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IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site (12 May 2014)

Well at least it will be a great "blueprint" for some kids to build a decentralized "Domino", one day...

IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site (29 Apr 2014)

When you say "implement some of the ideas on this site", do you mean, as opposed to shutting it down? :) I didn't think IBM even knew about this site. I thought this was the underground. The resistance. A band of courageous yellow-hatted men and women waiting for the day that Notes/Domino is sold or leaked into the open-source community.

Console command to purge Profile documents from memory (19 Apr 2014)

I once worked with a Russian developer who's favorite comment was "It's not a bug it's a feature!" :) Thanks for the workaround - great to know there is one. I wonder if xpages session/application scope variables can somehow be leveraged outside of xpages.

Support for very high log activity in HTTP server (08 Apr 2014)

addendum: Program doc would load compact -A on domlog.nsf

Support for very high log activity in HTTP server (08 Apr 2014)

Carl is right and I would also assert that logging is not just for 'critical debugging' - a conscientious policy would try to log as much as possible without destroying performance.

Solution realistically is to implement archiving of DomLog with "delete documents" rather than copying to archive database. Run a regular Program document to purge documents from domlog older than say 2 weeks.

use one column value in another column (08 Apr 2014)

@1: Is this true? great tip if it is.

XWork Server Community Edition (08 Apr 2014)

Agree with S. Pan. The majority of the design software is on life support and any legacy developer with a vision of themselves is trying to diversify away from it.

Window-Port-based login rather than 1 Cookie / Browser login. (16 Mar 2014)

Thanks Marius good tip. I just tested it and it worked. Had to run it from a dos window - couldn't figure out how to get a shortcut to accept a command line parameter. My Windoze skills must be waning!

Here are also the equivalent parameters for Chrome and Firefox:

For Chrome, use the --new-window command line switch. For Firefox, it's -new-window.

J2LS wrapper to assist migration from IBM Domino to Java (06 Jan 2014)

Expediency is a major factor in small to mid-sized projects - that's not going away. While LotusScript is available it will be preferred for that reason.

I'm entering the World Of Java (WoJ) slowly and it looks like a geek's paradise. As far as my major apps are concerned, it would be madness to rewrite loads of classes.

I've recently written my first Java Agent which I'm told is old fashioned aswell. :D

Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (29 Oct 2013)

OK it's getting cosey in here. Changed vote to +1 in case this database is dug up in 1000 years :)

Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (15 Oct 2013)

I don't know Craig, as long as they don't make N/D illegal I think it will "carry on like Cobol" ;]

Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (15 Oct 2013)

Craig: How did you do it? :P How long was the withdrawal and is there a DDA (Domino Developers Anonymous) group?

Temporary FullText Indexes (15 Oct 2013)

I would just detect the condition and ask the poweruser if they want to create the FT index again.

"Seen" flag in SameTime chat (15 Oct 2013)

Indeed; trying to emulate personal conversation with technology can be actually counter productive as Bill points out.

"Seen" flag in SameTime chat (15 Oct 2013)

How about a "seen" action next to a comment? This would be a voluntary action that would at least indicate to the sender of the comment that the reader intended them to know that the message had been acknowledged. This would mirror the memo receipt feature.

The next version of IBM Notes should be called Notes 10 Bruce Edition (07 Oct 2013)

At the current attrition rate the word Notes will go the way of Lotus on it's journey to nothingless/guru meditation. Therefore the interim name would be IBM Bruce until the final solition - the perfect stateless Note emerges from the felopian tubes of IBM.

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away" -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Updall task: Add option to Delete View Indexes (02 Oct 2013)

You can't tell it to just discard view indexes which is very quick. A copy-style compact to remove view indexes is _massively_ resources intensive and will fail unless the database is not in use. Practically impossible on a live system..

"Seen" flag in SameTime chat (20 Sep 2013)

Don't agree. There is no way a computer can tell if anyone has seen or appreciated or considered a comment, only that the relevant window has gotten focus, however, reporting 'seen' can mislead the sender. With email it's different because you have to physically click on an email to open it, so there is a conscious action.

Log IP Address of bad HTTP requests (18 Sep 2013)

Captain Obvious reporting for duty :)

Agent access to platform statistics for better System performance (26 Aug 2013)

hehe if like me you've been a contractor most of your career you've probably seen some pretty interesting, exotic, loin-cloth wearing, spear throwing agents out there in the jungle :)

Declare Lotus Notes is dead again so that the next Lotus Notes revival can start (05 Aug 2013)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Declare Lotus Notes is dead again so that the next Lotus Notes revival can start (05 Aug 2013)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Fix the freakin' taskbar behaviour (04 Aug 2013)

Also, conspicuously missing from the context menu is "Lock the freakin` taskbar"

CTRL +/- to Zoom in/out of window port (15 Jul 2013)

Doh. Why do you always have to be 2 years ahead of me Dave? :)

Design Element PostSave event (29 Apr 2013)

"trigger a script whenever a design element is updated in designer." You are perhaps thinking of when a document is saved in Notes, postsave can be triggered. When you save a design element in designer, no event is triggered. There is no hook.

New toolbar widget "Console Command" (24 Apr 2013)

Status changed to Withdrawn

New toolbar widget "Console Command" (23 Apr 2013)

"I" should have read the manual :)

New toolbar widget "Console Command" (23 Apr 2013)

Ahh U should have read the manual :)

Set properties for all selected Forms (06 Apr 2013)

Promoting this, although it ignores that the same problem exists for all design elements not just forms. I believe a third party tool already does this (perhaps TeamStudio or YTria).

Allow the return to the previous location in a subroutine or function (06 Apr 2013)

Good idea Clem. There is a primitive implementation of this that works in Javascript editor. There is an action in the toolbar "Last Edit Location" which looks like a gold coloured left-arrow with a star on it's tip. When I'm editing Javascript and I need to go somwhere else, I just press space so that an 'edit' is recorded, and the Last Edit Location works when clicked.

I'd like to see this idea go a lot further and actually show a panel with a small history of 'last cursor locations' and 'last edit locations'.

Ultimate solution? 10 screens around you so you can have 1 screen per open file :)

Dictionary should ignore 'bad' words that exist elsewhere in the body (30 Jan 2013)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Dictionary should ignore 'bad' words that exist elsewhere in the body (30 Jan 2013)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Send and Remove Follow-Up Flag button in email reply (29 Jan 2013)

Agree. This idea is for an additional button, like the 'Send and File' button.

Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (07 Jan 2013)

Big question is, "IS IT DOMINO?". Last time I checked iNotes was Domino. It appears that they have built an interface to Domino from a cursory look at the code examples. In other words, Domino HTTP is not serving this up but some something called nginx

HTTP/1.1 207 Multi-Status

Server: nginx

Content-Type: application/xml;charset=utf-8

Cache-Control: private, max-age=0

Expires: Thu May 03 07:52:29 GMT 2012

DAV: 1, access-control, calendar-access, calendar-schedule, calendar-proxy, calendar-auto-schedule

Date: Thu, 03 May 2012 07:52:30 GMT

Content-Length: 693

Connection: close

Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=8841B7ECB71E8BADB7F92EFCA40A73FA; Path=/calendar; Secure

<D:multistatus xmlns:CS="{ Link } xmlns:C="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav" xmlns:D="DAV:">


<D:href>/calendar/r/dav/calendar/ bgs_demo07@try.lotuslive.com/8a869f8e35dc722f01360a2b61244352/</D:href>



<CS:getctag xmlns:ns4="{ Link }


<D:status>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</D:status>




<A:sync-token xmlns:A="DAV:"/>


<D:status>HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found</D:status>




Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (07 Jan 2013)

Craig, sit down and breathe deeply. IBM has moved on this (see final comment from the original idea in link above).

IBM "SmartCloud iNotes" implements much of CalDAV and CardDAV. Thanks to Uwe Brahm for pointing this out July last year.

{ Link }

Tool to show unreferenced design elements for easy cleaup (07 Jan 2013)

The tool would have to parse Javascript, LotusScript and Java elements to identify view-referencing methods eg. LotusScript: NotesDatabase.getView ("[viewalias]").

Due to the fact that there may exist references to design elements from within external database designs (eg. Diretory design is inherently referenced externally by all sorts of designs), view and agent references would necessarily be marked as "Possibly Unreferenced" if no internal references are found;

Script libaries however can only be referenced wthin a single NSF design and therefore can be categorise as "Certainly Unreferenced" if no internal references are found.

Ultimately such a tool would be highly useful as an assistant, not deterministic...

I tried to apply this sort of thinking to find Lookup interdependencies in an entire domain. Please see OpenNTF project from (2006!) { Link }

Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (07 Jan 2013)

This idea is already covered -> { Link }

Improve "When New Mail Arrives" alerts with folder highlighting / limiting (29 Nov 2012)

Spot on Bill thanks for clarifying ;-)

New Hide-When property (25 Nov 2012)

Cardinal Rule # 1 of Lotus Notes. If you have sensitive information in a document that a user has reader access to and should not, that information should be in a separate RESPONSE document with READER field. Pure and simple - there is no way around this by trying to hide information using the client. If you serve sensitive fields, that information has left the server and arrived at a client host computer and easily accessed one way or another.

New Hide-When property (22 Nov 2012)

If a user can access a document / item there's no hiding it. What's the point of hiding the items from users? Is it purely cosmetic? Surely you're not suggesting this as security feature?

Sorry, demoting this one.

Right-Click "Copy Column Value" in all views (21 Nov 2012)

Hi Vlad :) It's an improvement idea to make using Notes more efficient, not "Is there any way to get data out of Lotus Notes"

Split IdeaJam into "Domino Server, XPages & Notes Mail" and "Other" (14 Sep 2012)

Yes I think it's called 'beating a dead horse', which can be fun for a little while...

Make "Internet lockout" able to send text message (SMS) to registered user when lockout is performed (29 Aug 2012)

it MAY be possible to use Domain Monitoring to generate an event when lockout occurs - it seems logical for this functionality to be in DDM. If not, that could be the appropriate ehancement. DDM Event Handlers are then able to run a custom agent.

Make "Internet lockout" able to send text message (SMS) to registered user when lockout is performed (29 Aug 2012)

I've achieved this by creating a scheduled agent in inetlockout.nsf. It sends notifications with instructions and marks the lockout profile with a PROCESSED flag. Sending SMS from Domino is easy - I am using BulkSMS.com's HTTP interface for this purpose but there are myriad other providers.

Internet Password Lockout: Mitigate Username Discovery Attacks (22 Aug 2012)

Hackers can be fully automated dumb sniffer bots gathering email addresses for spam lists or highly skilled individuals with various levels of knowledge about the system and the names in a Domino Directory. For the former, guessing the password is not even required to build a spam list due to the flaw mentioned above.

In either case any additional vector can be critical. Being able to confirm existence of usernames is hardly a minor issue.

Server Console: Different colour for console commands / responses (21 Aug 2012)

hehe.. thanks Anders. I'll work on putting more 'kill' into my ideas :)

Ability to call notesAgent.RunOnServer without waiting for the execution of agent (07 Jun 2012)

Actually Peter is right Notes is not an assynchronous architecture except for the 'hopelessly fragile' NotesTimer. Voting this down.

Ability to call notesAgent.RunOnServer without waiting for the execution of agent (05 Jun 2012)

OK so for simple updates to Author fields it shouldn't take a huge amount of time even with a large number of documents - on the other hand what you're talking about now is complex processing and mass-mailing.

My suggestion is that you don't process such requests immediately - create a separate database to act as a queue for processing such mailouts, with scheduled agent that runs every 15-30 min. When such a 'publish' occurs a request 'stub' is created in the queue database and processed on schedule. When completed the user that submitted it is notified and stub set to 'completed'. This way you also have an audit of what happened and when, which can be useful.

Ability to call notesAgent.RunOnServer without waiting for the execution of agent (04 Jun 2012)

I'm voting this idea up because I think it might be useful, but I suspect maybe your code or database structure could be more efficient if you're genuinely having application performance issues. How are you updating responses? How long does it typically take?

Ability to call notesAgent.RunOnServer without waiting for the execution of agent (01 Jun 2012)

Interesting idea but I think complicated to implement because it introduces synchronisation problems. There would have to be a callback function within the code similar to NotesTimer, again issues arise since the calling code may terminate before the asynchronous call completes. Could you explain why you'd like this feature as there may be an existing way ot achieving same?

Optional: "Close message when Reply is composed" (09 Apr 2012)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Optional: "Close message when Reply is composed" (09 Apr 2012)

I was using an old Mail template - upgraded template and now the preference appears. If it is not working properely it's a bug so not an idea here :) I will withdraw this one.

Optional: "Close message when Reply is composed" (09 Apr 2012)

Also interesting to note "LO66596: 'AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE ORIGINAL E-MAIL WHEN REPLYING/FORWARDING' NOT WORKING" IN 8.5.2 (link below). Have Lotus pulled the preference in 8.5.3?

{ Link }

Optional: "Close message when Reply is composed" (09 Apr 2012)

Thanks for pointing that out, although I can't find it in 8.5.3. In 8.5.2 it is documented here, but the 8.5.3 dialog has changed

{ Link }

Autopurge function for databases (14 Mar 2012)

Yea good idea - then you could specify a mass storage drive to keep historic databases.

ACL template for new Databases (17 Feb 2012)

This only applies when you're creating FROM a template. Not creating a blank database.

Right-Click / Paste documents into bookmark (14 Feb 2012)

Actually I had similar thoughts. A nice to have, perhaps in the Administrator only and Manager access only.

"Build Automatically" and "Clean" (15 Jan 2012)

@1 "The "Clean Project" is basically the same as "Recomplie all lotusscript"

Mmmm no. Cclean appears to do a 'recompile lite' based on what it 'thinks probably needs to be recompiled. It fails sometimes, and a proper Tools\Recompile All Lotusscript is required. They work differently as is evidenced by the fact that a full recompile takes far longer than a clean operation.

