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Enable Switftfile cross all Notes-Platforms (10 Sep 2014)

Gottfried - please cross-link this idea. There are several in IdeaJam. Here is mine, one of the original. Thanks. { Link }

Browser Plug-in to Run Notes Client Apps (10 Sep 2014)

Amusing to me that so many demoted this one and it's now a viable product that many people appreciate. Sure, it's limited in scope, but it works for what it does, with an opportunity to grow.

Automate synchronization of Notebook from Notes client into mail like contacts (10 Sep 2014)

Notebook enhancements are forthcoming, as cited in a session at IC14; no date given, but internal betas for them were cited. So, perhaps, this is included. Would be a nice enhancement.

Preferences and policy settings documents too.

Add Signature to new calendar entry (22 Jul 2014)

Normally, I do not see a lot of e-mail signatures in calendar entries, unless the chair chose "Copy Into New" -> "Calendar" from within an e-mail message.

Are you seeing a huge need for this, or is it more of a nice to have, type solution?

Propose to download attachments before forwarding mail (Android) (22 Jul 2014)

... and consuming cellular data needlessly. Would like it with Reply (with attachments) as well.

Traveler refresh by pull down (22 Jul 2014)

I would change the status of this to Resolved. This capability is now in the Android client.

Sametime group chat with all meeting invites (22 Jul 2014)

+1 @Alexey

put sent items in folders (22 Jul 2014)

If you want messages in the Sent folder to appear in a different folder, you can select the message and select "Add" under the Move to Folders menu option and they will be there. Sent is a view for all mail sent by the mail file owner.

Is there something else you would like?

Allow groups, domains etc. to be used to set background or ink colours in the ($inbox) (22 Jul 2014)

Also, I suspect that allowing an entire Organization or OU defeats the purpose as you would then have a preponderance of e-mail as the background, making it the majority. The point of background view colors is to identify the outlier, important, or less frequent message to ensure you respond expeditiously.

If */ACME is set, then you are essentially no better off than having a white background with black or red text.

Allow groups, domains etc. to be used to set background or ink colours in the ($inbox) (22 Jul 2014)

You can set a an Internet domain, and Notes will color the entire domain. So that gets you part of the way there.

Make Notes Not Crash when Home Server is Down / Restarts (22 Jul 2014)

Have you opened a PMR on this?

Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc (22 Jul 2014)

If @1's option doesn't work and it sounds like it would, why not add a column to your view that performs an @abstract or equivalent? Then you can see the plain text before opening. Unless you are specifically talking of mail only.

With the partial replication, you select when and which documents for which you want in-full.

XWork Server Community Edition (22 Jul 2014)

Also, I realize that if we were to have a CE edition, it would need to preconfigured so new/young/non-admin developers can just get in and code. Foundations was the precursor here, but that is long gone, and still stings with many partners.

XWork Server Community Edition (22 Jul 2014)

@4, I suspect people neither know nor care about how much money they are wasting by coding in another platform. One client manager I knew did not like Notes development, but openly admitted that it was always 10% cheaper than other programming solutions, so he used it every time.

Perhaps, some managers use the extended development time as a means to justify a larger budget and headcount, rather than providing more solutions to business lines, or enhancing further existing solutions. Just a thought.

Clicking the Quickflag icon on an already flagged e-mail should remove the flag (22 Jul 2014)

So clicking the dropdown arrow and sliding to remove is inappropriate? Using your premise, what do you want to have occur when you select multiple documents, say four, and one is QuickFlag enabled, one is a custom flag with a description entered, and two lack any follow-up designation.

I suspect I understand what you would like to occur, but would rather not guess.

My concerns is that if you are off a document, click the flag in thinking you are adding a new flag, then remove the flag for a custom follow-up and lose all of your prose on what you needed to accomplish. That would be brutal. How do you handle that?

But outside of this case, I suspect your idea could save people some time.

Inbox Zero for Notes (22 Jul 2014)

@Lior - check out eProductivity's mail solution. It is based upon David Allen's Getting Things Done (TM) (GTD) methodology. -> { Link }

This is heavily configurable and addresses much of what you seek.

IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site (22 Jul 2014)

I've asked new management at IBM to study this site. Recently transitioned people in leadership positions did not know of its existence. They did after my meetings in the autumn 2013 and again in the winter 2014. One manager directed a senior team member to establish an account so they could be involved.

Then the Cloud First initiative became the gospel and at this point, I am less confident that what was promised will be realized.

To be fair, those that are interested in fixing what we know should be accomplished may not have a choice but to spend time elsewhere. Conjecture on my part, but it is a possible permutation.

I'm not done yet though.

Add functionality in IdeaJam to Automatically create an SPR for the enhancement request with IBM (22 Jul 2014)

Integrated workflow between the IBM Support portal ticketing system and IdeaJam would be great and save a lot of time for many of us.

Dynamic favicon (22 Jul 2014)

Well, the message slide-in feature works in that regard quite nicely as well, which to my knowledge, GMail lacks. So, there are pros and cons on each side.

Save snoozed alarms (22 Jul 2014)

This is one of my biggest productivity killers. Missing snoozed alarms after a reboot. At times, I actually created a secondary VM running a six month mail replica such that I can load it and have it pop-up dozens of alarms so I can find the needed ones while on a project--as a backup.

1 to @Peter's suggestion too.

The resource's owner should be allowed to book even if there is a time restriction (10 Jan 2014)

So a restriction on time-line, not usage duration or availability?

Room is available 10a - Noon, T&W
1. Owner wants to book room at 9:30a on Tuesday for 30 minutes?
2. Owner wants to book room at 1:00p on Thursday for one hour?
3. Owner wants to book room 10:15a to 1:15 on Wednesday?

"Hide from typeahead" directly from typeahead list (20 Nov 2013)

Nice to see IBM closing some features occasionally.

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (19 Nov 2013)

@Andrew, thank you for chiming-in. Curious what version of Traveler she was using during the time things broke, or is this just in Notes? Happy to help escalate the matter a bit to see if we can get it resolved. I would need more information, if you can provide it discretely.

Support relative days (16 Oct 2013)

How about typing in Thursday, and the coming Thursday's date appears. On Saturday, type, Friday, and you get Friday's date. If today is Monday, and you type Monday, it would resolve to Today, perhaps.

Updall task: Add option to Delete View Indexes (16 Oct 2013)

Setting the DB to failover to a clustermate makes it unavailable to users and available for administrative maintenance. I understand the resource intensive aspects of compact, but only see a potential problem on a very large DB and only if it is not clustered.

How many NSF files are you looking to do during business hours? Mail or application databases?

Please extend WebDAV to include calDAV & cardDAV support for contacts/calendar syncing (16 Oct 2013)

O.K. Thank you for the clarification, Craig.

Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (16 Oct 2013)

Fair enough, Craig. There is a subtle difference between the two. So, why not ask Mark about his demotion too? Quid pro quo. :)

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (15 Oct 2013)

Glad things are better with ND9. Let me know if you see any recurrences over the next two weeks and we can revisit EOM. I'm curious, is all.

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (15 Oct 2013)

Okay, this is another matter entirely. If that is your experience, then IBM should have a catch-all in Notes for label entry/naming. What version of Traveler are you using? I after my IBM conference next week, I would like to run some tests.

Make a password complexity calculator available (15 Oct 2013)

Hi Mathieu, Thank you for the particulars. I understand better what you mean now. Perhaps just a pop-up hotspot that list examples of what would work for their password difficulty level, might suffice.

If one is trying to get by with the least complex password possible, I concur one could get irked; if they use complex passwords as the norm, the matter almost never surfaces.

Having stated that, the security policy settings documents rules allow for some highly complex passwords (e.g. no repeating digits or letters), unless a description of the restrictions is present or examples, users could get flustered and call the help desk for a ruling -- something that should be avoided.

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (15 Oct 2013)

So, are you saying that Android has issues with folders containing a "\"? I use that character all the time to create a hierarchy and I can move messages into the Android folders sans issue.

I am certain that other symbols might cause issues, but outside of a decimal point or underscore, I do not use symbols in my names.

There might be something else occurring, but admit that we both have very little information from each other's perspective.

SwiftFile for non-English 9.0 mail templates is broken ! Please help to get it fixed ! (15 Oct 2013)

Got it. Thank you for the update, Mathieu.

Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (15 Oct 2013)

Good question, Mark. Sad that we have to even consider such things, but that is the world where many of us in the community are now located.

Temporary FullText Indexes (15 Oct 2013)

Sounds reasonable. The only issue I then see is that if the server is low on disk space and the admin just purged all the FTIs... but we're talking about a few apps in that scenario.

Please extend WebDAV to include calDAV & cardDAV support for contacts/calendar syncing (15 Oct 2013)

Duplicate idea (by you): { Link }

Perhaps set this to Withdrawn?

@Formula library (15 Oct 2013)

I am a big fan of @Formula efficiency. We did something similar at an investment bank where I worked. Was very popular with the dev team.

@6, I like your example too.

Activity Logging for Quickr (15 Oct 2013)

As Connections will be taking over the Quickr functionality at some point, I think this good idea may need to move in that direction.

Please extend WebDAV to include cardDAV and calDAV support for calendar syncing (15 Oct 2013)

Demoting as covered in the aformentioned previously linked idea. Nice to get an update on it though.

Preview Of Docs in Lotus Notes (15 Oct 2013)

Which DBs are included, are you are just implying Mail? I do like the screen shot; I might have demoted sans your helpful picture.

Extra CreateReplica parameter to select "Immediately" or not (15 Oct 2013)

As an admin, I do not want an agent arbitrarily creating load on my server during business hours. Admins have workflow procedures for this--and I know this method has a purpose of course.

For small DBs, it's not a big deal, just thinking about a 10GB app on a loaded server and finding out that an application bypassed the normal workflow. Creating a replica stub is fine.

Temporary FullText Indexes (15 Oct 2013)

I like it in theory... what happens when the user comes back in Y days, where y > x, and they run a search on a DB that was previously FTI enabled? Does the server stop and make the index first in the DB, or run the non-FTI search?

Make a password complexity calculator available (15 Oct 2013)

Where would you want this to appear? The admin can provide tips/rules on a password reset. Isn't that sufficient? Happy to change my vote with more details, but not seeing the value. Please elaborate a bit more. Thank you.

Show-When formula (15 Oct 2013)

@3 is correct, and I appreciate @4's input... from my reference point people that use this the most are developers. From that perspective, @1's suggestion seems sufficient.

And I add that not to be argumentative, but constructive (hopefully) as I have dealt with boolean logic for 27 years and never had a problem with negating a positive expression to get the desired result. Perhaps I am missing something, but I do not view this as a big issue.

Add auto word completion feature to mail body (15 Oct 2013)

You may wish to cross-link this idea as well. { Link }

Dictionary suggestion drop-down in Rich Text (15 Oct 2013)

Mark, I am uncertain how you want the GUI to handle this feature. You already have the red line underneath the squiggly lines. If this is like OpenOffice/Symphony, then it may best be suited as a preference that can be disabled... just my two cents, sir.

Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name (15 Oct 2013)

Well, inserting a "\" character indicates a folder level and thus, Notes creates the hierarchy for you in your mail file. It's a nice tip to save time. I use it also when design applications to make a folder hierarchy, so I question the cited technote. That character is fine to me. Others, should produce a warning.

Also, your issue is not that a "/" is unauthorized, as it works just fine in Notes. The true issue appears to me that the character is not universally accepted and thus, could cause problems on other platforms/client access mediums.

With all due respect Mathieu, you may wish to be careful in how you present behavior-based feedback to end-users and where to place blame. Else they can end-up disliking a solution for the wrong reasons.

I would offer them a simple tip sheet stating, "If you are on Notes, these are fine, but outside of Notes, other platforms are less open and more restrictive. yadda, yadda. I contacted IBM to make it clearer for you when leaving Notes." I'm not sure Notes should have to code for the inadequacies for other products (Yes, I know it has it's own and I did read your included tech notes.)

However, when inserting a character into a file name that in-turn creates a scenario where the user is unable to access the folder in Notes or iNotes, that absolutely needs to be flagged.

New "Copy into new Notebook entry" functionnality (15 Oct 2013)

I'm all for increasing Notebook functionality. { Link }

"Seen" flag in SameTime chat (15 Oct 2013)

Instant messaging tools have long been irksome for me for day-to-day inter-office communication across team members and projects. Each tool has its place, but as IM threads are linear, trying to search for an items with a chat history with a colleague who is working multiple projects with you is quite arduous. Any immediate efficiency gained, is lost on the search and putting together a task history during dissection. Thus, I become cautious when one tool tries to retrofit features of another tool; you can end-up with an all-in one tool that does nothing well.

To that point, the e-mail receipt feature was not voluntary until recently, when you can now set how to respond to them. Recall Notes did that behind the scenes. Maybe a simple checkbox, that someone could check, but what is the real value there if they use it 10% of the time, or less? If you have a 1h thread, you would probably never use the seen button.

What is the real business issue you are trying to solve?

Suggest folder while you send mail (15 Oct 2013)

I also see issues with the header, as if a user disables Save on Send and then checks the box (so you would need a hide-when) and then if you check the box ahead of time and have Always Ask for saving sent mail and then you choose No (to not send), then the user calls the Help Desk asking why their message was not sent to folder_22.

It comes down to workflow. If you can incorporate the suggestions in the save into folder dialog box -- at the top -- perhaps that is better, but selecting before sending creates problems.

Suggest folder while you send mail (15 Oct 2013)

I concur with @1. SwiftFile works great for inbound mail on Windows Notes clients; not other flavors. So you are looking for outbound... know that you can type the first few characters of the folder name and Notes will jump to it. This feature does not work in iNotes unfortunately.

SwiftFile for non-English 9.0 mail templates is broken ! Please help to get it fixed ! (15 Oct 2013)

If it is fixed, please update the status of this item to Fixed from Open.

Allow for an "Abstain" vote (Give credit for "No Opinion" votes) (15 Oct 2013)

I thought Bruce mentioned a few years ago, that he changed the metric to include a less value, but above zero for a No Opinion vote. Perhaps that changed in a succeeding release.

Display the number of people who have viewed a post (15 Oct 2013)

Only for the post's author perhaps. Not for the general public though.

Move router size limitation to policy (15 Oct 2013)

Tinus, the performance hit on such a setting would be dramatic, IMHO. The router would still need to enforce the setting on the inbound mail, introducing a pause as it looks-up the restriction level for each address. Add tens of thousands of users and mail will slow down markedly.

Instead, why not give them iNotes access and set the restriction for them that way? Group policy for these web users might be a better way to go.

Add auto word completion feature to mail body (15 Oct 2013)

Agreed. Needs to be an option.

"Hide from typeahead" directly from typeahead list (15 Oct 2013)

Yes, they have a right-click Delete which is nice. If you hide the recent contact, are you envisioning a temporary hide or something else?

Option for always Blind copying yourself when composing mail (15 Oct 2013)

I understand why users would want it, as some e-mail clients do not synchronize the sent mail folder back to Notes. So, I have with test phones had to BCC myself to get a copy of the sent message to examine later.

To that point, if you are using Traveler on a supported device, it is not necessary, as sent mail is synchronized. For Notes, a delivery report is preferred over BCC, but the users could do that.

I think the more pressing matter is to see what the real underlying issue is and then train them in the correct solution (best practice). It is not necessary to augment the Notes client, though for such a niche case you could customize your mail template.

Recall that the mail client on iOS and Android can be considered a consumer mail client and thus has features that are better suited outside of an enterprise.

The users also need to know that Saving Sent Mail with a BCC on each message will consume their quota pretty quickly -- especially if the message has attachments.

Ability to Sort ToDos by Assigned To: (15 Oct 2013)

Really like ToDos. Anything to enhance their capability, would be appreciated.

Customisable right-click menu (15 Oct 2013)

Certainly has some potential. Could be a nice feature to manage with policy settings documents as well.

Social Networking via Sametime (15 Oct 2013)

This might explain better what I meant by the Gateway Server...

Use Lotus Sametime Gateway to connect with any of the following gateways or communities:

Lotus Sametime communities deployed outside of your firewall
AOL Instant Messenger
Google Talk
Microsoft® Office Communications Server communities
Yahoo Messenger

{ Link }

The Gateway server provides the capability of presence and chat federation with remote Sametime communities, Microsoft Lync communities, XMPP-compliant communities, GoogleTalk and AOL.

{ Link }

Social Networking via Sametime (15 Oct 2013)

Why not put a plug-in like Wildfire in to handle that? How do you handle the ST Gateway piece? You would need the GW for this, and have enhancements to the code to ensure encryption is maintained for the sites you seek. Which sites do you use? Social sites come and go... thinking a more lightweight solution would be better able to keep-up with the needs. Just a thought.

"Seen" flag in SameTime chat (15 Oct 2013)

Agree with Mark and Carl. The matter is only complicated with multiple ST clients, accessing the data and whether someone actually is looking at the client that the system would state was "seen" is far too complex and unreliable.

Example: people leave their embedded client logged-in at the office, go home, perhaps fire-up the mobile client, briefly, you send a message, person logs out of the mobile client, did they see the message? They show as here at the office now, but it is 10p in the evening, so are they travelling or really in the timezone you think and using a VPN to get to Notes, or the ST web client, or iNotes?

Popup to be shown when required files are not attached (15 Oct 2013)

Not sure what you mean by "Required files," but with all due respect, this seems to be a solution in search of a problem. I find it best to write an enhancement for such a niche problem. Many of my clients have and are happy with the results. Just a thought...

Display "send and save option" and sent mail on subscribed folders (15 Oct 2013)

I agree this is a great feature, but as the mail client in iOS is the driver here rather than Traveler, IBM will not add features to the Android, et alia, clients unless Apple does. Else, they look like they are competing or endorsing one mail client over another.

In the end, IBM wants a consistent feature set. Hence why follow-up flags were not considered for Android until released for the iOS mail client.

Updall task: Add option to Delete View Indexes (02 Oct 2013)

Why not use compact?

From the Domino Admin Help Guide

Options -D
"Discards built view indexes. Use this option to compact databases that are not in active use, for example, just before you store databases on tape. Additional system time and resources should be planned to rebuild indexes after restore of the databases. Does copy-style compacting."

{ Link }

Native Traveler Client for all platforms (07 Jun 2013)

"All platforms" - is a bit broad and vague. You will need to be specific. Are you stating that IBM should release a Traveler client for WinCE or Win Mobile 6 phones? What about Motorola RAZR flip phones? How about Blackberry OS5 devices?

Ed Brill mentioned at a few events over the years, that there needs to be a business case to justify the significant cost to IBM for development, testing, support, documentation updates, with each new Traveler client flavor. I agree with him on this. They were slow to release Windows Mobile clients, as it was no longer a top-tier.

