Symphony Programmability Overhaul

: Symphony
: lotuscript, javascript, composite, applications, plug-in
John Head1126 - 15 2007 / (0)
I would like to see a complete overhaul of the Symphony Programability Model:
1. we need a way in Symphony to create template and file code, much like VBA is used in Office. It needs to be code that executes when a document is opened or a new document ...

Symphony Icons Look Too Much Alike

: Symphony
: symphony, icons, color
Tim Paque2656 - 07 2008 / (0)

In the effort to 'brand' symphony, the yellow icons are so similar folks can't tell one from next.  Please at least color the inside of the symphony Icons so they are more intuative.

Also since The names are long, and all start with "Lotus Symphony ... " the ... gets ...


Be able to save from Symphony direct to a Lotus Notes document

: Symphony
: lotus, notes, saving
Scott Cochrane1847 - 12 2008 / (1)
Would it not be cool if from in a Symphony document save as also provided the option to save directo to a lotus database. 
So I create a document, click save or save as and maybe on the Look In option can choose a Lotus application that I have ...

Make it quicker

: Symphony
: speed
Carl Tyler5343 - 31 2007 / (0)
Please this thing load so slowly, the requirements for it need to come down and it needs to load quicker

Add Mail Merge to Lotus Documents

: Symphony
: mail, merge, lotus, documents
Troy Fulkerson746 - 07 2007 / (0)

Add mail merge feature to Lotus Documents.  Sources for the mail merge need to be Notes Applications (especially address books), Lotus Spreadsheets, Excel to start with.


I wish Symphony could read Office 2007 files

: Symphony
: office, compatibility
Craig Wiseman24988 - 19 2007 / (0)

To allow us to really use them as replacments for Office, it seems to me like we'd need to be able to natively read/write:

Office 97-2007

Word Perfect 9 - 12

OpenOffice (not just ODF)




Provide a public update site

: Symphony
: symphony, updatesite
Naoya Moritani452 - 25 2008 / (0)

It would be nice if Symphony could be provided via an update site, so that we can make the most of existing installations of Expeditor/Notes8.

Several advantages of this deployment model

  • This can minimize the download size.
  • This makes it easier for existing users to keep up with latest ...

Please add enough color to the Symphony icons to distinguish them

: Symphony
: icons
Craig Wiseman24988 - 17 2009 / (0)
Mr. Miller's blog entry yesterday made it dawn on me that, even after all the discussion about how confusing it is to have 6 virtually identical Lotus Notes/Symphony desktop icons, the main icons are not going to be changed. 
IBM/Lotus - please add appropriate color to the desktop icons. Branding ...

Provide a 'skin' for Symphony that mimics the Office 2003 menu structure

: Symphony
: compatibility, office, menus
Craig Wiseman24988 - 18 2008 / (1)

For many users, It's easier to move from Office 2000/2003 to Symphony than to Office 2007, but it would be almost transparent if IBM made an optional menu (File, Edit, etc) that mimicked the Office 2000/2003 menu structure. Corel does this with WordPerfect Workspace Manager, and it's very useful. Link


Save directly into a Notes database

: Symphony
: notes, symphony, saving
David Hablewitz15116 - 28 2010 / (0)
From the Save dialog, Save a file directly into a Notes database.  (similar behavior to using the Quickr Connectors).

Spreadsheet to support more than 65535 rows

: Symphony
: symphony, spreadsheets, performance
Cindy Kou4950 - 26 2010 / (0)
migrate OO3.3 code (1M-row support) and pay attention to performance

Improve performance with large files

: Symphony
: performance, symphonypost3.0requirement
Karen Keeter321 - 04 2010 / (0)
Symphony  has trouble when you are working with very large (greater than 10MB) presentation files.  every couple of minutes it seems to hang up- it is not doing an autosaveor anything like that  (I have even turned that off) , and this can happen while working on slides or in presentation ...

Add abiltiy to retrieve external data to Lotus Spreadsheets

: Symphony
: external, data, lotus, spreadsheets
Troy Fulkerson746 - 07 2007 / (0)
Need to add ability to retrieve external data to Lotus Spreadsheets.  Data sources should be at least Notes Applications, and any ODBC data source.

Allow me to launch a presentation rather than "edit" one

: Symphony
: presentations
Ben Langhinrichs7382 - 26 2007 / (0)
One of my major gripes with the Lotus Presentations editor is that the only way to use it is as an editor. When you send someone a presentation, the expectation is that they can run the presentation, but there is no way to set it up to just run, and ...

Stop making me close the property boxes!

: Symphony
: symphony, ui, preferences
Rob McDonagh1181 - 20 2007 / (0)
The Symphony apps all launch with right-docked property boxes open. Don't want them open? Maybe 'cause you're not on a 3000x2600 screen like most IBM people appear to have? Well, close them then. Every. Single. Time. There is no preference. There is no memory of previous choice. There is only ...

Be able to drag and drop charts to presentation tabs

: Symphony
: drag, drop, charts, spreadsheet, presentations
Carl Tyler5343 - 13 2008 / (0)
Currently you cannot drag and drop between Symphony applications.  Drag and Drop should be supported between the tabs in Symphony.  So for example the same way that a chart could be dragged from 1-2-3 into Freelance Graphics, a chart could be dragged from Symphony Spreadsheets into Symphony Presentations.

Send to mail

: Symphony
: symphonypost3.0requirement, wordprocessor
Cindy Kou4950 - 26 2010 / (0)
Instantly send the current document as an email attachment to other people

Allow opening of SmartSuite WordPro, 123 and Freelance files in Sympony 3.

: Symphony
: smartsuite, 123, freelance, wordpro, compatibilty, wk4
Clive Grimwood170 - 02 2010 / (0)
This is a plea for you to transfer the Smartsuite read functionality from Symphony 1.3 into Symphony 3. This is most important to all SmartSuite users - of which I believe there are many, me amongst them .... To be honest I'm saddened it was removed as part of the ...

Connect/access Notes database

: Symphony
: symphonypost3.0requirement, integration
Cindy Kou4950 - 26 2010 / (0)
out-of-box capability

Allow Symphony Install to be Componentized

: Symphony
: installation
Bruce Elgort12540 - 15 2009 / (0)
Chris Miller blogged this idea on his blog:  and I wanted to post here as I think it's a good one.
Essentially Chris suggests that people should have the option as to which Lotus Symphony components get installed.  Other office suites have this functionality.


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