"Build Automatically" and "Clean" (15 Jan 2012)

@1 "The "Build automatically" feature is something that isn't needed for Notes/Domino projects"

After I said "without Build Automatically dependency compile is broken"

You're definitely wrong there. If you don't have it enabled, script libraries dependent on the one you are currently editing are not recompiled and the app is broken.

Please Fix the NSF (30 Nov 2011)


Please Fix the NSF (30 Nov 2011)

I think we have a change of getting some progress here because xPages does still depend on NSF, unless ofcourse there are secret plans to change that aswell. Come on IBM, yes we told you DB2 as a backend is like retrofitting an elephant with trolley wheels and you quietly abandoned it over time, but we won't run salt into the wound. Please oh please get moving on Notes/Domino before CouchDB swallows you up...

Lotus Script Debugger - debug only selected object (20 Nov 2011)

I like to run a separate Notes client in a virtual machine (eg VMWare) for coding to avoid this prob

Please Fix the NSF (05 Nov 2011)

I can't help but recognise from a starting point that what we have now is and always has been an absolute travesty for productivity. Denounced for years for not being relational, NSF has casually (if ambiguously like a hated offspring) made itself quietly important again if only by coincidence, for being so flexible and 'unstructured'. I'll vote this one up because there are always improvements to be had.

Enhance view features (05 Nov 2011)

Having said that I again would rather see some code open-sourced so attempts can be made to increase function and flexibility.

Enhance view features (05 Nov 2011)

The fundamental design philosphy of views is readiness in a resource de-intensive sort of way. There are a great number of semi-documented limitations with this in mind. The Notes View is architected for the majority who are not really paid well enough to understand the deeper mechanics and even less to have access to them. I really don't know whether to support some of your points or settle (as I have generally) to work around limitations.

View Navigation more impervious to document updates (05 Nov 2011)

Mike, ultimately my view is that we're dealing with black boxes when it comes to functionality like this and the pragmatic solution in any organisation is hacks by trial and error. The real solution is open source so we can analyse and fix these problems communally. I don't think we'll have the opportunity in the near future.

View Navigation more impervious to document updates (24 Oct 2011)

This is partly a regression of Java views introduced in 8 or so. But agree the view UI needs to be a bit more conscientious of user activity and behave appropriately.

Change the look and feel for classic Notes apps (24 Oct 2011)

Long Live Agents!

Change the look and feel for classic Notes apps (24 Oct 2011)

Yes Peter is right I think. Notes is being phased out over the next 30 years and x-pages phased in over the next 20 years :)

Filter live console output by Task (01 Oct 2011)

@2: Domino console is not a monitoring tool? Interesting

Filter live console output by Task (01 Oct 2011)

@2: Do you know of one? Please share

"Absolute Replace" option in Replace Design dialog (09 Aug 2011)

I'll buy a beer for anyone that has never accidentally let notes mark an element as 'do not replace', or fully understands the dialog that pops up when you paste design elements from a template, or into a template, or has had to deal with multiple elements with the same alias because a replace does not replace, but does a special interesting replace. Which is good if you use element level inheritance (don't know anyone personally), but is mostly a pain in the backside. re: beer: Liars will be banished to a desk job at Microsoft in the next life.

"Absolute Replace" option in Replace Design dialog (09 Aug 2011)

@4: yeap. that's why the idea is called Absolute Replace. It would allow a person to make a conscious decision to absolutely replace.

"Absolute Replace" option in Replace Design dialog (05 Aug 2011)

Vlad, the idea is "Absolute Replace". What don't you understand about Absolute?

Improve errorhandling in LotusScript with a Try..Catch..Finally block (05 Aug 2011)

In case you haven't noticed, LotusScript has been abandoned.

Embedded WebSphere JAVA Engine (05 Aug 2011)

out of curiosity, why do you say "it is not a very hard technical thing to do"

"MaxEntries" parameter for @DBLookup (09 Jul 2011)

iframes = code sequencing "readystate" issues. ie code must wait for data-bearing iframes to be ready. v-messy.

Debugger keep breakpoints in correct lines (28 Jun 2011)

Great name Zoltan, it should really be the name of a new RAD platform :)

Debugger keep breakpoints in correct lines (28 Jun 2011)

Notes has become a 2-headed monster because they didn't have the heart or political will to kill Notes design patterns when IBM said so. One head is the old Notes with design elements, formula and script which now has no spiritual home (IRIS used to be the church of Notes). The other head is IBM Workplace/x-pages/faces. The only genetic material brought across is @Formula and Views in their new robes. It is two products in one guise.

"MaxEntries" parameter for @DBLookup (27 Jun 2011)

@1 The view sorting should be respected as is the case currently.

Embedded WebSphere JAVA Engine (27 Jun 2011)

ewww :

Integrate Lotus Workflow applications in AdminP user rename requests (27 Jun 2011)

I demote this because I have a self interest in seeing my dead workflow project (QAF on OpenNTF) have a few more customers than Lotus Workflow :)

Lotus Designer script debugger window vertical split (27 Jun 2011)

You can absolutely guarantee there will be no more improvements to the LotusScript debugger, only new show-stoppers to render key functionality useless.

See my comment here ->
{ Link }

It is death by a thousand cuts!

Debugger keep breakpoints in correct lines (27 Jun 2011)

The current situation with the LotusScript debugger is APPALLING. Since LotusScript was given the de-facto boot by the epic, (decade long?) IBM Workplace Designer cum X-Page parade, there appears to be a clear 'we're not touching LotusScript until it dies, then we'll make another small announcement for people to use X-Pages as a workaround for not having LotusScript', political certainty within Lotus.

In a sense you can understand that as a reasonable direction to head in, however they have let the LotusScript Integrated Development Environment (IDE) evolve into the DDE (Disintegrating Development Environment).

The half-baked eclipse IDE continues to include pre-function/sub/class statement comments in the error line number reporting, rendering line number reporting almost useless, rendering error trapping almost useless.

That is one of many things that are beyond comprehension as far as system testing is concerned for 'gold' releases. Is it a conspiracy??

New database type: "commons" for in-memory shared elements (13 Jun 2011)

Key problem is when you save a 'common' script library, there's no way to trigger any code to update / recompile related databases. DXL would be a possibility otherwise.

Ability to search Mail Archive from Mailbox (13 Jun 2011)

Yea that's right Dave. I think if one takes a step back he can see a bit too much engineer perspective and not enough real-world perspective in what we have currently.

Betty User wants to "FIND EVERYTHING THAT HAS 'SHEEP' IN IT", cos she's sure she sent a sheep joke to someone a year ago and she wants to send it to someone else.

WTF does betty care about archiving policies etc. Just find it.

Fair enough?

