Notes Client / Sametime 


Policy should control Notes 8 Integrated Sametime

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: sametime, integrated, client, policy
Craig Wiseman24988 - 28 2008 / (0)
In Notes 6.5, 7, and Notes 8 Basic clients, you can set policies that determines users' IM settings like so (see screen shots).

This made set up and config easy for users.

AFAIK,, these policies don't apply to Notes 8 Standard users. ...

Control integrated Sametime status settings

: Notes Client / Other
: sametime, installshield tuner
Andy Donaldson613 - 11 2009 / (0)
In the past, I've been able to control the integrated Sametime awareness status for people using the basic clients by adding the following lines to the Notes client's notes.ini with InstallShield Tuner:
The Standard R8.x client does not recognize those settings and therefore, the user ...

Add a close/hide button to sidebar panels

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: hide, close, sidebar, notes, sametime
Carl Tyler5343 - 13 2008 / (0)
I would like to see the drop down button in the sidebar title (Item 1) replaced with a Hide/close button, and the icon on the toolbar be used for the drop down options. (item 2)
I find the minimize/restored maximize buttons, never quite work the way I expect them ...

SameTime awareness enable multiple columns in a view

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: sametime
Oystein Mollestad431 - 14 2008 / (0)
We need mulitple columns in a view to be SameTime awareness enabled. Today (release 8.0.2) it works only for one column.

Subgroups in the sametime contact list

: Notes Client / Other
: sametime, client, group, subgroup
Bastian Wieczorek8390 - 06 2008 / (0)
Many user asked me why it isn´t possible to add subgroups in the sametime contact list...
IT -> Network -> Peter Muster and Sascha Blocks
IT -> Application -> Joe Do and Peter Tester
IT -> Helpdesk -> Jack Daniels and Joe Tester
this would allow ...

Do not require being logged into Sametime to use screen capture tool

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: sametime, screen capture, screens, capturing
David Hablewitz15116 - 10 2011 / (0)
Currently you must be logged into Sametime in order to use the screen capture tool.  It should be available at all times.

Bring back NotesBuddy (A lightweight Notes client from alphaWorks)

: Notes Client / Other
: notesbuddy, notes client, pop, sametime notes integration presence, sametime, private mail, mail
David Hablewitz15116 - 07 2010 / (0)
Once upon a time alphaWorks at IBM had created a proof-of-concept product called NotesBuddy.  It allowed you to access your Notes mail without loading the Notes client.  ***It could even READ YOUR MAIL AND SAMETIME CHATS TO YOU***
It was only 6MB in size, worked with your personal POP mail ...

Add online meeting on existing calendar meeting entries

: Notes Client / Calendar
: sametime, meeting, calendar entry
Vincent Pihouee151 - 22 2010 / (0)
In lotus notes 8.5.1 mail template there is no way to modify an existing meeting entry (With Participants) to add a Online sametime meeting. Works only for ressource and Room.
We have to recreate the meeting and resend meeting to all users....
Would be good to allow it in future ...

Sort timezones by timezone in sametime geographic location

: Notes Client / Other
: sametime
Odd ├…ge Skogheim822 - 02 2010 / (0)
You have the option to set the timezone for your current geographic location in the embedded sametime client. Unfortunately this list is sorted alfabetically. So it can be tricky to find the correct timezone if you don't know what its called.
It would be nice if it was sorted according ...

When prompted to save a chat, give the option to cancel closing the chat

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: sametime, notes client
David Hablewitz15116 - 10 2013 / (0)
When closing a chat and the settings are to prompt to save the chat, I would like a cancel option here too.  This would cancel the operation of closing the chat in the event it was initiated accidentally.

Embedded Sametime UI request... can we put the All first if you have more that, say, 2 communities?

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: sidebar ui, communities, sametime
Craig Wiseman24988 - 27 2009 / (0)
 I try and keep my sidebar reasonably narrow (see accompanying image).
If I have more than one community enabled, though, you have to widen the sidebar to see the All drop down.
If you have more than 2 communities, can All be listed first?


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