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UI only editable fields (07 Mar 2008)

@Paul - yes that's the same effect. I've actually set the SaveToDisk property of those NtesItems to False. So yes this idea is definitely just a "nice to have".

More than 1 column for response documents in a view (07 Mar 2008)

Yes please.

Conditional Formatting Of A Field's Background Color (29 Feb 2008)

Imagine though if there was a way to indicate that a field is mandatory with a tick in a checkbox in the properties dialog of the field and then have the choice of highlighting the field with different background colour when validation fails. That would be much simpler.

Doc.IsRead= True/False in Lotusscript (28 Feb 2008)

I would also like an equivalent in @Formula so that I could do a search and return a NotesDocumentCollection with read/unread documents.

Conditional Formatting Of A Field's Background Color (28 Feb 2008)


I would also add other aesthetic aspects of fields such as: borders (size, colour, etc), font (family, colour, size, etc), etc

Option ExtendedSyntax False (or NotesDocumentExtended False) (21 Feb 2008)

Ben - You're right. Sometimes it's too easy to just ask for more compiler options where I was talking about a run-time detectable exception.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (or NotesDocumentExtended False) (20 Feb 2008)

I think this is a good idea from the point of view that extended syntax can be confusing - field names vs object properties. Other than that I don't think that extended syntax is a bad idea. It is not as powerful as using getItemvalue/replaceitemvalue calls as these can be parametrized for a far greater level of maintainability.

As an aside, if I come from a statically typed language background, both extended and standard notations let me access undeclared properties/fields. If I happen to mistype a field name I will not find out about it from the compiler, but not even at run-time. So I'd like an option I can turn on to check for the existence of a field at run-time with a catchable error being thrown when the field I am attempting to access does not exist in the underlying document. I just think that the current side-effect of returning an empty string when the field does not actually exist is misleading, to say the least.

How about Option EnforceFieldExists ?

Finally, if I was to improve on this idea of disabling ExtendedSyntax I would like there to be one global setting for such options that can be enforced on all the code in a database. Of course, individual pieces of code could still override those global options locally.

Allow parentheses without Call keyword (19 Feb 2008)

Only if no parens remains valid.

Set a fixed size for an NSF (17 Feb 2008)

Nathan, what are some of those cases you can think of where you'd like this hard limit?

Locate field in Designer (15 Feb 2008)

@2 - that's a lifetime of projects in the meantime ... too late for me.

Locate field in Designer (15 Feb 2008)

Yes there is room for improvement in this area. In my experience the object list is less than useful. Hence I only use it to locate the form events through it. Otherwise, I look for the field/button/etc on the form.
What I would like though it to be able to hook into all the events on all the objects placed on the form (including embedded ones), not just the form and then I could keep all my code in one place so I can clearly see what is going on and where. Of course I would then like a nice class browser. By separating the code form the form I may "break" the RAD nature of Notes but I can then re-use code that is similar to many forms and even across applications. I can start building a framework that makes my development work more efficient over time.

Double click to adjust view column width (14 Feb 2008)

A link would be helpful: { Link }

Double click to adjust view column width (14 Feb 2008)

I've found one that is the same as yours.

Ideas I voted on are shown as if I haven't voted on them (05 Feb 2008)

@Matt, Bruce - it appears to be fixed now. Thank you.

Ideas I voted on are shown as if I haven't voted on them (05 Feb 2008)

@Matt - I still see those ideas as un-voted.

Ideas I voted on are shown as if I have't voted on them (05 Feb 2008)

@Bruce - By the way, the unvoted "view" appears to be working correctly.

Ideas I voted on are shown as if I have't voted on them (05 Feb 2008)

@Bruce - It's not just on the profile. It's in other views as well - like the main view.

Ideas I voted on are shown as if I have't voted on them (05 Feb 2008)

I am using Firefox on windows XP Home and Win2K. And I also tried on IE 6.0.2800.1106.
And after closing the browsers and reopening them, logging in the issue still persists. On my profile I see 6 ideas in this erroneous state out of 58 or so to give you an idea of the extent of this.

Ideas I voted on are shown as if I have't voted on them (05 Feb 2008)

Sorry, I should have been clearer in my "idea" description.
I am logged in.
I look at the main view or my profile (showing me ideas I submitted).
Some of the ideas in the list are shown as not voted on by me.
I am able to click the link to vote on them, but yes I am told that I have already voted.
I couldn't see a pattern to the ideas which are marked as not voted on by me. Seems to be random from my point of view.

Agent Manager - schedule ahead... (04 Feb 2008)

If you could programmatically schedule { Link } an agent then you could have it run on day x y days in the future. I still support your idea though.

Add "Documentation" Object to Info List (31 Jan 2008)

Great idea!

Insert as attachment (31 Jan 2008)

I would send DXL. And at the receiving end if it lands in a Notes Inbox I would like an option to open (converting to a readable and editable document) or to import into some database that I specify.

Allow access to Designer/Notes/Admin Clients while debugging (26 Jan 2008)

@4 - which one are you referring to?

Allow collapsible comments in lotus script (24 Jan 2008)

When writing custom classes I would also like to see collapsable functions, subs, properties and classes.

Default font and font size for current database (23 Jan 2008)

Seems like this idea is a duplicate of this one { Link }

Let DB Manager see "private views" (22 Jan 2008)

@3 Bastian - of course there is an element if not the foundation of trust needed. From memory such tools would give a user some kind of indication that their screen is being shared and with who and only with their prior explicit permission by authorizing the sharing. I think that if that was implemented in the Notes Client there could be more assurance from the technology that it can be trusted.

