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Domino Designer available for Linux and MAC Os (08 Apr 2014)

As with every bug and enhancement request there is SPR used to track customer reports. The more customers open a PMR and ask for this feature in reference to this SPR, the more likely we will see this in a future version.

Allow embedded images to be saved to your computer. (18 Oct 2013)

This is SPR JKEY5MXCJR. By opening a PMR with IBM Support you can raise the weight of this SPR.

Allow .png and .svg image resources (04 May 2011)

@Mike: I agree that PNG can not be imported, nether as image resurce nor into a rihtext field. If you receive an email with a PNG image embedded, it does not display.

This request should be OPEN, not resolved.

Mail Rules should allow for Trash not Junk (30 May 2008)

You can workaround by move to junk AND set an expire date (of eg 5 days). Archiving can then be used to DELETE expired documents from that folder after they expired.

Traveler Interference (30 May 2008)

I do not face this problem using Traveler on HTC TyTN II

Hiding file path & name in URLs (30 May 2008)

I agree that this could be done using website rules.

Sametime Connect Client in the "Licenses" view (02 Apr 2008)

same request for the user license tracking (userlicenses.nsf) so you can see who is actively using Sametime.

"Email this Idea" Button (02 Apr 2008)

Both Firefox and Internet Explorer allow you to send a link to the current page using your default mail client so why the need to modify the page?

Need way to edit $SavedAddresses and $SavedServer fields in Location document (15 Mar 2008)

If you have troubles with saved addresses, you may want to try this notes.ini parameter on your clients:

Lotus Traveler for Symbian, ... (01 Mar 2008)

I have a Nokia E61 so I promote this idea.

Extended Database Properties - Attachment Information (01 Mar 2008)

I demote this idea because this would badly affect performance and that kind of data needs to be stored anywhere so databases would grow.

entry in the installer for "do not remove old Help DBs" (01 Mar 2008)

The server removes the helpfiles - but leaves their fulltext directories in place. Just ugly.

Lotus Support Contact Database (27 Feb 2008)

Just in case anybody does not know where to submit Lotus software problems. Go to { Link } and click "Open service request".

Export Emails with Attachments to Office or Symphony Format (27 Feb 2008)

The Notes export filters should be improved anyway. You can export a view as 1-2-3 but not to open document format. You can export a document to "Microsoft RTF" !!! but not to open document format.

When Deny mail to Groups, add exception (25 Feb 2008)

Why not have a system mailrule for this?
If sender does not contain "..." and to is "your groups email" then do not accept.

Lotus Support Contact Database (25 Feb 2008)

Why call in if you can open a ticket using the web?

Allow us to use X-Spam-Level in rules (25 Feb 2008)

If this is a requirement in your environment you may think about customizing the mailrules. As mailrules are just @formulas executed by the router, you can hack the mail template to create formulas the way you need them.

customise Mail Quota Warning (25 Feb 2008)

As you mention "subject and message" I assume you use quota warnings sent by the router task. In this case, you can customize the message (not the subject) by editing the form in the maildatabase template.

Replication job should skip the doc and continue with out stopping (23 Feb 2008)

Having a LEI data replication with a source having no-unique primary keys is a severe problem so I think it is OK that LEI stops on that error.

Recipient name type-ahead (23 Feb 2008)

This feature shipped with version 7.0.2.

Define destination mail file for POP mail in Account Doc (21 Feb 2008)

I demote this idea as I think changing locations is the better aproach. If you enable two "active" maildatabases in one location, regardless which protocol they use to receive mail, there will be issues with sender email-address, S/MIME signature etc

Birthday sync (21 Feb 2008)

I agree with Marie, having birthdays in the calendar is not a good solution.

New copy of database improvements (15 Feb 2008)

making a database copy using your client is always slow, compared to making a copy using a server console command.

set config CLUSTER_ADMIN_ON=1
cl copy db1.nsf db2.nsf
cl copy server1!!db1.nsf server2!!db2.nsf

RTC Gateway Support for Skype (15 Feb 2008)

You should also contact Skype, I think IBM is more than willing to do so.
{ Link }

Select if application is stacked on workspace (14 Feb 2008)

I prefer using the bookmarks and because roaming does not support the workspace, I do not promote this idea as everybody should try to migrate to bookmarks instead.

Feedback from IBM? (09 Feb 2008)

IBM tracks issues (bugs / enhancement requests) as SPRs, I would like to see the ideas linked to the SPRs in the Fixlist.

Prevent local replica from pushing deleted docs back to server (04 Feb 2008)

maybe Notes should prevent replication if the last replication is older than the purge intervall

Insert as attachment (30 Jan 2008)

I prefer to see Notes/Domino convert a doclink into an inline MIME attachment with the NDL fileformat as described here: { Link }

This way there is no change needed to the UI.

Fix the Upgrade Folder Design Agent (29 Jan 2008)

also convert has some issues like failing if you have a folder name ending in a space.

Lock Picture Size (29 Jan 2008)

The root cause is that clicking on a picture may resize a picture by accident, being able to resize it using the properties box is OK.

IBM Lotus Client Single Sign On (04 Jan 2008)

Steve, did you try TAM ESSO? { Link }

Make "Retrieve Entire Document" cluster aware (01 Jan 2008)

I do not have any indication if this is a bug or not, there is no technote on this issue yet.

Blacklist tags that can be used in mailrules (28 Dec 2007)

This should work out of the box, create a mail rule with condition "When blacklist tag contains . move to folder ($JunkMail)". The dot in the blacklist tag is the trick as you can not test for a condition "is not empty".

Do not allow replication if xx days since last replication" (28 Dec 2007)

Disabling replication is one thing, but then? I think the user needs some feedback why a database stops replicating.
What do you think about retrieving a new replica of that database?

Add a "Replicate this Database" icon to standard toolbar (28 Dec 2007)

Replicating the current database is easy, I think the trick is to replicate the current database on the replicator page so it is not blocking the UI.

add a button to get truncated documents (28 Dec 2007)

I would prefer to add it to the right mouse button context menu.

Full-text indexes: Specify dedicated location (14 Dec 2007)

good idea to place the FTI on inexpensive disks

File\Database\Open... by Replica ID (14 Dec 2007)

A developer can easily build a smarticon for that so I think it is not worth the effort as I do not expect any enduser to try this.

Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors (08 Dec 2007)

Maybe allow to choose an image resource as icon?

Allow .png and .svg image resources (08 Dec 2007)

IBM Technote: { Link }

Let People with Editor access compact a mail file (05 Dec 2007)

Reconfigure Domino to calculate the quota on space used in database and not the filesize in the filesystem, this way there is no need to run compact.


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