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Mail in-out proxy for DMZ

:Domino Server / Messaging router
: spam, filter, proxy, smtp, mail, dmz
Andrea Garbagnoli575 - 11 2009 / (7)
A specialized proxy server to be installed in a demilitarized zone that runs spam/virus filters on the mail.

Lotus Support Contact Database

:Domino Server / Other
: lotus, support, contact
Marie Scott5130 - 25 2008 / (6)
This may not be the place to post this -- but how many times have you contacted IBM/Lotus Support by phone and they have asked you your contact information once you've given them your customer number.  Wouldn't it save time (and money) to have a database with customer contact information ...

Automatic deletion archive database

:Domino Server / Other
: archive, database, delete
Martin Hansgut929 - 27 2011 / (6)
When deleting users from the Domino Directory and select delete e-mail database, to be able to select delete archive database from server.

Extend @Formula using Java

:Domino Server / Web application server
: formula, @formula, java, extend, custom, function, @function
John Foldager1155 - 29 2008 / (5)

This post should be for both Lotus Client and Domino Server idea spaces.

I would like to see a possibility of extending the @Formula code with custom commands created in Java. The commands should be able to run in the Lotus Expeditor Client as well as on the Domino Server ...


Redirect Full Text Index to a dedicated path or volume

:Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: fulltext, index, domino, server
Uwe Brahm604 - 27 2008 / (3)
It would be great if we could redirect the creation of
directories of all
files on Domino servers to an alternative path or volume using a simple notes.ini variable like e.g.
If we could redirect the storage of full text indices to a dedicated storage ...

Abort a 'quit' command (Tell quit stop)

:Domino Server / Other
: server console, server, domino server
David Hablewitz15116 - 13 2010 / (3)
If you have ever issued a 'quit' command on the server console and then thought "No, I don't mean to quit!" as you watch the server tasks slowly shut down one by one like the unstoppable self-destruct sequence in an action/adventure movie, you understand. 

Invalid login attempt lockout

:Domino Server / Security
: security, password
Scott Gentzen268 - 27 2007 / (1)
Domino server doesn't have a native way to set how many bad login attempts from a web client are allowed before the account is locked out? I know there are a couple of third party plugins out there (and at least one internal to IBM) that will do this, but ...


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