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Michelle O'Rorke879 

Input enabled formula should not change the text color (at least not in the read mode) (25 Feb 2011)

Notes 8.x uses a system color for disabled fields. On Windows 7 this is the 'Disabled Items' color and defaults to a dark grey and users can change it. Given Notes is a multi-OS product I can see the logic of using a system setting.

Unfortunately on Windows XP this color is a horrid yellow\grey. You can't change the property directly under Windows XP - just the 3D objects color which will change dialog boxes, Notes action bars set to use 'System' color, etc.

So I say - don't bother changing Notes, there are higher priority things to fix (but I agree that it is annoying. A form I have recently built and tested on my Win7 machine looks awful on my user's XP boxes and now I have to decide if I can re-build the form or find a work around as we won't be rolling out Win7 to the users for another year or so).

Improve "Group documents from each application on a tab" usability (18 Nov 2010)

Comment above, first <p> should read " .. I don't use grouped tabs purely for that reason "

Improve "Group documents from each application on a tab" usability (18 Nov 2010)

My biggest issue with the grouped tabs is, and always has been, moving the X to close the current tab to the far right. On a wide screen monitor this is really annoying. I don't use tabs purely for that reason.

I think your suggestion of the X showing on hover is the most important improvement that could be made.

Close Group is available as a right-click on the tab which is what Windows 7 uses, so I don't think that needs to change.

Next Idea / Previous Idea links on idea pages (10 Apr 2008)

And it would be good if the 'Back to All Ideas' button at the top of the idea page actually tracked the view you came from and changed appropriately - 'Back to Unvoted', 'Back to Domino Designer ideas'

Next Idea / Previous Idea links on idea pages (10 Apr 2008)

The view shows the correct list, but if you click on an idea to see the details and comments, it would be nice to be able to move directly to the next unvoted idea, rather than having to go back to the view. Like moving to the next unread document in you inbox when you have an email open

Make "Open"-button behave consistently (09 Mar 2008)

I don't find it inconsistent - I think it is consistently 'broken'. If you mouse over the 'Applications' entry on the menu when you first start notes you briefly see the text 'Loading' displayed, then the menu loads. After this, the search works. The list should be loaded when you start Notes, or when you click on Open.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

My first reaction was - what's wrong with the extended notation?

I don't think anything is wrong.

That said, I don't see any problem with providing this as an option (off by default) for those that want a more rigid syntax check. While not using Option declare is as Rob said a Very Bad Idea, this would be more of a preference and skill level thing - like using procedural vs OO coding.

Ability to mark a field as required without having to code (23 Dec 2007)

Lotus Forms allows you to designate a field as mandatory, and highlights the field by changing the color of the field when you tab into it. The colour is a form level property.

I would like to see the form property of 'Indicate mandatory fields with: ' and a radio choice of Color/Image. If you select colour, you can set it to something other than the default. If you select image, choose an image resource and placement (left or right of the field).

Table enhancements (18 Dec 2007)

So far - 45 votes, 45 promotes. I think this says something about the state of tables in Notes. A big YES from me.

Open NTFs on Server (11 Dec 2007)

The biggest problem is that the template name is not the same as the database title OR the file name. Designer lets you browse by title, Admin lets you see title, file name, and <i> source template </i> but no tool lists the contents of the 'Template name' property.

I'm not sure if this is quite what Peter asked for, but I'd definitely like to see some improvements in both Designer and Admin clients around template name.

Date navigation from numeric calendar (08 Dec 2007)

Point 3 is how it works now, Point 1 I don't like, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by point 2. If you mean click on the the date itself in a one-week/month etc view switches to a 1 day view, then I like that idea.

Maybe you need to break these into separate ideas.

F2 key to rename objecs (26 Nov 2007)

But there are three editable columns for design objects - name, alias and comments. The design note is selected, but not a specific column/property.

I suppose if it always put the name into edit mode then you tab to the others this would work OK. I do know that sometimes getting the timing right for the in-view edit can be frustrating.

View - Show - Page source from the Inbox (04 Nov 2007)

I agree this is not for your average user. I'd be happy for it to be part of the Advanced menus, turned off by default for the general user.


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