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Notes client should enforce maximum attachment size

: Notes Client / Mail
: client, attachments, restrictions, mail, e-mail
Jason Hook2740 - 20 2008 / (0)
[Idea comes live from a Paul Mooney and Susan Bulloch session a Lotusphere]

The administrator can restrict the size of attachments that can be sent using the server. The openNTF mail experience template enforces that limit at the client. It would be a good if the IBM mail template ...

Deferred Mail

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, delay, queue
Sjef Bosman2112 - 26 2007 / (0)
Just another old idea: create a mail, enter a date/time when the mail should be sent, click Send, the mail will stay in until it's time to release it, then the server (or client) to send it out. And of course a way to create such a mail in ...

I'd like contacts to be merged into the mail file

: Notes Client / Contacts
: contacts, mail
Craig Wiseman24988 - 21 2007 / (0)
It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to have contacts in a separate database that isn't replicated to the server automatically.  Sync'ing them just seems like a absolute kludge.
There are ways to address the security issues with allowing delegation of contacts. Given the vast creativity of the community ...

Return receipt requested indicator in views/folders

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
Karen Hooper4016 - 03 2008 / (0)
it would be great to be able to see before I open an email if in a view/folder if a return receipt has been requested.
Side Note: I don't believe you should prevent return receipts from being sent, I just want to see clearly via an icon if a return ...

Hide contacts with empty mail address from type-ahead

: Notes Client / Contacts
: mail, address, contacts, list
Rainer Brandl2238 - 05 2007 / (1)
Exclude contacts with missing mail address from the personal address book from the "type ahead"-function ? To hide those contacts from the contact list is not the problem, but these contacts are still listed at the type-ahead and can´t be hidden. Any suggestions how to avoid this "feature" ...

Use rules (afterwards) for already existing mails

: Notes Client / Mail
: rules, mailrules, notes_client, mail
Martin Vogel2501 - 14 2007 / (0)
Rules are useful to manage incoming mails, but not for already existing mails in the mailbox.  Therefore I would like to have the ability to use rules for already existing mails.

Add Option to Limit New Mail Notification to Inbox

: Notes Client
: mail, notification
Luis Guevara1261 - 23 2007 / (0)
People get annoyed when they are alerted of new emails that have been moved into the Junk folder. It would be great if there was an option to limit new mail notifications to the inbox and / or to exclude the Junk folder from these alerts.

Ability to do combined search in Mail and Archive Mails

: Notes Client / Mail
: archive, mail, search
Michel Poleur7416 - 23 2008 / (1)
Allow the search box to search in Mail db *and* Archives Mails dbs. See this for Mary Beth's answer.

Reduce image size option

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, image, reduce, resolution
Matt V587 - 13 2008 / (1)
Many modern mail application such as Outlook give the user the option of reducing image sizes when emailing.   This is a great way to reduce overall attachement sizes and mailbox storage needs. 

Use more then one primary dictionary for instant spell checking

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, primary dictionary, mail editing, spellcheck, spell check
Nikolay Vlasov288 - 14 2009 / (0)
I'm sure notes users from the countries who have to write letters in different languages will support my idea. I sugest to make possible to use more than one primary directory for spell cheking and to make spell checker switch between languages automaticaly. Here is an example I'm facing almost ...

Select secondary emails

: Notes Client / Contacts
: mail, contacts, address
Sergio Ramos1004 - 06 2007 / (0)
In the contacts form, you can enter more than one e mail for persons. That's PERFECT.
When you want to send an email to any people in your contact list, Notes automatically select the Default address; sometimes people need to send an email to a seconary address.. for example

Ability to 'undo' mail deletions and folder moves

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, folders, delete
Stuart McIntyre1781 - 04 2009 / (0)
Notes undo functionality needs significant improvement.
One of the areas where this is particularly obvious is around message management.  If I delete a message or move it to a folder incorrectly (say by drag/dropping onto the wrong folder) then I have to go and manually retrieve/move it.
The ...

inbox refresh should cancel new mail indicator in system tray

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, indicator
Paul Davies13558 - 02 2008 / (0)
If you choose to have new mail messages notified by an icon in the system tray, then the icon should disappear if you switch to, or refresh your inbox.
The indicator is fairly useless unless you are in the habit of double-clicking it to open new mail.
I would ...

'Multiple name found when sending mail' dialog to show which directory the name was found in

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
Paul Davies13558 - 09 2008 / (0)
if you have a multiple name found issue when sending mail, you are presented with a dialog.
Neither the dialog, or the additional details show you which directory each name is in to help you identify the duplication issue.
It would be a simple matter to include the ...

Centralised Stationery Store &/or provide stationery templates documents in mail file templatei

: Notes Client / Mail
: stationary, mail, email, template
Karen Hooper4016 - 24 2008 / (0)
Many times people benefit from the same type of stationary i.e. travel request.  Often I am doing end user training and showing them stationery and then someone will say "yeah I use stationary for such and such" & then everyone wants that stationery and then I have to show them ...

Allow newly created (local) mail rules to be applied on existing mail (retroactively).

