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Using Domino Directory to deploy SSL keyring files

: Domino Administrator / Security
: ssl, domino directory, keyring, administration
Serdar Basegmez902 - 18 2011 / (0)
 Recently configured SSL for over ten servers. I opened each server with remote console and copied keyring files one by one. I will repeat this on every renewal.
It would be far easy if there was a keyring storage on names.nsf. HTTP task would utilize these configuration and we ...

Split Replicate or Copy Functionality

: Domino Administrator / Security
: lotus, notes, security, replicate, copy, print
Nadir Patir146 - 09 2007 / (0)
It would be a nice security feature to have three access control checkboxes instead of one: Replicate or Copy Documents.
1. Allow Replication (If unchecked, cannot create local replica, cannot replicate, cannot create new database copy)
2. Copy Documents (If unchecked cannot copy or forward documents)
3. Print Documents/views (if unchecked cannot ...

Expanding Domino Web Lockout feature to work with LDAP

: Domino Administrator / Security
: inetlockout, ldap, lockout, web, unlocked user tracking view
Bosco D'Souza367 - 12 2009 / (0)
I love the new Notes8 Domino Web lockout feature.  BUT,  the lockout will not trigger with an LDAP authentication failure.  We use a reverse proxy server that does a LDAP lookup to the Domino Directory before redirecting users to their final iNotes email location.  It's not that useful a feature, if ...

Lotus Mobile Connect: Get Android support

: Domino Administrator / Security
: mobile, vpn, android
Christian Heroe514 - 11 2011 / (0)
I would like Android support in Lotus Mobile Connect.
The Nokia support is great, with Android support it would be just what my customers need.

Have Notes Shared Login, ID Vault, Roaming and SSO working together

: Domino Administrator / Security
: notes shared login, id vault, roaming, sso
Franck Horowitz223 - 01 2011 / (0)
SSO between Lotus Notes and Windows (Notes Shared Login) ID vault are "must have" for all companies running Domino in 2011.  But if you need to combine Roaming with Shared login and ID Vault, your users will have to type a password that was originally associated with their Notes ID ...

Explicit Policies

: Domino Administrator / Security
: size of attachments, individual policy
Abraham Herrera100 - 11 2009 / (0)
Is posible created a policy to limit the size of atttachment to individual user or group of users ?

Stop the ACL being Modal

: Domino Administrator / Security
: acl, dialog
Christopher Boote10606 - 20 2012 / (0)
Once again today, I have an ACL that open, so I need to check the groups one by one to see which one a given user is in and Pah! ACL is modal so I can't
Ideally, why not hang it off a new tab of the infobox?

Make 'can't run agents' include 'can't create toolbar code'

: Domino Administrator / Security
: action, acl, security
Doug Finner248 - 02 2007 / (0)
I can define who can and can't create @Function and LS code - very cool.
Users can, however, create custom code in toolbar.  I may want the user to only access dbs via my interface but they can step nicely around any restriction I have if they create code in ...

Get rid of .ID files

: Domino Administrator / Security
: profile, id, files
David Vasta2524 - 30 2007 / (0)

The cumbersome management of the ID files should be removed from Lotus Notes/Domino. IBM for years has promised to find a better way to manage these or remove the and use some type of global RADIUS server for authentication. User’s loss the ID files and they ...


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