Also, as Apple controls their hardware, you can't tell them what to do. They are the ones that allows or disallows an ISV to have official software on their devices. If you don't play be Apple's rules, then you have problems -- right or wrong. IBM is not going to get into a fight with a hardware vendor.

I agree that the Android Traveler client is sweet and really well built. One of my favorite clients. Do not see that changing with Apple though, any time soon.

What would you want their separate protocol to do that the MS doesn't already offer? What is the justification for that?

Traveler is designed for corporate usage; this is hardly a consumer solution; but it can be improved and BES offers significantly more options to customize that product and lock it down. Traveler was never designed to be a BES replacement, but fill a device void. The market has changed since its initial release.

Application locking is an interesting concept, but I am unable to support the other items at this time.

Mail print as PDF or export as PDF (07 Jun 2013)

@0 Yes, please type PDF into the search bar. There are three main threads for a similar ticket; please link them here for completeness.

I like the option inside of word processors, as it is handy. Know that on Macintosh systems as well as Linux, you can print to PDF from any application. To be fair, I haven't checked with Windows 7 or 8 recently, so I will refraining from commenting therein; XP did not perform this functionality natively.

Add some views into the "Views" section of the Notes 8.5 mailbox (29 Nov 2012)

Here's an example of Views population in Notes 8.5.3.

Improve "When New Mail Arrives" alerts with folder highlighting / limiting (29 Nov 2012)

@1 I think Mark is making reference to the fact of having the alert sound when there is no e-mail in the Inbox, as the message has been sorted via a mail rule to a folder. There is no indication which mail rule captured the message and altered it's route path to the Inbox, or which folder became its ultimate destination. Having this information would significantly benefit admins due to the high quantity of reports they receive and would rather they just go to the proper folder for perusing later--as one example.

Add some views into the "Views" section of the Notes 8.5 mailbox (29 Nov 2012)

The views you seek to add exist in the Inbox by selecting the appropriate column. Adding redundant views into the view section would potentially significantly increase mail file sizes when the view indexes are activated.

When a user creates a private view or a shared view, that is where they appear. That should remain as is and allow the design enhancements to handle the workflow in an efficient and elegant manner.

Be able to set security on a folder (29 Nov 2012)

Yes, private folders are unavailable via a browser, but uncertain what you are really pitching -- in terms of a problem you seek to solve. Erwin seems to have plausible workaround, based upon the dialogue. -- Do not have much to insert that is constructive, but you requested justification for a demote.

"follow-up complete" flag (20 Sep 2012)

There is a setting in follow-up action button row on a message with follow-up set, that allows one to remove the flag. Is this insufficient or you are looking for an explicit mention?

If so, were do you envision placing the completed messages, as people dislike cluttered views?

Ease the use of doc links in iNotes (20 Sep 2012)

Yes, iNotes gets better with each release, but I do miss this feature.

All the links, attachments in one go from sametime chat (20 Sep 2012)

I do enjoy chat, but sometimes e-mail is the better solution. Searching through old chats --- particularly when the company policy prevents the Chat History folder from being populated, can make follow-up work quite challenging. Worse, is when the chat history for team member includes work from multiple projects in one linear thread. Folders help here a lot. Improvements herein would be welcomed by many, I'm sure.

Stop the ACL being Modal (20 Sep 2012)

Yes, Christopher, as an admin I also hate be in the scenario that you have to check the group, only to close, reopen the window. I though can foresee situations where one forgets the tab is open --- as you suggest --- and then the window gets some unintended data entered through errant keystrokes. Something so critical, to me, seems best to be a deliberate open and close.

How would you guard against a power user with 20 tabs or say ten window groups open, then managing a DB who forgets the tab is open? Then someone else makes a change to the DB ACL while the power user's ACL window is open, you increase the change of an ACL rep/save conflict probability.

Need to understand it a bit better.

Forwarding mail should exclude (at least warn) recipeints in the original mail (24 Aug 2012)

Data integrity is key. If you start stripping-out or hiding names on forwards, the ability to accurately pull messages for eDiscovery and compliance purposes is negated, thus allowing for exploitation.

Though I do appreciate the effort to minimize one's mail. Not sure this is the best way to handle it.

Lotus Traveler for Notebooks and Netbooks (24 Aug 2012)

Do you mean beyond iPad devices, which can do use Traveler for mail already? I know this is a year old, but curious as to your meaning.

LotusLive Notes - Add support for POP3/IMAP (24 Aug 2012)

Agree with @1, thus my demote.

A detailed guide on how to use Tivoli Directory Integrator (24 Aug 2012)

Tom Duff and Marie Scott have presented on the subject numerous times. Check their blogs, or Google for the items... IamLUG, Lotusphere, and UKLUG are such events where they did this.

Here is a video webinar link created through the Consultant In Your Pocket Series (CIYP) with Chris Miller { Link }

Individual Mail Rules should allow you to specify whether or not a Mail Slider when enabled is displayed (24 Aug 2012)

Yes, for the same reason users become irked when the new mail indicator alerts them to a message that gets auto sorted to a folder, rather than the Inbox, the slider should behave in the same way and only display for messages that appear inside the Inbox, after mail rules are processed.

ACL template for new Databases (24 Aug 2012)

@1 and @3 are correct. You can also use Surely Template from OpenNTF to reset the replica IDs and adjust default ACL settings across all discovered templates. As this has been around for ages, Lotus won't spend any time fixing this capability.

{ Link }

Autopurge function for databases (24 Aug 2012)

I can see additional problems stemming from older DBs or users that have bookmarks to the DB and then call the help desk when they can't get their data. Unless you are just talking log DBS. Perhaps I am not seeing this, but purging an entire DB just to recreate it? Archiving like on the Journaling which automatically appends a suffix to the filename and makes a new primary DBs would be better.

Add "Add to workspace..." to admin client context menu (24 Aug 2012)

Simple and effective. Saves time. Nice.

Multiple Servers in Domino Console (24 Aug 2012)

Though, this is easily accomplished via SSH on Linux, with a good script, I do see the value within the Admin client and will support it.

But keep in mind that for running a on multiple servers, that capability already exists from the Sever Console window. So although you are unable to see the output on multiple servers, you can perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks across several servers, which does save time.

Possibility to be logged at the same time another ID in Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino Administrator. (22 Aug 2012)

As as I submitted here a few years back... when you change location docs and return, all of the open tabs are stored and returned, so you do not miss any work when changing identities.

IBM official Visio stencils and icons repository (22 Aug 2012)

Agreed. Surprised that they don't do this. Though, I think in the pre-MS ownership days of Visio that there were IBM hardware stencils at the very least.

Window-Port-based login rather than 1 Cookie / Browser login. (22 Aug 2012)

P.S. But you can also, use the Open Other's Mail piece in iNotes and that does allow for multiple identities to be utilized in the same session. Works very well and I use it all the time.

Window-Port-based login rather than 1 Cookie / Browser login. (22 Aug 2012)

A good reason to have multiple browsers from multiple vendors to handle and test this. There are other sites, that don't handle this well either. May be difficult to resolve, but the work-around seems sufficient.

Free Time publication for outside users (22 Aug 2012)

Tungle tried this. Never caught on to a larger crowd. What are you proposing that is different?

Server Console: Different colour for console commands / responses (22 Aug 2012)

I like the concept, but it is a nice to have, rather than a need to have. Does Console Properties now, not provide you with sufficient color option changes?

One DAOS store for many domino servers (22 Aug 2012)

Well, using the logic of current development, the single DAOS option would need to be atomic. That means the back-end would then need to be a clustered DB2 store, which would cause clients to re-architect their entire Domino infrastructure. Do not see this happening. Though interesting, that would create a lot of excessive LAN traffic as well, causing further delays, over looking at local storage for the file (physical or virtual).

Auto-Populate the Signature field on Mobile Devices with the Notes Signature (11 May 2012)

This is much easier with iNotes. I understand the frustration. For Traveler, this would be easier with the Android client as IBM built that application. On the iOS devices, it is owned and controlled by Apple. The bigger issue is that IBM does not want to appear to favor one platform over the other---in my opinion---so when a feature is available on the Apple side, they tend to make it available on the Android side--thus ensuring balance, which I understand.

To that point, if Apple doesn't allow an API hook into their client, I feel there is little that IBM can do, as they are limited by Apple's code.

Though possibly one can generate a special 'Traveler signature' message from Notes that auto-fills the signature file on the mobile device, for a small set of smart phone operating systems. Outside of that, even passing down the field in a profile document would only work on Android.

Placeholder for delegated meetings (10 May 2012)

Well, if you delegate, you can opt to be informed of updates to the meeting. It may not show as a gray or penciled option, but if there are any meeting minutes, or changes that may allow you to attend, you would know. Half-way there...

Have an option 'hide in type-ahead' for groups (& regular contacts) (10 May 2012)

I asked this of the core team at Lotusphere98, '99, '00, '01. I'm still waiting.

It was slated to be included in Notes 5.5, which never got released...and instead we went to R6. I think it got lost in the shuffle and despite my asking, management at the time, instead, created the multiple Group Type field in the directory: Access Control List Only, Servers Only, Deny List Only, Mail Only, Multi-purpose. Yes, this was a help of course, but it still didn't address the underlying issue for having mail lists appear in type-ahead.

As I recall, it was a hot PMR for my customer at the time as well. Point is that I concur, this should exist.

Perhaps Mail only, Mail only - Administration, to have it excluded in type-ahead, or a check-box for Mail only, that can only be set when one has Manager rights to the Directory.

What I did as a work-around is to preface each of these special groups with a character construct that is unique and rarely if ever typed in the organization. Then, put the group name after it. e.g. _$%^!zZZZ2w$2 -- <group_name>; As the odds of someone typing an e-mail address beginning with an underscore character was quite slim there. Then I would send the note to myself with these groups in the BCC field.

That is just one way...not necessarily the most elegant, but it does work.

Out of Office handling from Traveler (06 Feb 2012)

I concur.

Make iNotes compatible with Google Chrome (and some other browsers) (30 Jan 2012)

Yeah, let's get the status to closed/implemented. IBM Lotus officially support. Nice when a decent idea gets checked-off the list.

Search field to quickly open databases somewhere on your workspace (30 Jan 2012)

Agree with @1... change the status of this Idea to closed.

Group databases under a workspace similar to Iphone (30 Jan 2012)

I like the concept but you have to handle the concept of stacked replicas on the desktop. The code would need to either completely decouple them or work to ensure that the Rep IDs are unique before creating the folder, else, stack them. Could work, or would it just create a new tab? How would you display a folder on a workspace tab when there are no levels associated with it? How does the user know where they are? Do you allow nested folders? How does the Lotusscript object model change when working with the workspace? There are a lot of facets to making this change. Not sure how well it will actually play-out on the usability and development side.

As an admin, really won't matter to us.

Out of Office linked to calender entry (26 Jan 2012)

Like the concept, but what is the trigger? An all day event, something else? How is OOO to know that you are not in the office on any given day?

Add the ability to set a unique org unit in a registration settings policy document (26 Jan 2012)

Sounds like you are trying to bypass decades of security procedures inherent in the product. Are you using the CA process in Domino? That can simplify the registration process, if I understand you properly. Adjust your Registration policy settings document accordingly, for each region. Not sure how many regions are in your set, but bypassing OU level security is not the way to accomplish what you seek.

Searching in the mail archive with using the search toolbar (26 Jan 2012)

There are third party tools which already allow for this. They leave a stub and can allow you to search across multi-databases (mail <-> archive). Haven't checked for this use case, but Notes DBs can be enabled for multi-DB searches. Something that was more popular in the V3 days, but still exists. Might help.

Follow Up flagging in Traveler (25 Jan 2012)

Please link with this idea --> { Link }

Agreed that we need to do this. iOS devices can, Android is unable. Lacking this feature is a major productivity killer.

Add/Remove Follow-up flag should work in the mobile client (25 Jan 2012)

Should be easy to do now that Apple allows for the Follow-up flag with their latest iOS update. Spoke with Lotus Development at LS12 and it is now just a priority for Android -- based upon demand.

Virtual meeting place in Connection (24 Jan 2012)

So you are looking to incorporate the ST Meeting Server into Connections, or have a separate technology duplicate what ST does? Would posting a URL to your ST meeting room provide what you need? In ST 8.5.1+ you can provide a URL to your meeting place for impromptu meeting rooms, per registered user and invite colleagues or individuals outside of your company (if configured to do so) to attend meetings impromptu.

Prevent policy updates to be applied for specific location (03 Jan 2012)

I absolutely understand your frustration, but your suggestion is the incorrect way to go about it. Blocking policies locally will ensure that the respective administrator loses control of the environment, something that policies are supposed to ensure: control and consistency. As you have an ID on the client network, you need to conform to their Notes policies while using it. Bypassing security for consultants will never pass any security officer worthy of the title.

What might be interesting is a special Location document (different from the standard set) that we can create in arrears and which allows to keep policies for our domain only. Doubt it would happen, but might be a fun exercise to see how it could work.

You can also try creating VMs for each client, or have a VM that is just for client work, as do I. So, thus, I keep all my own Notes settings as I wish, then pause the VM, change to the admin VM and switch IDs as appropriate with the separate Notes client. Works quite well.

Show only future events in Day-at-a-glance (03 Jan 2012)

This is loosely correlated to my earlier idea, kindly peruse and cross-link you please. Definitely needs some usability testing done with the Day-At-A-Glance feature. { Link }

Spam Rule Option: "Add to Domino Domain Spamlist" (30 Dec 2011)

I agree with @11

Next, users that are in-charge of their spam, have over a 100 mail rules, that get checked each time a new message arrives. They have duplicate rules, rules that don't run, rules which create conflicts, and race conditions--causing inconsistent results based upon the search criteria and placement order in the rule list. Then, admins have to go and visit these machines to clean-up the rules so that Notes works again, as most help desk team members have knowledge outside of this arena and escalate the tickets.

Protector is a better way. But for the few messages that might squeak by with a Protector implementation, sure, then use the "Add to Spam folder" action, which works well enough in this case.

Allow to specify a maximum size for email archives (30 Dec 2011)

Although not for most users per se, just use 'split' in Linux / Cygwin if you have a Windows machine. It will breakup the archive file into whatever size chunks you want and auto-number them too. When you want to joint the pieces later, it will do that for you as well. Great little tool. Makes burning large files to any size disc simplistic. { Link }

List persons notified about a comment (04 Nov 2011)

This exists in Connections. Should be easy (?) to port the logic to LotusLive.

Server side virus scanning and spam filtering for Traveler (04 Nov 2011)

Perhaps I am not inferring accurately what you are implying, but wouldn't that be accomplished with Lotus Protector? Traveler is just a bridge between mobile/wireless devices and the Domino infrastructure. So, any Traveler messages are routed accordingly within Domino and scanned on your server anti-virus tools.

If you have the anti-virus program before the SMTP server, and you send to Notes addresses only, then yes, you could bypass it. But you can adjust your design to account for that.

Make iNotes compatible with Google Chrome (and some other browsers) (27 Sep 2011)

I like the premise, but "ALL browsers" is a bit unrealistic and impractical.
IE: 7, 8, 9
FF: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Chrome: x through 15 (Windows); 14 (Macintosh)
Opera: 9, 10, 11
Safari: 3, 4, 5

Then each of these browser brands have multiple flavors: mobile devices, Linux, Mac, Windows, tablets, point releases.

Then testing every feature on every browser to ensure success?

You need a well-defined test set, otherwise, the testing process becomes untenable. Sure, Chrome makes sense, but that is a tough browser to test against in one sense, because it's a moving target with the update model--but others may disagree.

I personally like the warning message that states one is using an incompatible browser, as it helps let the user know they might have problems before-hand and keep help desk calls to a minimum for iNotes issues. Sure, there are plenty of other matters, no need to add to the pile. :)

So, perhaps refine the description a bit and I will change my vote, but as it is written, it seems a bit impractical, with all due respect.

Secure credit card numbers when sending emails (27 Sep 2011)

@3 is correct. Covered in another product.

Also, as a compliance expert, company policy should be that you never send a SSN as unencrypted, even internally. Sadly, many firms request them and they do show-up from outside message authors (customers) and the company has to then manage that data. If you don't safeguard this data when you receive it, depending upon your vertical market, there are one to several Federal regulations that will ensure your life gets interesting quite quickly if you do not properly manage this data. Your best bet here, protect yourself and avoid a situation.

Phone number recognition (27 Sep 2011)

My Moto Droid 3 performs the same as @1 mentioned. Just tap a number in the body and you can call it.

@5 Yes, phone number recognition works in calendar too. I am running Traveler on D8.5.2 FP3

Lock Lotus Traveler application and encrypt the data (27 Sep 2011)

Locking a phone is different than encrypting the data store. I agree with @2 that you can lock the phone to keep people out. You can also steal the phone, take-out the SD card and get the data. As Traveler can store data on the SD card for easy transport when you get a new phone, using something similar to Lotus Notes local DB encryption would be a great security enhancement. Uncertain though, the impact to battery life for all of the encryption/decryption functions.

Now having stated that, I have not checked in the more recent version to see if this is included already. Just want to be objective to the best of my ability.

P.S. It is probably best to split this into two ideas as they are quite different. You might get more votes for data encryption, rather than just simply locking the app, which is already covered well in the comments. I don't care about the application lock, but I do care about encrypting data. So, I have to vote "No Opinion" as my votes cancel out.

Adopt DominoDefrag into the server build (06 Apr 2011)

@4 If you have questions on Domino for Linux, fire-away. Happy to help. I speak on this topic frequently at LUGs. The DominoDefrag enhancement you mentioned should provide short-term gains with minimizing fragmentation. This topic along with the monthly MS patch night, are two main sticking points with Domino on Windows admins: both disappear when running Lotus on Linux. Good luck with it.

Make SwiftFile part of the Notes clients !!! (re-post...) (06 Apr 2011)

Agree with @1 Add the related idea link here at least. I mention this to IBM at least a few times a year. Really unfortunate that the Linux and Mac Notes clients do not have this...I get less done as a result.

Import and export bookmarks (06 Apr 2011)

@0 if the users are set to Roaming User for Domino, then you would have a current replica of bookmarks on the server. It is a best practice to setup all Notes users as roaming, even if they don't roam, just to ensure that all critical data directory files are captured (except user.dic).

send and file mail (06 Apr 2011)

@2 @4 Yeah... a button on the dialog box could be useful. Still prefer the typing aspect for jumping down to the folder. But we all have users/clients that prefer clicks to keyboards shortcuts.