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, rule, mailrules, mail rule
Mathieu Pape8090 - 21 2009 / (0)
Example :
You get a lot of mail from a particular customer for instance for a specific projet.
You decide to create a folder and a mail rule to deliver mails from your customer's domain into this folder.
Wanted :
It should be possible to apply this ...

Client defined Delivery Schedule

: Notes Client / Mail
: schedule, mail, delivery, notes_client
Nirodha Kodikara180 - 20 2008 / (0)

Provide the user the ability to schedule a date & time for mail delivery

An option when creating a mail to specify what Date & Time the mail should be sent out.

It would be good to be able to set it per individual mail .


Run Now on mail rules

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, mail rules, notes client
Michael Falstrup788 - 13 2011 / (0)
Need a Run Now feature to run mail rules on old mails.

Wrap mail as attachment

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, mail, outlook
John de Giorgio692 - 15 2009 / (0)
When converting Outlook users to Notes one feature asked for consistently in my experience is the ability to wrap an e-mail thread into an attachment and send it to someone. I am not talking about the mail history but something more.

I am not sure how it works in ...

Easier Creation of Mail Rules

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, rules
Jordan Tenjeras1191 - 02 2008 / (0)
I'd like to be able to open an email and create a rule based on the subject, sender, body content, etc.  Similar to right-clicking on a message in Outlook and utilizing a dialog with the same options.

Add Headers as a Condition Option in Mail Rules

: Notes Client
: mail, rules, email, headers
Luis Guevara1261 - 23 2007 / (0)
I think the mail rules would become really powerful if you could have email headers as an option for a condition.


Create Condition: Headers : Contains : X-Spam-Flag: YES
Action: Move to Junkmail

Stop collapsing folders when I remove a folder

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, folder
Bruce Currier9788 - 07 2008 / (1)
I hate that every time I go to remove a folder I no longer need,  it collapses my whole folder structure.  I have a nested folder structure that I've spent a bit of time creating, and I have a number of them I like to always have open (the ones ...

Show followup text on mouse over of flag in inbox/folders

: Notes Client / Mail
: followup, inbox, email, mailtemplate, mail
John Gustafson317 - 13 2008 / (0)

When user has added followup flag & text to email message:  show the followup text, in a pop up box, for that message when mouse pointer is in the "flag" column of the inbox or folders. 

Provides a quick way for user to read their own followup text or reminders without ...


Don't Allow Duplicate Folder Names or Symbols in Folder Names

: Notes Client / Mail
: folder_names, mail, notes_client, folder_index, folder_index_problems
Deb Carpenter1070 - 30 2008 / (0)
When naming a folder in your mail file, Notes will propt you if you try to duplicate a main folder name on a new mail folder name, but it allows it if the duplicate folder name will reside in a sub-folder. Since this will eventually cause problems after several duplicate ...

Bring back View Page Source to view SMTP Headers

: Notes Client / Mail
: smtp, mail, spam, client
Jamie Colpean1010 - 23 2008 / (0)
Infact...make it easier. 
It appears that the 8.0 mail template does not allow the function Ive come to use so often.  Instruct a user to view the page source of a spam message and then Fwd that to me for processing.
I have included this link to 3 screen ...

Don't Move Deleted Junk Mail to Trash

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, junk_mail, trash, notes_client
Deb Carpenter1070 - 30 2008 / (1)
When I delete Junk Mail, it's a pretty sure thing that I don't want it in my mail file. As it stands now, Notes requires that I select the Junk Mail I want to delete, click delete, and confirm at the prompt. Then I have to go into the Trash, ...

Rules that run only when you've read the messages

: Notes Client / Other
: mail, rules, client
Richard Schwartz4594 - 16 2007 / (0)
Some of my messages get sent to folders without my seeing them, but I want some of my messages to be delivered to my inbox so I'm aware of them, and as soon as I've read them I want them to go into a specific folder -- with no action ...

Add New Message with Stationery under New

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, email, new email
Foua Vang2960 - 17 2009 / (0)
In the mail template, it would be nice to have New Message with Stationery... under the New drop down menu when creating a new message...

Rules Filters

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, mailrules, policy
Brett Flagg272 - 23 2008 / (0)

How about the the ability of rules to read the html of a html formed email? This has been a big annoyance since it came out in R5.

Rules seem more for simple text documents and Notes only than for something that actually works like MS Outlook version.

And a big one.. Rules ...


Let me select multiple things in rich text (incl. form designer)

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: richtext, user, mail, editor
Andrew Pollack2817 - 24 2007 / (0)
Suppose I've written several paragraphs and want to highlight several things with different text.  I want to use ctr-select to add several distinct areas of text which I can then apply a style or text properties to all of the selected areas at once.

Mail Rules should allow for Trash not Junk

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, rules
Keith Brooks6439 - 08 2008 / (0)
Why when you click on block a domain in R8 the auto rule is not editable?
And why does it not go to trash and ONLY goes to junk?
Shouldn't this be a user option?

Provide keyboard shortcuts for common mail tasks

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, keyboard, shortcut, email
Alan Lepofsky8175 - 08 2008 / (0)
I'd like to be able to click r to reply, a to reply to all, etc... like Gmail.