New database type: "commons" for in-memory shared elements (13 Jun 2011)

With respect I see your point though. The Lotus Notes developer community from my experience is not disciplined like for example the Java community. The great IBM machine has tried for years to prod the sheep into a Utopia of Java Beans, Faces and the like. My beef though, is that there is currently absolutely no way to even *hack* such a solution for third-party fanatics like myself!

New database type: "commons" for in-memory shared elements (13 Jun 2011)

Well we should make a great effort to wash them!! :)

New database type: "commons" for in-memory shared elements (10 Jun 2011)

Thanks for the comments Dave, very interesting. I see your perspective but I have to disagree because the perspective we're talking about is a very structured one (not anarchic). Therefore changes would be broadly understood and tightly controlled.

Ability to search Mail Archive from Mailbox (09 Jun 2011)

Actually that old template attempts to create one single full text index for multiple databases. I never had much luck with it, don't know many people that have used it successfully. I think it's because FT Index gets extremely cumbersome when it gets too big. Catch 22.

What I'm suggesting is a Notes Client UI ability. Where the search bar knows to search two databases if Archiving is enabled (ie it gets Archive database path from the database properties).

The result would be two horizontal panes showing search results from current database and the archive. Heck, this might be possible just with design elements?

Smarter Decisions By DDE On View Rebuild (08 Jun 2011)

View behaviour, including rebuilds hasn't changed for many years. Eclipse client is a management layer ontop of Notes. Definitely, living on a different planet Jerry!

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (06 Jun 2011)

But I am just a software engineer! Can you give me the program? :)

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (06 Jun 2011)

Yea I know it's flakey. I remember trying aswell. By the way I don't speak (Russian?) :)

Smarter Decisions By DDE On View Rebuild (06 Jun 2011)

You're not doing this in a live production database (I hope), so presumably you're talking about prototyping views or for temporary use. You should use a small dataset until you're happy with the view design. You can do this by creating a local replica with a replication formula limiting the number of docs.

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (05 Jun 2011)

Here's one for you in your 'software engineer' tool du-jour, Lotus Notes. NotesTImer class triggers a callback function which can interact with the all frontend classes. The 'software engineer', lets say you in this case, would need to be skillful to handle exceptions if you want to interact with the user at timeout, in order to know what the user has infront of them currently.


Why is that 'bad bad bad bad bad bad'? Kindly respond to the subject matter.

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (04 Jun 2011)

Assynchronous processes interacting with the user interface doesn't happen? What rock do you live under.

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (04 Jun 2011)

@1: Strange, you voted this one up ->
{ Link }

The Lotus Notes Client is a backend and frontend animal. Calling an agent assynchronously from the UI (current feature) is a backend and frontend operation. All other application platforms to my knowledge have at least rudimentary support.

Try being a bit more 'constructive' next time Peter :)

Clone server document (11 Apr 2011)

Excellent. Non-default Notes.ini tweaks (eg Server_Transinfo_Range,NSF_DBCACHE_MAXENTRIES) should also be captured.

Number of rows (08 Apr 2011)

Interesting concept. Some web user preferences can be ubiquitous across x-page controls such as rows. A central preferences app?

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (06 Apr 2011)

Confucious say: "Give one bananna to a crowd of monkeys, and they will fight to the death. Dump a truck of banannas on a crowd of monkeys, and a few power monkeys will fly to the moon." :)

Adopt DominoDefrag into the server build (06 Apr 2011)

Thanks Bill I'll hit you up on that. It's basically just a confidence problem in being able to deal with the OS.

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (06 Apr 2011)

Just wanted to add another thing. It's NOT going to work, and the evidence is everywhere. Browser-based applications are idiosynchratic beyond belief, x-pages or not. Am I wrong here, I tried to seep x-pages into my apps a few times only to hit a bit of a RAD roadblack. Is it just me? Data, VIew, Form, Agent was, is genius.

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (06 Apr 2011)

Well the title of the idea implies there is an underlying, immutable benevolence. Are you kidding? It's business. Does anyone still remember the "They're Going to Kill Notes" saga that went on for a good, I dunno, 10 years? Look here. IBM Workplace never died, they simply put lipstick on the pig and stuck it in a frock. It's called it X-Pages. The ignorance was so deep at one stage that there was even an "Import Lotus Notes Design" feature being built. Lets not kid ourselves, the global movement to centralised Everything, trust Nobody is utterly pervasive. Step back and smell the communism :)

Adopt DominoDefrag into the server build (06 Apr 2011)

Finally, a reason to switch to Linux :) Actually I didn't know about the UNIX/Linux preallocation, lets throw a party...

Since posting this Idea I've had a good look at the latest Diskeeper release. It has a new technology (since I last played with it) which defragments files as they're being written. Which ofcourse would do the work in real time (and slow the disk!!?). Jury is out on this tool.

DominoDefrag has a setting to pre-allocate space at the end of each database as a percentage of the database size (or rather put the file in a contiguous sector with a % of contiguous space infront of it). The OS will still happily stick files in these gaps but I suppose it could help significantly.

:| Thinking of switching to Linux.

Two-stage Recycle Bin (01 Apr 2011)

Similar, plus quite some discussion -> { Link }

CALDAV support for open calendar interoperability (28 Mar 2011)

@7: To clarify, I am talking about the Domino Server, not the Notes Client. Domino Server is primarily a messaging and calendaring platform, with collaborative application development capability. Such collaborative applications could benefit greatly if CalDAV (over HTTP ofcourse) was possible for incoming queries and updates, from totally different calendaring applications and platforms.

I could see this being implemented in a very similar way to Web Services on Domino. "CalDAV Provider" and "CalDAV Consumer".

Adopt DominoDefrag into the server build (27 Mar 2011)

Good point. Another thing I found interesting recently. I'm running a Domino server in a cloud and therefore using SAN storage (1g/s iSCSI in this case). Despite proper routine of compact with dominodefrag and defrag, I noticed a significant degredation (high disk thrashing vs throughput). I decided to put DiskKeeper on the job, which is very much SAN aware these days. Low and behold, it was MASSIVELY fragmented. A bit of intimacy with SAN was long overdue in my bag of tricks, so I've been learning more about it. The pertinent understanding has been that the OS (and therefore anything on top of it) can't see below the lower abstraction layers of a SAN. I suspect Disk Keeper is getting intimate with the iSCSI driver to really see whats going on underneath, maybe.

A single dictionnary for all applications (IBM or not) (26 Mar 2011)

This is a great idea! However I don't see how it's particularly relevant to Notes/Domino from an implementation starting point.

You should write an RFC and talk to { Link } ! Big job :)

Ability to use field values in twistie image formula of ViewColumn (26 Mar 2011)

I see the merit of increased programmability almost without prejudice - I don't buy the argument that the the platform should have certain limits to enforce application and UI level design principles, set according to some politburo at some particular point in time. You want an application who's twisties switch between a cat and a dog? No problem, it's your app, your company.

Therefore I like the idea, but can't see it working architecturally because a category represents a set of documents, not a single document. Which document do you want to run the formula against for the single twistie representing a set of documents?