Universal Messaging Notes Client (06 Apr 2011)

@2 "Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in."

autozip while sending attachments (06 Apr 2011)

@4 is correct. ZipMail is a decent product and they attend just about every major LUG you can imagine...ardent supporters of the Lotus Community. Neither a reseller, nor affiliated with them, but respect that they have a loyal presence and remember attendees across shows.

Ability to use field values in twistie image formula of ViewColumn (06 Apr 2011)

@0 You may find that once you get a consensus on your articulated point that others like, you may need to withdraw this idea and resubmit it anew. I concur on the twistie usage. Know that those which have voted and not commented will mostly likely not return for a vote change. I add this as there seems to be some confusion as to what you implied and what others inferred. Good luck.

Lotus Notes - delayed / scheduled send (06 Apr 2011)

You can set these messages as low priority and set the low priority delivery threshold on the server for say, overnight. That is available now. More popular when modems were used to synchronize replication between servers and firms wanted to route bulk mail delivery off-hours to save on toll charges. Still works today.

Add clients log.nsf file to roaming profile (06 Apr 2011)

Some of those local log.nsf files can grow to be quite large (but usually just a few megabytes)... mine is over 1GB; but I am not the usual usage case. Not sure I would want that to roam if over say 15MB. Perhaps a admin client plug-in on the Person tab to grab the user's log file...it would compress and route internally to an admin DB. Not a 100% sold on it, but it might make for a good brainstorming seed.

Populating Salutation by default when we mention to mail-id. (06 Apr 2011)

Agree with @1
The support calls for @2 would be nightmarish with attempting to get that standardized or "Why is says, 'Hi <name>' for personal clients but "Hi Mr/Mrs. <name>" for non-internal business clients that went personal or personal that went business would exceed greatly the time savings intended.

Automatic deletion archive database (06 Apr 2011)

Martin... Kindly either link to the other posted ideas or consider mentioning them in the yours idea's body. As this is a duplicate. Good idea though.

Adopt DominoDefrag into the server build (06 Apr 2011)

@0 NSF fragmentation is really only an issue on Windows servers and their attached storage. For example, UNIX/Linux servers running Domino will avoid fragmentation with more than 10% free disk space. Both OS permutations do not offer a native defrag tool as they do not use one natively. Thus, adding defrag to the common code install for Domino would seem to introduce complexity as this is presumably a server task you seek that would only be available on one Domino flavor. Running defrag on a Linux server could cause a lot of problems. Uncertain how introducing OS specific server tools would fly internally with IBM's design approach. Not saying either way, just posing the query.

A great tool for Windows servers I concur. But it would be faster to switch to Linux and avoid this maintenance task all together. <jk> :)

Seriously though, what is the SAN utilized in question...just curious.

Demoting as I like consistent install sets. Nothing personal here, I assure you Mark

Add a button for Access Control to the database properties dialog (06 Apr 2011)

Nice, but do you want most users going there? Many DB managers (a) do not know they have the access, just that they can do their job; (b) do not know the power of the ACL space; (c) can really make a mess of things unknowingly. Now for the rest of us, that actually have a clue in how to use it, sure it makes sense to save a few clicks. Personally, I do not mind using the current method, but I can see the allure of it.

Then the average users that click it out of curiosity and have the advanced menu options removed.. "Oh, <steve> has more access than me?" or "Why do my colleagues have Editor access and not me?" Just makes these arguments more frequent as many users did not know the ACL piece existed. With it in their face, people will click what they see.

If you can tie-it to the Advanced Menus settings as a toggle, great. Harder due to the design, but a thought.

During server configuration, let me name the group added to template ACLs instead of assuming it is LocalDomainAdmins (06 Apr 2011)

The best practice for years was to use a different admin group to for security. Always setup servers that way, until the Domino installer added this nice feature. Now, it is difficult to get people to see the logic of doing it differently. Nice feature provided, but could use a slight enhancement.

Bring back the Sandbox on developerWorks (06 Apr 2011)

Although I don't code as much these days, even for admins the sand box proved to be a gem for utilities time and again. It is a treasure trove for developers. Reintroduce that gem of a place.

Lotus Forgot Series: Bring back the Diff tool (from R4) that compared two documents selected in a view (06 Apr 2011)

One of my favorite tools. Yes, there are third party options, but man, that was a time-saver for rep/save conflicts.

Lotus Forgot Series: Make MTBF an integral part of the server software (was in the Sandbox) (06 Apr 2011)

I concur. This should be made available for all Domino flavors as an install option at the worst (checkbox during installation) or a server task with an admin client hook for easy setup and management, say on the server analysis page -- hotspot in the left pane with the other system files.

Two-stage Recycle Bin (06 Apr 2011)

Mark and I engaged in detailed dialog on his provided link in @4 No need to rehash that here. :)

@0 Know that only Domino for Windows has a recycle bin. The trend on Notes and Domino is to make the feature sets similar as much as possible and as of 8.0.2, Lotus has made great strides to consistently achieve that with each new release -- excepting a few small cases. I feel this feature would create an exception based design feature set and pull away from that model. Demoting as such.

Filter live console output by Task (06 Apr 2011)

As long as all output remains in the respective log.nsf file, then it makes sense.

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (06 Apr 2011)

@7 my supportive blog entry on the subject generated a lot of comments as well. (As some of you know--including David) . { Link }

Regardless, Lotus needs to advance the cause for Designer to keep it on the eyes of the enterprise managers while still having an option to make great simple apps for teams, departments in those large firms, or small companies in-town (harder now to justify with the ill-fated decisions on Foundations, but I will avoid going further down that path here).
It is possible, but I do not think they will do that. Formula language is a valuable component to the Lotus RAD history and design of today.

Having stated that, I am hardly opposed to the Mac offering, but there are two areas of strength Lotus application development { Link } has and neither should be neglected.

{ p.s. Listing blog URLs as the post's author did...not hawking my blog, just contributing to the discussion, in what I hope to be a productive way. }

Provide a "Tweet this idea" button (09 Feb 2011)

I like the concept in general, but it should be a configurable option, either on a per idea or per IdeaSpace basis. Sometimes there is just some information that should be excluded from the public domain--particularly with private IdeaJam offerings.

Each idea author can have the default setting in their profile and pre-determined checkbox appear at the top of their new idea. If the site prefers to keep all posts private, then they restrict tweeting in the main configuration document, else, the checkbox is available in each registered user's profile.

With compliance and federal regulations on the rise, firms need to be smart about what information leaves their firm, but when appropriate, allow people to share.

Domino Designer available for Linux and MAC Os (08 Feb 2011)

Also Leonardo, I suggest linking to these three previous entries on this subject.

{ Link }

{ Link }

{ Link }

Domino Designer available for Linux and MAC Os (08 Feb 2011)

They also stated this during one of the sessions.

Admin client needs a function to Move a database to a different directory ON THE SAME SERVER (08 Feb 2011)

Caching can be an issue here as well. Not always graceful. If you do the supported option--stop Domino, move file at OS level, start Domino--you have an outage, can take a week or two to get change management approval, just for starters.

A simple task that should be included.

Traveler on Domino for Linux (08 Feb 2011)

Also, we can change this item to completed now. It's real and it's fantastic.

Traveler on Domino for Linux (08 Feb 2011)

@4 Anders, The same goes for BES. Have had several customers voice the identical issue to RIM and they really don't care. This just opens further the Traveler market, imho.

Add disabled properties to Native OS style fields (15 Dec 2010)

The term "old fashioned" irks me, and I am a classic guy. Not picking on Peter per se, but seeing this typed with increasing frequency. If people have a preference for XPages, great. It does a lot of nice things, but decrying other Notes dev styles as deprecated seems a bit premature and elitist to me. I am glad XPages adoption is increasing, but keep in mind, each style has it's place.

SmartUpgrade for Domino Servers (23 Nov 2010)

Linux and UNIX installs can handle that brilliantly. You can even utilize a cron job to set times for upgrades, if that is a concern. It might be a bit more elegant to have a centralized place, but most if not all can be accomplished within the operating environment.

If one is still using Windows, here's another reason to consider making the switch...as you'll run out of drive letters on a larger environment, and waste time mapping, unmapping shares...which then sure, might make the Admin client solution a higher priority.

Follow-up items should have a color assigned (23 Nov 2010)

Does not the Follow-up view, which collates all messages flagged for Follow-up, regardless of which folder it currently lies, provide what you need?

Notes Client Performance Booster (23 Nov 2010)

I wouldn't make a habit of removing the cache.ndk hot, or any of the client system files; you can create program documents to compact files on the client. Lots of ideas...but the N8.5.2 client does boot faster, so that might alleviate your initial concern(s).

Improve "Group documents from each application on a tab" usability (23 Nov 2010)

Love group tabs...saves a lot of time. But as with successive features and releases...anything can be improved.

IBM to post Passport Advantage availability hours (26 Oct 2010)

@5 Kendra...I have a viable solution on the Firefox matter, which just became available. So, no need to consume your time therein. I would be thrilled to hear any thoughts you might have on the next step mentioned in paragraph two of @6, above.

Thanks again for your interest and assistance. I really appreciate it.

IBM to post Passport Advantage availability hours (26 Oct 2010)

Thanks, Kendra. I did notice that sign this weekend on the PAO site, as well as Fix Central too. Very nice to see. I do think the normal maintenance window posted is a good thing and will help make individuals happier. Thank you.

From experience, there seems to be a *lot* of midweek outages after 11p ET, for which I have been tripped-up at client sites or my own system maintenance. So, the next logical step would be to ensure that if there are impromptu midweek support needs, that they are also included in the support banner. For this to occur, as you are not always notified, the support team needs to inform you, or at least have a link established so their internal/team announcement(s) affecting your site, trip a banner message on your site. I appreciate your assistance on this matter.

Finally, any luck with the Firefox support for PAO? (See @3 above) . If you would like to continue this via a different medium, I would be happy to do so.

I appreciate very much your assistance.

Make Swiftfile available on non-Windows Clients (22 Oct 2010)

@7 Good feedback. Glad to know you have such a positive experience with the capability. It is a 'good' tool.

Please enhance Traveler's ActiveSync so it can fully work with WIndows Phone 7 (and be officially supported) (20 Oct 2010)

@Gregg I did state support should exist...I just wanted @Craig's perspective, as no one I know is sleeping outside their cellular store for this phone. (Contrasting to iPhone, and Android releases) . :)

Please enhance Traveler's ActiveSync so it can fully work with WIndows Phone 7 (and be officially supported) (19 Oct 2010)

@Craig, how many of your users are yammering for WinPhone7? I'm not seeing much demand for it. But I do agree, that when it goes, there should be support in Traveler. I think it will though.

IBM to post Passport Advantage availability hours (19 Oct 2010)

@2 One would think that should happen and I would support that too. All I can surmise is that this is a cost center rather than a profit center and thus, it would be too expensive from their perspective. Now, I admit that my opinion is conjecture, so view it from that lens. Perhaps if IBM reads this comment, they can provide some fact-based input.

Appreciate the post, Ninke.

IBM to post Passport Advantage availability hours (19 Oct 2010)

Hi Kendra, it's been over three months. Any progress on this matter? I haven't seen any progress on my end and am curious. Also, getting this site to work with FF on Linux would be nice, especially since IBM is marketing the IBM Client for Smart Work, uses it internally for over 50k users, and it should allow customers utilizing that solution a way to get IBM software via Passport Advantage.

Thank you for your assistance.

lotusphere notes database (13 Oct 2010)

...for clarity, just have IBM feed him the presentations. He did try it and they put their foot down. I do not recall the reasons, but IBM did not want to release the presentations any way except the bulk download. I do concur that a matched session PDF to session record would make the information more valuable.

lotusphere notes database (13 Oct 2010)

Ben Langhinrichs does what IBM should do. Use his annual LS DB...you'll also get better support and better content too. IMHO, of course.

When filing a message, allow selection of multiple folders (13 Oct 2010)

David, please link to his duplicate idea. Thanks. --Bill
{ Link }

Support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on 64bit (13 Oct 2010)

As I mentioned on a colleague's blog when he made a similar request...this is a timing thing. Of course Lotus will provide support for the next LTS version...that's the point of the matter. ND8.5.2 came-out in August and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was released around 14 April...after the code-feature freeze for 8.5.2 was announced. Currently, Canonical is working on getting Ubuntu 10.04 LTS certified against N8.5.2. When that happens, they will release the cert and a newer version of the IBM Client for Smart Work based upon Ubuntu 10.04.

In terms of x64-bit. Windows 7 x64 bit is just now available--on a desktop that will just now be commencing a climb to market share leader in a year or two. Linux here, will take a bit longer to get any type of momentum. Each new Notes compiled version takes a lot of resources....so let's see what what happens in a bit. I use x64 Linux for my host OS and would like to run there, but for now, that is a niche market and so I doubt a build here, will occur in 2010.

Number the options listed in the Additional Options section of Preferences (11 Sep 2010)

Yes, numbering over re-sorting--which would cause me to demote. But with the longer list, I can see a benefit for prefacing an option with numbers for new users and those less familiar with the layout. But not a huge issue from my perspective.

Have the TopGear guys as opening act (28 Jul 2010)

Would this be the British version of Bob Costas?

Show "What's Hot" in each IdeaSpace (27 Jul 2010)

This works presuming a preponderance of ideas, allowing to successfully showcase what truly is hot, rather than another list of ideas under a different category. Need to handle the base case here...but for hotter discussion IdeaSpaces.

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (21 Jul 2010)

@2 I concur on both counts. Plus, have the policy pick a default DB to show as well, so teams (which is sometimes how one breaks-up polices) can now get a default financial, or sales app to open automatically when they launch Notes...controlled via policy. This would also assist when the user changes teams, as their default app would automatically change as well.

If the app is non-existent, then have a default action (e.g. Workspace, Bookmark, Welcome Page) to avoid a screen with an error stating "Server not found" or "Not authorized to access application"

Allow either a * or easier way to preset available times (19 Jul 2010)

@0, Keith: any idea of percentage of ND8.x sites not using policies? Neither stating you are incorrect nor your idea is flawed, just curious on the exposure here...thinking it's smaller at this point. I get the frustration, but isn't the Lotus best practice to use policies for these type of changes?

One could create an explicit/group policy to just set this setting on all users, then kill it later if they don't want policies. Perhaps not the best overall work-around for existing users, but it could work.

Provide option to hide taskbar icon (19 Jul 2010)

@1 I believe Edward is referring to the Windows task bar, for TSR programs and the like. The proposed options seem reasonable, but Lotus might have a reason why it needs to stay active there. I do concur, that the prose is a bit confusing in spots, with all due respect to Edward.

@0 If you don't use the task bar, then why is the presence of an icon there annoying? Why does ST taking up space there both you? You don't need to go to the Windows taskbar to use ST, it's just an option.

Show links to archives when viewing a delegated mail file (19 Jul 2010)

And the extra step of opening the target recipient's mail file then clicking on the archive is unacceptable. Is the point to avoid the extra click or is there something else here?

Context Menu should include Add Person to Contacts (13 Jul 2010)

Just learned that you can add the sender of a message from the Inbox, right-click pop-up menu. So, that gets one half-way there. I tested this and it does work. Should be by name from within the message. But, in the short-run, this should help your user.

I would support an IBM enhancement request for this capability. The in message context menu is Sametime focused (which is great), but this one feature needs inclusion and adds value, imho.

Context Menu should include Add Person to Contacts (12 Jul 2010)

This would save a lot of time...particularly when starting new projects either internally for users, or externally as consultants and getting the new team in their Contacts database.

If you show images in the preview pane it should show images when the message is opened too. (09 Jul 2010)

@2 The inverse is also true. One can hide scripts in read-mode that only appear in preview for reading or preview for editing as well. You can have scripts that run only when edited (although a touch more difficult).

So, although you could have the show images button set a local field on the document, you then are only approving it for one mode.

Now, a good ECL can safe-guard against a lot of the risk, but even with easy ways to push this down, many firms do it once, never touch it again, and leave themselves open to lots of needless warnings or access exposure.

I am more comfortable with allowing your option with a solid ECL, but the multi-script execution for images doesn't go away easily.

Check NSD.exe version on server startup (09 Jul 2010)

@1 NSD updates were released between point releases up till 8.5 (iirc). They patched and repaired it just like SPRs were applied as hotfixes, CCHs, fix packs, etc.

For now, it's not an issue, but could return if Lotus provides for in-between point release updates for NSD.

Overhaul the Replace Design Dialog (09 Jul 2010)

Missed this idea when posted...I have found in ND8 that it will scan and show templates regardless of where they are on the system...even across file systems on the same physical server. So in essence, it solves the problem of looking through multiple directories.

Ideally, this is quite different than what is proposed, but for now, it might suffice.

Deliver start/stop scripts for Domino on Linux (09 Jul 2010)

I use Daniel's scripts. They're quite excellent. Don't have an issue with them not being part of the Domino install. Would be nice, but not required...because you can customize the scripts and enhance them.

You can not do this with Windows, beyond, the basic few GUI settings. So, it is really required for Windows to have Domino enabled as a service during the install; it's a closed source OS. On Linux/UNIX you have more options and capabilities so it makes less sense...but it would save some time.

Tune out of conversation (09 Jul 2010)

Demote because if something is in a thread later that is relevant to your job, you would be accountable. Best to ask to be removed from the thread, or put it in a project folder for later. Because with rules, you can send a mail message to a folder -- slightly less than what you want, but it would work.

add a button to get truncated documents (09 Jul 2010)

Too many action buttons now. If you create an idea for a right-click menu option I would support that.

Allow Message Recall to large number of recipients (09 Jul 2010)

Agreed...if you send to 100 users, some internal and some external, the recall process should excluded the Internet users and just allow the internal users. If one recalls a note, the expectation should be that it will recall to all internal recipients. There are some obvious restrictions spelled-out in the Admin DB, but if that is not clear, then the recall process should create a second Adminp ticket for the remaining user(s).

Again, not all users may be recallable, but the process should be more precise when a recall process is initiated.

Traveler client for Android (09 Jul 2010)

It's in public beta. So, I think we can put this status to completed.

Enable search for multiple notes databases simultaniusly (09 Jul 2010)

@4 -- Is correct here. We just need the previous functionality to be returned.

Also, David, there are some good archiving tools that will allow you to search the archive and Notes mail simultaneously. Reasonably priced as well. Contact me for details (if still and issue).

Make a FREE Notes Mail Client "Lite" for home users (09 Jul 2010)

The problem here is that with roaming users now in ND8.5, the home user would be excluded and have a very different experience--including not being able to get to their apps, then wonder why Notes looks differently. (We know how well IT depts train users.)

I prefer the Notes client experience over iNotes, but for most home users, this is sufficient.

No Opinion Is a Vote (09 Jul 2010)

When calculating...a vote either for or against should weigh more than a No Opinion, but it should count. Sometimes a category is outside of one's expertise and thus, it is beneficial to keep things clean to vote accurately as "No Opinion".