Add "Mark All Read" on Mail Folder Right-click Menu

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, folder, read
Bill Malchisky12192 - 08 2010 / (0)
You see a folder with "(82)" unread messages, rather than open, press ctrl-A, mark all selected as read; just right click the folder icon and be done with it. Sure, not all folders and users will want this. For folders with mail rules and reports or server messages, just allows ...

Mail should have its own replication schedule and never be blocked by other replications

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, replication
Eric Wilson1688 - 09 2008 / (0)
I wish the Location document would include a section for how often mail should be sync'd. This should not be tied to other replication cycles, even High priority replications.
When mail is replicated on its own cycle, it should replicate even if another replication is occuring - never block ...

Stationary usable in reply and forward of emails

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
Florian Bieber668 - 25 2009 / (0)
It is possible to create new emails from stationary, but not if you reply or forward a message. That would be helpful with different signatures or standard-email-ansers.

Drafts - unsent count?

: Notes Client / Mail
: drafts, mail, counters
Joseph Hoetzl5019 - 18 2008 / (0)
I just did it again - maybe it is just me, but I sometimes write something, save it as draft and just forget to send it. 
I realize it goes against the standard UI convention for unread counts, but what does everyone think of having the "Drafts" get special ...

Add thesaurus functionality to Notes Mail

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, thesaurus
Tinus Riyanto2825 - 05 2009 / (0)
I am not sure why nobody have asked for this before but someone just asked me if Notes mail have a built in thesaurus function. After some searching around, I can only found two workaround for this.
1. Lotus Sandbox - Thesaurus (link)
This code requires that Microsoft ...

Allow ACCOUNTS to specify OUTBOUND servers as well.

: Notes Client / Mail
: accounts, mail, smtp, imap, outbound
Andrew Pollack2817 - 23 2007 / (0)
Right now, the use of an IMAP "Account" to create a Notes database reference to a remote mail account is terrific up to a point.  When I reply to a message from that account database, it goes out with my current notes mail settings rather than any I can set ...

Make iNotes compatible with Google Chrome (and some other browsers)

: Notes Client / iNotes
: mail, inotes, web browser, chrome
Kenneth Axi2537 - 26 2011 / (0)
Currently (as of Notes 8.5.2) we are still getting the warning sign telling that iNotes is not compatible with Google Chrome, and You have to click the link "Try using notes anyway"... I think that iNotes should work on ALL the latest browsers.
Ok, [Edit]: 
As Bill stated; It ...

Change to Folder Removal/Deletion

: Notes Client / Other
: deletion, manage, mail
Michael Kinder624 - 17 2008 / (0)
Enable a feature where, when a user deletes/removes a folder, that they have an option to delete the messages first and then delete/remove the folder.  This can be confusing to users new to Lotus Notes, as the messages are not deleted but that is what many new users expect.

Display only other's awareness

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: awareness, mail, discussion
David Bailey1383 - 26 2008 / (0)
When using mail or a discussion database, I'm interested in other's availability.  I find that displaying my awareness obscures awareness of others and is an unnecessary distraction.

Go back to the Inbox after deleting a message

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, deletion
Oliver Regelmann6412 - 19 2010 / (0)
When a mail is opened for reading and the user deletes it via the DEL key or the button, the next message in his Inbox gets opened. This raises some issues:
- he might sent a return receipt he didn't want to (yet)
- confidential information could be displayed in ...

smartly choose recipients of replies to own message

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, editing
Martin Becker238 - 04 2009 / (0)
Sometimes I want to follow up on a message sent by myself. I can do that with one of the "reply" facilities, but none of these is smart enough to figure out that it is me the original message came from, in which case it should be more likely I ...

Ensure delete keyboard shortcut works if focus is on message text

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, delete
Stuart McIntyre1781 - 04 2009 / (0)
One of my real irritations with mail in the Notes client, especially with the three-column view in Notes 8.x.
When you have focus on the message itself in the preview pane, rather than on the message in the inbox view, the delete shortcut (e.g. backspace on the Mac) ceases ...

notes.ini variabel to exclude internal NotesNames from Recent Contacts

: Notes Client / Mail
: recent contacts, mail
Jan Schulz4949 - 23 2010 / (0)
I would like a notes.ini parameter (so pushable by desktop policy) to not include internal adresses in recent contacts.
Currently recent contacts also collects internal NotesNames and this entries are outside of the AdminP renaming process. So you get strange errors/messages when a name is renamed and now twice ...

Context Menu should include Add Person to Contacts

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, context menu, contacts
Jeremiah Benjamin804 - 12 2010 / (0)
In 8.5.1, if you right-click on the sender's name in the header there is an option to Add Sender to Contacts.
However, this option is not available inside the email itself.  I use previews (so it's not as big a deal for me), but many old-school users don't use ...

more info in the forward

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, forwarding
Steven Santamorena988 - 29 2007 / (0)
Instead of just the forward/reply indicator, record and store to whom and when the message has been forwarded/replied to.  I believe the OpenNTF template used to have this feature.  It should be bakied into the Standard mail template from Lotus.