Even if you *could* use the SELECT statement in the formula, and 'promise' that your SELECT Is only going to return one document, this is highly quirky use of the SELECT statement, and a performance nightmare for a view.

Paranoid mode for mail file: track user activity in Detail (11 Mar 2011)

Actually I've changed my mind, vote 1

Export and import working sets (08 Mar 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Rewrite @DBLookup in assembler (07 Mar 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Ability to copy entire ACL from one database and paste into another (07 Mar 2011)

You can already do this using Administrator, Files tab (right click on database and copy/paste ACL).

32K limit on summary fields - provide a path for remedy (08 Jan 2011)


1. Create a replica (on Local or another server). In the New Replica dialog, select More Options and add add the following replication formula in the Space Saver tab:

SELECT !@IsError(Body)

Body can be any field in the documents. I haven't tested it but this could probably be even a non-existent field, as any field access probably throws the error.

Create the replica, and it will contain only clean docs. Delete the original replica, and create a new replica from your [local] replica back where it was originally.

Script Debugger (21 Dec 2010)

Others have pointed out that there is unlikely to be any work done on LotusScript or the decrepid debugger. My view is that XPages are intended to be a wholesale progression from Notes design and LotusScript. So far, it seems only web-based app developers have made an effort to move. It is a tiny move at best. When have we seen this before?

Command line parameters for agents (04 Dec 2010)

Yes, but it means writing code, and modifying the code for each run, and maintaining a local database with your special code, and not possible via WebAdmin.

Script Debugger (19 Nov 2010)

I think that's interesting but mixes functionality with ethics which are better governed by policy.

Paranoid mode for mail file: track user activity in Detail (19 Nov 2010)

What about Tools\Find Local Psychologist :)

Add a "Sleep" button to the debugger button bar (28 Oct 2010)

What you are asking for is a "Terminate" button also.

Add a "Sleep" button to the debugger button bar (28 Oct 2010)

Have you ever tried to debug a button, and had to press Continue 9 times before the form opens? Then you would press "wake" and it will debug when you click the button.

Agent: "Run With Debugger" menu option & hotkey (27 Oct 2010)

Mike, you gave me an idea ;)

Agent: "Run With Debugger" menu option & hotkey (26 Oct 2010)

You're right, it's only agents that get special treatment, because they are stateless scripts. Anyway, it's only a minor improvement I'm suggesting...

Agent: "Run With Debugger" menu option & hotkey (26 Oct 2010)

yes that is what we have currently. From an ergonomic perspective, it is my view that providing the options at the control point removes the need to *understand* the idiosynchracy of the interface. When adjusting an office chair, it is expected that all the relevant levers are located spatially together, this is the spirit in which I make the suggestion.

Automatically delete dead mail (router) (01 Oct 2010)

Peter, maybe I should pay you to come help me :)

Automatically delete dead mail (router) (01 Oct 2010)

@Peter, that is fine if your environment is limited to incoming mail. I run a public web application which requires users to enter email addresses, which must then be confirmed by the standard mail-out method I'm sure you're familiar with. In my case, I have thousands of new registrations weekly, many mistyped, invalid etc. So they often end up returned and become dead mail.

@David, I did some testing, and it appears the purge occurs automatically when a database is accessed (ie via a UI or programmatically). I saw it on the server log "purging old documents from admin4.nsf" and there was definitely no updall running. I don't mind your solution by the way - I have enabled it.

Automatically delete dead mail (router) (01 Oct 2010)

@David: What triggers the purging? Is it updall?

Add "Next" link to XPage view control pager (28 Sep 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Cleanup process for mystery problems (25 Sep 2010)

Unfortunately I think the fringe functions like caching, workspace etc get neglected because priority is given to innovation. I think almost every Notes person knows that just slightly more than occassionally (for example!), the workspace tiles become phantasms (ie exist but not visible), among other quirks. From my experience, the workspace is also the design cache. If I were to speculate, I would say that the whole organism has been treated like a zombie that cannot be extracated! ie it's a necessary layer of the Notes client, but is also a relic of the original beast which no one really wants to love or help. I don't know about you guys but I still operate around the workspace generally because it's visual. It really has become rediculous that we're discussing the best ways to untangle it from itself 8 versions down the track. On the flip side, and I am a libran, I prefer innovation over focusing on such problems, so it's up to us to write a tool.

Cleanup process for mystery problems (24 Sep 2010)

Yo Dave, killing the cache at startup is draconian. The cache exists for important reasons! Just need a simple way to reset the cache along with other fringe dressings without having to piss around in the file system.

All Design Elements view in Designer (27 Aug 2010)

Ah yes that's right but I'm not sure you can copy/cut/paste though

Cleanup process for mystery problems (18 Aug 2010)

Agree. "Reset Notes" with options, just like clearing browser dynamic data.

In the view-quick-search dialog, there should an "advanced search" option to find a document in the current view based on the NoteID or UNID (12 Aug 2010)

another thought, this could be achieved with a Java sidebar widget in the client but it could be a usability issue to have to drag it open and wait for java to think about whether it wants to help you.

In the view-quick-search dialog, there should an "advanced search" option to find a document in the current view based on the NoteID or UNID (12 Aug 2010)

Fantastic idea Doc! Generally speaking I have a UNID view in every database for this purpose, but this can be a performance hit and it means changing views and waiting for the view to update.

Vlad, you'd have to put that in EVERY database, which makes it impossibly impractical in controlled environments, excellent tool for a framework though (eg QAF :)

Lotus Script: record call history for for informative debugging (11 Aug 2010)

PS. xpages implement a callstack

Lotus Script: record call history for for informative debugging (11 Aug 2010)

LSI_Info will give the calling function, so additional code and a global variable can be used to produce a call stack. I will likely do just this however, the contexts in which this would succeed is in question. I love the function @GetMembers (list, startIndex, numberOfListItems) but have reservations about using it, as it's not documented.

I'm inclined to believe that undocumented functions that remain so for a long time are that way because an unforseen technicality emerged during development, and fulfillment was shelved. Such as in the case of concurrent web agents and LSI_Info. I am a very heavy user of concurrent web agents.

Go on Vlad, support it! :)

Prevent IdeaJam from accepting ideas from intoxicted Geek (11 Aug 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Prevent IdeaJam from accepting ideas from intoxicted Geek (09 Aug 2010)

Hi Paul :) And thanks (I think!)

I haven't worked on QAF for literally years unfortunately, due to the demands of the startup I'm working on. I've had many improvement ideas but just no time.

A big step forward would be to develop x-page equivalents of the UI components, primarily the Action & Close dialog. This is fairly straightforward actually as all the key functions are in the API. This would ofcourse make QAF usable both in the client and on the web.

But unfortunately I am unable to dedicate the time.

Lotus Script: record call history for for informative debugging (28 Jul 2010)

Hi Vlad,

please refer to the Designer help regarding multithreaded agents operating in the same memory space. Here is an excerpt:

"LotusScript agents run as separate threads in the same HTTP process. A process is a collection of one or more threads executing a single application.