Let DB Manager see "private views" (22 Jan 2008)

Sometimes having VNC (or some other flavour of desktop sharing software can help by letting you see what the user sees. Then again perhaps the Notes Client could have this feature where you can allow someone else to see what you see.

Debugger improvements (20 Jan 2008)

@1 Rob - You can do that now with a bit of script like so:
If index = 10 then Stop
If NotesDocument.Author(0) = "Fred Flintstone" then Stop

Change to Folder Removal/Deletion (18 Jan 2008)

Just thinking out loud ... Google tags seem to avoid the confusion nicely by using a different term to the overloaded one - folder. Databases became applications, so folders may become ??????

Notes Maintenace Application (18 Jan 2008)

Are you saying you want end users to have to concern themselves with such technical innards of the system that require compacting and fixing and such? I know that it is required and I supposed every driver needs to know how to change a tire. But I would rather see a system where these things run automatically in the background as needed and in stealth maintenance mode keeping things finely tuned. That would be user friendly.

Allow access to Designer/Notes/Admin Clients while debugging (17 Jan 2008)

@Rob - You are welcome to submit a new idea "Debugger improvements" and include what I suggested.

access any window in NotesUIWorkspace (16 Jan 2008)

Your idea is a duplicate of this one { Link }

Allow changing email address on our IdeaJam profile (16 Jan 2008)

@Bruce - If it is the ID and all votes and such are tied to it then how about being able to specify another "mailing address" where notifications and such can go to.

Allow changing email address on our IdeaJam profile (15 Jan 2008)

@1 - Yes it's about changing our emails as they are stored in our IdeaJam profile. Sorry I thought that it would be clear from the idea space I placed it in. I have updated the idea title and description to state it more explicitly.

Allow me to open/view the similar ideas to the one I am about to post (15 Jan 2008)

@2 Matt - I am not sure if this is the same error but looks like it could be different since the line number is different.

Notes error: Query is not understandable (field Form c idea and (field idea c New OR field idea c Formula: OR field idea c list OR field idea c := OR field idea c ResponseDocuments)) at 36

Allow me to open/view the similar ideas to the one I am about to post (15 Jan 2008)

@3 Matt - The idea could open in a new window/tab/iframe "popup"/...

Allow me to open/view the similar ideas (15 Jan 2008)

It seems that braces in the idea title confuse the "show similar ideas" feature.

Notes error: Query is not understandable (field Form c idea and (field idea c @ResponseDocuments OR field idea c (..., OR field idea c ...))) at 28

Password management (15 Jan 2008)

Any progress on this Bruce? I know it's LotusSphere time.

Calculating a Categorized Column From Other Column Totals (08 Jan 2008)

I would also like to be able to set the colours of totals per category. So in your example they could match the colours of the 2008\January\Week 1.

Integrate Dojo/AJAX objects into Domino Designer (07 Jan 2008)

Hypothetically speaking, there is a possibility of Dojo forking once tied to Domino into Dojo Vanilla and Dojo Domino. It may be an issue form the point of view of transferring skills although the differences may not be great.

Loading.... (05 Jan 2008)

@2 - Agree, although just thinking out loud that seeing a status bar is a statement that "things are not as fast as they should be". So while the progress bar is a way to manage the expectations it does not fulfill on the expectations.

Categorized column values to stay on screen when scrolling (04 Jan 2008)

A most definite yes from me.
Combined with this idea { Link } to "Provide the ability to lock a column, row (document), or category when scrolling." views would get some life back.

Access external data in column formulas (03 Jan 2008)

I like the idea and on that basis am promoting it. Practicality, or lack thereof, of implementation does not detract from the idea itself, in my opinion.

Make a STOP button (03 Jan 2008)

With the way that multi-threading has been implemented in the client having a button may just not work as it will be locked like the rest of the UI. Keyboard on the other hand is on a different interrupt. Still I think it may be worth exposing this function to regular users through a button.

Action Bar Controller (18 Dec 2007)

Now this looks like my idea for CSS in the Notes Client: { Link }

URL Command to get the XML representation of a notes document (17 Dec 2007)

@5 - yes the specific form complicates this more than it needs to be. Although, a form could generate computed fields, if that makes sense. Or if I ask for an invoice the form will compute all the lines and return them in the same XML stream. Or more in the notes world: main topic with all the responses. So this way I can get the whole logical document (invoice, conversation, etc) which is otherwise spread across multiple physical documents.

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (17 Dec 2007)

@20 - Yes it definitely solves the issue of lack of exposure for newer ideas.

@All - It occurred to me that it may (however remotely) be possible that the ideas with the greatest appeal have been cast first as they happen to be the low hanging fruits. But that is just conjecture in the sidebar of this discussion.

URL Command to get the XML representation of a notes document (17 Dec 2007)

Maybe the URL command could contain an &FormName option to specify which form to use for rendering the XML. Then forms may need a bit that allows it to be used in XML rendering or not; default would be not to use it.

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (17 Dec 2007)

@Bruce - I know you are working on it and even soliciting feedback. :-) Fantastic!

On the flip side, now that the top thirty looks like a random selection, when I saw more or less the same ideas on a day by day basis I knew I could mostly ignore it. Now I have to look carefully. I cannot assume that they are all that I have overlooked as there are some that I have seen and even voted on. This may not be practical but I want to see ideas that I have not voted on and that have previously fallen through the cracks.

I realize there is no right answer here. And this is just more feedback for your consideration.