If one has a good idea but is complex, would you want a bunch of uneducated people shooting it down because they felt they had to do so to be recognized?

Allow the integrity of the process to work.

External server tasks or non-critical domino tasks should keep generating NSD but should not kill the server (09 Jul 2010)

Agree with @1

Provide a no cost Domino web server for small design/development companies (09 Jul 2010)

@0 Lotus Express pricing allows for aroudn $80+- per user and free servers. Does that meet your needs?

Allow me To Access INI Settings From Preferences (08 Jul 2010)

Perhaps only enable this preference with Advanced Menus enabled. Most users don't need this added level of complexity and would either confuse them or cause them to tinker, causing Help Desk calls when their benign change cased a major experience change.

Schedule Sametime on and off (08 Jul 2010)

@1 & @3 have this covered. Demoting as well.

Public/Private Key Pairs for Mail-In databases (create shareable private key) (08 Jul 2010)

If I am reading this correctly, you can export the public key. The private key should be kept private. Have an option to more easily share one's public key would seem more appropriate. But please correct me if need be.

@2, I agree...multiple private keys...but not share them. Just allow the corresponding public key to be easily passed along.

Need a new domino servertask, movemail (08 Jul 2010)

@3, if you have thousands of messages -- excluding spam -- then perhaps you lack the proper quantity of mail.box files. Try setting it to 3 and reboot the server.

@2 is correct as well, because sometime the backlog is due to a corrupt message. The manual method lets you isolate it without causing further delays or outages. There is no guarantee in this scenario that a server task would be any better at removing a corrupted message block, as the message is damaged.

Add a per user mail policy. (08 Jul 2010)

Some of the options you list above can be done within Notes, one-way or another. Can be customized in the template.

But I would suggest that your items really stem from a lack of end-user training. Forcing policy through back-end restrictions generally backfires and causes the users to hate the product, and scream for a change. Management then states that it's time to look at other solutions (to Notes) rather than easing the restrictions to make users happy.

If you really want to do per user policies, you can utilize the explicit policy capability. Although difficult to manage overall, nothing is stopping you from doing it.

Tombstone a Domino server after its Domino Directory is more than 90 days old (08 Jul 2010)

@0 Cross-link this to @1's idea.

Tombstone a Domino server after its Domino Directory is more than 90 days old (08 Jul 2010)

I would prefer an option to kill all the connection documents or automatically disable replication. There can be cases where a server get relocated, then project delays with the site cause it to be disconnected from the NotesNamed Network for greater than 90 days, but it is an active server.

ACL profiles that let you select default acl for a database (08 Jul 2010)

Though the Admin client gets you half-way there, because you can set the ACL to all or any combination of DBs inside the current directory in one shot. But for servers with a deep directory structure, can be suboptimal.

Direct execution of server commands from program documents (08 Jul 2010)

Also, perhaps just put the syntax of the [nserver.exe -C "<command>"] construct below the field. "To run a server command from the program document, utilize this syntax: <x>". Might provide a simple solution and get the job done.

Direct execution of server commands from program documents (08 Jul 2010)

@0 Did you know that you can call a batch file that contains multiple commands and switches? Use them for example, when adding a user to Deny Access and need that change to propagate to all servers immediately.

Could be better documented though, I definitely concur.

An ideaspace for each IBM template (08 Jul 2010)

I would prefer one space for IBM Templates -- and a sub-space for each. Far more organized and easier to manage and data mine.

Reward and Motivate People to Answer Forum Posts (08 Jul 2010)

Rewards...How about a pair of Kathy Brown signed Brooks running shoes? :)

Like the concept...though. It's tough to actively contribute to all of the wonderful places people can do to post a question or response. So, this might help boost some sites needing a bit more traffic.

Move away from (or provide an alternative to) Internet Explorer as the MIME render engine (08 Jul 2010)

Perhaps with the new IBM announcement of moving to Firefox { Link } this will now be plausible and receive a higher priority internally.

If you show images in the preview pane it should show images when the message is opened too. (08 Jul 2010)

The problem with that is some scripts and values can be hidden when in preview mode, that are then executed when reading or editing. So, although annoying, Notes is working with security in-mind. Or just remove the preference and avoid the matter all-together.

Include mini progress bar in workspace icons (new workspace) (08 Jul 2010)

This seems like a major performance issue for workspaces that have many icons. Also, what happens with stacked icons when the local replica is not on top, but inside the stack, the user would not see it and then wonder why they are not receiving data for one application....they would then call the Help Desk and state that "Application<x> is not receiving data," or that "Notes is broken." Also, if you utilize multiple tabs, you will need to change tabs and scroll to see everything...that can waste time.

The replicator page is the best place for this, and will show all the icons with local replicas in a nice concise format.

Nice idea in theory, but in implementation it breaks-down. I will demote as a result...just want to be cordial and provide my perspective with my vote.

Automatic sent of ideas with Keywords (of interest to you) (02 Jul 2010)

What a filter through tags?

Allow for user-defined rules in SwiftFile (29 Jun 2010)

I see where you are going with this, but I can't help but think that the interface could be quite complex or overwhelming to users, already inundated with preference options in Notes.

Heck, the mail rules interface is far more challenging to actually get a rule working correctly for many users.

Do you have a schema perhaps? (Not trying to make more work for you...just curious is all.)

add database-icons of newly opened db's to a dedicated workspace tab (29 Jun 2010)

Very powerful when you show-up Day 1 on a project and the boss opens up ten DBs for you and leaves. Nice to get the list back so you can peruse at your leisure. Can't guarantee that the site allows you to save state when exiting either.

There are many other usage examples, but this one just re-emerged recently.

Have a rolling review of older ideas to "freshen" their visibility (29 Jun 2010)

I don't know if changing What's Hot to forcibly include older ideas is best, but I do like the idea of a rolling review or a separate list for Archived Hot ideas, so easily find older tips of value.

Any other conventions to provide similar data is fine as well.

Add new option in "show database" command to show the number of conflicts (29 Jun 2010)

@1 I concur. I show many of my clients how to do this and provide them one to use in their key databases.

Replace inch for pixels/percentage throughout Designer (29 Jun 2010)

@4 That's addressed via the Regional Settings preference in the Notes client...imperial or metric is just a semantic really.

I referred specifically to Inches so as to address the screen shot you provided...which displays inches. But I appreciate the link.

Improving the find / search function on Lotus Notes Email (29 Jun 2010)

Jer: there are three ways to search a view. Which one is of interest to your post?

A full-text search has the fuzzy search logic. The Quick search needs to be precise, as it is just moving down the current sorted column. So, you must be discussing the Ctrl+F, Find capability.... Don't know how much that quick search can be improved before it becomes too bloated to be useful.

Sounds like you just want to run the more complex items in via a FTI search.

You can create complex searches, save them, then recall them at any time. It's quite a powerful tool.

Attachment Box (29 Jun 2010)

@2, @3 --> Use iNotes. D-)

Barring that...I prefer the sent copy as the author created it. For the recipient's version, I have no issue with it now.

@3... vanity and existence are two different things. :) Seriously though, just submit an Idea to make it nicer and describe how you would want it to look.

Policy to control client startup speed enhancements (29 Jun 2010)

Although I support this, a lot of work for N8.5.2 has been accomplished such that it can negate the need for this. The final release version will be the determining factor of course...so this is just an FYI.

Replace inch for pixels/percentage throughout Designer (29 Jun 2010)

Table cells in inches make a lot of sense...particularly as the Ruler which one can display, is in inches...not pixels. Haven't seen to many percentage or pixel based rulers. Also, margins are, have been, and will remain for a while as a linear measurement in inches, as is the paper that defines them. Ever bought printer paper in pixels? :)

So, it depends upon what one is doing, as to the measurement scale of preference. A total replacement throughout seems a bit too strong of an action.

Delegate folder to another mail-box (29 Jun 2010)

I've asked for a Re-assign capability to ToDos for this same reason.
Linked Idea: { Link }

But with @1, I concur, to this extent, not a core product capability. Blurs the line a bit much for me.

column option: show only first/last value (28 Jun 2010)

@1, @2: ditto.

Folder Type for Images ( Web Album, Photos, screen shots... ) (28 Jun 2010)

I think it would depend the DB type and how many documents in it. For larger DBs, this could be a major server-side performance killer and the luster of the add, would leave a sour taste in the mouths of the users. Small icons are fine, as the set is a constant in Notes already.

Option to add some small comments when adding a contact from an email (28 Jun 2010)

I would like to see a twistie in the bottom part of the dialog box, which allows for some of the basic fields to appear --- including comments --- so you can associate the name with a company, project, partner, or business event.

Grant access to create databases/replicas on a server IN A DESIGNATED DIRECTORY (28 Jun 2010)

Couldn't you just create a group for allowing people to make replicas, then apply that to the respective replicas?

So, <allow_create_archive_replica> add that to the Server doc, then apply group to the ACL on each replica and template used in respective directory. May not be the most direct way, but it should get the job done, if I am understanding your post correctly.

Incorporate LinkedIn Into The Social Networking Aspect of the Lotus Community (20 May 2010)

William: You are familiar with the LinkedIn plugin for Notes 8.5? That might help you a bit (yes, it needs more functionality, but it's a start. :)

Bring back NotesBuddy (A lightweight Notes client from alphaWorks) (20 May 2010)

I think there is an idea here for multiple clients, a light client, or mail only client, iirc. You might consider giving it a search and creating a link to it as this and that one are loosely correlated.

One-click way to add participants to a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite (20 May 2010)

This has been discussed on many occasions, even in IdeaJam. Over the years, I've commened several times as well. My perspective remains resolute.

It's a best practice to have the person running the meeting determine who gets to invite whom to the meeting. There are several business dynamics at play in meetings, and having the incorrect resource mix can alter the outcome or impede progress on needed meeting items. No invitee should be able to usurp the meeting authority of the chair. That would be bad business.

If you want to have additional people invited to the meeting, send the names to the respective chair and ask permission.

Fixup/Compact should automatically mark clustered databases as Out Of Service (01 Mar 2010)

Why not just use the -o or -z (depending upon your needs) with Fixup to take the DBs offline? That should solve half of this problem.

For compact, that's different, and I could see Lotus expanding the capability to add an offline option for that feature. Know that as @2 mentioned, there are some circumstances where one wants the DB to remain on-line--even in a cluster. Particularly if the time to switch over is longer than the time the Domino server would be touching the file.

Should spell check in Lotus Notes remember your choices when you save as a draft? (27 Feb 2010)

For many of these words, you can always click "Add (to dictionary)" if used more than on this document. (Doesn't work in all cases, I know.)

Lotus Domino Messaging & Collaboration Express licenses should allow a single, two-server cluster for DR purposes. Even if it req's an 'upgraded license' of some type. (27 Feb 2010)

As you know, the option here for a one server shop on an express license (which implies free Domino server licenses with Notes client express licenses paid), accrues a several thousand dollar upgrade to an Enterprise license just to get clustering.

This helped kill a deal at a small conservative bank. They wanted clustering, but had 200 users and the server upgrade fees added $10k to the bill--just so they could cluster. "Wow...the trade journals are right...Lotus is more expensive than Microsoft--we had no idea".

Customers at small shops don't know what goes into a technology or how good Lotus products are. They just know that feature A satisfies business need B and has cost C. If C is too big, the solution is too expense, not, "Does the business really need A to solve B or is there a different way with the same product suite?"

Add A More Detailed Index To Designer Help (27 Feb 2010)

Also, the F1 option fails to provide assistance to where you are, instead, providing a generic page (e.g. "How to build a form" or "How to build a view").

To say this is irksome is being kind. If I am in the formula window of a hide-when box on a field, and I press F1, give me the help page for the line of code where I am working. You did this brilliantly all the way up till N8.5.

Time bar to let you know when an ID and mail box file will be completed (25 Feb 2010)

Bandwidth is the true issue here and as Gregg mentioned a wildcard, making an attempt at estimating duration almost futile.

Perhaps a histogram showcasing percentage completed of bandwidth for the task with a running stopwatch--different than guesstimating how much till finished. (Perhaps a semantic but speaks to what happened versus what might happen.)

Example, based upon your operations, you have 200MB needing creation. At point <x>, I have completed 75% of that 200MB and to this point, it took 00:15:23.35 to complete. This might be useful, and be plausible. Similar to a web file download scale--which are more accurate than the MS Installer bar graphs.

I would love it if while creating a view I could select a form and have notes create a view with all of the fields in that form. (25 Feb 2010)

@6 @7 Makes sense.
@10 To your second point, I concur. If you can select the fields on the form, then yes--that is useful.

Identify and or filter out duplicates in a view. (25 Feb 2010)

Also @Unique works, depending upon your needs.

Allow anyone to add tags to my idea (25 Feb 2010)

@3 and the admin can remove erroneous, miskeyed, or inappropriate tags. Also, required to prevent spamming via tags.

Ability to tweet a search phrase to @LotusTechInfo, and be returned a search result from the wikis (25 Feb 2010)

@2 to your point, it's not a matter of using it as a primary support tool, but it can be complimentary. Example. You get a call from a colleague while in an airport. Being a good person you want to help, but are on the move. Shoot a note to the IBM support bot and get a response. Then either e-mail the tweet or retweet it. It will though, take some time to get the search parsing correct otherwise one could receive a generic or ambiguous response.

A good site, technote, or whitepaper would be helpful. A search string of "xpage upgrade issues" could return tens of responses...how do you handle that in Twitter? Do the search results go to a temporary site for review if more than one?

Like the premise, just some details to resolve to ensure a useful tool.

Allow Enter key to be used as field exit (23 Feb 2010)

If it is a developer enabled item and there is some way to distinguish that on the form/document, then that is fine. For good GUI design, consistency is key and having a different behavior for one keyboard operation in one area of a frame then another in the same plane is poor design.

Having stated that, I understand and support your usage case. Just make it clear that there is a behavior change and then make management happy.

Make copying attachments work better (23 Feb 2010)

[N8.5.1] Right-click on an attachment, select copy, then go to a table and paste. It pastes the entire document. Worse, if the original document contains a layout region, you get an error about attempting to paste a layout region into a table.

With ND8.5.1, this basic capability needs to be brought into the 21st century.

Yes, if you are savvy, you might deduce that you can highlight the attachment in read or edit mode. Then when you select copy, you will get the desired result upon a paste operation. Counterintuitive, but it works.

Deferred Mail (18 Feb 2010)

A little behind the discussion here, as this idea escaped my radar earlier...

@8 @9 --> Can be handy to have a central place for frequent messages, as people can be ill, on leave, vacation, or have computer issues preventing the company-wide notification from being sent on-time. Chris' idea resolves that matter and in a way that "exceeds expectations".

@19 For larger client sites, the server's mail.box would bloat and cause mail delays as it would constantly have to skip over held mail till the targeted time--killing performance for heavy usage infrastructures. Perhaps creating a maildelay.box where a delayed message has a flag set and the router task notes this and transfers the message from the mail.box to the maildelay.box and that has a new mail agent that reads the delivery time and sets a mail delivery agent to run at that time (rather than having an agent run every :05 minutes) Just a thought...

@5 I agree with your customer management approach; so although I will promote this, I have reservations on the implementation approach.

All -- isn't this why Lotus created mail priority delivery thresholds? Just set the priority for mass messages to low and have the router send it at the appropriate time, as configured by the admin--can also set transfer times for high and normal priority as well. It's not elegant, but it works and is available now. In the short-run, this might be a better way to approach this matter.

I agree that if it is completely controlled by the client, this can lead to four scenarios:
* Issues with the mail not being sent at the desired time due to hardware changes (not all IT Teams pull the local mail.box file or check it for messages)
* Shutting-down Notes (forgetting that you have a delayed message you composed and sent four hours earlier)
* Notes crashes causing corruption to any number of local databases/applications
* Duplicate messages (as a defense mechanism from above and the user re-sending it b/c they felt it wasn't going to be sent and they needed to get it out by the boss' deadline)

Microsoft has to implement this capability via the Outlook client as it is really challenging to modify new capabilities into either Exchange or Outlook due to the lack of a properly integrated development environment. So, users of that client get lulled into thinking what they have is great, but masks limitations--IMHO.

I think it can be handled as a server-side add-in and avoided mostly on the client--with other than a checkbox in Delivery Options to delay message with a time-date field. Let Domino handle it from there. You can make an argument for a template fix and logic, but the client is less stable than the server...so I think it makes sense to move it there and avoid some support calls for missing mail.

Would like to set Policies based on Computer name (17 Feb 2010)

What I would prefer is to have an explicit or group policy with an added field for @platform here. The admin would create an authentication only group with platform names for reference. So, a laptop name group for authentication only and the policy document refers to that group entry --- via a picklist/listbox field --- which creates the linkage.

Then, if a machine type matches, you would be included for said fields. Wildcards would be accepted, so a "[TtHh][hHpP]*[0..9][0..9][a..z]" would capture all ThinkPad or HP laptops ending in two digits with a lowercase letter, and thus, saving the admin a lot of grief.

A lot of considerations would be needed to finalize the algorithm, particularly with how you handle splitting preferences across a desktop or non-desktop platform.

I am uncertain how you would introduce such a capability without eschewing the Notes security model or a major re-write, if you want to use Notes Names vs machine names grabbed by means of an outside directory. That can be a performance killer and provide security vulnerabilities, IMHO.

@IsDocEditor function (17 Feb 2010)

@1 Standard @functions are the epitome of efficiency in coding and effectiveness. What one macro can accomplish on a list operation is incredible, but sadly lost on the younger set, preferring to write dozens of lines of code tore-implement a perfectly good algorithm, in many cases.

Lotus should keep moving @functions forward; they do have their place and limitations, but ensure that RAD does work in Lotus Notes/Domino.

Combine Server Docs, Ini Settings, and Config Docs (At least from the admins perspective) (17 Feb 2010)

I like the premise to create efficiency, but as configuration docs can include multiple servers and a server document covers one server, which may not be included in any configuration document, plus Notes.ini values that can differ across servers, etc, this is a tall order.

So, it might be nice to have a better area, but I am lacking lucidity in how you envision that to appear while maintaining document and data integrity.

Make NTFs viewable in Web browser (17 Feb 2010)

@2 Does a "load design -f <filename>.nsf" work for you?

Traveler should support the Pre when it ships (12 Jan 2010)

I'm with @16 After 12 months of BB Curve misery, RIM should not be rewarded with additional revenue--from my perspective. VZW is offering a Palm Pre next week, and I am strongly considering it. I would want synching software natively in Domino, vis-a-vis Traveler. If the horizon is too long, then I'll look to BP ISVs for answers.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

@13 Hi Mark... I tactfully disagree, with all due respect.

