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Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino

: Domino Server / Other
: richtext, mail, server
Gregg Eldred8655 - 10 2009 / (0)
For too long, e-mail messages using rich text formatting have lost their fidelity when sent to either external addresses or to the iNotes client. A messaging server should be able to preserve the sender's formatting, providing the recipient with a message as it was intended with no loss of fidelity. ...

Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts

: Domino Server / Other
: replication, rules
Charles Robinson8913 - 28 2007 / (0)
Currently there is no way to determine in real time when replication/save conflicts occur.  I would like to have the following:
1)  An event that gets triggered at the database level so we can resolve these in real time.
2)  Some way to determine which fields triggered the conflict.

Please Fix the NSF

: Domino Server / Other
: nsf nosql
Mark Myers395 - 04 2011 / (0)
Please fix the NSF database 
and by 'Fix' i mean:
1) Remove the obvious size limitations such as 32k view lookups, maximum field numbers and plain text field limits 
2) Provide a good JDBC and .Net Drivers that enables access to the database from remote locations
3) Improve scaling ...

Make it easy for domino apps to have self registration of users

: Domino Server / Other
: authentication
Carl Tyler5343 - 15 2007 / (0)
Currently, you have to jump through loops by refreshing views and issue tell commands on the server console to make it so that a user who self registers on the web has immediate access.  This doesnt' work for high volume websites. 
This should be an intrinsic feature of Domino, ...

Deliver start/stop scripts for Domino on Linux

: Domino Server / Other
: administration, domino, linux
Oliver Regelmann6412 - 30 2007 / (0)
I guess everyone who installed Domino on Linux yet had to somehow generate init-scripts to run it as daemon. There are some options available to do this:
- using Daniel Nashed's scripts
- grabbing the one linked in some old redbook
- DIY writing
It would be nice ...

Provide non-for-profits with steep discounts for Lotus products

: Domino Server / Other
: non-for-profit,, competition, marketplace
Michael Kobrowski806 - 06 2008 / (0)
A lot of museums, schools, libraries and other non-for-profit organizations get very heavily discounted licenses for their systems through

MS Office, MS servers and all the MS products are available. Also Adobe and Symantec gives heavy discounts.

I volunteer for a historical society ...

Compact and Fixup and update server tasks should provide a progress indicator

: Domino Server / Other
: compact fixup
Doctor API2512 - 12 2010 / (0)
When  you make show tasks in Domino, it should say "compacting x.nsf (16% done - 45 minutes remaining)".
The same for the fixup and update tasks.
I guess it should have such information based on the # of docs that are pending to be processed.
Ideally when the user ...

JavaAPI for Servertasks - Documented and Supported

: Domino Server / Other
: servertask, addin
Werner Novak1198 - 07 2008 / (0)
I'd like to see Java Servertasks being documented and supported by IBM ! It will be easier to write servertasks by your own.

Standard set of Web Services to come with server

: Domino Server / Other
: web services
John Turnbow914 - 04 2009 / (0)

I see an opportunity for a standard set of web services to come with Domino. User Name lookup, User information (returns office and home info), Hierarchy, etc.  Currently I have several requests for this so I'm making them myself.  Would be better if a standard set came with Domino and ...


Failover Without Requiring Me to Exit Database

: Domino Server / Other
: cluster, failover
Corey Davis2837 - 30 2007 / (0)
Fix clustering to automatically failover to cluster mates when inside a database.  Currently, if your server goes down while inside a database you get a "Server not responding" message and have to exit the database and then click the icon again in order to failover.  This confuses users who, no ...

Publish user calendar in iCal format

: Domino Server / Other
: domino, ical, calendar
Chris Fickett808 - 26 2008 / (0)
I would like to subscribe to my Notes calendar from another iCal compliant application, (i.e. Apple iCal).

Increase the number of out of the box applications for end-users

: Domino Server / Other
: applications, templates, endusers
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 13 2010 / (0)
The offering of templates shipped with IBM Lotus has not been expanded so much the last decade.
Other collaboration offerings like Sharepoint seem to understand that here mind and hearts at end-users can be won:

An HTML newsletter application in Domino - Out of the box

: Domino Server / Other
: newsletter mailmerge
Maarten Raeymaekers213 - 20 2009 / (0)
A plain and simple HTML newsletter / mailmerge application template, included for free with Domino would really make a difference.

Out of Office Corporate Calendar

: Domino Server / Other
: calendar, out, of, office
Rick MacGuigan299 - 28 2007 / (0)
Give Notes calendar users the option to mark calendar entries as also being Out of Office (OOO.) Then post an entry into a central OOO calendar (Native and Web.)  I have run into several organizations that labor over creating a seperate Notes database that simply shows (manually entered) OOO entries ...

Run Agent on Administration Server

: Domino Server / Other
: agent, scheduling
Alois Gruber1713 - 28 2007 / (0)
an additional option for scheduled agents to bind it to the administration server and when this administration server in tha ACL is changed, the agent automatically then runs on the new assigned server without having to move agents separately. A warning should be given if there is no administration server ...

Specific template for mail-in databases (TeamMailbox from OpenNTF ?)

: Domino Server / Other
: mail-in, template
Mathieu Pape8090 - 12 2008 / (0)
Never got frustrated when creating an mail-in, people send mails with their own ID thus receiving replies in their own mailboxes and not in the info@ and therefore have information littered around ?
Not looking for a template replying automatically something like 'Your request is being processed...'?
Even ...

Lotus iNotes -- Add color coding support like in Notes client

: Domino Server / Other
: inotes
Vinod Seraphin320 - 11 2009 / (0)
Many folks use color coding within the Notes client.  Would be nice if this capability was also there in iNotes.  Also iNotes honors color coding for calendar entries (if they happen to have been setup using the Notes client).  iNotes should have the ability to set these in preferences without ...

NSD Kill for specific task or PID

: Domino Server / Other
: server, nsd, kill
Marie Scott5130 - 14 2008 / (0)
There are circumstances when it would be helpful to be able to "kill" or "stop" a specific server task that is not responding to a quit without having to bring the server down entirely.  Perhaps an NSD -kill on specific PID so that you can kill a specific task without having ...

Open Process to enhance Domino HTTP Engine in Release 9

: Domino Server / Other
: http
Axel Janssen6869 - 08 2008 / (0)
(I droped mentioning xhtml after reading Stan Rogers comment). 
Bob Balaban has mentioned on his blog that there might be some ideas to modernize the Domino HTTP engine for a later release.
I think this is getting more and more important for different reasons:
- we now have ...

Xpage Outline Control

: Domino Server / Other
: xpages, outline
Peter Presnell28487 - 20 2009 / (0)
As I start to build Xpage applications I find the one design pattern the most frustrating to reproduce is the Outline control.  I really need to get that Outline Java applet out of my life....  The ability to execute commands and load URLs or views/folders into a designate control (panel) ...


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