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Lotus Forgot Series: Make MTBF an integral part of the server software (was in the Sandbox) (29 Apr 2011)

Make it available on OpenNTF.

Book Proposal: SQL Plus NSF have your cake and eat it too (15 Dec 2010)

Would MySQL also be an option?

Make iNotes mail Redirector Application Cluster Aware (18 May 2010)

500 users and growing

Make NotesPeek available as OpenSource (10 Jan 2010)

>>You will need information about the contents of some new structures and the meaning of its attributes too.

Agree, but this information is available from the C-API toolkit

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

I would go one step further. Use the administration process for (server) database deletions. We do not have to care about local databases, as every local database should only be a replica of a database on the server. The admin process is more flexible than the recycle bin, as you can use the bin only on Windows servers.
The functionallity is already there; you are asked for deletion of replicas on all other servers when you delete a database on one server. So why not enhance this to the initial delete as well.

Allow storage of Domino person document on an external directory and authenticate against it (07 Jan 2010)

I have promoted the idea, but according to an IBM announcement yesterday, this function will not be available in Domino ( although it is available in hosted solutions )
{ Link }

DAOS undocumented APIs should be exposed (07 Jan 2010)

I have demoted the idea. I totally agree that it is not easy to get statistics other than the provided one.
When you want to get the number of files in the DAOS folder for example, you can use "DOS", C or the powershell for example. I have experimented with all of them. You get the number, but regardless which way you go, it takes it's time. Same for the foldersize. But as it is recommended to use a seperate drive, it is obsolete to ask for the foldersize.
File + ticketcount? Cannot think of any statistics where this can be relevant. Once the attachments are de-duped there is no need to know, how often a NLO is referenced.

Back to FileCount and Foldersize. These parameters are indeed available, as they are written to daos.cfg. Unfortunately only on server restart.

These values are not accessible during server uptime; so, as a change to this idea, make these value available, please.

Give us back a Lotusphere Europe (17 Aug 2009)

Europe or US does not make any difference for me; my company definitely does not pay the costs.

Ability to detach and remove file attachments from multiple emails at once (03 Jul 2009)

Why not using DAOS ?

Lotus Notes R8.5 : when inside a view, importing data from an MS Excel or Symphony worksheet (27 Jan 2009)

It is still there but hidden

Add a line to the client notes.ini

VIEWIMP5=Lotus 1-2-3,0,_IWKSV,,.123,.WK1,.WK3,.WK4,.WKS,.WR1,.WRK,,4,

where 5 must be replaced by the next available number. Then restart your client

Specific template for mail-in databases (TeamMailbox from OpenNTF ?) (24 Dec 2008)

Agree! We use the Team MailBox for all mail-in-dbs.

Set ACL For Mailfile Owner (23 Oct 2008)

Thanks for the tool; it is near but not exactly what I need. When I'm talking about roles, I'm thinking of something like [MyRole]. This option is missing in your tool, but it is open source and I can change the code to my own needs.

Another thing is that I do not need to enable/ disable the [MyRole] on all mailfiles but on selected users.

We have added some functionality to the mailfile to store mails as an attachment to an SAP business object. And not all users need this option. So I do have to change the ACL for selected users only.

Enhance mail rules to include the ability to search for the existence and value of a custom field (05 Sep 2008)

If you don't mind hacking the names.nsf, you could try { Link }

Client defined Delivery Schedule (20 May 2008)

I' ve posted a simple solution here { Link }

Right click 'Run on server' on agents in Designer (20 May 2008)

Why not use "tell amgr run ... " on the server console instead ?
This is an already available option ...

Client defined Delivery Schedule (20 May 2008)

I suggest to build your own solution using Trigger Happy by Damien Katz.
Add a new field to the memo form ( DeliveryDateTime ). Configure a trigger to run when mail arrives in mail.box.
Check the DeliveryDateTime. If DeliveryDateTime > @Now then set the mail to hold.
The same agent now checks the DeliveryDateTime field in mails on hold. if DeliveryDateTime < @Now then remove the hold flag. The mail is now routed.
I haven't tried yet, but this should work ...

Enhance Mail Rules Dialog (13 May 2008)

You can download a possible solution here ( { Link } )

Adding new parameters to Notesdatabase.CreateReplica (19 Mar 2008)

@Thomas: Found this on OpenNTF ( { Link } )
I haven't tried yet, but it looks like it does what you want.

Single category view without having to embed it (08 Feb 2008)

I use @SetViewInfo in !!HELP!! as well to set a filter on a view depending on the entries of the first categorized view.
Take a here ( { Link } ) and here ( { Link } )

'server access' tool (01 Feb 2008)

What about the @formula @ServerAccess? . This will give you the information you need ...

Create a replica on more than one server (25 Jan 2008)

Creating replicas ( even multiple ) is a typical admin task. And you have the functionality where it belongs: In the admin client. No need for the notes client to provide this functinality

Rename db filename option (09 Jan 2008)

What is the advantage of such an option? I do not see any difference to the move database request via adminp process.

DeleteGroupMembers in NotesAdministrationProcess class (15 Dec 2007)

I have created a solution to achieve the goal. Details on { Link }

Add Mail Merge to Lotus Documents (08 Dec 2007)

This is a typical 3rd party application; take a look at Manfred Dillmann's "EasyMail" ( { Link } ).
There is a english version of the software available when you scroll down the page.

Mark Scheduled agents to 'Don't run in Template' (03 Dec 2007)

I might be wrong, but isn't this already fixed?

internationalization tables as new design element (01 Dec 2007)

Axel, this is a great idea ...

Multi Language Support (29 Nov 2007)

>> Is computed text for labels the way you want to go about it though?
Not necessarily, but this is an easy way to acomplish the goal.
Any other proposal ?

Maintain Document Selection when Switching Views (28 Nov 2007)

Doesn't <STRG> + OtherView work for you?

Out of Office Corporate Calendar (28 Nov 2007)

>> Is there one on OpenNTF?

No, I'm afraid. But perhaps we could start a new project. I already have it on my schedule but I'm too lazy to start with the project :-)

log deletions (28 Nov 2007)

You could use "Trigger Happy" by Damien Katz to log deletions. Trigger Happy is available on OpenNTF.

New Idea Jam Feature - Embed an idea on a web page (22 Nov 2007)

@4: Try to replace the single quotes around the ID by double quotes. This works for me on wordpress.

Prevent multiple replicas on a single server (03 Oct 2007)

What web browsers are you using to access the idea exchange? (03 Oct 2007)

Reference to an IBM enhancement request (02 Sep 2007)

Upcoming Events In Sidebar of Own Blog (01 Sep 2007)


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