First, you stated in your title that you wanted to make DB deletion a "Windows recycle bin affair". This implies outside of the Notes DB, application and requires an API call to the OS-level bin, that you site. This action of leaving data to be maintained by the OS does introduce and substantiate my concerns quite nicely.

Additionally, an Undo at the DB level is different than the document level...as the document level would rely upon the respective DB's trash folder within itself, whereas purging an entire application file can not utilize that folder.

Your point in @10 contradicts your Idea's main body of how your feature would work, creating confusion it appears for individuals commenting here. I refer to your body text specifically.

In your third paragraph, you need to know that I deal with legal teams and compliance officers on a regular basis. So, the point I raise here about left over data is in-fact reality, not "fantasy" to utilize your term. The Windows recycle bin is a concern for them --- especially as it offers little to no security --- and would make more work for Domino admins, as @4 and @8 raised in his notes.

Your point on best practices is partially correct. Yes, firms hone a list if practices -- both development and administration -- but customers also want to know what the ISV suggests (in this case IBM Lotus), and what partners experience. I know many business partners that would disagree on your prose in your second paragraph--being respectful here of course.

It appears that you are looking at this from a purely development standpoint, whereas I, from the architecture and administration perspective. They are different.

We can agree to disagree, but I am still demoting this idea. Sorry.

Faster Notes Client !! (10 Jan 2010)

@5 Perhaps we are looking at this in different ways. Your second paragraph indicates (to me) that local mail doesn't speed-up the end-user experience. It does, but yes, does not speed-up the client's internals. Eclipse certainly creates a large footprint and can be made more efficient.

Many firms use local replicas and policy documents can force replication settings. Uncertain to what you are referring as to how with ND8.5, users are breaking managed replication "in so many ways." They may be able to stop it temporarily, but not break-it in an extended manner.

Remember that Notes is a groupware platform that also does e-mail. It is not the best e-mail client, but has evolved nicely over the past several releases. Other mail clients just do mail -- including Outlook, a mail client that attempts to extend itself to groupware capabilities afterwards. A completely different design model. There are pros and cons to that approach.

"View - Customize this View" needs to be durable, and not reset randomly (10 Jan 2010)

@7 Windows is noted as a horrific GUI and held that title throughout releases. Thus, other operating systems strive to excel beyond that. The Mac OS X windowing environment does improve that in many areas.

Your final paragraph contradicts your premise...as when a button menu option is unavailable the color changes and it does nothing. In Notes, that is not an option (whether it should be is another discussion). As such, the only other option is to remove the button. Good design ensures that when a user sees something, it should work. That is good design. Generating an error sometimes, and functionality at other times creates confusion as the user does not know when in the application the functionality changes -- i.e. when they will not get an error. If one is debugging code, that is a different story, because the design and overall application is still in-progress.

Only Send Attachments to those that need them (10 Jan 2010)

@0 That's a very narrow niche utilization and best for a third-party app. Most cases people will tell you to send a separate note to those that need the attachments, or a link to the DB application that contains them, and if they are Notes users, you can put in a hide-when on the link, rather than the attachments themselves, which would still be in the message, but invisible and surely prompt calls to the Help Desk.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

@0 -- Mark, your arguments are missing a few points, with all due respect:

1. You are thinking in terms of non-regulated firms; your model would make any legal team and security officer cringe in a professional or otherwise regulated firm concerned with compliance;

2. The Windows recycle bin is most definitely not a flavor of backup. To say it is, introduces worst practices akin to telling users that they can store messages in the Notes Mail Trash folder rather than a temporary folder. Any quality admin most definitely advises users against this practice;

3. Your position forgets that Notes runs on Linux and Mac as well, not just Windows, and focusing such a platform specific capability ignores and complicats needlessly the excellent work Lotus introduced with Eclipse for consistent feature sets across the board for Notes (still in-progress, for clarity);

4. Setup your users with the Domino Server Roaming profile feature will provide a reliable backup of their Journal, Mail (if local), Desktop, Contacts DBs at a much greater frequency and reliability than a OS level filesystem undo

5. Roaming user is a best practice that accomplishes your goal quite nicely and is recommended for all users, regardless of the number of workstations they use;

6. Users should never be manager of their mail file -- best practice is Editor with ND7 or newer;

7. Good backups and a cluster server guard against most scenarios where one would need to complicate the work or introduce legal liability to a firm;

8. Server-based recycle bins only exist on Windows: Unix, Linux, iSeries, zSeries do not have these, nor need them; this appears, with all due respect, to be another scenario where Microsoft has introduced bad computing practices to guard against flaws with their OS model and thus, people (not saying you, Mark) become used to the issue and panic when it's unavailable elsewhere; for clarity, I am not saying anything negative against you here;

Finally, not all backup engineers are cranky, some are quite nice. :)

Overall, shore-up the security model, limit the number of DB managers, and setup roaming and clustering for critical or high-impact DBs and one can negate the need here. If you still feel the need, I think there is an adjustment for when Adminp deletes a DB, and that might assist you further.

Alphabetize the list of Additional Options in the Preferences Dialog (08 Jan 2010)

p.s. The only way to do this and avoid perpetual frustration with the verb choices, is to rewrite all the options based upon the keyword.


Background tasks -- print requests as
Background tasks -- disable view updates as
Document images -- compress when pasted
MIME Mail -- disable embedded browser
vCard Support -- invoke
View column sorting -- retain

It's easier to search and locate what you need, but a different way to think of the expressions we've seen for years. So, this type of change may put-off some less users or those with lower language skill/aptitude.

Alphabetize the list of Additional Options in the Preferences Dialog (08 Jan 2010)

@2 Well, some new preferences have been sprinkled throughout the list since the formal introduction of the now more modern preference list in v4. But for the most part you are correct. What is consistent and well planned, is that all of the "Do Not <x>" options are appended at the bottom for easy reference, along with the "Show check marks in margins..." and that should remain, imho

@0 In rethinking this, alphabetizing would create confusion. When setting preferences, we tend to focus on the keyword in the preference (e.g. Java, Javascript, Print, MS Office, Internet URLs), rather than the introductory verb beginning most options in the list. So, it quite possibly would be more convoluted to alphabetize at this point, as one is not going to look first for "Invoke" instead of "enable" for vCard support, or "Retain" versus "Enable", "Invoke", "Allow" for view column sorting.

@1 as per the above paragraph, a searchable list would be just a fruitless, as the introductory word is not intuitive in all cases. Sure it could be learned, but people will still be scrolling to find the one they want. Unless you prefer that all words in the list are searchable, then that would be fine.

The list is in the form it is, and most of us are used to it, right or wrong. That's my $0.02.

"View - Customize this View" needs to be durable, and not reset randomly (08 Jan 2010)

I am always a fan of UI consistency. Whatever you do or design, the end-user should have an expectation that it work. If a button is visible, it should do what it states (e.g. Edit/Print/New Form) or remain invisible for that user. The same applies here. If they go through the process of customizing a view, it should remain unless the process explicitly states for current session or gives the user the option to set duration.

Put the unread count in the workspace tab (08 Jan 2010)

@4 Then how do you want to visually see them when one groups their tabs? What about the top level -- it already displays how many tabs are there...wouldn't it get confusing to have to different numbers there, on a small tab?

In the Server Console, save last commands in notes.ini (08 Jan 2010)

I concur with @1 and @2 Sounds nice, but difficult to cleanly implement. The admin client is not a database itself, so that kills the use of profile documents within the client to store it. So, you would either need to create a separate DB to store that data (too much overhead for a simple task), or insert data into a system DB which might cause issues, if there are admin groups in the ACL with different access levels, or to impact a system database -- not a best practice.

Auto-close original mail when sending reply (08 Jan 2010)

I would just depress the ESC key or double right-click. There are times when you may want to save or view attachments, forward the note under separate cover. Leave it to the person, rather than the developer to decide when one is done.

Also, if you close the message arbitrarily, you lose the ability to store it in a folder and thus, your Inbox stays full, impacting sever performance.

@PhoneNumber (06 Jan 2010)

Add a variable for country (and if in the PNAB), then the filter would work accordingly. I think it can work, as long as the nation is considered with the parsing algorithm.

@5 sounds like a flaw in the synching routine. But yes, a pain none-the-less.

It's time for NOTES.INI to become a proper database (06 Jan 2010)

@0 Too many reasons why one would want to change it pre-launch. @3 has a decent compromise, imho.

Maybe put many to most of the tokens into an NSF file, then leave the critical stuff in the notes.ini file. Then there is the backwards compatibility issues with developers still using environment variables, rather than profile docs. Not a major reason to thwart the move, but at least should be considered.

Sorry Scott, but I need to demote this.

Sametime IM and Gateway servers should be split off and simplified from the meeting server functions (06 Jan 2010)

@3 Was thinking of a case where one has clustering and needs a Domino Enterprise license for their firm...then they would need the extra server license, as I recall. If they say, are using Domino Express licensing, then no additional Domino purchased license is required.

I agree with the Sametime Entry servers being free. I prefer Linux myself, but not all of my clients will allow an officially unsupported OS despite CentOS being a quality product -- would want RHEL or SLES on their servers, and introduces a fee, but a fee that is significantly less than a Windows server license plus the extra CALs.

Thanks @4 @5 for the lucidity.

Give me the option to snooze ALL of my Notes pop-up windows (06 Jan 2010)

When launching Notes, the option to do this exists and works well. Should be allowed later in the application.

The issue of a snooze all for later in the day, is for what time-window within your clicking Snooze All are alarms in-scope? That is where the useful idea gets clouded during the implementation.

Lotus Notes reminder mail - Prefill the recipients (06 Jan 2010)

A reminder for a meeting or just a task reminder? The former has an option within the calendar for this purpose and auto-fills. If a group task, you can accomplish the same thing from within the ToDo DB. Do either of these meet your needs?

When/If Notes Standard client craters, please add a policy-definable option to ask the user, "Notes just crashed the last 10 times you opened it. Would you like to start in Basic mode?" (06 Jan 2010)

p.s. Maybe, instead of opening in Basic mode, provide "Shall we contact the Help Desk for you to summon a technician?" IBM UC^2...could work well here.

Actually, only moderately difficult to implement in many cases--either opening a ticket or placing the call with the correct backend in-place, from a prompt.

When/If Notes Standard client craters, please add a policy-definable option to ask the user, "Notes just crashed the last 10 times you opened it. Would you like to start in Basic mode?" (06 Jan 2010)

If a firm has fault recovery, depending on where the crash occurs, the admin may not be alerted. If they were and didn't proactively contact the user, they should be re-purposed. But I would think after 10 crashes, any user with a pulse will have called the Help Desk.

Regarding going to Basic mode as a work-around, well, I put my concerns in a similar post. Don't want to be redundant.

Sametime IM and Gateway servers should be split off and simplified from the meeting server functions (06 Jan 2010)

Difficult for a small business that just committed to going with Lotus Notes to then tell them that if they want to have IM with their employees and home access, they need a separate server for that -- which implies: new server OS license, new iron, additional backup license, possibly a new Domino license, more backup tapes, more monitoring, more maintenance.

Hard to swallow that for just IM. Keep the basic components simple and you'll increase distribution.

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (06 Jan 2010)

@10 oh Craig, it appears you accidentally misspelled "wuld", should be "wood like". ;)

Forward as vCard as Delegate (06 Jan 2010)

@3 If said access is allowed, there still needs to be a record of the transaction -- just like when e-mail is sent from the EA/AA, it shows-up in the message header.

Display owner's "Top Innovator"-Score (06 Jan 2010)

@3 I think this is a good idea, but the insistence on knowing details on the IdeaJam internals, creates uneasiness for me.

There is a concept of trade secrets and keeping features from the competition. This is true also in Germany. People there may want to understand the application, but it is also enough to state that algorithm is a combination of your contributions. And I do understand quite well, how German business practices function (having worked for two German companies). {That last remark should be viewed as cordial, for clarity.}

I do not work for Elguji nor am I inferring in anyway how they should respond...for clarity.

Just that some things are best left alone, in my humble opinion. Appreciate your reading this comment.

Multiple Activities Sites Abound, but only one entry in Client exists (06 Jan 2010)

@0 This is a similar problem with the embedded ST client -- only one community allowed.

Mark Calendar Items to Indicate Updates and/or Just Move (06 Jan 2010)

I agree that if a meeting is canceled, that a red circle with a circumscribed line in the event is helpful, but there is a mail preference that will automatically update canceled meetings and thus, pull it from the calendar.

But an autorefresh option in the calendar Day-At-A-Glance plugin would help, or at least have a setting in the preferences for refresh frequency -- including "when I receive a meeting update or cancel for a meeting held today"

Temporarily Restrict access to individual database(s) (06 Jan 2010)

Presuming you mean that the DB is not clustered, right? If it is clustered, then take it offline and any attempts to access it cause a failover event. Works great. Maybe try that instead.

cascading replication on fields (optional) when solving conflicts (06 Jan 2010)

You can code this into an application if one is concerned, or at the least, add an audit trail to your app and merge it post replication/edits. I agree with @3, the replicator is fast and reliable...inserting artificial intelligence-esque logic would dampen one of the replicator's core strengths.

Set via a policy settings - Subject for email is required in the Lotus Notes client and iNotes! (06 Jan 2010)

@2 I concur. This is almost a solution searching for a problem.

@4 It seems like the process to implement this one checkbox would cause an entire new policy and settings architecture and create excessive group or exception-based policies to handle the one office of an office in a new division that wants the option to send mail with or without a subject.

@1 Has the idea to address what @4 proposed, imho

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (06 Jan 2010)

@6 Sounds great. And the window can be dropped to five minutes (:05) to alleviate any concerns with people submitting a comment, then someone changing an anterior comment to make the posterior comment's author look bad/foolish.

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (06 Jan 2010)

@5 although true, the LinkedIn sub-thread deviates from the main point of this idea. I used it as a reference for visual clarity, not intending to alter the workflow herein, or compare this application to that application.

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (06 Jan 2010)

Perfect example, sir. And yes...editing *only* one's authored comment for only a 15 minute window post clicking "Submit Your Comment".

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (06 Jan 2010)

Don't you have to login to IdeaJam to post a comment or vote? :)

As a meeting participant, be able to forward invitation (not delegate) (06 Jan 2010)

@3 unless the new process saves them time or is easier overall. Otherwise, I concur with your statement.

I also remind my clients that Microsoft does tend to allow some bad computing practices which indirectly breeds loyalty when people leave their products. Thus, implementing best practices can be challenging as a result.

@4 it appears that we are aligned here

I've had this discussion with clients several times. The argument against is that there are times when the wrong mix in a meeting can kill the productivity or create politics. Therefore it is critical to ensure that the meeting chair and only the chair have control over whether people can be freely added or kept to a tight list. You see more of this with regulated, professional (ie. cpa, legal, medical) or larger politically charged firms. I support the chair's right to control their own meeting.

If the chair wants to allow open invitations, it can be stated in the body.
If the recipient wants to delegate, they have that option if the chair allows.
If the recipient wants to invite a colleague, they should get permission from the chair before forwarding -- which is easily accomplished via Actions -> Forward and pass along the invite. This action takes less than 3 seconds.

Proposed Solution:
I would support a checkbox in the new meeting form (upper right corner near remind me) or in the delivery options to "Allow meeting invite forwarding"; enabling the checkbox would allow the message to be programatically forwarded via a new option in the response dropdown list.

Forward as vCard as Delegate (06 Jan 2010)

I agree with Rob here. There must be an audit trail and security must be maintained.

Add certification for Crash/Performance troubleshooting. (06 Jan 2010)

@0 I don't know about a full certification for this, but certainly having a subsection say, on the Managing Servers and Users and upgrade exams. I'll raise it with the certification team.

Apply attribute change to multiple design elements with a single command (05 Jan 2010)

A big time-saver...indeed. Admins have it, why not include it in the Designer client.

Object Model Maps (05 Jan 2010)

@4 I concur...having just coded several years with C and C++, the R5 diagram helped me get the LS object model down and my apps upgraded with new enhancements faster than anything.

@5 Very valuable tools...always kept a set in my cube from '98 (ish) to '07 and brought back a set for the lead developers at my client site each year -- better than a case of Jolt (dating myself here) for getting your app rolled-out faster.

@7 Thank you. Would love to see them at LS10 in the Developers' Lab... :)

Allow for a different Notify setting for Appoinments versus Meetings. (05 Jan 2010)

Bruce, I've been thinking about this one and although I like the concept as it clearly makes sense, I am uncertain how it would be implemented sans creating added complexity in the preference area and policy settings documents. Companies are giving little to no training, so another pref which is easy and makes sense, well, @1 said it well...no need to be redundant.

Promoting, but with aforementioned reservation.

Auto filter function for Notes View (05 Jan 2010)

Patrick, this doesn't work for all users of course, but you could make and store targed FT searches and run those when needed, or just create a few private views (yes, I said it!) for you extract the precise document subset you wish to manipulate.

Assist the user in getting to Basic Mode for low memory machines. (05 Jan 2010)

@4 I don't know that an NSD situation is sufficient to confuse a user with a different UI when booting. Pre-Eclipse, Notes would NSD occasionally and no one screamed for Eclipse to stop the crashes. It's more pressing to fix the crashes cause and continue.

The interface is important and keeping things consistent is critical for end-user success. Perhaps the power users would not mind a quick respite whilst their support team investigated further, but the average user will dislike seeing that and start mumbling about how Notes s*s.

A prompt for poor resources might be o.k. though.

Search as you type (05 Jan 2010)

@2 so not a FT search, but a keyboard-based Ctrl+F search, or a sorted column impromptu search instead? I understand the concept of visually clearing a document set akin to an impromptu filter...but it can be much easier in iTunes due to the record-size being fixed and smaller than what Notes documents can achieve (for content).

Seems that this feature would only be effective if the filtering process is quick.

Provide option to collapse panels in DDE (05 Jan 2010)

Try double-clicking the tab for the design element where you are working. Should address this for you. If you are thinking of something else, I'll switch my vote. Hope it helps.

Target version of IdeaJam Idea's (05 Jan 2010)

@0 think it is best to list which version it is fixed and possibly the version where any bug was noticed by the author. It can be difficult to select the version where one wants the bug fixed/feature implemented; in most cases, we would want our authored ideas fixed in the next point release. If unfeasible, then look to know when Lotus implemented the IdeaJam post.

Add SwiftFile to the standaard! (05 Jan 2010)

@0 Yes, there are lots of Swiftfile entries here...we all like the feature; and would love to see it on the standard install build. :) Please review this ticket and promote as well. Thanks. { Link }

@2 I too agree with your idea...and as such, would you kindly cross-link your idea with mine? See my comment on your post. :) Appreciate the consideration; thank you.