Context switching is the act of saving the current state (hardware and software) and switching to another thread or process by restoring its state."

This means that multiple agents can operate in the same memory space (global declarations).

I have not tested this, but I suspect that LSI_Info will not discriminate (necessarily, or not supported) between instances of the same agent.

The bottom line is that while it may appear to work in certain instances, the official like is important because undocumented exceptions do exist.

Lotus Script: record call history for for informative debugging (27 Jul 2010)

very interesting vlad... this looks undocumented and IBM admits this function is for 'debugging' and not officially supported. One reason may be as follows:

{ Link }

But I will experiment with this to gain some experience!

Add "Next" link to XPage view control pager (07 Jul 2010)

Thanks Matt, I assumed that since this page (IdeaJam) does not implement it, that it is a limitation. My bad!

Graceful termination of agents that run longer than server time limit (07 Jul 2010)

On reflection it sounds like the Terminate sub may offer some help but would not suffice for reasons that John points out.

Example, the LSIGetThreadInfo function would (probably) not return correct module and line number, and you would not have access to objects that you would have access to if the exception is called from within the currently-executing module/sub/function...

"Run On Server" Action in Agent design element listing (29 Mar 2010)

Well now I slept on it, a complete solution would be:

1. Run on Server
2. Kill (if currently running)
3. Status indicator to show if currently running

First two actions issues commands directly to AMGR if user is allowed to run console commands. As pointed out by David Leedy, it's important for proper scheduled emulation that the code runs under the AMGR thread, with all the trappings (script timeouts, security, 'run as' settings etc).

"Run On Server" Action in Agent design element listing (29 Mar 2010)

Good one Craig. Another is to run a console command directly to Agent Manager:

Tell Amgr Run "database.nsf" 'agentnameOrAlias'

Using double quotes for the first parameter and single quotes for the second parameter is important.

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (21 Jan 2010)

As of 8.5.1 I'm pretty happy with the thoroughness of the post-crash cleanup.

Open 2nd AdminClient instance (21 Jan 2010)

I'd prefer to see a tabbed interface so that you can be connected to multiple servers at once, rather than having separate instances. But on principle I vote +1.

Calendar View for Xpages (20 Jan 2010)

that would be huge (as in fantastic).

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (12 Jan 2010)

By the way, arguing that it's different for the client than for the server exposes certain habits which are not productive. The Notes client is in fact a slightly hobbled Notes server (eg since clients don't need to serve POP3, HTML etc). Apart from that the stack is the same.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (12 Jan 2010)

Oh come on Philip don't bore us with your personal corporate issues. How can you argue that an undo feature is negative? Surely you've made mistakes before?

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (11 Jan 2010)

Verdict is split. Agree that file deletion should use the operating systems standard mechanism - Windows should use recycle bin, at least on the client.

On the server, controvercial. I stand by my point however that anything that is reversible is by defintion progressive. Would a database undelete turn Admins and Users into rampant delete cowboys? Seems some think so!

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

I think we're arguing over technicalities Bill. You don't think a undelete database feature is a good idea, lets leave it at that.

Faster Notes Client !! (10 Jan 2010)

@Bill: Agreed, but by far the largest revenue stream, and comenserate complaints about usability are from the Notes Mail application's performance.

Personally I'm happy with 8.5.1's performance, but I can understand how Outlook users find Notes like a lumbering dinosaur for basic things like preview. Hence my previous speculations.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

No I think you've missed the point bill (with all due respect ofcourse), an Undo at the database level is exactly the same functionally as at the document field level, and any other level.

Domino is a development platform, best practices are designed within organisations and are rarely ubiquitous.

You have to separate system features from policy. To ponder that a programmatic enhancement will somehow translate to a breakdown of your company policies is just fantasy really. You could point to a billion features that can be misused. Again, nothing to do with the features per-se, but their implementation by you, the designer.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

Databases could be put in a special compost bin and allowed to decompose. The released methane could be harnessed and used to power a turbine? :)

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

Makes sense, however then the Domino server would have it's own concept of a recycle bin so that it works across platforms. Doesn't sound too hard.

Documentation for the NSF File Format (10 Jan 2010)

Why all the Demotes without comment? Looks to me like people reacting to an 'outsider' without thinking.

Documentation for the NSF File Format (10 Jan 2010)

Oh contraire Rob! The more information you have the more likely you will make correct decisions.

I can give you a simple example. There are likely to be structures in NSF files that would work faster (just for example) if Notes were stored in a certain way etc.

So if I'm building a high volume web app, I would be empowered to think smarter.

More information is NEVER a handicap.

Lower Lotus licensing cost for students (10 Jan 2010)

The Notes user base has never come from University education. It's a top-down corporate platform.

Recently IBM made a move in the right direction to make Designer free. But not Domino Server. It should at least be free for non-commercial use.

Otherwise, why would any student bother if they can't set up Notes AND Domino at home or at UNI without cost?

Faster Notes Client !! (10 Jan 2010)

I think the performance issues are deep architectural ones. Most likely the backward compatibility is a big factor (ie a lot of stuff should have been rewritten but built upon instead due to stated reason). Remember also that other mail clients DOWNLOAD memos and therefore are accessed locally when previewed/opened etc. Notes client does NPRC calls to the server.

A possible solution would be caching or preloading the most recent N memos. Users with local mail files have less of a significantly smaller performance problem, however this requires managed replication which can be broken by users in so many ways.

Show documents from many databases in one view. (10 Jan 2010)

On the web, you can merge views using client-side Javascript, but it's quite a task :)

I haven't done it yet, but it's certainly possible.

UNID is pronounced.... UHN-I.D. (Or not.) (10 Jan 2010)

You are defintely bored. But it did amuse.

Improve Admin Client Scrolling (10 Jan 2010)

The upward mousewheel scrolling 'feature' is a classic from Notes pre-history I think. When dinosaurs toiled to build collaborative tools back in the day, they too moaned and roared about this. Bizarre is not the word!

Bring Back Original LS Line Numbers for Errors (10 Jan 2010)

This new bug is a disaster. I have reverted my LotusScript editor to the old one (see Preferences) until this is fixed.

"View - Customize this View" needs to be durable, and not reset randomly (10 Jan 2010)

@ Bill: Hiding/showing actions based on context is a philosophical design issue. If an Action is there but throws an error or doesn't do anything, at lest I know the action exists, gives me insight into the way the form works. Then I can ask questions about why it's not available to me.

Take standard windows application menus, when a menu item is not relevant it is genrally not hidden, but greyed out.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

I think you missed "A properely implemented undo function is a single step performed by the server." Which means your steps 3 to 6 are irrelevant.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

That's not an issue. A properely implemented undo function is a single step performed by the server.

Scenario 1: Currently what happens (duration: hours to days).