Make key navigators in mail not scrolled with folders list

: Notes Client / Mail
: folders, mail
David Hablewitz15116 - 15 2011 / (0)
There are a few navigators that would be useful to always have one click away.  The whole section of elements including inbox, drafts, sent, follow up, all documents, trash, etc. Currently these elements scroll along with the folders list and may get scrolled off the screen.  I would like to ...

Separate access rights for calendar and mail

: Notes Client / Calendar
: acl, calendar, mail, lotus notes clients
Ruaridh McDonald884 - 17 2009 / (0)

Provide a method of separating the mail and calendar delegation to allow addition of users with raised privileges in the calendar but to have read or no access to mail items. At present if you give someone access to mail they get the same level of access as they do ...


Warning if too many mail recipients are in To and CopyTo field

: Notes Client / Other
: mail
Hynek Kobelka7940 - 09 2010 / (1)
From time to time you always find a user who sends a mail to a large group of adressess and puts them in the To/CopyTo field instead of the BlindCopyTo field. This then causes an endless "ReplyToAll" avalanche and can lead to (deserved) embaressment of the sender and his ...

Auto Filing Inbox Mail

: Notes Client
: mail, inbox, folders
Tom White128 - 04 2007 / (1)
When I reply to an email and then click on Send and File, I select the folder to save the newly created email. What I would like Notes to do is automatically move the original email from my inbox to the same folder as the newly created email. Another option ...

Exclude Contacts and other Non-Mail items from Unread Mark count

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes client, mail, unread, unread marks, contacts
Stephen Bailey1802 - 13 2012 / (0)
You know the problem..
A user asks you "Why does my mailbox icon display that I have 4 unread emails, but there are no unread emails in my inbox or folders?"
The answer is often because:
  1. The user has "Sync Contacts" enabled.
  2. The user has ...

Print attachments without launch or view

: Notes Client / Mail
: print, mail, attachments
Leonard Gray414 - 10 2007 / (0)
We had a suggestion that we had to pass on. 
When double-clicking on an attachment, provide a "Print" option (along with Open, View, Save, Delete, etc.) that would cause the application responsible for the attachment to print the document.  This would save a great deal of time for those ...

Sort Mail by Subject - Plus

: Notes Client / Mail
: sort, mail, subject, notes, client
Lori Bond151 - 10 2008 / (0)
I know that Notes 7 and Notes 8 already provide the option to sort mail by subject, so I am preparing myself for the onslaught of potential demotions.
However, my idea is to see an improvement on the subject sorting itself.  I would like to see the 'Re:' and ...

Stop archiving from taking profile document

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, profile document, archiving
Darren Duke3521 - 30 2009 / (0)
When archiving with a "all documents not access in" or "not modified since" selection the calendar profile document seems to get archived too. Hence a nice user now becomes irrate user due to their signature, mail and view customizations disappearing.
Now, this maybe to the letter of the law ...

Recognize company name in recipient Type-Ahead

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, client, mail, email, type-ahead, recipient
Kai Jemella139 - 08 2008 / (0)

It would great to type the company name in the recipient input field and get a result list of the employee's email addresses.

  • Send an Email to George Smith who works for Lucas ...

Choice of address books before Ctrl+Brking a server NAB

: Notes Client / Mail
: addressing, mail, local+nab
David Harris326 - 15 2008 / (0)
If you're on a slow link, it can take a long time to bring up a NAB when you hit the underlined To in the address block. ND8 basic (I haven't yet tested this exhaustively for versions). If you hit Ctrl+Break, it will then try to carry on regardless, once ...

Spell Checking: Include names or recipients in 'dictionary' when checking body of email

: Notes Client / Other
: mail, spell check
Mike McPoyle397 - 18 2010 / (0)
Seems silly that when I send an email to someone (let's use 'Tjibbe Smith' as an example), that it prompts me to check the spelling of 'Tjibbe' when I write 'Hello Tjibbe' in the body of the email.
It would seem useful to cross-reference all mis-spelled words in the body ...

Add a 'Disable Reply All' toggle to emails

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, enhancement
Declan Lynch710 - 13 2010 / (0)
Similar to the 'Prevent Forwarding' toggle currently found in the delivery options for an email there should be an additional option called 'Prevent Reply All'.
When selected the recipient would not be able to see the 'Reply All' options and would only be able to reply directly to the ...

View - Show - Page source from the Inbox

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
Michelle O'Rorke1352 - 02 2007 / (0)
Sometimes I want to examine an email to see if it is potentially malicious before opening the email.  But you can only view the page source once you've opened the email. 

Automatically guess the folder where to file an email

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, folders
Alex Kassabov1327 - 11 2008 / (1)
When I click on the 'Send and File..." button, it would be nice if the client was able to automatically guess the folder where I want to file this message and highlight it in the 'Folders' dialog box.  I have quite a large number of folders in my mail box, ...

Allow Forward to become Forward with Attachments

: Notes Client / Mail
: forward, mail, attachments, reply, replyall
Rob McDonagh1181 - 16 2008 / (0)
When you choose Reply, you have an option to change to Reply to All without having to lose what you entered and go back to the view/original message.  When you choose forward, which has become forward without attachments due to numerous requests (and I don't disagree), you do not have ...

