07 Nov 2012Vlad Sh10679Launching Lotus Symphony in the 8.5.2 client hangs tightly

Status changed to Withdrawn
15 Oct 2012Christopher Boote10606Symphony docs viewable on iPhone & iPad

Not just the apple stuff, all smartphones and tablets
E.g. DocsToGo on Blackberry
23 Mar 2012David Beczuk33Better Header and Footer for Spreadsheets

"For exampe the now on an opened DOC format "Create>Header/Footer" in Simphony is greyed out, its not working, you can not add at this point anything to a sheet."

Sorry I ment XLS not DOC
14 Mar 2012Tuo Li22Allow opening of SmartSuite WordPro, 123 and Freelance files in Sympony 3.

Lotus SmartSuite support is probably the ONLY reason I use Symphony, it's a huge mistake when this feature was dropped from v3
14 Dec 2011Bruce Elgort12540Suppport QuickLook for ODP/ODS on OSX

I am going to some research to find out :-)
14 Dec 2011Eric Larson2099Suppport QuickLook for ODP/ODS on OSX

Not sure. Who did it for the MS Office formats? I'm guessing it could be IBM, Apple or a joint effort.
13 Dec 2011Bruce Elgort12540Suppport QuickLook for ODP/ODS on OSX

Would this be something that IBM has to do or Apple?
27 Sep 2011Sean Burgess6178Changing cases of characters

Title Case is known as Proper Case in Notes.
19 Sep 2011Kenneth Axi2537MS Office Macro support

What do You mean? The COM-support for Word/Excel is quite good, and will give You the option of running VBA code from LotusScript, and vice versa; Running LS from VBA.
What more support do You need?
26 Jul 2011PD Johnston16Allow opening of SmartSuite WordPro, 123 and Freelance files in Sympony 3.

For me, the main reason to use Symphony rather than plain OpenOffice was the ability to open SmartSuite legacy files, bring them up to date, and export them in the OpenOffice format. I suspect the day will come when Windows is not sufficiently backwards compatible to run SmartSuite. Being able to open those files in Symphony would be a very useful thing
13 Jun 2011Faris al-Rashidi286Make it quicker

i try libreoffice 3.4 is very fast

i think migrate to libreoffice 3.4 because ibm lotus too slowly when i open it
27 May 2011Craig Wiseman24988I wish Symphony could read Office 2007 files

@4 OpenOffice 1.x docs are NOT "indeed ODF".
27 May 2011Peter Kidwell105I wish Symphony could read Office 2007 files

"OpenOffice (not just ODF)" - I don't understand that part, as OpenOffice native formats are indeed ODF.
27 May 2011Peter Kidwell105Symphony co-editing

See Lotus Live Symphony at { Link }
27 May 2011Peter Kidwell105Spreadsheet to support external data source

There is a plugin that does (a very very basic) form of this already at { Link }
14 May 2011nelle douville16A better spell checker

Without a grammar checker that rivals the current Word, for serious writers the product is unusable - it necessitates pasting a writing into Word just to run a grammar check. I may as well write in Word, yet I am itching for a reason not to use the poduct.

07 Mar 2011Carl Tyler5343Mass Conversion Tool: SmartSuite files => Symphony

You could use the SmartSuite Document converter, to convert the SmartSuite files to something like office format with Symphony can read. A shame IBM is not helping their SmartSuite paying customers migrate to their new free offering of Symphony.

{ Link }
17 Feb 2011D. Douglas100Allow opening of SmartSuite WordPro, 123 and Freelance files in Sympony 3.

Absolutely essential - since it is almost completely impossible to install both the 1.3 and 3.x versions of SmartSuite.

(Why vendors won't allow users to install a new, legal, version of a product alongside its predecessor baffles me if only because experienced computer users know better than to expect a new version to operate without bugs or problems)
11 Jan 2011Pieter Swart70Allow opening of SmartSuite WordPro, 123 and Freelance files in Sympony 3.

I agree 100%, why was Smartsuite file recognition dropped, please bring it back, how difficult can it be?
11 Nov 2010Peter Presnell28487Symphony co-editing

I think that is covered by Project Concorde.


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