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@IsRichTextEmpty and LotusScript/Java equivalents

: Domino Designer
: richtext, @formula, lotusscript, java
Ben Langhinrichs7004 - 05 2007 (6)
Even having a rough way to do this in Midas, I would really like to see a simple @formula (and matching LotusScript) method for determining if there was anything in the rich text.  Even better would be if it took an argument that specified whether whitespace was included, so you ...

Custom @Functions

: Domino Designer
: @formula, lotusscript
Carl Tyler5446 - 08 2007 (8)
1-2-3 has a feature where you can create a new @function based upon a lotusscript function.  I would like to see the same feature in Notes/Domino.  Allow me in the Database script library to create a lotusscript function and mark it as being available as an @function within that database.

Bring us back the Formula Debugger

: Domino Designer
: designer, formula, @formula
Werner Novak1161 - 07 2008 (6)
Please bring us back the @formula debugger !!
Local and Remote Debugging !!

Define View Column Titles using @Formula

: Domino Designer
: view, column, title, @formula
Philippe P.348 - 29 2009 (3)
Now you can only specify 1fix text label for Notes view column titles. 
It would be very usefull to be able to specify an @Formula to define Notes view column titles. Especially in multilingual environments, where you can use @formula to show the column title in the user's language.

PickLists should have a defaultchoice

: Domino Designer
: designer, @formula, picklist
Theo Heselmans6404 - 28 2007 (2)
I often use @PickList (and its lotusscript cousins) with the [Custom] option.
I would like to present the dialogbox with the current entry (or entries of it's multi-value) already selected, so she/he does not have to start from scratch.
@Prompt has a defaultchoice parameter too.

Display @Formula comments as comments

: Domino Designer
: @formula, comments
Harkpabst Meliantrop3243 - 17 2008 (1)
... not as a keyword, followed by a text constant.

MaxResult parameter in @DbColumn

: Domino Designer
: @formula, @dbcolumn
Patrick Kwinten22008 - 08 2007 (4)
The possibility to add an additional parameter to @DbColumn where I can define the maximum results I want to have returned:
@DbColumn( class : cache ; server : database ; view ; columnNumber ; maxResult )
In stead of getting the complete chunk of results back now I only ...

@IsDocEditor function

: Domino Designer
: domino designer, @formula
Lasse Jarvinen958 - 22 2010 (4)
A formula that would return:

  • “1” if user has right to edit the currently open document 
  • “0” if user has only rights to read the document

This would be a very useful function when writing hide-when formulas or formulas to insert subforms especially when user has ...


Increase the amount of data formula can output

: Domino Designer
: formula, @formula, evaluate
Tommy Valand2741 - 17 2008 (2)
As far as I know, formula can only output 64k of data.

This especially limits the usage of formula in Evaluate-statements.

Formula is --really fast-- compared to LotusScript. Formula has some inbuilt functionality that LS lacks. Two really powerful are @Tranform and @Sort. ...

formula field properties

: Domino Designer
: @formula
Paul Davies12361 - 21 2007 (1)
I would like to see all properties of fields that use formulae to be moved to the IDE pane instead, i.e.
lookup formulas, hidewhens, captions etc
this allows the functionality of the IDE to applied to these formulas (colours, attribute help etc)

@Formula functions

: Domino Designer
: @formula
Keith Strickland910 - 08 2007 (2)
How about a way to include @Formula language functions in something like a LotusScript library. This should cut down on the amount of code written for validation formulas and commonly used formulas to determine the value of a variable, etc. I think this would be made even easier since the ...

Use @Formula to change field font color

: Domino Designer
: @formula, fonts, color, field
Hendrik Jan van Meerveld729 - 01 2009 (4)
Make it possible to change the font color or background color of a field using @Formula.
You could for example warn the user if a required field is empty by changing the backgroundcolor,
Color formula:
red := 255:150:150;
black := 0:0:0;
@If( fieldvalue=""; red:black )

computed text - lotusscript

: Domino Designer
: computed_text, @formula, lotusscript
Patrick Kwinten22008 - 19 2009 (1)
since you can do more with LotusScript compared with formula, making LS available under computed text would create new opportunities.
for example db.alldocuments and dc.count would give me the number of documents in a database. how easily would i do this with formula?

