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Allow tabs on Workspace to be re-arranged

: Notes Client / Other
: tabs, workspace
Jos Janssen1809 - 21 2007 / (0)

The only way that I know off  to re-arrange tabs is to create a new tab move all databases from the old one to the new one and then delete the old tab. If you have many databases on that tab , it is quite time consuming.


Drag tabs out of notes to become a new window

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tabs, drag, drop, window
Adam Burrell166 - 05 2008 / (0)
Taking a cue from Safari and now Chrome, it would be nice to have the ability to drag a tab out of the notes client window and have it open a seperate window.  This would be very useful for workflow that involves multiple views/docs. 

Workspace Tabs

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: autosave, tabs, workspace
Jim Roysdon1264 - 23 2008 / (0)
There are times when my client locks up or worse, crashes. I've had multiple tabs open (mail, calendar, documents, etc). These were things that needed my attention and that got interupted when the client locked up. There should be a way to to save the tabs, as we do in ...

Pin tabs to warn before closing

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: tabs
David Bailey1383 - 22 2008 / (0)
I have a long standing habit of closing documents, views, and databases with the Escape key.  Since moving to Notes 8, I find that I frequently close databases that I intended to keep open.  With the 'workspace' this wasn't much of a problem because I could re-open the database with ...

Option to set a default workspace page to open

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: workspace, tabs, default, setting, page
Patrick Kwinten21314 - 19 2008 / (0)

organising workspaces pages are a crime nowadays.

why not have the option to set a workspace page as a default workspace page to be opened at startup?

this would avoid that I have to move my favourite databases at a moment to the first workspace page


Support for workspace using drag and drop

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: workspace, tabs, files, drag and drop, drag & drop, drag-and-drop
Vlad Sh10679 - 24 2009 / (0)
  1. Add the ability to drag tabs of workspace.
  2. Add support to drag and drop the file (nsf, ntf, box) from browser of the operating system to the workspace (the application's icon should be created automatically).
  3. Add the ability to drag and drop applications (nsf, ntf, box) from Admin ...

Improve "Group documents from each application on a tab" usability

: Notes Client / Other
: tabs, mouseover, window manager
Kevin Pettitt1036 - 18 2010 / (1)
This idea is a followup to a blog post by Bob Balfe asking whether folks used the Notes feature to "Group documents from each application on a tab" option available in the Windows and Themes preferences. The feedback was that the behavior of the tabs with respect to selecting ...

Save the Open Tabs state more often

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes client, tabs, crash
Chris Hudson462 - 23 2009 / (0)
Often if the Notes Client crashes, the tabs that are opened are those that were open when the client last closed down cleanly.  It would be nice if the Notes client saved the tab state more frequently.  This could be at each change in tab state or at regular intervals, ...

If I set "save window state on exit" honour that on ID switch

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: notes, tabs
Slawek Rogulski9372 - 26 2007 / (0)
Currently when I set "save window state on exit" the opened tabs will be reopened for me (althouh only in stub form) next time I start up the Notes client. However, when I switch IDs all windows get closed before the switch and when I switch back I start with ...

Implement tear-off tabs

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tabs, ui, interface, tear, tear-off
Joseph Hoetzl5019 - 08 2009 / (0)
I know we just got open in new back on tabs in 8.5, but I've become used to the tear off tabs in Chrome and now Firefox, so, I'd like to see tear off tabs to new window implemented in the Eclipse UI.

Reopen recently closed tabs

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tabs, reopen, recently closed
Jens Schwendemann887 - 19 2012 / (0)
 Hi all,
I would like to see a possibility to reopen recently closed tabs, just like in Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc...
Should, from my point of view, be a breeze to implement as most tabs are pointing to saved documents anyway. If unsaved data resided in the closed ...

Track open Notes window tabs when changing locations/Domino domains

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: location, document, saving, tabs
Bill Malchisky12192 - 10 2008 / (0)
I know this is a niche situation, but for power users here that have responsibilities in multiple domains, when you switch location documents to another Domino domain and then go back, you lose the tabs previously opened before switching.  So, have Notes track open tabs for each domain as part ...

Automatically switch to workspace page

: Notes Client / Other
: workspace, tabs
Rob Goudvis8695 - 17 2009 / (0)
Wouldn't it be nice when you could specify in a location what workspace page to use. When you have several ID's and several workspace pages it would be very useful when the related workspace page is immediately shown after login or after swich of location.

Right-click / Close All Tabs

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tabs
Mark Demicoli10736 - 27 2011 / (0)
 Designer Client has implemented a useful "close all tabs" right-click which is great when you lose track of what you're doing and want to close everything and start the train-of-code again.  It would be nice to see the same in the Notes Client tabs.

Sub-Pages / Sub-Tabs in the workspace

: Notes Client / Other
: workspace, tab, tabs, register, page
Angi Blasberg612 - 20 2008 / (0)

My problems to organize DB-Icons in the workspace would be solved much better, if I could get at least one level of sub-tabs/sub-pages in a workspace-page. 

I personally miss the bookmarks from Notes 5 to 7 because i had the possibility with subfolders. I am obviously really alone with this ...


Bookmark All Tabs

: Notes Client / Other
: bookmarks, tabs, workspace, bookmark, lotus notes
Foua Vang2960 - 15 2011 / (0)
It would be nice to have a "Bookmark All Tabs" option in Lotus Notes with an additional option to "Bookmark Selected Tabs"...another option to allow a user to select multiple database icons under workspace and have the option to "Bookmark Selected Database Icons", etc.

Resize or rearrange tabs across the top as more windows are opened

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tabs, notes, client
Alex Kassabov1327 - 25 2008 / (0)
I want to see the tabs at the top function much like the Windows task bar does: shrink as more windows are being opened or allow for more than just one row of tabs. If my memory serves me right, the Notes 7 client shrunk the tabs to fit more ...

allow tabs to be scrolled; to specify their size and placement

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: ui, workspace, tabs
Slawek Rogulski9372 - 21 2007 / (0)
I would like these options on setting the size of tabs:
 - specify a minimum size in pixels
 - specify if all tabs are the same or if they are allowed to be bigger or smaller than a recommended size
If I have more tabs than comfortably fit on ...

Option to control tab behavior

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: tabs
Bill McCuistion56 - 05 2007 / (0)
Would like to have preference option to control tab stack order.
  1. Keep focus on current tab. (current behaviour)
  2. Keep focus on LIFO order. (new option)
The issue is when windows are stacke in the tab you end-up with Multiple "Mail", Multiple "Browser", Multiple "Application X", but ...


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