Apply the 'Sender Indicators' colours in iNotes

: Notes Client / Mail
: inotes, webmail, mail
Martin Schaefer305 - 20 2009 / (0)
Most of us really like the ability to have certain emails display with different colours, so you can easilly identify mail from customers, co-workers etc.
You can configure this in your mailbox by going to: More > Preferences > Mail > Attention Indicators (see attached screenshot).
It would ...

Client setting for managing return receipts of mails

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, setting, notes_client, client, administration, security, return_receipt, policy
Martin Vogel2501 - 22 2007 / (0)
I would like to be able to manage the return receipt of notes mails and/or internet mails.
The administrator could administer this client setting over the "Mail"-policy .

Add an "edit" button to the conditions area of the mail rule dialog

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, rules, mailrules, filter, filtering
Joseph Hoetzl5019 - 31 2009 / (0)
The "Edit Rule" dialog should have an "edit" button below the "Add" button in the conditions area.  If you accidently to an "AND" instead of an "OR", you have to re-enter the rule condition and there is no direct way to cut/copy/paste the existing condition.

Follow federated calendars with Federated Mail

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, federate
Mick Moignard2600 - 26 2009 / (0)
Now that we've seen the value of federated mail in Notes 8.5, how about federated mail?
Here's one scenario; you may have others.
  • allow me to display my inbox federated with that from a team mail-in database; my team's customer service mail.
  • show me a visual marker of ...

Follow up icon shouldn't replace replied to

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, inbox, icons
Dan King2709 - 21 2009 / (0)
Simple really, why does setting a follow up flag override the replied to icon in the inbox?
Show both please.....

Combine Notebook, Contacts and Mail/Calendar/To-Dos into one app to avoid needing to sync them when switching between iNotes & Client

: Notes Client / Mail
: notebook, mail, calendar, contacts
Alan Hamilton362 - 24 2009 / (0)
I often need to access my mail / notebook / contacts from a web browser on a machine that is not my own, but often find that something I know is in my Notebook on my PC has not synchronised into the Mail file for it to be shown in ...

Bring back NotesBuddy (A lightweight Notes client from alphaWorks)

: Notes Client / Other
: notesbuddy, notes client, pop, sametime notes integration presence, sametime, private mail, mail
David Hablewitz15116 - 07 2010 / (0)
Once upon a time alphaWorks at IBM had created a proof-of-concept product called NotesBuddy.  It allowed you to access your Notes mail without loading the Notes client.  ***It could even READ YOUR MAIL AND SAMETIME CHATS TO YOU***
It was only 6MB in size, worked with your personal POP mail ...

Add Sender to contacts: Dump "successfully added"

: Notes Client / Mail
: contacts, mail, memo
Andreas Imnitzer448 - 19 2009 / (0)
I often use the "more.add sender to contacts" action in the memo form. I do like the control window to update more information for the contact at that moment. But it's annoying to have to klick the "contact was successfully added" window away with OK. This window gives the impression ...

Provide mail delegate ability to see what messages owner has read

: Notes Client / Mail
: delegate, mail
Barb Skedel796 - 22 2009 / (0)
Provide ability by either an icon/symbol or a view for a person who has delegation rights to another person's mail file to see what messages the mail owner has read.

Do not expose S/MIME details in unsigned unencrypted outgoing messages

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, mail headers, security, privacy
Martin Becker238 - 04 2009 / (0)
By default, I want my notes internal mail messages signed, but I do not have or need a certificate to sign internet messages.
When I try to send an internet message, a dialog pops up asking me whether it is okay to send the message anyway, having asked to sign ...

Allow rules to check the "Principal", or check "Principal" as if it's "From"

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, rules, email
Mike Woolsey4870 - 10 2011 / (0)
 Often I get emails that have crafted "Principal" fields, but are actually "from" a server or someone who signed an agent. It'd be useful to allow checking the Principal field as well

Jump to reply straight from the reply icon

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, reply, client
Lotus Notes2588 - 26 2011 / (0)
When you reply to a mail a little green arrow icon will appear in the right most column of the inbox, signifying that that message has been replied to. How about jumping straight to the reply when clicking on that icon (instead of going to the thread view)?

Make tab jump to the next unread mail

: Notes Client / Mail
: tab, unread, mail
Jan Schulz4949 - 06 2008 / (0)
Tab used to go to the next unread document. This is still the case in all my other DBs, but not the mail DB. F4 still works, but tab is much more convenient. Please make it work again in the mail DB. Thanks!

Send funtion Should not Point to Recent Contacts

: Notes Client / Mail
: personal_address_book, mail, notes_client, recent_contacts, contacts
Deb Carpenter1070 - 30 2008 / (0)
Release 8 has a new feature on the type-ahead for email addresses. It records email addresses on all those received and sent in the new view, "Recent Contacts", located in the Personal Address book. It is nice to have the type-ahead feature which gives you a history dropdown, similar to ...