Make The Notes 8 Sidebar More Accessible To Notes developers (16 Dec 2007)

I find the justification of the idea objectionable.
By that token we should have access to all the Java and Javascript capabilities from LotusScript. Oh and don't forget @Formulas. Regrettably Notes is a fragmented environment, but then so are most applications except maybe the likes of SAP that are everything to everyone (I presume). So is this idea asking for the unification of all the languages available under Notes?
Eclipse is a Java environment and like it or not Notes is just a plug-in. It's a new world. So let's not be held back by legacy when we have new possibilities.

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (16 Dec 2007)

I like Nathan Freeman's idea battle because it give equal air play to all ideas based on random selection and of course it provides something like a bubble sort to order the ideas in order of "goodness".

Axel's ideas about different algorithms also resonates. Reddit algorithm is also good as it tries to redistribute air time more equitably. Note that it also hides the votes for the first two hours so that ideas have fairer chance to be noticed.

Bottom line, the side bar as it currently is has got room for improvement. As was said potential hits get buried because they were not part of the initial land grab. They have a very small time window in comparison to break out.

Ability to save LotusScript with errors (14 Dec 2007)

@1 - Consider this:
Syntax errors are only one kind of errors. The other are logic errors, not to mention misinterpreted requirements, over-engineered implementation, ... These "errors" are not caught by the compiler and can persist in the code until the effects become quite noticeable and costly. And arguably the effects of these errors are orders of magnitude greater in their impact.

Ability to save LotusScript with errors (14 Dec 2007)

@1 - I may copy a script library/agent/form/etc and then edit/refactor that copy. In effect I create a "branch" which does not have any effect on the "trunk" as it is not part of it. Then I refactor it and when I am ready I merge it back into the trunk replacing the original design element.

I am not saying deploy a template which does not entirely compile, but I don't think you are either. Obviously this is a feature that would be hugely useful in development.

Back on branching, I may also want to create a branch at the database level. I would copy a whole database and then mess around with it wanting to save my work before I have finished all the changes. This would be useful if I have to change multiple related design elements.

Enable copying of the Replica ID/File Path on Database Properties dialog box (14 Dec 2007)

Here: { Link }
Here: { Link } , and
Here: { Link } , and
Here: { Link }

Ability to track the discussion on any idea (13 Dec 2007)

For me an email would be far more convenient. It is too much hassle setting up a feed each time I want to stay abreast with a discussion. Then once the discussion is finished I need to clean up the feed subscription.

Open more than a database at once (13 Dec 2007)

It's possible by creating bookmarks from the database open dialog.

allow lists and arrays as return values from functions (13 Dec 2007)

@1 - And you definitely cannot do this
function getArray () as SomeType[]
do this
forall someTypeVar in getArray
end forall

allow lists and arrays as return values from functions (13 Dec 2007)

@1. Yes, that is a work around and still you cannot pass a list other than pointing to it with a Variant.

Function to test for an empty List (LS) (13 Dec 2007)


A monthly/quarterly newsletter/write-up highlighting/analyzing some of the ideas during that time (13 Dec 2007)

Export may be useful in this situation although I think it is not a requirement.

Don't let the database size increase affect the overall performance of the application. (12 Dec 2007)

There is more to performance than a light default view, especially if you open to a different view via a frameset.

IsDocChanged Property/@IsDocChanged (12 Dec 2007)

@6 - I have seen it as early as version 6, but it could have been there in the earlier versions. I have seen it in the mail template.

Increase JamFest participation via hand percussion (12 Dec 2007)

I wish I could be there. There is a cool demo of the different instruments in action here { Link } :-)

Capability to pull fields from different documents in view columns (12 Dec 2007)

@5 - Kerr, thanks for pointing that out. I was under the wrong impression. Or I wished it was so. I just reread Damien's early postings about CouchDB architecture.

@IsVisible (11 Dec 2007)

It could also be a property of the field that you can select or not. For backward compatibility all field values could be validated. The default could be to only validate visible fields in the version in which this feature would be introduced while previous versions would fall back to the old behaviour.

As an aside, in script I would like to be able to get a hold of a field such as uidoc.myField.isValid() and ask it if it is valid.

IsDocChanged Property/@IsDocChanged (11 Dec 2007)

@3 - The fact that this is undocumented is an oversight that has been reported to Lotus { Link }

Asynchronous agent triggering or add agents to agent schedule list (11 Dec 2007)

I like the idea of asynchronous agents. As far as scheduling them programmaticaly I have posted an idea about that here: { Link }

Capability to pull fields from different documents in view columns (11 Dec 2007)

You are asking for computed views like CouchDb has. Good idea! And why stop at the current database. In multi-database applications I want to pull together data from different databases.

Visual Indicator of Hide When's that are active (11 Dec 2007)

This is the duplicate { Link }

Increase the Lookup/Storage Limit (32KB / 64 KB) (11 Dec 2007)

Your idea is very close to this one { Link }

Does anybody use the Random Idea feature? (06 Dec 2007)

do we demote for no and promote for yes?

RSS feed of the ideas only (06 Dec 2007)

Isn't this what you are after: { Link }

Autocomplete/Type-ahead for custom LotusScript classes (06 Dec 2007)

I think you are doubling up on this idea { Link }

Use ++/-- on variables in LotusScript (06 Dec 2007)

I assume that you also want PreIncrement (++i) and PreDecrement (--i)

Allow resetting the code execution point in the debugger (06 Dec 2007)

You want to go back in time, don't you?

Make Admin Panels eclipse Views (06 Dec 2007)

Interesting idea. I would rather see the Designer overhauled first :-) ... just kidding, somewhat.