{ Link }

Make Swiftfile available on non-Windows Clients (05 Jan 2010)

@5 Thanks for sharing your experience, Tony. Great to hear.

Add a Close button to each item in the additional document dropdown (05 Jan 2010)

@0 Have you tried Grouping tabs? That will keep you from overflowing to the additional tabs dropdown -- in most cases and make it easier.

Then, when you click on the group tab list button, simply highlight the document tab you want to close, just right-click and select close.

If you right-click on the number next to the group name, you can select "Close Group" and all <n> tabs will close.

So, the feature you seek is already in Notes 8.5.x

Make one place for all Lotus information and discussions (05 Jan 2010)

sorry... p.s. along with @1 I do not think it is technically feasible to implement the entire portal for all that gets released, but certainly a bit of consolidation and cross-search capability might be realistic. In that spirit, I promote it.

Make one place for all Lotus information and discussions (05 Jan 2010)

@2 @3 Version should be a required field for any problem, qt. submission

@4 I would support an option for a multi-DB search option, that would handle all Notes releases or just the 8.0+ Notes versions for a client query--as an example. One does tend to look in mult DBs to see if an older doc has the error you see and a possible solution that the current DB lacks.

ID vault: Provide a way to recover passwords without an admin client (05 Jan 2010)

This would be a great case of where the WebAdmin client would prove valuable. Just set the role and the Help Desk would only be able to get the particular tab needed for this task.

To do that though, Lotus is going to need to invest more in developing further this client, and that process has received fewer funds than other development efforts (right or wrong). So, not sure it would happen though.

Option to disable Mail-Signature when replying/forwarding (05 Jan 2010)

Agree with @5 -- link this idea.

Choose whether signature is added on reply/forward (see screenshot) (05 Jan 2010)

Multiple signatures can be valuable -- internal mail and external mail, are two such cases that I can find valuable. Your boss might not need to know your internet e-mail address 20 times/day or the company website.

Allow for a different Notify setting for Appoinments versus Meetings. (05 Jan 2010)

@3 if we're talking about you and me, definitely to make it easier and provide focused user training to enhance the Notes experience, while building loyalty. But there are a few in the field outside of the Lotus community that... well, that's best reserved over a beer. ;)

Don't allow voting on completed ideas (05 Jan 2010)

@2 if an idea is withdrawn, it seems to be removed all together. (At least when I tested this in Dec) . Are you seeing different behavior, or did the IdeaJam team implement an enhancement here?

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (05 Jan 2010)

@0 You have some good ideas and the has been discussed quite a bit here. Not much else I could add, at this time, but state I am in agreement with many of the comments here. Overall, IBM has an obligation to maintain the core application and we can enhance the add-ins and templates. Keep up the good work with your development efforts (as listed in the body).

Faster Notes Client !! (05 Jan 2010)

I do agree with this. Also note that Andrew Pollack posted about a year ago, a link on "Make Notes Run Fast = Yes" option for the Eclipse-base Notes client. It does help a lot, but the view indexing and switching is still a bit slow.

{ Link }

Beyond this, more work needs to be done.

Show documents from many databases in one view. (05 Jan 2010)

Does a multi-database search give you what you need, or are you looking for something more explicit? One can designate a DB to be configured/included for a multi-database search within a particular DB for many years, and used for multi-DB apps as well.

Group document: where is this group being used? (05 Jan 2010)

Some of the larger firms where I worked, have a group creation DB that allows for this purpose as well, and then there is an audit trail. That data in included within the group's comments and the Admins are trained to go there. Thus, you avoid the free-for-all on people having author - group create access, and the directory is protected. A bit more than in this idea, but wanted to at least complete the logic therein.

So, with the ideas presented here with @1, @2, @3 ... probably not worth coding it into the Directory.

Allow for a different Notify setting for Appoinments versus Meetings. (04 Jan 2010)

@1 That's what consultants are for! :)

When saving an attachment, have a button to open it after the download (04 Jan 2010)

@6 So, then this becomes a training issue. :) But, I understand your wanting to simplify the process therein. Appreciate posting the idea and for your feedback.

Add a "Back to Unvoted" button when opening an idea from that view (04 Jan 2010)

You have some great hotspot links, but the workflow tends to breakdown a bit when you enter one of the areas and leave the All Ideas view, then open an idea. Returning from where the user originated, the open document request is unpredictable as the results differ; meaning that when one opens an Idea from different places and closes that idea, they can end-up at All Ideas or the originating view. I indicated this in another idea last week, but didn't want to obfuscate that idea with additional comments for different areas/solutions.

I thought the button would be helpful and simple, but if you have shared design elements, then, the inclusion of a button visible with a hide-when formula might complicate your design. So, then, just return to the Unvoted view when you leave the idea, if it was opened from that respective view.

Option of which Email address to use on Send (04 Jan 2010)

@6 Obviously, I read the title differently...as the solution I provided addresses a common problem end-users face, as you know. Thanks for input.

@0 / @2 The Notes security model would come into effect here, as it would then be too easy to just drop a name and stamp it, unless it was a valid address. Yes, you can do this with some 3rd-party mail clients, and I had no problem putting false from mail addresses (innocuous addresses, I avoid nefarious activities for the record) and having them route out and being stamped from that false address. So, for this to work, there would need to be a security verification enhancement.

Might be easier to allow multiple addresses for the same Notes Domain, to assist AA's and Admins with bulk e-mail addresses. They would have both IDs and can easily be verified with a PNAB template enhancement in the location document.

Additionally, several Tier1 ISPs block routing mail from a return address that is not on their domain. So, you would in-fact need @1 's suggestion of an outgoing server, password and login (if they require authentication).

Please allow me to select which folders are monitored for "New Mail" (04 Jan 2010)

Just had this conversation in Dec with a user. It's annoying for the weekly report folder inputs to prompt a new mail received dialog box when the user cares less what is in that folder till Friday afternoon.

Type ahead for more than just Names... (04 Jan 2010)

@0, too narrow and vague. I agree with @1, what are you looking to see and where.

Option of which Email address to use on Send (04 Jan 2010)

For clarity, when you type an address in an e-mail, move your cursor down the list to select the address from recent contacts and contacts that type-ahead presents. if the target provides more than one address, you will see a sub-list extend to the side and show the address and label. Just select the alternate/preferred address.

Also, if you hover the cursor over any address in the list, you will see a gray pop-up list with two nested downward pointing arrows. Click on the arrows to see all of the addresses for your user.

This capability is on by default, iirc.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Allow to switch to current location (04 Jan 2010)

If your ID is coded into the location document, then just click to the Offline location, then click back to the Online or your preferred location of choice.

The decision to grey-out the current location IMHO, is to assist the end-users in knowing where they are in a list of locations. They tend to not change IDs, but keep their current ID throughout the session -- the most notable exception is for AAs that send out group mails and have a "Mail Team" or "Fire Safety Monitor" moniker ID for those jobs.

Option of which Email address to use on Send (04 Jan 2010)

This is a nice add-on in N8.5.1 you get to select the address for a user. Demo'd it for a now former Outlook user who exclaimed that Notes couldn't do this and *poof* there it is. She liked the implementation.

Allow shift click for multi doc select (04 Jan 2010)

@4 the message thread can be purged via a preference setting. You'll see this in 8.x; Notes added the gutter that @2 referred to in 8.0.2+

Keywords with aliases in views (04 Jan 2010)

I would support it if the solution would include a way to share the alias in a new type. Maybe a "Shared keyword" list, that one can include in a view(s) and then include the construct in a column for displaying values...so in the column formula (or Computed for Display field type), add a reserved word,

"SHARED_KEYWORD_LIST := <object_name>"
"KEYWORD_LIST := <object_name>"

So, when one creates the new field, it's actually a Shared Keyword field type, rather than a keyword field, and in the properties list, there is a value for List name. This would allow for different forms using the same field name with either different types or different formulas for the same type and avoid complications or backward compatibility. I would also include a drop-down list box for this dialog box field, to show any existing field list names to avoid ambiguity or a run-time compile error.

Remove the "Random Password Generator" (04 Jan 2010)

Not a very common used feature this is true. But can be helpful when the Security policy settings document is tightened and the end-user keeps getting their new password rejected. Can provide a good example of what would work with the new settings. Also, can be helpful if the included prose on the new password dialog box is unclear (when entered by the Administrator).

View - Show - Page source from the Inbox (04 Jan 2010)

Just highlight the message and open document properties, then click on the second tab and select Body from the list. You can review all of the message body's contents safely from that level without invoking any malicious code. Works quite well and very safe.

Add new view "Groups By Members" to the Domino Directory (04 Jan 2010)

Like @3 @4, been putting this into all local Directory replicas so that I can data mine sans performance hits or violating client policy on design template modifications. It's handy.

Embedded views on the directory can kill server performance and might run into issues with servers that do not hold the entire directory, but pull it from a directory server to save bandwidth on replications...

An action button in the view could well, cause challenges with creating lookup views or crawling on the fly and invoke impromptu performance demands on the administration server. More complexity than needed for little gain.

Just make a local replica with receive only replication and code the template to your hearts-content. Probably safer and avoids any performance hits.

Inbox Maintenance improvment request (04 Jan 2010)

@2 Although I can see some benefit to moving to another folder automatically, can you define further why you feel admins want to disallow users from entering the All Docs view -- besides the view index creation and initial performance hit?

The All Docs view is a competitive advantage over Outlook, et al, as it allows people to find easily, missorted or misdirected mail, determine its current location, and properly place it. This keeps users productive and new Notes converts happy.

When updating an idea's body, return to the initiating view, not All Ideas list (31 Dec 2009)

@2 with Peter's comments, also include when opening an idea from What's Hot. If you open an idea from there, and click to leave, it should put you back there. Maybe a button appears adjacent to Back To All Ideas for Back to What's Hot, when an option is opened there.

If you want a separate linked idea for this, let me know.

When updating an idea's body, return to the initiating view, not All Ideas list (31 Dec 2009)

@4 I would also extend this to the Post My Idea feature. Example, you are on page 17 of All Ideas, then get a brainstorm and click to create a new idea. You complete the process and submit. The author is now returned to page one.

Sometimes the author might want to check their idea visually and see the layout...but if not, then they need to attempt to recall which page they just left...to continue perusing your application.

Maybe for that button itself, make it a profile preference...just a thought. Thoughts anyone?

UNID is pronounced.... YEW-NID (Or not.) (31 Dec 2009)

I'm with @3 ==> U-N-I-D. Simple, unambiguous. O-L-E vs "Olay" (wretched), we're not selling night time cleansers here.

Sync PNAB and NAB (31 Dec 2009)

Maybe for small shops...when larger firms have 200+MB (being kind) Directories for thousands of users, pulling in each respective user's contacts and recent contacts would kill server performance starting with view indexing, while ballooning that NSF's size and then having to replicate all of that data across the enterprise, only makes additional work for admins to write selective replication formulas to avoid a huge pipe (bandwidth) killer at small remote offices.

The "Copy into Personal Address Book" action is loathed by many admins, as it definitely creates routing issues when that user's name/address is changed--for starters.

Nice in theory, but the implementation seems, well, like there are better ways to do what you might like...if you want to backup the data, user Domino roaming user profiles.

Use keys to select and remove workspace icons (31 Dec 2009)

Are you referring to multiple stacked icons, or the top icon across multiple stacks? The current workspace allows for selecting multiple icons and for keyboard navigation plus multi-icon operations including delete. I can see the former permutation as being a tad challenging, if that is your concern.

Prevent user-preferences dialog (31 Dec 2009)

Management/IT does not have all the answers for all the users. Policy documents keep the product in-line with IT usage and company policy documents. Beyond that, the user needs to be able to control their destiny. You can present a suggested value via a policy too. If you are still concerned, then I would suggest training--various ways to perform this sans introducing significant cost to the organization.

prevent switching to another ID (31 Dec 2009)

Good security makes this idea moot, with all due respect.

Don't automatically create DB on replicator page when creating local replica. (31 Dec 2009)

@1 I concur... perhaps an Admin client preference to modify the behavior. But, if you disable the auto Replication tab replica icon creation, then for the majority of users in anorganization needing to replicate their data, this process would break, plus the number of Help Desk calls you would receive and the spread of dissatisfaction in the user community could be painful for the IT Dept.

When saving an attachment, have a button to open it after the download (31 Dec 2009)

@4 Unless I am missing something in your note, the Notes client does this already...you click on the attachment in your document and depress Save. When finished the attachment is given focus; depressing the spacebar quickly provides the open attachment dialog box and you can click Open/Edit/View, depending upon your needs. Does this meet your requirement as a work-around?

Shortcut for 'Search This View' (30 Dec 2009)

I would like a small hotspot to the right of the new N8 search field, that displays the full FTI search bar again...that interface provides a lot of value for which a basic FTI search in N8 lacks, rather than clicking through the menus to display it.

Recall that pressing Ctrl + F displays the view search dialog box, and combs all visible data at the view level. So, it is important to know there are three search view find capabilities: jump to doc in current sorted column, search all columns, search all fields for document set inside this view.

Icon in the column header (30 Dec 2009)

But aren't you then, just displaying the same icon over and over when many of your documents match the condition? You can pass a "" value for the documents that do not match or display a red "x" if you prefer and then the checkmark which is an available icon iirc.

I'm sorry, but I do not see the value here.

Wish Sametime Chat was built into core Domino product (30 Dec 2009)

Agreed...once small shops get past the idea of having their own on-site server and the expense, etc., then telling them that they need a second server just to handle intra-office chat is a tough sale and stops up selling cold.

If they want a massive WS based meeting server, time will tell if that is what customers want, and things will/will not change accordingly. In the mean time, an effective ST chat server as @3 suggested is quite valuable.

Warning for removal of computed text (30 Dec 2009)

Are you referring to the field itself being removed and unknowingly killing a complex formula, or that despite the targeted field's computations, other fields might refer to it and that could cause your form or actions (for example) to stop functioning? Although complex to implement, I can see value in that kind of warning for the latter permutation--particularly if one is maintaining someone else's application or taking ownership of an old DB.

Replace Admin client with Applications (NSF DB's) to do admin functions (30 Dec 2009)

@2 the WebAdmin is good for having a junior admin/AA create new users sans seeing or knowing all of the other options the client has, plus real-time stats. I've been burned with the WebAdmin client when performing more complex tasks like creating/managing policy documents. Also it appears that currently, the development dollars are being spent in areas outside of this client (right or wrong), so I keep it at arms length -- despite my affinity for all things Linux, as you know.

Notes Welcome Page needs to be cluster-aware (30 Dec 2009)

@2 - your original prose indicated (to me) meaning different than your follow-up post implies. So, you are concerned not with the Welcome page file itself moving between servers in a cluster group, but that the pointers contained within the Welcome page redirect should their target object become unavailable.

In that scenario, I would think a refresh condition should be tripped when someone accesses a bookmark that switched within the replica stack...that event should change the Welcome page as well and keep the respective pointers (mail, cal, todo, journal) within a Notes session pointing to the same replica. I concur.

Domino person record needs to contain the location (or replica ID) of the user's primary mail archive. (30 Dec 2009)

@3 Correct...some environments do not lock-down these settings and can users could potentially have an archive for every day on the calendar (an exaggeration, but illustrates the risk).

To combat this matter, the person document should have a running list similar to the Notes client version history for each version...so whenever a user changes their archive rules, the file name and location (if changed in any way), get pushed up to their person document for tracking.

Still might not catch everything, but would allow for decent data mining of archive usage.

When searching email/inbox/All Documents, it should be easy/seamless to include your archive in the search (30 Dec 2009)

Several third-party products provide this capability already. It would be nice for Lotus to provide a multi-database search capability, but if a client needs it, I just direct them to a properly fitting vendor solution for archiving. As with most things in IT, your mileage may vary here...

You should be able to place a 'legal hold' on a mail file & archive (30 Dec 2009)

The only issue I see here is when said user is under a policy for quota enablement. The mail deletion is their best and sometimes only way out of mail jail. So, placing a hold on their file and then they hit the quota can cause some problems.

Yet, I fully understand the need to grab mail for legal reasons. Mail journaling provides this capability already...and might be a good work-around for anything other than a quick short-term hold. For longer-term, either mail journaling or a third-party mail capture tool might be the best option.

Add New Message with Stationery under New (30 Dec 2009)

But only have the menu option appear when the user actually has created stationery in their mail file. Otherwise, I can see this becoming an annoyance for users who never setup the capability.

Domino person record needs to contain the location (or replica ID) of the user's primary mail archive. (30 Dec 2009)

@1 Well, many companies have a separate Domino server for their archives, as you know. Deciding whether to cluster that data is a difficult decision for some shops, due to the low usage frequency and expense in maintaining a separate massive data store, rather than just enabling transaction logging for quick restarts and backing-up the data post archive agent running.

Less concerned about the cluster issues here, and more about knowing easily whether a user is using a local archive, perhaps against company policy (yes, policies can help here, but not all shops use them properly). This would be a good fail-safe IMHO.

Assist the user in getting to Basic Mode for low memory machines. (30 Dec 2009)

Agreed, Mike. Though, the admin might think certain machines perform well and don't. Sometimes proper hardware specs still provide a suboptimal end-user experience due to such issues as a fragmented drive -- which you only see on Window machines -- or low virtual memory/swap space. So, any info the admin can receive to ensure that the end-user is happy is a good thing. The delivery of such tool is a separate but coupled discussion.

Clicking "What's Hot" in right pane only displays small subset of hot list (30 Dec 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Clicking "What's Hot" in right pane only displays small subset of hot list (30 Dec 2009)

The correct answer is that I did not initially see the time-based filter row above the provided list, which allows for four default data subsets to display.


New email notification with customized voices or sounds (29 Dec 2009)

Although I am indifferent here, this certainly can be good for visually impaired users and assist them with more efficient Inbox management.

Notes Welcome Page needs to be cluster-aware (29 Dec 2009)

Craig, my understanding is that if said user is Domino roaming user profile enabled, your welcome page will roam to a cluster mate if setup by your admin.

Folder Unread Marks for Domino Web Access (10 Aug 2009)

@6, @7 This is good news. And she also mentioned this during her IamLUG session on N8.5.1; so confirmed from multiple sources.

@5, in my @3 and @4 posts, was referring to the Inbox...lacked a bit of articulation there, as you clearly meant folders outside of the Inbox (folder).

Looking forward to 8.5.1!

Admin Client for Linux (07 Aug 2009)

Man... I wish there was a comment edit option. Apologies for the typos above...more tired than I thought today.
(1) 3rd P :: "...that they have NO plans to roll-out a Linux..."
(2) The rest are trivial in nature...

Admin Client for Linux (07 Aug 2009)

As a Linux guru and utilize this OS for almost all of my non-Admin tasks, I would like to have it, but it is doubtful.