1. Database is deleted (could be a mail file, or application. Users normally have Manager access to their mail files.)
2. Business user or admin panic
3. Domino admin submits request to cranky backup engineer
4. Dialog potentially takes place between backup engineer and domino admin (manual, potentially time intensive exchange)
5. Restore may not be possible because data lost was entered between backups
6. If restore is feasible, backup engineer performs restore. Could take hours or days.
7. Database is restored

Scenario 2: Database delete undo implemented in Domino Administrator and accessible via script & API

1. Database is deleted
2. Business user panics, admin thanks God that retrieval is almost instant and doesn't have to deal with cranky backup engineer
3. Admin finds deleted database through Administrator and clicks restore

Are you telling me that this is not an improvement?

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (09 Jan 2010)

I'd go as far as to say that in the future we will see more move toward system-wide undo capabilities. We see this in Windows System Restore points. Allthough this technology is not yet perfect, the idea is to make systems as forgiving as possible. It makes life easier.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (09 Jan 2010)

Not sure how to respond to that gem, but I'll try.

The recycle bin feature is a flavour of backup. It has the same function as media backup but is far more convenient and faster to use than media backup. The only real difference is that it does not mitigate hardware failure. Media backup is still crucial, they both have their place.

By your argument , you would recommend the removal of the soft deletion feature in Notes Databases, because users should be more careful? *waves finger at naughty users*

How about we also remove the password restore feature because people shouldn't be so naughty.

Foolproofing, undo capabilities are a crucial stream of progress in software.

Add full gzip support to the Domino server (19 Oct 2009)

Looks like we've moved in the right direction with 8.5.1 - fantastic for scalability.

I think there's a stumbling block with resources inside NSFs because each time any note is modified (ie doc updates etc), the database modified stamp changes which I believe triggers a cache expiry. This is my impression anyway, after doing some sniffing around.

Enable WebDAV for all Notes documents (13 Oct 2009)

I fully support the development of this extension to fully support operations. I have also previously created an "idea" here to extend support into the CALDAV protocol, which would provide the building block for efficient calendar interoperability with disparate calendar servers.

Provide a way to disable 'readviewentries' for each view (13 Oct 2009)

Anyone who knows how to write DSAPI dlls (obviously I don't) might be able to knock up something quickly that would check if a user had a particular role (eg VIEWXML) and prevent the ?ReadViewEntries command for those that do not.

OpenNTF project anyone?

Provide a way to disable 'readviewentries' for each view (13 Oct 2009)

In so far as preventing undesired access to view column data, you can hide the columns from web clients and (amazingly! [sarc] ) ?ReadViewEntries respects the column hide formula. If you hide all columns in a view from the web, the ?readViewEntries XML only shows universal ID, note ID and Siblings data. Which is not ideal, but much better than nothing.

So now I put @ClientType="Web" in all column formulas unless I specifically want certain view columns available for web rendering.

Luckily, hiding columns from the web does not break lookups in form fields.

Develop and open source a high quality framework for new DBs (09 Jul 2009)

It's a tough one. Many have tried including myself:

{ Link }

Agree with Rob, any framework is by definition an application and creates problems if people expect that it is useful as a basis for ALL types of applications. I think the commercial success story was IT Factory (remember that?) I think it collapsed under it's own weight. Another problem with frameworks is that they create a new discipline within a development platform. So therefore you can 'pigeon hole' yourself in, become accustomed to certain conventions and techniques, and your broader low-level skills suffer.

Kevin Pettit blogged about "Workflow.ntf" concept, and has his own SuperNTF template:

{ Link }

Retire LotusScript, Focus on JavaScript (SSJS) (02 Jul 2009)

Definitely retire long term, better JavaScript skillz for Notes heads is good for career.

Make XPages generate better html code (02 Jul 2009)

I really don't buy this "it shouldn't be JavaScript dependant" argument, this day and age.

Javascript is ubiquitous now! If you're building an application that needs to work on a 10 year old Nokia, write a separate interface.

There's a million things a user or company can do to sabotage their experience. Like unplugging their monitor. Should x-Pages have a special mode for when people unplug their monitors?

Am I right or am I 9/10th's right?

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (16 Apr 2009)

Just a thought on the assumption of "people would just be encouraged to write junk comments". I actually disagree with this simply on the basis of the quality of general feedback from the Lotus community. There's a certain consciensciousness (spelling?) I get from this community which is similar to broad open-source communities which gives me the confidence to suggest the idea in the first place actually. Respekt!

Add full gzip support to the Domino server (06 Apr 2009)

Static resources such as shared Javascript, stylesheets, file resources etc are an easy win since they only change when design is updated. Therefore the .gz file can be generated at compile time, not dynamically (potential performance hit) by HTTP task.

Forms/Page/Views etc, can't see it possible to use gZip here since they're inherently / potentially dynamic.

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (03 Apr 2009)

Solution: force demoters to solve a puzzle or mathematical equation (erm google came up with it. respek!). That way you won't demote if you don't have the time or argument.

LotusScript: Generic 'core dump' error handler (03 Apr 2009)

John, thanks for eludicating your thoughts. Definitely on the right track there. After further consideration I'd like to propose a wild progression which emerges in the spirit of the rapid development paradigm. What if an errant piece of code could somehow mirror the whole machine state, then freeze (as though 'debugger is on'), and notify a developer for debugging? Developer then hooks in and steps forward/back to see what happened. Oh paradise! Take my hand.

Overall search option (03 Apr 2009)

With due respect to all the silent citizens that demoted this idea, it should be recognised that the way search works in Notes is highly idiosynchratic and out-of-step with the way 300% of the world likes to search. Searching should be contextual. If you're lead to believe that you're in your mailbox, searching your mailbox should be SEARCHING YOUR MAILBOX. Not specific categories of mail. Sure we get it, we're nerds. Think about normal people.

More useful templates (29 Mar 2009)

I think the cat needs to be let out of the bag. IBM needs to buy OpenNTF and provide financial and organisational support to 'good' projects. I mean, come on!

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (29 Mar 2009)

@9 I like to think of discussions in the same light as face-to-face discussions. You can't have any more a 'junk' response from someone that simply says 'no' without any qualification. Next!

Throttle controls on Router to mitigate mail flooding from rogue code (12 Mar 2009)

haha well we've all been there Bruce :) I remember also once in an Exchange mail environment with some 40,000 users, someone sent a religious promotion to all groups which resulted in a chronic Reply All from everyone, and everyone replying all requesting to be taken off the 'list', bringing down the mail system for a good 3 days. From what I understand this could also happen in a Domino environment.

LotusScript: Generic 'core dump' error handler (12 Mar 2009)

Absolutely Rob, web applications in particular especially when you have an illusive bug.

What do you mean by "Notes core code to show 'all' variables"? Without knowing what variables or objects there are? If only there was a way to get LotusScript to spit out a manifest of defined objects and variables then you could write it.

Include Transport Layer Security (TLS) support in the Domino server (10 Mar 2009)

It seems a natural progression. I'd be interested to learn how a Domino web app would differ (if at all) with HTTP running ontop of TLS, as opposed to what we do currently with SSL (my TLS knowledge is very limited). Also could you give an example of a site/web service that only supports TLS?