Search Field Name Or Opening of Field Properties box by Providing field name. (06 Dec 2007)

I think there is some merit to this, but it might not work if you have a computed sub-form where the formula uses information that is only known at run-time. In this scenario you may consider sub-forms for searching that at run-time will never be used.
Also somewhat tangential, some fields may only be defined in script without having a presence on any form. It would be good to include those in the search too but without a formalized way of specifying them I think it will not be possible except to guess.

Could we have the ability to edit our own comments, please (06 Dec 2007)

Bruce, thanks for the suggestion. Yes sometimes I do need to slow down as my typing cannot keep up with my stream of thoughts.

@IsRichTextEmpty and LotusScript equivalent (05 Dec 2007)

Thats would certainly make life easier and make some things possible in the first place. I would also like to have the parameter to check if empty ignoring any non-text content such as
@IsRichTextEmpty ("Body"; [IgnoreBinaryContent] ; ...)
Binary content would be images, attachments, doc links, etc

Let's consider what DB2NSF does for us. (05 Dec 2007)

@7 - If I got to replace the Domino store then I would put in a relational store and provide OR layer. As much as possible automate the generation of the OR layer. But allow it to be fine tuned. So your Domino app still sees documents not tables.

One storage engine means a compromise. Two separate specialized storage engines means additional complexity in setup and maintenance. Mind you making one type of storage appear as two is not trivial either although the complexity is hidden under the covers.

If I had to choose one it would be the relational storage. It does relational, obviously and can be made to look like an object store via an OR layer. This intermediate layer which domino would interface to for current style apps would need to be produced automatically as much as possible based on defined forms and perhaps some wizard type interface to collect the specification. Then based on the OR layer tables can be created automatically.

Allow agents to return a value (05 Dec 2007)

@3 - it would be a compromise. You could pass primitive values only that way.
Basically I see no need for going through the disk when there is plenty of memory to take advantage of. Maybe in the days of 640K (remember those days? it's been a while hasn't it?) the disk was a way to save on memory. But these days we should be using memory and preserving all the memory structures such as Notes objects and custom objects.

Navigation in ideajam (05 Dec 2007)

I suppose having a button (kind of like in Notes) show next unvoted within the view that I opened the current idea from.

Parity between Java/JavaScript and LotusScript (05 Dec 2007)

@3 - Let's not go for the lowest common denominator as this would be the result. Let's, rather, have one language to covers all the features of the Notes platform that you want to exercise at any given time. There are two ways of delivering Notes/Domino applications: on the desktop and on the web. So to that end there might be specialist languages that let us take advantage of specific features present in either environment. Besides that difference we are still in one domain, collaborative business apps. If you wanted to do some data mining then I would suggest incorporating a different language especially suited to that task.

Let's consider what DB2NSF does for us. (05 Dec 2007)

@5 - Sorry, I I didn't get it entirely correct. My bad.
I would be happy if we could have computed views like CouchDb. As for relational storage I would love that but isn't it like trying to get cats and dogs to play nice in one pen? While additional infrastructure of the current solution is cumbersome I think it is a reasonable, not ideal, compromise.

Layers Not Bound by Frames (05 Dec 2007)

Are layers becoming the Notes Swiss Army Knife?

Create a "Date of Birth" Field Type (05 Dec 2007)

Yes, I would just type the date in.

Apply Policies to Specific Locations (05 Dec 2007)

Wouldn't you need standard/fixed location names?

Make Filename field scrollable in Database dialog (05 Dec 2007)

It would be nice to actually select it and copy it. Then it may not need to be scrollable, but that would be useful as well.

Add Spinner Control / Field (04 Dec 2007)

Isn't this a list box?

Allow us to write in one place "On Error Goto..." for all LotusScript (04 Dec 2007)

@3 - Edit:
Presumably there could be all kinds of icons with code snippets arranged in a new tool bar.

Allow us to write in one place "On Error Goto..." for all LotusScript (04 Dec 2007)

@2 - The default templating { Link } idea could be useful but in the meantime I like your use of smart icons. Presumably there could be all kinds a whole tool bar (or more) of different code snippets.

Let's consider what DB2NSF does for us. (04 Dec 2007)

@2 - This somewhat reminds me of Garnett and how it was going to be integrated into Domino.

Allow us to write in one place "On Error Goto..." for all LotusScript (04 Dec 2007)

I don't always want error trapping and when I do I want it to sometimes do specific error handling.

Extend Notes Classes (03 Dec 2007)

I agree. Let's see if there is any change since I posted this { Link }

Database level QueryPaste event (01 Dec 2007)

What about agents that can be triggered on paste? I know that these cannot stop the event from completing like the view event can. But if you are not going to stop the event this will take care or all paste events.

Better Archive criterias (30 Nov 2007)

Related to this would be that the Archive methods are documented so that we can program archiving as a particular situation requires. It might require some more classes in script to do that such as ArchiveSettings, ArchiveCritetion, ArchiveSchedule, etc.
My related idea for that is here { Link }

Paste images as "Device Independent Bitmap" by default (30 Nov 2007)

I have had a quick play with it using Notes 7.0.2 on WinXp and did not see much difference in the sizes of pasted images.
I did see clear differences in size when using paste special ... \ device independent bitmap on w2k.

Better Date/Time Control Display in Read Mode (30 Nov 2007)

This also applies to comboboxes. They can be rather gray when in read mode.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail (30 Nov 2007)

@9 - Thanks Matt. That's great.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail (30 Nov 2007)

Also, sometimes people refer to previous comments by pointing at the comment number like @4. Could the feed articles also be numbered?