Looking back over the past 1.5 years (to some of the early comments to where things are now), Lotus has issues with the web admin client, and have done little to improve this client due to resource allocation over the past year or so. In fact, I rarely use it, due to my being burned badly with the N8.x verions. I like that the web client allows one to roll-out just the tabs a jr admin needs (example only provide the People tab to the person who creates new users), and that it provides real-time stats. So, if you use it, just as a read-only option.

We learned during Ed Brill's session at IamLUG this week, that they now plans to roll-out a Linux or Mac admin client, but that Designer is more probable, as it is DDE already. The strong Mac supporters in attendance seemed to agree with this direction as well.

It would make my job easier, but I can use an XP VMware host vm as a work-around for now. So, it's a nice to have, rather than a need to have.

Admin Client for MAC OS X (07 Aug 2009)

We discussed this at IamLUG during Ed Brill's session. Basically, many of the strong Mac supporters in attendance did not want IBM to redirect funds and resources over to this type of initiative. I have a Mac desktop, along with one XP vm on my Linux laptops. Although I would enjoy a Linux or Mac admin client, I view it as a nice to have, rather than a need to have. Right now, we need IBM Lotus to upgrade and evolve Notes moreso than expanding the client aspects here, imho.

Like the idea, but if it happens, it should be accomplished well into the future.

@3, that would depend on how the non-application centric capabilities are blended (e.g. connection document schema, stats, etc), as to whether I would support it. Much of the functionality is already in separate applications, segmenting further without a binding application would introduce inefficiency.

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (03 Mar 2009)

@10) In the Notes 8 client, there is a setting in N8 to have one use Notes search syntax or web-based and the default is web-style syntax.

From the Notes 8 Help Guide (annotated slightly for readability):
If you prefer the web-style syntax for search queries, you need to do nothing since it is the default query type.

If you prefer Notes-style syntax as the default you can choose one of the following options:
(1) Select the preference Use (not web) query syntax in the view search bar.
To change this preference, choose File > Preferences and then click Basic Notes Client Configuration.

Then in the Additional Options list, select Use Notes (not web) query syntax in the view search bar

(2) Change the notes.ini setting UseFTSyntaxOnly=0 to UseFTSyntaxOnly=1.
Note: To switch to a Notes-style syntax for a particular query without changing the default web-style preference, you can prepend a forward slash (/) to the query, for example:

/sales results

This query only returns documents with these terms in the order specified.

New IdeaJam Home Page Mockup (28 Feb 2009)

I like the concept and effort to organize better. For (3), I am not seeing the value in the activity type column, as ideas can potentially get a lot of votes, so that column would indicate that fact almost statically and be of little value on-going...perhaps list the vote count, when the last activity is not a comment, or list "Vote count since last login, or comment count since last login" (I do know you have the option to stay logged-in, so that may be an issue). I do like the comment description's abstract in the third column. This is the only part that is a bit murky for me, clarity-wise.

The tabbed interface improves efficiency, easier to find desired items, and makes for a better GUI.

And what does someone see when the are new user (unregistered) or not logged-in?

Keep up the good work.

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (19 Feb 2009)

@8 With one simple formula, provided to an executive, I think it is possible. I know that they would prefer to just type it and make it all work, but that is where Notes' power creates some concerns as other products do less and appear to provide more (in some cases, not all).

To your point, I would prefer a FTI object class that allows a developer to put a FT query into an Action button, at the view level--for example. Then, you can code and filter to your hearts' content. Restricting the index though, is another matter entirely, and still not seeing the benefit. Restrictions there, appear to be a band-aid. You are advocating for a better interface and improved access, which I feel meets your needs as a coder and that of the end-user much better. If you want to draft that idea, I'll vote in favor of that.

Appreciate your perspective.

Create a sidebar panel for To Do's (19 Feb 2009)

Uncertain, if this will address your needs, but if you select in the preferences to have ToDo items display on your calendar, they will show-up on your Day-at-a-Glance plug-in.

Once there, I would then suggest a strike-through capbility for meetings and ToDos once completed, to show progress. { Link } (which we both approved) :)

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (19 Feb 2009)

@6) Hi Bruce... I know well that hidden fields provide visible data in some cases, and I appreciate the perspective here. Rather than go to an external search engine, why not just use a search query and store the search? Pretty simple to use. Choose the field in the DB with targeted value and store it for future use; the developer can provide the field name, since as you say, they would be the only one to know this.

Now, if the targeted value is changing with each query, then use a Notes query syntax in the respective DB's search field like this:
[Field_name] CONTAINS <user_name>
FIELD <field_name> CONTAINS <user_name>
field <field_name> CONTAINS <user_name>
(all are equivalent)

If you have setup the default to be web style syntax, and do not want to change the syntax to Notes style on a permanent basis, then pre-pend the search syntax with a "/" (sans quotes).

For fields that appear in a document header, rather than the field list (which a Developer would not have access to in their DB design), then use this format, as shown in these two examples:

if you need to search for dates; I recall that your example indicated names, so I provided this additional example for completeness.

Hope this helps and addresses your point. Appreciate the comment.

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (18 Feb 2009)

@3) With all due respect, your open source argument is a non sequitur, as Notes will not be open source (and discussed passionately on a related Idea here). Customers lack the concept of a problem being focused to one small product area. They do know that, "I clicked a button and it didn't work. Therefore the product failed." Then, they call the Help Desk.

To alleviate, fix the back-end process to avoid this scenario dramatically. Empowering developers here compounds the effect--until the underlying issue is resolved. Then you can have discussion.

@4) Actually no, you can flag the document as having a search value in a hidden field; or exclude it at the server level. I can see where one might want it to be a dev property for custom apps, but not mail, as that should be an admin decision and perhaps set via Mail settings document...so there exists a divide here, based upon app-type.

One could also set a checkbox on the advanced search screen to hide documents with search matches in hidden fields. A customer does lack the concept of a document appearing due to hidden fields--it's a subtle concept, that eludes many. Either way, the solution here addresses a different matter than originally addressed, as Oliver's concern is less about performance and more about end-user lucidity.

Add a @formula to evaluate group membership (18 Feb 2009)

I bow to Theo's expertise.

Change company name/phone/street/city etc. on multiple contacts. (18 Feb 2009)

Lars: If you attend the Dev Tips for Admins session at Admin2009, we will be covering this very topic (among others). So, I agree, and it is easy to do.

Add a @formula to evaluate group membership (18 Feb 2009)

You can do a @DBLookup of said group name and populate into a Computed for Display field then, have your field do an @Contains on that field to speed-up performance. Or even better, Do both in one line of code (e.g. @Contains(<user_name>; in @dblookup("group_name")))and store the result in the CFD field as a boolean value in a text-field.

Then refer to this field for your access needs while inside the document.

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (17 Feb 2009)

I appreciate the concept and what you are seeking as an admin, but to an end-user, that will go a long way to increasing animosity towards Notes. If a sought after word is deemed unsearchable, and they can see it on a document/form they will either (a) call the Help Desk, or (b) mumble that *%&$^ Notes product <expletive>. Which I think we would all like to avoid. :) For this reason, I will demote...

As a compromise, let's see if we can have FT compression, beyond where it is now. That would be a good thing.

To ensure a workable client and proper font mapping, install the Luxi*.ttf font family by default on Ubuntu (17 Feb 2009)

Lotus can do that as well. It would be cleaner if they just drop in one If Then statement in the install code, to keep people from having to do one additional step, but whatever gets this resolved and eliminates Help Desk calls, is fine by me.

To ensure a workable client and proper font mapping, install the Luxi*.ttf font family by default on Ubuntu (17 Feb 2009)

Thanks, Bruce. Apparently, I utilized a space as the parsing delimiter. Fixed.

Cross-index the Product Showcase Catalog (16 Feb 2009)

Update: LS09 -- Through my actively campaigning with IBM and sending them the link to this Idea, IBM did make positive changes to the Product Showcase Catalog, with a new high-level topic category product matrix.

I spoke with the matrix's designer---who attended LS09---to provide her a better grasp about what this Idea's vision. We agreed to communicate further this year, to get closer to the end result.

Kudos to Lotus for making an effort and for being open. Nine years of tenacious but courteous campaigning on my part to get this far. I think we will be able to close this idea at the LS10 conference. :) We're almost there!

Include SwiftFile in the client software installation, provide user policy setting to enable it (28 Jan 2009)

David: Please cross-link this. There are several Swiftfile ideas submitted and all have good support. We need to do this.

{ Link }

Can "Back to Idea Jam" go back to where you started? (14 Jan 2009)

@11 Thanks, Matt. You of course will find the correct placement in your bug fix and enhancement list. Know that it ranks higher on the annoyance list from the user perspective, as it is a productivity killer. Obviously, other features can/could be far more irksome, of course, but having to click through three to four times to clear older Ideas and vote takes aprox 20 seconds per idea, versus five, if fixed. So, some ideas will remain unvoted in queue for people.

With that, I will be happy to welcome the change, whenever it makes it into your product. Appreciate the consideration and renewed interest.


Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino (14 Jan 2009)

p.s. Appreciate the follow-up @10 & @11. Hope to see you both at LS09.

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino (14 Jan 2009)

@10 Yes, sections. And when combined with embedded tabbed tables and sub-tables on appropriate tabs, the power increases even more. Really a powerful combination.

Less cryptic errormessages (13 Jan 2009)

Every error message in Notes/Domino is customizable already. If you are going to Paul Mooney's Admin Blast session at LS09, he might cover it again in that one (uncertain, though, to be fair to him). But each message has a code, and stored in a config file...pretty slick.

Replication - Deafult Replication Server Issue (13 Jan 2009)

There are a lot of problems with an alphabetical list traverse algorithm. Should be logical, perhaps the same NNN as one's mail server, or app server to start, then perhaps prompt the user if they want to pursue an exhaustive search to locate another replica.

Remove Replication prompt on 'Retrieve Entire Document' (13 Jan 2009)

Disagree, Alex. There are many cases when one goes through their mail, selects to retrieve the document, but do not have the time to wait for a replication on an airport WiFi or WWAN connection. If one travels a lot, or is an executive, they want to control their time and have only availability to look at their mail once, due to the volume received.

Make an SMTP/POP3 only version of the mail client part of Symphony (13 Jan 2009)

Well, For a POP3 client, Notes is adequate. The NotesID piece is awkward for non-Notes users, but helps with encrypting...which may or may not be of interest to people.

IMAP is less intuitive and does require RTFM for many people. So, room for improvement here. I like the idea of improvements here. Maybe a Notes Lite client for Vista Home, Ubuntu, and Mac...

Installation of sametime on linux with symbolic links to the linux/latest directory (13 Jan 2009)

@Christian I agree, there needs to be consistency across products and installation parameters for the products on any given platform.

For this reason, a local Notes client, should not break the ST client build....but I think you are discussing the ST server build here.

So, to be fair to Lotus, ST and Quickr are tied to a specific version of Domino. Thus, as a matter of upgrading a Domino server running ST, you would need to also upgrade the ST install build. So, perhaps, that is why they do it.

Can "Back to Idea Jam" go back to where you started? (13 Jan 2009)

Hey Bruce and Matt:

I know you guys and the rest of your team have been busy coding and improving the product. It is definitely apparent (My profile has several new capabilities, for example). So, just a friendly check-in to see the ETA for this feature's appearance. Any idea when that might be?

User friendly version of Domino directory (13 Jan 2009)

@1 is correct. But, one could setup a role-based view and form setup for a new role, "End-user mode" or some-such nomenclature. Would be a lot of work and testing, so probably not in the near-term, at the earliest.

Automatically Refresh Server Lists in Domino Administator (13 Jan 2009)

Automatically refresh for the current domain, then yes. But to have to deal with pop-up after pop-up for not being able to contact Domain <x> b/c your current Admin ID is not certified on that domain, gets old real fast. Thus, I turn-off refresh for this reason.

If you only have one Domino domain, then I can see that.

Add Discard Index: "Never" Option to View (13 Jan 2009)

Adam -- the only reason I can surmise, which I'll admit is conjecture, is that if the index is never discarded, there could be the possibility of introducing corruption to the view itself or possibly the design; otherwise, it is probably a disk-management issue as you indicated.

I know of several tax-based or financial apps that are critical for two months a year, then go dormant the other ten months ... and they are quite large. So, it is possible for them to have a view go unused after that 245 day window.

Two possible work-arounds:
(1) Perhaps, to avoid the situation you mention, setup a program document to run updall -R <view_name> on the 244th day or nearest Friday evening/weekend ...
(2) or just setup a repeating reminder on your team calendar that will cause you to use the view--every 240 days. Then, the view index would remain. Yes, this is sub-optimal, but would help alleviate the problem in the near-term.

Good luck.

Better Notification of Unsent mail (13 Jan 2009)

p.s. Maybe a pop-up with a link to the Replicator Page to see what's going-on?

Better Notification of Unsent mail (13 Jan 2009)

If the mail.box file is !(empty), there is a checkbox in the replication tab for the respective location document to prompt for replication in this scenario. This definitely alerts a user that their messages haven't gone.

Now, between shutdowns/Notes restarts, having a desktop/mail setting entry for "Prompt if local mail has not replicated in <n> replication cycles" would be good. Thus, the admin would get to set the threshold (e.g. n:n=5 cycles if a small replication frequency, or n=2 for larger cycles). And perhaps even set the error message as well.

I see scenarios where this would be helpful.

Update Sametime status when auto going into to meeting with the name of the meeting (13 Jan 2009)

This would need to be handled via a policy perhaps...and cause confusion, as the calendar capability now only displays when one is busy, unless the end-user wants to show them all details. Managers do not want to broadcast this, nor do executives. So, having ST do something that the calendar does not, would cause a flood of Help Desk calls. Not good in an organization.

What is the business justification for doing something like this? Based on the above, I am not seeing the benefit. Seems nice, but it breaks-down when one looks at the logistics, as provided.

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino (13 Jan 2009)

Notes mail allows for some major capabilities that other systems lack. Clients are always impressed to see how one can format a significant amount of information into an e-mail that is only 0.75 of a screen height (or less) and have the reader get to precisely what they want when they need it.

Other e-mail systems fail to provide this level of brilliance and thus, impede the overall effectiveness of the message, resolving to a mass multi-page novel, which is best served for a publisher, than a power user or executive.

I am all for getting Notes to handle better conversion between Notes and non-Notes RPC/RTF based systems...but not at the expense of Notes losing formatting capabilities.

return to unvoted page when I click on the "Back to all Ideas" button (13 Jan 2009)

@Bruce -- When one navigates to the Unvoted view (nice idea, btw), and votes/comments on an Idea, rather than a "Back to All Ideas" button, it should display, "Back to Unvoted Ideas" as it does when one goes to a specific IdeaSpace.

Otherwise, the prospect of quickly voting on unvoted items, takes longer than it should, imho, and would also improve the consistency of your GUI experience.

Enable Foundations to merge into an existing Domino Domain (13 Jan 2009)

The concept of why Foundations is stand-alone makes sense... I would think that the add-on tools' licensing would become a concern as well--as it could be viewed as a backdoor to getting a package for much less, as the ISVs have negotiated a special arrangement for the small members of the smb market--and get enterprise caliber tools at a dramatically lowered price point. Having a larger site add-on a Foundations box could circumvent the licensing and products' intentions.

I like the concept and have raised this with my Foundations BP Rep a year ago. I think it will happen, but perhaps at a different price-point.

Provide suggested session paths (08 Jan 2009)

So, something akin to sub-tracks? There are high-level conference tracks: Infrastructure, Best Practices, etc. So, within each track, have a tag for each datum as you depicted, or across tracks? So, all Sametime presentation, regardless of conference track?

Open Source the Domino Product Line (08 Jan 2009)

One additional reason to demote is that Notes includes a lot of security, that other products do not have. Security, that originally came to being from the CIA and DoD (example, the hieroglyphics during login introduced in R4 {now key rings}).

If that algorithm were to be open source, then anyone could make a copy-cat phishing version and the end-user might not know they were being scammed. Thus, IBM loses a major competitive advantage and the nefarious types score a huge victory for fraud and identity theft.

My Ideas, where are they found? 2 menus down (08 Jan 2009)

"My Ideas" and keep the existing link under my profile. Many of us have grown accustomed to it being there, so if we are in our profile, making a change, it saves a few clicks to get to our stuff. But, off the main menu, you need something.

You can also consider a hide/when formula that has My Ideas appear only when a user is logged-in. Thus, it is clear, like when one can only comment and vote when logged-in. Makes for a more consistent GUI and user experience to have My Ideas behave in a similar manner.

Allow meeting invitees to propose adding another invitee to a meeting invitation. (15 Oct 2008)

Chris: The chair needs to be in-charge of their meeting. Wiki style management doesn't work in business...there can be many reasons why a particular person is excluded and usurping that judgment can throw the meeting, create political backlash, cause massive productivity loss, or put you in a dark light in the chair's reference point--obviously in more extreme or demanding projects.

I agree with @1, pick-up the phone and ask, or send them a note. :)

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters (29 Sep 2008)

After Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Alton Brown...it is difficult to find a suitable third element in the set to complete the 'hat trick' of recent closing session entertainment, if you will. So, get to it. Could be a gem of a show! Great idea, Duffbert!

Title session PDFs using the actual title instead of 'BP101.pdf' (22 Sep 2008)

I agree with Duff here...you want to be able to find easily all of the BP or AD presentations or which track a particular PDF goes, in-case it gets mis-sorted or avoid having to open it to find more about what it is, if the title is politely ambiguous. :)

And apologies for any typos, my cellular modem is feeling a bit regressive and dropped back to 9600 baud-mode

Comment Field (11 Sep 2008)

Long-term I am not seeing the relevance, as many companies are moving toward removing data beyond a certain time-fram due to legal reasons, this feature seems to create perception of permanence. Perhaps placing the desired item in a Quickr space, Activity, or teamroom for longer term storage until archived--if you are using it....but if your firm is allowing e-mail to exist long-term without constraints, then perhaps it could work. Just my two cents. :)

ToDo status indicator in the day at a glance summary sidebar (10 Sep 2008)

Hi Jan. Please promote this suggestion and then cross-reference your idea with this one. Thank you. { Link }

Blogger's Lounge (10 Sep 2008)

From the @1 blog post... my comments there, work here as well.

Great idea Paul. I would think that putting it in the Showcase area would allow people to stop-by easier and feel like they are not missing something. If not there, then, very close to the showcase. Anywhere else, and one introduces competition for time and resources... "In the :15 I have, do I walk over here to the showcase, or *way* over there to possibly see a blogger?

It will be interesting to see how IBM views this.