Better Status tracking for sent items

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, notes_client
Jim Johnson556 - 23 2009 / (0)
Would like a status or properties window or tab that could be turned off and on by policy that allows users to easily find out out what the status is of their sent email and appointments.
The status for each recipent would show delivered or opened for mail and ...

Manually add to/create "conversations"

: Notes Client / Mail
: inbox, mail, conversations
Joseph Hoetzl5019 - 08 2009 / (0)
I'd like to be able to select multiple items in my inbox and click somewhere and say "related" or "make conversation" or "thread these". 

Use synchronised contacts as a "whitelist"

: Notes Client / Mail
: contacts, whitelist, mail, notes client
Mike Perrett70 - 28 2009 / (0)
Hi I'd like to see a feature in the Notes client that has become a staple in the OpenNTF Mail Experience Template.
Specifically, provide a mail rule to enable your synchronised contacts to be used as a whitelist. Thus, any mail from a sender who is not in your ...

Mail print as PDF or export as PDF

: Notes Client / Other
: mail, pdf, pdf export, print pdf, export, print, notes, notes mail print, mail print, mail export, export
Varaprasada Rao A193 - 03 2013 / (0)
Please allow mail to be printed as PDF or give an option to export mail in PDF format.

The option to remain/delete attachment to reply/forward with Internet Style

: Notes Client / Other
: attachment, notes, mail
Kenji S186 - 18 2009 / (0)
The default behavior to "reply/forward with internet-style" will delete the attachement file from original. There is no option to remain attachment file.
If there is the option to remain/delete attachment file same as notes style, that would be very useful/freindly for users.

Correct the header info when sending to SMTP receipients

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, notes, smtp
Sean Harris360 - 14 2008 / (0)
I'm not sure if "displayed header information" is the correct terminology or not, but that's what I'm going with until someone corrects me.

This is not the first time I (and others) have asked for this.
Replying or forwarding e-mail to SMTP recipients completely destroys the ...

Display Mail Sent notification in the rich client just like in iNotes

: Notes Client / Mail
: email, mail, mail sent notification
Alex Kassabov1327 - 25 2010 / (0)
In the latest iNotes client, when you send an email, there is a green bar displayed that tells you that 1 message was sent.  It stays there for a while.
I wish we had a similar very visual notice in the rich client.  I know that there is one at the ...

Stamp correct timestamp on mail retrieved via POP

: Notes Client / Mail
: pop, mail
David Hablewitz15116 - 19 2008 / (0)
Currently mail retrieved via POP gets the date/timestamp of when it was retrieved via POP, not the date/time it was delivered to the mailbox  This effectively changes the date/time it appears to have been sent, ruining the fidelity of the message as well as dimishing the value of the date/timestamp.   ...

Attachment Warning

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, attachment, files
Philip Storry1467 - 02 2007 / (0)
Notes should be able to warn users when they try to send an email with certain words that could indicate an attachment, but there is no file attached.
This works by checking ...

Out of Office - You should be able to select server groups to exclude in OOO Notifications from .... and have that work.

: Notes Client / Mail
: ooo, out of office, mail, groups
Craig Wiseman24988 - 10 2013 / (0)
  Previous to R8.0.1, you could choose to exclude emails from people in server-based groups when setting up your Out of Office notifications.
  Since IBM couldn't figure out how to make this work properly (?!), this was removed in R8.0.1 (see: )
  While you can ...

Improve "When New Mail Arrives" alerts with folder highlighting / limiting

: Notes Client / Other
: mail
Mark Demicoli10736 - 14 2012 / (0)
The alerting system (popup / tray icon / sound etc) only works as intended if you're not using Mail Rules to automatically categorise your mail.  The alert occurs in your system tray / popup / sound and you don't know which folder the message has been moved to if a ...

The ability to pin a Folder and/or View near the top of a nav pane (outline)

: Notes Client / Other
: design, mail, calendaring, outlines
Eric Wilson1688 - 28 2010 / (0)
There's a feature in Outlook I really like: The ability to pin a folder to the top of the nav pane.
It works like this:
     1)    Right click any Folder or View in any Outlook mailbox.
     2)    Click "Add to Favorite Folders".


Don't save read/unread marks per ID for shared mail files & for mail managed by PA's

: Notes Client / Other
: unread, read, mail, shared
Karen Hooper4016 - 02 2008 / (0)
PA's who manage mail for managers etc often request that when they read a document that their manager can see it has been read and therefore dwelt with, this is also beneficial for department alshared mail files (mail-in databases).   It would be great if this was optional such as store ...

Button in Inbox to check if sender is in Address Book

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
John McDonough108 - 10 2008 / (1)
To quickly determine if the sender is in the Address Book, and therefore likely not a Spam sender, a button above the inbox view, or in the Tools button that would allow a quick check against the Address Book.  If Yes, then the odds are good you have a valid ...

Composite Views in Mail

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, inbox, sent
Henry Ferlauto3691 - 14 2008 / (0)
I would like to see the mailbox views become composite.  For example, I like most work mainly in my Inbox, but would like to see just the last few (say 5) messages of my Sent at the same time.

