LS09 Best Practices Sessions 
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11 Mar 2011Bruce Elgort12540Developing World Class Web 2.0 Applications with XPages

Status changed to Complete
11 Mar 2011Bruce Elgort12540Developing World Class Web 2.0 Applications with XPages

Status changed to In Progress
13 Jan 2010Patrick Kwinten21314Templates, Templates Everywhere - If You Know Where to Look

most of the templates on OpenNTF are not in a final, roll out stage I believe. OpenNTF should also define some UI guidelines so applications for end-users look and feel the same
14 Oct 2009Gernot Leithner292Getting relational with db2

I am afraid nfsdb2 is dead now.
14 Nov 2008Bruce Lill10666Getting relational with db2

Hey its going to be a jumpstart!
12 Nov 2008Henning Kunz260Deploying Notes Clients - standardized, managable, lean!

Unfortunately our abstract was not accepted by the content team.
So thanks for your votes, and if somebody wants to discuss about that topic at lotusphere 2009, we will be there.
27 Oct 2008Bruce Lill10666Getting relational with db2

It does require purchaseing an enterprise version of db2. Then you can do that. The current license restricts the use to Domino based data only.
27 Oct 2008Roland Reddekop4539Getting relational with db2

It would be helpful if they explained how to use federation to combine Notes and non-Notes data. I believe there are additional costs, but its definitely an opportunity.
12 Oct 2008Bruce Lill10666Getting relational with db2

It ships with Domino 8. I've used it in production for web apps and notes apps. It's great for apps that need alot of views, especially date range views. You may have to wait for a support person who know s both but they do have them.
12 Oct 2008Bruce Elgort12540Getting relational with db2

Is NFSDB2 officially supported by Lotus now?

All caps is yelling Robert.
07 Oct 2008Martijn de Jong553Sametime on Linux

I installed a Sametime server on Linux the other day and after I managed the installer to run on an not officially supported platform, it actually all went like a breeze and has been running rock solid since. I therefore wonder if there are enough differences between a Sametime installation on Linux compared to a Sametime installation on Windows to fill an entire session with. Could you elaborate on what you would like to cover?
30 Sep 2008Kevin Pettitt1036To View Or Not To View...A UI Perspective

@Andrew - there are certainly plenty of times where all-encompassing views that slice big document sets are very useful, but I think Chris is taking aim at situations where they are not. For example, where users come into an application to perform a fairly narrow task on a frequent basis, and just want to find what they need, update it, and get out.

Even setting aside the attraction of Chris' more innovative techniques with embedded views, etc., there are plenty of other reasons to reduce the number of views. Performance of course would be the biggest reason. The reality of most apps I've inherited is that they have WAY more views than anyone needs because every view anyone wants is added without much thought. I also see a lot of unnecessary click-sortable columns, each of which generates a whole new index as if it were a separate view. It is these sorts of views that need to justify their existence, and I suspect with some of Chris' techniques the purpose of many of these views would prove unnecessary.
30 Sep 2008Andrew Pollack2817Integrate with Anything!

If you get to this, I'd love to toss some stuff your way about how I'm integrated with Asterisk.
30 Sep 2008Martijn de Jong553Getting To WOW......Interface First Design For Lotus Notes Developers

Great to hear. I would stick with Thomas' title. Liked that one most. Hopefully I'll be able to attend your session.
30 Sep 2008Jamie Magee63Inheriting Notes Applications

As for just a list, I attempted a "comprehensive list of tools (with booth numbers)" which I handed out at LS05 and 06, but it was a ton of work. And many vendors have products in different categories. There was a website that was essentially an online catalog, with all vendors filling out their own tool profiles. That's really the way to democratize it and give equitable visibility to all who want to participate.

Putting 3rd party vendor tools into a session at IBM's own conference (to which all these vendors are partners) is perhaps not the most equitable channel for that info, because it's too easy to omit or misrepresent something if one is not intimately and completely familiar with it. Maybe just an appendix of tools that audience may find useful, without spending time on them, would be more appropriate. If this topic is not coverable without extensive comparisons of such tools, then perhaps it's not a good session topic.

That said, it's been done before. Francie Tanner did one on admin tools at Admin2008 in Boston, with the same goal of spreading tool awareness. But that was a 3rd party conference, not an official IBM event.
29 Sep 2008Daniel Lieber170Staying Compliant in the Dominoverse: Strategies, Methods, and Best Practices

I have proposed this as a Best Practices session as it really is just that -- Best Practices for a segment of the community that cares about the topic. I also proposed a related BoF based upon Andrew's suggestion. Compliance actually does not have to be US centric. Most vendors are only interested in the US market as they see it as the largest market for compliance tools, but there are many different areas of compliance that are truly international, including ISO standards and of course, country-specific regulations. Regional compliance, such as privacy rights in the EU, is a fairly new area to the industry and quite fascinating as it adds a potential layer of complexity. The native tools in the IBM product set rarely provide only specific value to one country.

The amount of interest in this topic is fascinating -- and quite polarized. I'm not surprised as the interest in the topic is quite binary to most people -- it either affects them or it doesn't. --Dan
29 Sep 2008Stephan H. Wissel1981Web Development Zen Style

Actually I planned to avoid coding as much as possible, but one or the other xPage wouldn't be a problem. Actually that's an excellent idea:
- Domino Zen style classic
- Domino Zen style xPages
... I just need to speak a little faster then.
29 Sep 2008Charles Robinson8913Domino HTTP Server Administration

Actually on reading the title I assumed it was about webadmin.nsf. One thing to be careful of is there are some things that aren't in webadmin.nsf.
29 Sep 2008Charles Robinson8913Quickr Portal or Quickr Domino

If you're talking about discussing the functional differences between Quickr Domino and Quickr Portal, as well as the points that clearly indicate a customer should choose one over the other, then I can see it being a BP session. But simply as a discussion of the differences then no, I don't see any reason for it being a BP session. Maybe a BDD session or another track would work.


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