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail (30 Nov 2007)

I tried it and I like how you show the idea followed by the comments.
Looks like all the idea/comments feeds will have the same name. Is there a way to make them distinct for when I have a few subscriptions?
I was using Google Reader and I did not see the images in the idea description.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail (30 Nov 2007)

... maybe if there was one global comments feed then I would subscribe as it would be a permanent feed to complement the ideas feed.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail (30 Nov 2007)

I have a subscription to the idea feed. It works well enough. It's just that I still spend more time in my in-box than in Google reader. It could be just me, but then I thought since there is an email about comments to the idea submitter it could be extended to those others who express an interest in tracking the idea.

I look at feeds as channels that are fairly static. It is not easy enough to subscribe and then unsubscribe (because once the discussion is closed there is nothing to track). Whereas with emails when there is no comments there is no emails, which is simple, nothing more to do.

Also I know that some blogging tools like Blogger for example let you subscribe to the comments feed. I never do. Usually by there is a few comments and then the discussion is closed. I just don't see subscribing for a few comments, and then unsubscribing.

Just my €0.02

Domino DOM educational wiki (30 Nov 2007)

@1. Strictly speaking that is no reason not to create "open source" documentation.

Client/Browser parity for ComboBoxes and ListBoxes (30 Nov 2007)

So you really want to build once and use on the web and in the Notes client. Admirable goal. Isn't it this the original promise when the HTTP task got grafted onto the Domino server?
Wold be nice? But I would rather see the Notes client developed to its full potential as a great GUI builder with a modern GUI not hampered by legacy issues. So I'd rather that effort not be held back by web compatibility.

Parity between Java/JavaScript and LotusScript (30 Nov 2007)

I think interoperability is enough. It might be nice to see LotusScript in more places.

Change where automatic startup is set for Sametime Connect (29 Nov 2007)

I think you could say that about other settings in the eclipse style preferences dialog.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail (29 Nov 2007)

Bruce, can the RSS feed for the idea include a link like you have provided so we can easily subscribe to the comments feed for a particular idea?

Also, I like Martin's idea and would like to see it. Perhaps when commenting on an idea we could be given a checkbox to start receiving notifications of future comments. Or when we just open an idea we could have a button to subscribe to the idea. A button will do and it can work like the voting links with the web 2.0 goodness behind it.

Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching (29 Nov 2007)

Ben, your products rock!

Tune out of conversation (29 Nov 2007)

I like the idea.
How about turning off the tap at the source? Threads are not like unsolicited spam that is best quarantined once received. In the case that you describe wouldn't you ask to be taken out of a particular loop?

Source Control within Domino Designer (29 Nov 2007)

It does not really belong in the IDE but then Designer is a unique kind of environment with it's own unique rules. I keep thinking the way you do when you develop with source files but this is a highly proprietary locked system. As such yes it should provide a complete set of development tools not the basics it does now.

Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching (29 Nov 2007)

It would be better if the temporary file was not created. Then you don't need permissions to use the file system. Might also be faster.

Allow combobox/listbox to show two or more columns (29 Nov 2007)

The value could be specified to be one of the columns. I guess it would be good to be able to have a hidden column which could have a computed value for the row, for example, combination of values in the other columns.

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements - not DXL, think Java/Swing (29 Nov 2007)

@11. Axel, thanks for updating me on the Swing world. I admit it has been a while for me.

Default lotuscript code templating (29 Nov 2007)

@15. Great explanation.I definitely have reusable code that is not ever going to make it into a script library or even make a complete sub or function. Yet it keeps coming up.
It is almost like having a clipboard with the ability to hold many distinct chunks of text. There are products like that out there and I have seen them used to simulate such a library. Some of those tools come with a database where you can save all your clips and have them persisted. It's just a great tool for coders.

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements - not DXL, think Java/Swing (29 Nov 2007)

@8. Yes it would open up some possibilities of dynamically created UI without cluttering the main design of the application. And yes Java has that too, but the fact that you have to resort to an agent is suboptimal and you cannot integrate it nicely with the rest of the application at the UI level. Think drag and drop, getting a handle to a Notes form, etc.

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements - not DXL, think Java/Swing (29 Nov 2007)

@7. A familiar trade off to be sure. Sometimes I just want it all and I want it now :-)

At a Glance Vote Ratio (29 Nov 2007)

I like Richard's idea of showing both promotes and demotes.

Show me how I voted on an idea without making me scroll (29 Nov 2007)

This is what I mean { Link }
I think your timing Kevin is better than mine.

Show me how I voted on an idea without making me scroll (29 Nov 2007)

This is good but I think more useful is to see this information in the view.

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements - not DXL, think Java/Swing (29 Nov 2007)

@5. Yes you are right. DXL is 99% there. Oh so close. :-)
As an aside if you have 10 things that are 99% you end up with 90% product.

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements, not just LS (29 Nov 2007)

So how does Java manage to do it in plain Java for Swing/AWT?
XML and various XML based languages are great for transmitting information but here I want to be able to program using the language. Look at SOAP vs JSON.

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements, not just LS ... (29 Nov 2007)

It's declarative. Not exactly your standard programming language.

Share a folder and all the documents in it (29 Nov 2007)

Folders do have an ACL. So the functionality is there but only available by tweaking the design. So I am all for exposing it to allow users to configure it themselves. There might be a need for a different frameset to display shared views but again should be simple enough.

Maintain Document Selection when Switching Views (28 Nov 2007)

Don, press CTRL when in the first view and you have the document you want to see in another view and then open the other view. It's been around for quite while.

My three favourite ideas per month/quarter - Second round votes (28 Nov 2007)

I take your point Corey about more voting being more work.

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

@16 - It's just me supporting your idea with comments, some reservations.