Right-click actions on the Slide-In "New Mail" alert

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
Mark Demicoli10736 - 16 2013 / (0)
I like the new slide-in "New Mail" notification which shows you the subject and sender of new mail messages (See File - Preferences - Mail - Sending & Receiving - Alerts section).
What would be GREAT is a few actions (eg right-click) which can be performed directly from that alert ...

Move Stationery and Rules to top section of left navigator

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
David Hablewitz15116 - 15 2011 / (0)
Currently the Tools section in the left navigator of mail is below folders, so when the folders section is expanded, these are scrolled off the screen.  These should be relocated to above the list of folders for easier access.  Then include them in the fixed section as described in the ...

Reply-With-History to reference and save only one copy of the email

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, reply-with-history
Stefan Kwiatkowski100 - 05 2007 / (0)
When you click Reply with History then the emails grows and grows.  Would it be possible to only save the latest contents either locally or on the server and reference it when a reply to History is made ?

Add ability to have IMAP mail sync'd into a specified DB.

: Notes Client / Mail
: imap, mail, mailbox
Eric Wilson1688 - 18 2009 / (0)
IMAP currently sync's mail to the DB designated in the Location document.  But many users want to keep their IMAP mail seperated from their Domino mail.
Please provide a field on the Account document to specify where IMAP mail should be stored.

Greying of rescheduled meetings

: Notes Client
: enhancement, mail
John de Giorgio692 - 08 2007 / (0)
Since Notes 8, when a user receives an invitation to a meeting, it appears in grey until confirmed or rejected by the user. Excellent idea. This same functionality could be applied to mails which are a recipient of an e-mail proposes a new time.

Currently when ...

8.0 Client Prints Mail Different - Please allow to toggle between new and old method....

: Notes Client / Mail
: print, mail, swiftfile
Jamie Colpean1010 - 13 2008 / (0)
In migrating some users from 6.5.6 to 8.01, the only complaint so far that I have heard is regarding the printing of mail messages.
Open email message and print.  The result was a printed document containing the Subject and Body of the email
There appears to ...

Make location of Slide-in notifications adjustable and sticky

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, alerts, slide-in
Christopher Boote10606 - 17 2015 / (0)
File-Preferences-Mail-Sending and Receiving (Alerts) is set to 'Slide in a summary'
(this is a sop to ex-Outlook users who can't or won't cope with noticing an icon in their taskbar)

Summaries slide in from the rightmost lower corner

When working with ...

Duplicate recipient dialog to be displayed when mail is sent via code

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
Paul Davies13558 - 09 2008 / (0)
if a mailsend or .send command results in a failure becaue of multiple names being found, then the user ought to have the choice of trying to resolve the duplication or cancelling the send rather than just a failure message

Secondary Locations - "Location Pet"

: Notes Client / Mail
: client, name, pernames, location, document, mail
Jamie Colpean1010 - 23 2008 / (0)
Not all of my email / Cal / Contacts are provided by the company Domino server.  Having to swtich location documents to check mail at an internet account is huge productivity drain.
  1. Working happliy along in corporate Notes mail
  2. Want to check my pop3 mail or ...

send and file mail

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, send mail, file mail
Karsten Specht60 - 09 2011 / (0)
When using send and file mail, a pop up box is presented with the folder structure of the user.
The whole folder structure is open, and having many folders and sub folders makes it time consuming to browse down to the one needed to file the new ...

Add auto word completion feature to mail body

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, email
Subrahmanya Udupa59 - 06 2013 / (0)
I like the auto word completion feature in Symphony documents. It makes typing easy when we have to type certain words again and again.
It would be nice to have same feature for mail body editing.

Include archived mails in views

: Notes Client / Mail
: views, notes, archive, mail
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 09 2011 / (0)
In the composite app ui include archived mails in some views (eg all document). The NotesView module, should read the configured archive databases and present an aggregated list of mails. Archived mails should marked with an icon or color.

Delegate folder to another mail-box

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, archiving, delegation, folder
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 02 2010 / (0)
We do not use activities, so a feature as written above could be in that service.
When you hand-over projects it would be great to send/forward/delegate a folder with content to a collegue.
Most simple would be the option to select the folder and choose 'forward folder'. ...

Inbox Zero for Notes

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, inbox, inbox, mail, zero, reschedule, snooze
Lior Milgrom30 - 10 2014 / (0)
Since the popularization of the internet, the email experience has always been the same. There has never been a great innovation in over 30 years. The capacity grew, contacts were integrated, groups were created ...

Suggest folder while you send mail

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, folder
Subrahmanya Udupa59 - 20 2013 / (0)
There should be an optional text box in the mail header somewhere next to Subject field. Mail sender can enter a folder name in that before sending mail. For e.g. HR\DressCode, Finance\Policy, ProjectName\releaseName etc.
When he hits the send button, the sent mail is parked automatically in the folder.
When ...

Check receipient access to doclinks/db links when a user sends email to Notes users

: Notes Client / Other
: mail
Mark Demicoli10736 - 23 2010 / (0)
Users often send doclinks to others who do not have appopriate database access to these documents or databases.
Mail template should check user access and warn.