Ability to sort functions/subs alphabetically in Script Library/Agent (05 Mar 2009)

Isn't there a new LS editor coming in 8.5.1?

{ Link }

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (04 Mar 2009)

@13 Wow. They slipped that one quietly under the radar. Thanks Bill.

More useful templates (27 Feb 2009)

@8 & 9: Don't you guys remember Java Applets being the 'cool new thing'? Then a few things happened:

1. Lotus started building the Java View without ever committing to full functionality or documenting the limitations. Probably because they realised it was actually a bigger undertaking than they thought. Same goes for the Java Rich Text editor.

2. Java Runtime started getting so fat that it took (and still does!) take 10 seconds to load on an average machine if it's not already in memory. Big java applet killer.

3. Developers quietly ignored this little experiment and views never reached their potential on the web without massive web programming skillz.

Copy text to the clipboard from the Properties dialog - especially the Replica ID (26 Feb 2009)

There is actually but it's not convenient so I vote +1. If you go to the Properties box of any document, the <+> tab has the address of the document at the bottom which is a copyable field:

{ Link }

Parameters in order are Server/replicaId/viewUNID/documentUNID

Humor me for a moment: I want a Game as a Notes App (26 Feb 2009)

Trying to write an application in Notes is already a game :D You DID say humour me hehe :)

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (23 Feb 2009)

On review I believe the point has been teased out that the real problem is lack of control over the client perspective (ie Search Bar is untouchable programmatically), but also I'd like to add that since the rise of search engines with their default AND operator, has created problems for our users. Now being accustomed to what is now standard operation, the default behaviour of Notes search behaves oposite to what users now expect.


Red Cat in google finds the best combination of "Red Cat", with the full phrase hits afforded higher importance. (either/or/and)

Red Cat in Notes only returns hits with "Red Cat" exact phrase, whole words. If you want to find documents that have either word, you must use operators.

I'm not sure there is argument for reversing the default FT logic such that OR is assumed between words, any more than the argument that F9 should really be F5. However having at least some control as a developer provides a means of finding a solution, perhaps inelegant, instead of none at all. This is ultimately the point.

Allow the user to hide their Voting history from their profile (20 Feb 2009)

From an application standpoint, configurability is salability so commercially it's a good idea. Philosophically anonymity promotes honesty this is why democracy kinda works in principal.

Rewrite @DBLookup in assembler (20 Feb 2009)

@9: have you heard the one about the Domino to Exchange conversion utility? Command line version. :P

Rewrite @DBLookup in assembler (20 Feb 2009)

This is not a 'my lookups are better than yours' discussion. It's besides the point. An infinitely optimised sports car interior will not make the engine run more efficiently. There may actually already be certain parts of Domino that are written in lower languages than C. Anyone know?

@4: 10ms multiplied by 1000 'simultaneous' operations is 10 second response. 5 seconds if the @Lookup was twice as fast. if we have an agent doing the fabled lookup in this imaginary application and spitting out the result to a browser, the difference to the last processed request is 5 seconds. One onethosand.... Two onethousand.... Three onethousand.... Four onethosand.... Five onethousand.

Again this has nothing to do with developer prowess. A great F1 driver is limited by the performance of the vehicle.

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (18 Feb 2009)

@Bill: It's never been the product, it's always been the developer and lack of testing. Having greater control over platform behaviour can only increase it's power, not reduce it. Hence the open source movement.

Rewrite @DBLookup in assembler (12 Feb 2009)

My understanding is that Notes is written in C which is subject to generic compiler logic. You have a class of programmers that specialise in lower level programming languages such as assembler or machine code. These guys write incredibly optimised instructions for embedded systems that are performance critical. So the same functionality, logically optmised (ie perfectly efficient logic), that compiles to 1000 instructions when written in C and then compiled into machine code, could be written in say 250 instructions if written in machine code. Get the point?

Runtime for NSF's (12 Feb 2009)

lol @ Paul. You're obviously a 'doer'. You don't sit around contemplating things and just get things done :)

Runtime for NSF's (12 Feb 2009)

I agree in principle but disagree in practice. The idea of the stand alone 'executable' application infers little or no dependancy on so many Domino concepts like authentication, names fields with directory dependancies etc I've given this a Yes vote because I'm feeling idealistic.

More useful templates (12 Feb 2009)

@Ben Poole: Agree completely. I've started serveral OpenNTF projects and had heaps of people using but very very few if any wanting to make serious contributions. I think the reason maybe goes with the territory. Most LN people are pros involved in full time or contract work full time whereas with other platforms you have a much broader base of students with time on their hands. Anyone ever heard of Notes being taught at UNI?

Rewrite @DBLookup in assembler (03 Feb 2009)

@1: You missed the point. If a lookup in a badly designed view takes 10ms and 5ms in a beautifully designed view, both views would experience a 100% improvement if the @DBLookup function was improved by that factor.

Open Source the Domino Product Line (14 Jan 2009)

Notes/Domino is remarkably successful and making huge strides forward on the web side with 8.5. I don't see any reason for IBM to change the business model and give away the IP to hungry little developers. Notes/Domino is the Megalith (2001:Space Odyssey) of software platforms. Because the vast majority cannot fathom it, it becomes a religious curiousity. That's why we have to deal with the question of "is Notes/Domino on the way out" 25 times in 25 years and make such ethereal suggestions.

I'm just happy that it made it through the last takeover relatively unscathed. Agree with Ed on this one.

Add full gzip support to the Domino server (04 Dec 2008)

Those borderline criminals at IBM Lotus are doing a great job :) Would love to see GZIP fully supported!

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (09 Sep 2008)

UPDATE: HOW TO GET NOTES 8.02 (Frankenstein edition) back to life:

1. From a command prompt, Run "NSD.EXE -kill" (found in the Notes Program directory) OR right-click on eclipse.exe in Task Manager and select End Process Tree.
2. From the Notes Program directory, run admin.exe. Your Admin Client will load up from where you can then successfully launch the Notes client (ie from the left-hand bookmark bar).

My experimentation leads me to believe that it's that darn old desktop.nsk file. When it gets corrupted it can really bring the curtain down. I can reliably cause Notes to crash by attempting to bring up the InfoBox of a workspace tile who's database no longer exists. Notes asks if you want to remove the tile then promptly crashes whatever you answer.

SO... this work-around works at least in this scenario!

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (09 Sep 2008)

Anyone using 8.02 yet? It gets worse! Arghhhhh OK it definitely loads up faster but now not even "nsd.exe -kill" works when it hangs! Only a computer restart works. I've had occasional luck killing eclipse.exe +child processes, restarting Notes, killing eclipse again (several times) then it randomly starts working again. At least they could add that to the help! :P


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  • and other applications.

IdeaJam has an extensive set of widgets and API's that allow you to extend and integrate IdeaJam™ with other applications.

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