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Improved Follow-up Flagging in Lotus Notes

: Notes Client / Other
: follow-up
Brad Heaton402 - 24 2009 / (0)
I have a request for improvement on the follow-up flagging in Lotus Notes. This is one feature where Outlook 2003-2007 has a much better model and the feature I probably miss most in Notes.

Currently (even in version 8.5), Notes is limited to three hard-coded flag priorities ...

Allow for Follow up flags in any view

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: follow-up, flag
Carl Tyler5343 - 12 2008 / (1)
I wish that every view had an option to show a follow-up flag.  I am often in a Domino Disccussion database, or knowledgebase and wish to mark something so I know I can comeback to it.  Sure I can make the document a bookmark, or put the document in a ...

Action Column in Follow Up View Should Be Sortable

: Notes Client / Mail
: follow up, follow-up, followup, flag
Lisa Duke415 - 03 2009 / (0)
In Notes if you click on Follow Up on the left nav, you get a window with all your flagged emails.  The far right column, "Action", has your notes.
I flag with the name of the person that is supposed to do the action item, so that if I ...

Follow up connection with Please respond by <date>

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes client, follow-up, flag, respond bay date
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 17 2011 / (0)
There is a "Please respond by <date>" function in Delivery Options / Advanced, where you can set a date when You require an answer. This will only show "Please respond by <date>" text in the mail header by the recipient.
This should be completed by connect it to Follow-up. If ...

Clicking the Quickflag icon on an already flagged e-mail should remove the flag

: Notes Client / Mail
: follow-up, flag
Mathieu Pape8090 - 03 2014 / (0)
When you click on the flag icon (aka follow-up) it sets a default flag. Clicking a second time should IMHO remove it. Currently it asks if you want to update it. Removing would work much faster in handling the flags.

Synchronize Alarm Snooze Behavior in Notes to Work Like iNotes

: Notes Client / Mail
: inotes, notes, alarm, alarms, follow-up, calendar, consistency
Bill Malchisky12192 - 22 2014 / (0)
Simply put, if you change the alarm snooze time when a Notes alarm appears, keep the adjusted value when time elapses. iNotes does this brilliantly; Notes re-adjusts the value back to the default.
Details - When an alarm in iNotes appears, and you adjust the snooze time from the ...

Follow-up items should have a color assigned

: Notes Client / Mail
: follow-up, flag, color
Keith Brooks6439 - 14 2010 / (0)
It would be nice to have items which are marked for follow-up to not just have a flag but have a selection of colors to choose from to see them in the inbox.
Client asked for this because the flags are not noticeable enough on screen when glancing at it.


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