@14, 15. - To answer my own question about inflation/deflation in the value of allocated IJ$ we could do this. Allocate an additional vote IJ$ for every created idea to everyone. So as new ideas get submitted you pool of allocatable $s grows proportionately. (There is more to it as it is still not ideal but then it gets even more complicated) Now this way it is no different to just allowing two or more votes per idea, with the exception that from the secondary pool we could allocate all to one idea.
Not perfect. I actually see more issues with trying to impose a cost on promoting. This is essentially what it is. Remember we voted against imposing a similar cost on demoting previously.

Your original idea Ben while I think not really equitable is simple enough to implement. The variations proposed here seek to make this idea more equitable but they complicate.

Seems to me like the linked idea of increasing the number of votes per idea to 3 or 5 is a good compromise out of this. :-)

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

Just generally on allocating IJ $. How will you determine how many dollars to have in circulation? It is important because you run the risk of inflating or deflating your dollar supply in relation to the number of ideas in a given time. This means that you will not be able to compare the relative value allocated to ideas over time unless you track the inflation index and are then able to convert any past amount to current dollars.

This is the situation you have with the banking system right now and it does not seem all that stable.

Add a 3-level oder 5-level promotion (27 Nov 2007)

Is this about deciding which idea to implement first? Wouldn't such a ranking be borne out of allocating preferences?

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

@11. I was just going to say that we should probably settle on a hard currency like the € :-)

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

A while back I thought that if I just like an idea as opposed to like it a lot I do not have a way to show that. I sort of settled into if it at all makes sense and I care to see it done I vote for it. So I opted for a lower threshold thinking that there are others who will have a higher threshold.

That said I wonder if there is any data or voting theory that would make this decision a bit clearer. I suspect that like for myself it might be just a gut feel that things are sub-optimal and there are perhaps a few ideas that did not seem to rise to the top while they are deserving. Partly to blame might be the top thirty. The popular just get more popular since they have the lime light all the time while other ideas just continue bumping the older ones off of the treadmill.

So going back to my perceived lack of expressiveness in my binary vote. Like Theo I thought of allocating say 3 votes per idea to be used for or against. If I really like it and place a high priority on it I give all three votes. If I really like it but can live without it for now then its two votes and one vote for something that is a good idea but only a nice to have as and when. No vote still shows indifference or lack of opinion.

As a variation to this we could have one vote per three ideas so we would have to choose more carefully. This would be harder to implement as when do you decide that a person has voted enough that they need to wait for more ideas to be submitted. Just thinking out loud but I feel this is not so good.

As for the pool of money to spend on ideas as one pleases like Matt I am not sure about introducing this artificial scarcity. Yes there is a cost to ideas. However, we are trying to gauge popularity not estimate cost of implementation per se. Having a limited pool of money means there is a cost.

I think that the primary issue is that some ideas will fall through the cracks in an occasional avalanche of submissions. How do we make sure that that does not happen?

How about displaying a random idea in a fairly prominent spot on rotation over say a few hours. These ideas can be picked from the less popular ideas as a kind of reminder for people to take a second look in case they missed it.

Other than that if we take this site as place to submit and tally up the votes the blogosphere then takes on the role of marketing and spreading the word. That's where you campaign for the merits of your idea. I realise then that we have a situation that those with the loudest voices may gain the most exposure. However, I think that this is a meritocratic community so I would probably not worry about that too much.

That would be my $0.02 ...

lotusscript classes to access Productivity Tools basic (27 Nov 2007)

Seems to me that your idea Josep might be similar to this one { Link }

Lotusscript Classes for Open Document Symphony Interface (27 Nov 2007)

I think John has already expressed this idea
{ Link }
3. A language binding between Symphony and Notes. This should be LotusScript and allow for complete automation when writing code in a Notes application. LotusScript prefered

Wrong number of comments indicated in view (27 Nov 2007)

Bruce - I see. I thought it was a system error. In that case disregard my "idea". :-)

I wish Domino had an ActiveSync-like function that supported more than Windows Mobile (27 Nov 2007)


Refresh rich text without having to open and close document (27 Nov 2007)

I know what you mean Ben. I only connected your idea to Hynek's because I actually saw his and remembered it. Even then it took me a while to find it. I can say that searching has not lived up to my (possibly high) expectations either.

Keep the votes hidden for an initial period (26 Nov 2007)

Ignore my comment @3. I mistakenly replied to the wrong idea. If possible I would move it to the right place.

Idea linking seems broken (26 Nov 2007)

Matt, thanks for your prompt attention. Yes, works now.

Refresh rich text without having to open and close document (26 Nov 2007)

Ben, your ideas looks very similar (if not identical) to Hynek's { Link }

add a grid view design element (26 Nov 2007)

I tried emailing you but my email was returned with fatal errors. perhaps you can send me an email of you don't mind to slawek(@)zip(.)com(.)au Naturally, remove the braces.

Drap & Drop components on to Notes design elements (26 Nov 2007)

Oh and I think the space for your idea might be Designer ...

Drap & Drop components on to Notes design elements (26 Nov 2007)

Yes that would certainly be an improvement.
Have a look at the title of your idea Jason.

Add value/prevValue properties to a field (26 Nov 2007)

Yes Thomas, this is just a start. Maybe even a validation formula implemented in script. And why stop there...

Recent activity view (24 Nov 2007)

Thanks Matt. I'll give it a whirl.

