
07 Jan 2015Starrow Pan5103Remove the duplicated warning when opening an inherited design element

As of 9.0.1, the bug persists. The option "Show warning when editing design elements that inherit from templates" works for script libraries but not for other design elements.
30 Dec 2014Starrow Pan5103Ability to save LotusScript with errors

This has been realized by the new Eclipse based LS editor and can be closed. As long as the designer dynamically checks the scripts correctly (now sometimes it reports error wrongly and ignores errors), this behavior has no adverse effect.
30 Dec 2014Christopher Boote10606XPages template/framework based on (incorporating) IBM Design Language


"Z layouts account for the natural direction eyes travel when they scan content."
Err - only for Western readers
What about Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and a host of others?

"Know your users’ habits and equip them with tools that are flexible and ready-at-hand"
How, exactly?

This whole site is full of such inane platitudes
30 Dec 2014Christopher Boote10606XPages template/framework based on (incorporating) IBM Design Language

That link is to the most banal, meaningless tripe I've ever read from IBM - and I've worked for and with the since 1988!
What a crock o' shite
10 Dec 2014Larry Zwerlin30Enable 'CAPTCHA' for a web form with the click of a button

You can also implement CAPTCHA in Domino web forms using simply Notes formula language. :)

Security Image Generator (CAPTCHA) for Domino web forms
{ Link }


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