Increase the number of functions/formulas in XPages

: Domino Designer
: xpage, @formula, @function, compatibility
Patrick Kwinten22008 - 26 2010 (0)
In an ideal world formulas in @Formula language or @functions are also available in XPages:

New @Formula: list := @ResponseDocuments (..., ...)

: Domino Designer
: @formula
Slawek Rogulski8864 - 15 2008 (0)
Provide a new function, @ResponseDocuments that can be run in the context of the currently opened/processed document and will return a list of UNIDs of all the responses or a list of field values from the response documents.
For example:
UNIDlist := @ResponseDocuments ([UNID], [NOCONFLICT]);
would return a list of ...

Have @GetDocField and @SetDocField access other databases

: Domino Designer
: @formula, fields
Hendrik Jan van Meerveld729 - 30 2009 (2)
This would be great for updating fields. One could write:
@SetField("strStreetname"; @GetDocField( contact_replicaid; contact_unid; "strStreetName"));

Make @DocChildren / @DocSiblings / @DocDescendants work in any other formula

: Domino Designer
: @formula, @function, @dblookup, @dbcolumn
Patrick Kwinten22008 - 09 2008 (3)

this could be usefullfor example build tagclouds via @dbcolumn / @dblookup


Fix the bug of @BrowserInfo

: Domino Designer
: @formula
Rishi Sahi1677 - 23 2009 (4)
BrowserInfo("BrowserType") doesn't work anymore with latest browser and newer versions. When verified on Mozila Firefox 3 , it returns Netscape instead of Mozila.
Also, @BrowserInfo("Version") returns 5 when verified on Mozila 3.0 and returns 5 for Safari 3.2 as well.
Note : Tested on R8.0.2

Add server and database as optional parameters for @GetProfileField and @SetProfileField

: Domino Designer
: @formula
Vlad Sh10384 - 29 2013 (8)
by analogy with @DbColumn and @DbLookup: (...; server: database; ...).

@Random for lists

: Domino Designer
: @formula, lists
Patrick Kwinten22008 - 21 2007 (4)
if my text list look like:
textList:= "London" : "Stockholm" : "New York" :"Bagdad"
I would then like to be able to use

I wish @Eval returned errors much like other @Functions

: Domino Designer
: @formula, parameters
Mike Woolsey4691 - 04 2014 (0)
When I stuck @Eval in a translation formula, it seemed like it'd work great. But its error handling seems off.
When I set an @Eval result to a variable, as in
Tmp := @Eval("@Error");
I would like the error returned into the tmp variable. Right now it ...

New design element for code "Open segment"

: Domino Designer
: design element, library, @formula
Vlad Sh10384 - 03 2010 (2)
It would be nice to have the sections of code that are protected from user, and simultaneously noncompiled and nonhided by hiding design. This would realize the reuse of code for the @-formulas. For example use these sections of code in:
  • Actions / Shared Actions (including in ...

A notes formula engine parser in java with ANTLR

: Domino Designer
: @formula, tool, ide
Axel Janssen5023 - 08 2008 (2)
[warning: lots of jargon]
This won't get many promotes, though I think it would be great to have.
Domain Specific languages are getting more and more interest. Now notes formula language owns a lot of similarities with domain specific languages.
With ANTLR and other tools on the Java side, there ...

@Formula library

: Domino Designer
: @formula, formula, shared, library, @function
Zoltan Szabo5463 - 06 2012 (7)
Hi All,
do You think it would be usefull to add a Formula library? Like Script Library, it can contain user defined codes writen in Formula language. There are shared actions, but formulas can be used by many other design elements.
Functions could be called by it's name or, ...

Alias Lookup @function

: Domino Designer
: alias, lookup, view, @function, @formula
Don McNally1493 - 27 2007 (3)
Aliases in fields are a nice way to use short values in place of longer strings, and they work well in forms.  You can store a value of "H" and have it display "High" when the document opens.  However, they are not so nice when you want to use the ...


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