Print selected text only (24 Nov 2007)

This goes well with this { Link }

Could we have a standalone freeware NSF viewer? (24 Nov 2007)

And with time this reader would grow into the new lean and legacy free full fledged notes client. :-)

I think that the simpler applications such as the knowledge bases, the discussion forums and mail could be well suited to being opened in a reader. Essentially these are write once and read many times applications, reference sources.
Where it may be difficult to provide a viewer that maintains the required level of fidelity is for the more complicated applications such as those that implement some part of the business process and have considerable logic built in.

add a grid view design element (24 Nov 2007)

Werner, you could be right. A control like this is something that I could have used on countless occasions. I suspect that it is a bit of a foreign concept in a collaborative document based world but with the XML storage it would be a natural extension to bring in that little bit (or not just a bit) of structure when it is needed. In light of this I should have been more descriptive. Then again maybe most people work mostly on systems that do not need such functionality. Then again if they had that functionality their scope of work might increase. I mean look what categorized embedded views enabled. This would be the next step.

Your solution is something I have considered but because a display does not correspond to the backend storage it is not possible to select the specific record and have just that specific record opened for editing. There is just no way to tell which line of the view you are in unless you have an editable view and then do some leg work to figure out which record the value you have put in edit mode might belong to. Might because it is not full proof.

Keep the votes hidden for an initial period (24 Nov 2007)

Yea I realized after posting that the ship has long ago sailed on this one. It should/could have been done right in the first place but now it is not practical to change it.

Default lotuscript code templating (24 Nov 2007)

Short of creating a base framework on which an application would be built this is an excellent suggestion.

Propercase Function (23 Nov 2007)

{ Link }

Propercase Function (23 Nov 2007)

I misread your idea at first and thought it was asking for LotusScript to be case sensitive.

As for the proper case function how about camel_case to round out the options?

F2 key to rename objecs (23 Nov 2007)

If it's a 1-2-3 standard then all the better :-)

Subs and functions in alfabetical order in the object pane (23 Nov 2007)

All it needs is the "view" to be sorted. The underlying source can be in whatever order, of course. While we are at it, show an indicator for private/public and allow to sort on those. And show variables. Allow not showing any of the mentioned code elements. I mean I am just rattling off what you see when you open Eclipse.

Recent activity view (23 Nov 2007)

@6 in that case it is more like what I was thinking of. I additionally wanted to watch comment activity. But I like the what's hot also.

Recent activity view (23 Nov 2007)

Sounds like you've had a busy holiday.
It looks interesting. I would certainly like to know more about it. Also, with me it was a case of it being hidden in plain sight. I looked at the top of the screen, where the charts are and it never occurred to me to look where the top thirty is. Maybe it's just me though.
And as for my original idea of recent activity it is not exactly like the hot ideas as it obviously does not show anything going down in flames. There might be some valuable comments or lessons learned, etc. And I think it is interesting to see the top as well as the bottom. It gives a better set of reference points.

Recent activity view (23 Nov 2007)

I've not seen that. Is it an experimental feature?

Idea Jam Statistics Graphs (23 Nov 2007)

Nice overview.
Sorry to be asking for more, yet again. Is it possible to make the labels into links to take me to the idea space, or two show another graph that shows the break down of the idea space into sub spaces, if any.
As for more charts, how about a modified graph like the one you have but only showing the number of ideas that have more votes than a certain threshold number?

Link to another idea in a different section? (22 Nov 2007)

I am glad I found this, otherwise I was going to submit the same idea.

Property Dialog Enhancement (22 Nov 2007)

As long as you can undock the Symphony-like properties I would be OK with that. If I have more than one monitor I can drag the properties box to the other monitor and have a whole screen to what I am doing. And if I have one screen I have more control over the size and position of the properties box when space may be critical.

Show me how I voted in the view listing ideas (22 Nov 2007)

Currently you show a box with a number of votes only once I've voted on an idea. Otherwise, additionally to the number of votes are actions for promoting or demoting and no opinion below the box. So why not use that space, where no opinion text was to show my vote, either as words for/against/neither (or something better) or a graphic. It's a nice to have, low priority, once other stuff is done.

Subclass/Redefine product classes (22 Nov 2007)

As a wrapper it is possible to do, but then I either have to define a myDoc variable as public or create pass-through methods/properties to expose all the methods available on the private variable myDoc. I realize that LotusScript is a language that does not have particular pretensions towards any particular style of programming be it OO or procedural. In fact it tries to be both. So in light of that I have put it on the back burner. And I thought I would see what others think realizing that it is probably not a high priority or necessarily popular idea. Than again should you want to build more complex applications such language features and others would be helpful, OMHO.

Option to specify what type of document to search (22 Nov 2007)

I am getting hundreds of results with my simple query string such as "voting AND ideajam". A lot of the results were comments.

Allow browsing idea spaces and sub spaces (22 Nov 2007)


I didn't realize that. Cool. I was thinking more along the lines of when you choose an idea space from the drop down on top of the screen. I would like to see another drop down for the sub space.

Using your suggestion would then also work. I would just find the first idea in the sub space I am interested in and click on the link.

Prompt me with possibly similar ideas before I submit mine (22 Nov 2007)

Yes, I find it difficult to determine if what I am submitting has already been submitted. And I agree it is a nice to have, although might be interesting to implement if only as an exercise.

Subclass/Redefine product classes (22 Nov 2007)

In a sense custom classes implement custom applications with specific requirements. Some applications do not require a NotesDocument but a LogDocument or LogRecord.

I agree that wrapper classes can serve that purpose, sometimes better than specialization through inheritance.

Allow editing of own comments (22 Nov 2007)

And an excellent first release it is!
Now, I know that you are not resting on your laurels so I am just thinking out loud :-) for the coming releases.