Auto turn on/off Out Of Office Assistant

: Notes Client / Other
: mail, out of office, notes client
Pranjal Sahu181 - 09 2013 / (0)
Currently we need to explicitly set Out-of-Office Assistant when we are on leave.But sometimes we forget to set Out-of-Office assistant and it may create wrong impressions if the employee is not replying the mails since he/she is on leave but forgot to set the Out-Of-Office Assistant.So,there should be way to ...

Mail Langauge Translator in Lotus Notes

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, translate
Divya Prakash25 - 06 2012 / (0)
Contributors : Divya Prakash and Natasha Sharma
Problem :
IBM's globally connected work atmosphere often points to the lack of language character encoding feature in Lotus Notes.
IBMers from other countries forward mails that have been written in their native language. Hence, the emails sent would not be ...

Append PostedDate to Read Receipt Subject line

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, return receipt
Bill Schroeder673 - 19 2010 / (0)
When receiving read receipts from multiple instances in the same thread, it is not always easy to match receipts against the message that you had requested receipt for.  The subject line reads "RECEIPT: <Subject of message>". It is the same whether the receipt is from the first reply or a "reply-to-a-reply-to-a-reply".  ...

Raise the limit on the number of mail rules above 100

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, rules, mailrules
David Killingsworth4000 - 27 2008 / (0)
We have users who have lots of mail rules, in fact more than 100.  For this reason, they refuse to use Lotus Notes.
They are using Microsoft Outlook connector to connect to their Domino mailbox.  This is a support headache for us, and we are limited in a lot of ...

Sent view to show read/replied

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, reply, unread, read
Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 - 10 2007 / (0)
Many websites that offer internal (non-internet) mail, show if the reciepient have opened/read the mail and/or replied to it. Typical examples are Myspace (see screenshot), some dating websites, etc.
Sometimes in a Notes environment you send a mail, and then you realize a few hours later, when you don't hear anything ...

Toolbar buttons for mail Recall and Encrypt

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, mail, recall, toolbar, button, message recall, message toolbar
Varaprasada Rao A193 - 03 2013 / (0)
Please create a tool bar Icons for Mail / Message recall and email encrypt.
These icons should be displayed when composing a mail (Encrypt) or when user opens a mail which was already sent (Recall).

Break mail into component databases

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, calendar, templates
Devin Olson980 - 11 2008 / (2)
Break the mail file up into the component portions:
This idea based on my blogpost here:

Only Send Attachments to those that need them

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, attachment
John Lindsay218 - 21 2009 / (0)
When sending out e-mails with attachments it may be that only some of the people may need to see the attachments.  I would like to propose that as well as "To", "cc" and "Bcc" there is a further send option called (say) FYI.  This would only send the body of ...

Mail rules run after reading

: Notes Client / Other
: mail, rules, email, mail rule, inbox, folders
Zoltan Szabo4849 - 11 2011 / (0)
Hi All,
I'm sure You have the same problem if You have a large complex folder structure. You got  a new mail, but the mail rule moves it into a folder somewhere deeeeeeep....then it's hard to find. Of course You can use "copy to folder" but then your inbox ...

option to remove names from mail document when copying it into a new calendar entry

: Notes Client / Mail
: calendar, meeting, copy, mail, names
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 13 2009 / (0)
please add an option/dialog to include or exclude the names in a mail document when you create a new calendar entry from it via the 'copy into new' function.
this has been embarrassing for multiple times for users.
the current option is good and and a time saver ...

Control BCC thru ACL Roles

: Notes Client / Mail
: bcc, mail
Joe Cristiano70 - 20 2009 / (0)
Our company does not want anyone using BCC, so I have to modify the template everytime we upgrade to a new version and push that change out to all the servers.  Users come to me wanting to use BCC for certain projects and to mail info to customers.  My idea ...

Auto Reponse to Email

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, lotus notes, auto reponse
Dale Dean1339 - 26 2008 / (0)
Include an agent to auto respond to received emails (external and internal). It could be similar to the Out of Office Agent or something as simple as the email signature option.
This would help admins a lot, s we would not have to ask a developer to create an agent.

Remove "Block this sender" option

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, block, sender, spam, junk
Joseph Hoetzl5019 - 31 2007 / (0)
No matter how much we train people, hitting block this sender isn't going to stop spam.
Sure I can remove it, but it should be optional, and off/hidden by default.

Remove the "Reply with Internet-Style History" button

: Notes Client / Mail
: reply, mail, email, endusers
David Vasta2524 - 02 2007 / (0)
Did IBM do this just so you can annoy people with the ">' everywhere and to make it worse they give you and option in the preferences to change the charater. It's all pointless. RELPY and REPLY with HISTORY is fine.

Create a Notes-Mail-Client only

: Notes Client / Mail
: mail
Hynek Kobelka7940 - 09 2008 / (0)
I would suggest that the complete mail functionality of the Notes-client would be separated into a Notes-Mail-Client only. All other parts would remain as a separare "Notes-Application-Client".

The advantages would be:
- the mail client UI could be done much simpler as it would ...


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