Create CSS functionality for views and forms in Notes (22 Nov 2007)

Seems very similar to the one I posted
{ Link }

New Idea Jam Feature - Embed an idea on a web page (22 Nov 2007)

Looks good!
This sort of announcement might be done as a news item with a link to the original idea. And can we vote on ideas from where they happen to be embedded?

We might need a 'report user' option... (21 Nov 2007)

I like the idea of explaining a negative vote.

Quicker access to Refresh/Replace Design (21 Nov 2007)

You can create buttons with these formula @Command([DesignRefresh]) and @Command([DesignReplace]).
It might be helpful if these commands took some parameters such as use the master template specified in the selected database without question. If set to true it will go and replace/refresh without any prompts. And conversely no parameters specified would mean that a dialog box is shown for you to select a template.

Use "Script Library from Another Database" (21 Nov 2007)

Well, you can add your common libraries by pasting them into the destination database and having them inherit from the source template.

Countdown of resources (21 Nov 2007)

As long as you can still differentiate between different types of resources within a category then I think it may be worth doing.

Consistent boolean values in @Formula and LotusScript (20 Nov 2007)

@True evaluates to 1 while True (in script) evaluates to -1.
If you then set a field in either script to True (-1) it cannot be directly interpreted in @Formula as True. You will just get the integer value.

And yes I also think that one language should give full coverage, preferably the more expressive one.

ready made colour schemes to apply to a form/view/whole app (20 Nov 2007)

I like 3270 terminal screens, too. So much easier on the eye, without the eye candy.

I forgot to mention that this would go beyond colours, a la what CSS does one the web in that I would include all style in the scheme. So essentially CSS for the Notes Client.

Select/Copy replica IDs (17 Nov 2007)

Try this:
Copy a document as link and then paste it into notepad. Also works for database and view links. Does not seem to work for doc links.

Should be easier though to do it.

Unique subject of the notification of comments from different ideas (17 Nov 2007)

Yes they only use the subject (by design) to group messages together. If you change the subject of one of the replies in a thread it will then break it off into a new thread. After all you have started a new subject.

Validation rules design element (17 Nov 2007)

There is something rather nice about fields being self contained. They should be able to validate themselves. MVC is the industry mantra for a lot of things, however as much as it is being used it also being misused. It's original intent is different to the one often assigned to it.

Back to validation ... one all the fields are validated then you can do form validation. So yes I would support a form validation element but for form level validation not field level validation. So I would check that a field contains a value and it is a positive integer using the field's validation mechanism and I would check that two fields add up to no more than x using the form's validation mechanism.

Now it seems complicated with the different levels of validation. However, strictly speaking this would be a clean if not only pure OO design. Again strictly speaking MVC is not correct OO design, cf Naked Objects approach.

Do not notify me of my own comments (17 Nov 2007)


Do not notify me of my own comments (17 Nov 2007)

yep, I do ...

Do not notify me of my own comments (17 Nov 2007)

test comment to see if I get notified

return to unvoted page when I click on the "Back to all Ideas" button (17 Nov 2007)

When I am in the unvoted view and vote on the idea it is removed. That works nicely.

However, when I open an idea while I am in the unvoted view and then vote on it while opened, when I return to the view I am not taken back to the unvoted view but to the all ideas view.

Allow replying to a particular comment, not just the main idea (17 Nov 2007)


Do you have a non-binding version of the release plan somewhere public so that we could get an indication of what is coming. We could then vote there for ideas on improving the IdeaJam. Now I do not want to take away from the IdeaJam itself. Would it then mean that we can organise ideas around the projects to which they belong? Perhaps. Although I think that the idea space could be extended. What would be needed is similar feature to a release management system although I would not want to build it into IdeaJam fully. Take it as me thinking out loud.

PS. I like the comment notification emails.

automatically return to idea view after voting on idea (17 Nov 2007)

Yes. I have read the idea, have no comment, just a vote. So once I cast my vote I would like to go back to the view I came from.

I realize that there would perhaps need to be some indication that voting will have the additional behaviour of returning to the view.

Lotus Notes Express (17 Nov 2007)

If Thomas entered his idea of putting Notes/Domino in education and sending BPs in after it was entered into IdeaJam I would vote for it.

Bring back the Lotusphere CLP Discount (16 Nov 2007)

I agree with Cesar. More than anything I think that this certification first needs to gain a better standing in the industry. It must really mean that those who are certified really do represent an expert level of knowledge and experience. Then the rest are nice bonuses.

Increase Field Size (16 Nov 2007)

All legacy limits should be removed.

Make it easy for domino apps to have self registration of users (15 Nov 2007)

Great idea Carl!

idea summary - give indication of when the idea description will no longer be shown in the view (15 Nov 2007)


It's a nice to have feature but it would help make the view more usable. I mean if you want to absolutely be able to get the gist of all the ideas from the view only then you need to make sure that the summary is adequate to the task.


The whole interaction could happen in the view really, with a bit more "Web 2.0" scripting. You want to see the discussion click on a button and a section below the idea will expand showing the discussion. You want to see who voted and how again click a button to expand a section below.

I am not saying this is the way to go but it is a possibility. All in the name of efficiency and maintaining context.

Create a way to show ideas that were popular during a given timeframe (15 Nov 2007)

In a similar vein there could be a list of top three (four, five) ideas voted for on a day by dad basis shown as a list and perhaps graphed with numbers of votes.

Internationalisation (15 Nov 2007)

Anything with an alpha month (mmm) would be good as it will at least avoid the confusion of these types of dates: Jan/01/07 and 01/Jan/07.

Should have a standard "Feedback Request" designation? (15 Nov 2007)

Similarly, news items might get their own space where discussion might take place but voting is not turned on.


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