Tabbed chats, all not visible (ST8) (22 Jul 2008)

Not seeing this with Vertical tabs...just horizontal. Perhaps test with the other permutation, but I agree, either the tab rows or window should resize to allow viewing of the tabbed chats.

Workspace Tabs (11 Jul 2008)

First, to provide jargon lucidity. Workspace tabs are always saved--they are stored in the Desktop6.ndk file and are modifiable via the workspace properties dialog box. Each workspace page is denoted by one workspace tab, to create a virtual filing cabinet/Rolodex effect in 2D.

I believe the tabs you are referring to are called Notes Window tabs. :)

Currently, this information is being stored in ND7 and ND8, as they have the capability to Save the tabs through preferences. In N7 you can either Save the current state or Save open windows at shutdown (paraphrasing here). In N8 they simplified it and ensured that you can either save the state at shutdown, or not at all.

It may be appropriate to have notes refresh the stored state every few minutes to ensure that in-case of a lock-up or crash, the data used is more current.

If you enable the Notes preference to save the open tabs, it will reproduce what you had open last launch after a crash--which I concur is annoying as you want to see the last few hours work, rather than have to re-create it. I have crashed a lot early-on with N8, and have not had it remove all my window tabs yet--but I admit it may be possible. If so, that would be even more irksome.

Immediately delete mail message (10 Jul 2008)

I would think that if you turn-off soft deletions, it would accomplish the same thing.

Server Registration should be from the Server tab not configurations (25 Jun 2008)

{devils_advocate} I think part of it may be that the Sever tab has mostly items for observing and performing analysis, whereas the Configuration tab has mostly items that require a Senior Admin skillset. Sure you could make arguments about what should go where. But with the web admin client, you can hide tabs through roles, and at that point, it could be easily argued that creating servers should be where the certifier functions exist--under Configurations. If for nothing more than security.

I see your point, but if you want to allow people only the tools they need to do their job, then the Server... and Configuration split can make a lot of sense as it stands.

Support iPhone (25 Jun 2008)

Anything we can do to help here is a good thing. @12's response is correct, imho. We need to gently, but effectively present the issue and the business case from multiple fronts. Apple will not move unless they can make a profit, and the more people that gain lucidity here, the better our chances become.

I would like an iPhone as all current smartphones bore me. But, it needs to support Notes, or it is just a fancy phone to me, and I have no better mail-access capability than I do on my Moto today.

Apple can make a lot of money by supporting the #1 or #2 (depending on the quarter, sector, and reviewer) messaging product and dive full-bore into the enterprise market with Lotus support on their mobile phone line. There is a huge market opportunity for them.

MS had a lock on the consumer market and it seems that perhaps Apple stayed close to their roots initially with their Exchange support. They should, imho, take a leap of faith and move deeper into the enterprise pool.


Sort votes alphabetically (24 Apr 2008)

Karen if you ever want to "withdraw" this idea you can do so by editing it and changing the status.

Mail should have its own replication schedule and never be blocked by other replications (22 Apr 2008)

In the N8 client, you can click the replication button from most folders/views, and most prominently displayed in the Inbox. So, mail can replicate whenever the end-user would like. You may prefer a more automated solution, but it gets you halfway there.

Drag emails to Day-At-A-Glance (22 Apr 2008)

I tested it, as I had an 8.0.1 XP client open...you get the black circle with a line through it, when moving a document there. So, no.

Make Voting Box Have Configurable Artwork (22 Apr 2008)

p.s. and when the prose gets too simplistic, the true meaning of the action gets lost and can either be vague or even ambiguous. So, maybe perhaps of yes:no, go with like:dislike; approve:disapprove ...if you want a change. Just a thought...

Make Voting Box Have Configurable Artwork (22 Apr 2008)

For the specialty examples, it would be a nice touch (e.g. Buy:Sell; Coffee cup rightside-up:rightside-down) ...in general, I am against dumbing down prose to the lowest common denominator. So taking Promote:Demote to Yes:No I find irksome.

Validate Internet Address Tool - if there are invalid internet address, give me a list (22 Apr 2008)

Although I completely agree, you could write an Admin view to do that in a local replica/copy of the directory, which depending upon the size of your organization would require you to take your lunch break when reindexing. But it's thought...

Configuration document - notes.ini settings dialog box (22 Apr 2008)

The server console is at least intuitive and consistent for this, but could be slightly enhanced...it also does allow copy/paste. For config documents, it does need an upgrade. In the short-run, maybe the console will help you.

Ability to Limit Resource Booking duration (21 Apr 2008)

Why not use this as a Restricted Resource? Then put in the comments to what the constraint(s) might be. Might be able to assist you in the short-term.

Display @Formula comments as comments (21 Apr 2008)

Agreed. UI consistency is the hallmark of good design.

Provide a 'skin' for Symphony that mimics the Office 2003 menu structure (21 Apr 2008)

I use WP for this reason (and others, as it's a good product). I also use Symphony. I agree..."Make it so!"

Move mail controls to Policy for granular application (21 Apr 2008)

I understand the need for moving many tasks to policy and settings documents, but putting quotas there, for example, would ensure that the admin would need to create an explicit policy to set a user's mail quota or adjust it now--as it typically done in R5, ND6, and ND7 environments (and can be done this way in ND8).

Overall, this would create a lot of overhead for the admin, particularly with users that have existing explicit policies. So, you end up with scores of settings documents to adjust differently, the policy documents for people. So, business execs that need larger mail amounts, or are over quota and need quick relief because they have a major project to complete, but will delete documents shortly, would need a new setting document, have it applied, then have the user logout of Notes to get the Dyncfg to run and pull down the policy. So, it makes a decent situation now, worse is some regards.

Although I appreciate the concept of putting where feasible more settings and options into policies, sometimes the solution can be worse than the issue addressed. Also, at what point to do we stop putting things into policies? We can not have every setting in Domino there. Some things like attachment limits are handled by the router for efficiency. But in theory, I see the value of having OU based attachment limits...but have not been to a client site that required this...usually, their IT policy is company binding. Additionally, if too much is put into policies, you end-up with a performance detriment too, but that is another topic.

Swiftfile: Update and Promote (21 Apr 2008)

Eric: I do agree that Swiftfile needs to be upgraded, as mentioned here { Link } , but disagree with the use of tags for determining where to put things. For large mail files, that will be counter productive IMHO, as end-users think in-terms of folders and that is where the messages go...many messages may have the same tag lists, particularly if it contains a long reply-thread, but would need to be in two different folders (e.g. Orders processing and <client_name>).

Regardless, you may want to correlate this idea as we both want a Swiftfile expanse.

Bring Swiftfile into DWA (21 Apr 2008)

Steven: Your idea is correlated here, { Link } as it mentions non-Windows clients, and DWA is categorized as such. Please link. :) Baring that, I agree.

Ability to open DB from the WebAdmin.nsf file tab. (21 Apr 2008)


I've been all over the dev team and tech support on this for a couple of years. Even had a good talk with the newest Web Admin developer at LS08. Although she could not commit---obviously---to anything, I provided a long list of concerns with the client. Your point was towards the top of the list. I agree with you here.

My understanding here is that there exists a limitation to the HTML code-set the prevents opening an NSF file programatically through this DB. Now, there are a lot of serious coders reading this site's posts, and would know the specifics greater than I, but that is was I heard from both Lotus Tech Support and the Dev Team. Having stated that, your understanding my trump what I've learned, and would appreciate a counter-point here, if appropriate.

Good idea. Glad to see it in print.

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (21 Apr 2008)

Worse, is now with the ND8 client, you have non-Notes processes that need to be managed. I train my admins on always grabbing, "eclipse.exe", "soffice.exe", and all the n*.exe processes. If any of these are open, Notes will cease to start.

Also interesting is that you will have multiple eclipse.exe files when you are launching a separate ST8 Connect client...so be careful as to which eclipse.exe you choose to kill.

View Columns - allow different Sort and Display values (21 Apr 2008)

So, the ability to display icons and colored text does not provide what you need? My concern is that multiple columns using such capabilities on views with a large row count would create significant overhead. Can you be more specific?

Notes client HELP dynamically linked to Lotus community of contributors (27 Mar 2008)

The IBM Support toolbar for web browsers is nice for this. That's a work-around, in the short-run.

Remove the Open option for attachments (27 Mar 2008)

As Edit introduces different technology than Open, it would require a lot of re-coding that is unnecessary. Many of my clients *love* the Edit option, and understand the Open option, as they have used it for years. There is no perfect solution.

Notes Maintenace Application (27 Mar 2008)

Yes, @8, those tools are installed locally by default.

Can "Back to Idea Jam" go back to where you started? (27 Mar 2008)

Thanks, Bruce. Do you have an ETA for this capability?

Push Holidays to user mailfiles (27 Mar 2008)

Add it to the mail settings document as an option there...that way, different OUs can get different holiday lists pushed to them...and could also obtain multiple lists.

Choosing a Notes field type from an alphabetically sorted list (26 Mar 2008)

Pulling field type by frequency usage is more efficient. But not a problem worth solving imho.

Attachments placed in their own pane and not at the bottom of emails (25 Mar 2008)

Attachments in-line are much better than in a header. I typically will add a table, put in the attachments, text so that everything flows properly, for the end user. This translates well both for NRPC and HTML mail.

For more complex mail, I will make a tabbed table with sub-tables and attachments inside each, with collapsed sections for the parent topic. Thus, a lot of data can be presented in an organized manner and have it easily readable, showing the viewer what they want to see when they need it. This would be quite challenging and inefficient when pulling attachments out of the message body.

Having stated this, attachments that just collect at the bottom of e-mails like rocks inside of a held pillow-case become worthless and annoying quite quickly.

Make View Navigation consistent between standard Notes Views and Java Views (02 Mar 2008)

Actually, in Notes, Home puts you to the beginning of the view -- horizontally; whereas End puts you to the end of the said row. Ctrl-Home puts you to the beginning of the view's top row and Ctrl-End to the view's bottom row.

Now, if the view lacks a horizontal scrollbar (or there is no other column off the screen {which includes a blank one}), then Home and End work as you described. For example, the Inbox in an ND8.0.x client, auto-resizes to avoid a horizontal scroll bar; this is a significant design enhancement as you'll always be able to see your data regardless of whether you have your side-panel expanded or not and folders.

So, it really depends on where one is, how well designed the application is, and what version of Notes they are using, as to the behavior here. It would seem that this is in-progress with the Eclipse based products.

Otherwise, a good suggestion as I completely support consistent design.

Allow me to delete a database via AdminP (02 Mar 2008)

I would prefer to see What or Who is using the box. Sometimes it could be an anti-virus program, or backup hook or stale lock that has it's paws all over the DB and thus, prevents an easy removal.

Add a Travel Event type to the Notes Calendar. (29 Feb 2008)

In ND8.0.1 they have the capability to have the calendar view and the My Day sidebar plugin show dual timezones. This is a huge time-saver (already) and keeps me from missing meetings when I forget to reset the laptop's clock whilst on the plane.

File -> Preferences -> Calendar and To Do -> Regional Settings -> Display and additional timezone (checkbox).

The label can be what you want...the timezone selected for each, drives the displayed clock.

Hope this helps.

Pin tabs to warn before closing (29 Feb 2008)

You might try the following to assist in the mean time:
(1) Right-click on the Open Button to Dock the Open List -- then you'll have single click to your most important apps and two clicks to apps insides folders
(2) Create a Bookmark folder called pinded apps and place the bookmarks in there
(3) Put the application into the Startup folder, so that it will automatically open each time you launch the client
(4) Experiment with the My Work Launcher

Depending on what you want to do, this just might help. Good luck.

Easier to create links for end-users (previously known as "Hotspot Resource Links" ...) (29 Feb 2008)

p.s. sorry for the faux pas...forgot about auto-link conversion in IdeaJam. Just hover the mouse pointer to see the syntax as some will do nothing.

Easier to create links for end-users (previously known as "Hotspot Resource Links" ...) (29 Feb 2008)

Here is the option. Since you can only type text here...there are two documents in the Notes client Help file on this...one on how to set the preference; a second on the types of URLs that are converted:

To enabled: File -> Preferences -> Basic Notes Configuration -> Additional Options -> Turn URLs into Hotspots


HTTP -- { Link }
HTTPS -- { Link }
FTP -- { Link }
Gopher -- { Link }
Mailto -- mailto:user@lotus.com
News -- NNTP
Notes URL -- { Link }

Easier to create links for end-users (previously known as "Hotspot Resource Links" ...) (29 Feb 2008)

Well, ND8 will auto-convert URLs to hotspots when sending/saving the document. So, this might solve the problem. Otherwise, I agree, it has been far too painful.

entry in the installer for "do not remove old Help DBs" (29 Feb 2008)

I know the client leaves the old files in-place. I haven't noticed it on the server upgrade before. Interesting...

Resize or rearrange tabs across the top as more windows are opened (29 Feb 2008)

You can group tabs by application and they will run in an organized manner--making it much easier to find what you need. This trumps the Windows Program Manager behavior, imho. I have 66 tabs spread out over 12 application tabs within the client. I would not want to sift through them otherwise.

And closing Notes will correctly re-open each of the 66 tabs properly when restarting the client--so this is a good feature in Notes, as well.

Folder Unread Marks for Domino Web Access (29 Feb 2008)

I just tested this in a folder by switching the read and unread flag on a message and it came through instantaneously...when pressing refresh in the browser. So, I know not what you refer to here.

Folder Unread Marks for Domino Web Access (29 Feb 2008)

My 7.0.2 server shows unread marks--synchronized with my Notes client view of my mail file--regardless of whether I use an ND8 or ND7 client against the same replica file.

Replace letterhead logo with Directory photo (29 Feb 2008)

clicked submit too soon...need a trailing ":)" there. ciao...

Replace letterhead logo with Directory photo (29 Feb 2008)

The letterhead works well, because there is minimal overhead. It's pulls a locally stored file/image based upon an integer passed inside the message. Have to pull a thumbnail over the LAN from the server for each message routed would created impact...

Also, storing those images would increase the message size an eat up one's quota faster. The letterhead is pulled locally through the subform when opening a message--thus providing functionality with optimization.

Now if you can get around the network, server, and consumption, and performance issues to make it local, then you might have something here.

Then again, do I really want to see my boss' or executive's picture every time they send me an e-mail? They give me enough agita as it is.

Change the "An error was encountered while opening a window." error message (08 Feb 2008)

You can customize pretty much any error message now. There is a lookup DB...forgetting the name currently, but you open it and you'll see each error code and the corresponding text. Just change it to whatever you'd like.

"If you see this box, then re-start Notes to solve the error generated. If still having problems, re-start Notes and try again. Otherwise, call the Help Desk. {Error code: #<n>} "

Group topology (08 Feb 2008)

I would think you could create a categorized view, by group name, append the number of sub-groups/documents below it so you would know, then expand the group...you could even write an agent to to the tree traversal and feed it into a spreadsheet for charts and graphs purposes if needbe.

Agent target (08 Feb 2008)

I believe there is a document object method for which when stamped, and saving the code, will ignore all already processed documents. Been a while since I coded, but I know I've used it before.

Roaming client support for both clients (08 Feb 2008)

Roaming, introduced in ND7, is back in ND8.5. Regarding mail templates, there is an option for a compressed mail template, which decreases each mail file's footprint quite dramatically--design-wise, that is. What else are you asking for here?

Throttle delivery of large msgs with more than priority (08 Feb 2008)

Also, keep in-mind that the more checks the router must accomplish on each message, will impact negatively, performance (even if using spare threads, which I'm sure you've considered).

Perhaps have more granularity over what constitutes a low, medium, and high priority message? Then, when the client send it, the new field gets set and the router feeds off of that. So, mail a setting in the Mail Settings document like, "Normal priority messages > 2M automatically get sent as low priority" or "Low priority messages from <group_name> get sent with a <integer> hour delay".

Bonfire for Sunday Night Party (01 Feb 2008)

Yes, the "hot-seats" that the NFL uses on the sidelines. A large long sofa style bench seat hat blows hot air in one end and warms the seat's material for all those using it.

Please enhance to dos and finish existing to do workflow (01 Feb 2008)

@0, I whole heartedly agree here. This is loosely correlated with this ToDo post --> { Link } :: Also, as an aside... I spent over an hour with the ToDo developer at LS08 going through workflow improvements for ToDos.

One item we discussed included the ability to comment and send updates on longer-term/range assigned tasks--which they liked. So you and I are in-synch here too. The LS08 dev meeting went well and they took a lot of notes and appreciated the input. Hopefully the end result will be one that actually converts the feature's potential greatness into actual.

Split sessions between hotels by track (28 Jan 2008)

If you silo the attendees, one of the best benefits of the show---chance encounters with colleagues from yesteryear---would be thwarted. I meet most of my friends and former clients between sessions, as we do not always attend the same session at the same time (for repeats).

IBM should make Lotusphere information broadly available (28 Jan 2008)

Well they do make the presentation slides available. Granted, not all sessions have contributed in years past...feedback that supposedly resonated strongly this year, so we'll see what is actually available percentage-wise.

Examples? Meaning demos? If not, what then? How would the presenters provide on-screen demos for the masses without recording it? Not saying you are wrong here, but working through the process to ensure we are synchronized.

Fix the Session Guide and Mini-Flip Guide (28 Jan 2008)

@0, this is how the Genii DB is best utilized. :) Seriously, Ben does a great job here. For the LS Team, I think the lay-out, editing, and printing costs would increase significantly to provide the perfect Pocket Agenda guide and Conference Guide complement.

The two guide/agenda combo do work for the basic features, but beyond that...try the Genii DB. It has what you need and is updated daily with any schedule changes--something hardcopy can not do at this time (at least until they implement the e-Page version where we plug-in our guides daily and have the pages re-arrange with the edits.)

Bonfire for Sunday Night Party (28 Jan 2008)

Although I certainly enjoy the prospect of large-scale pyrotechnics, a bonfire at LS might prove challenging...

(1) Smoke going in the window/balconies of guest rooms (wind shifts make it unpredictable);
(2) FL's heavy drought/dry season is late Fall through JAN (just after hurricane season);
(3) Drought-based fire hazard (making it very difficult to put out any fire that might occur and know that FL had a 50-car pile-up the week before LS08 where four people died due to a controlled brush fire that had thick smoke cross the highway and caused a semi-to overturn, initiating the pile-up);
(4) Close proximity of natural vegetation to the beach might give the local Fire Marshall agita.

Note: I checked the drought fire hazard point both with my uncle and father who are a long time FL residents near Orlando.

So, for not these issues, I would be in favor of it. :)

Refreshments ALWAYS Avaialable (28 Jan 2008)

I agree with @2 here... :) The post-lunch coffee and dessert available in the Product Showcase proved beneficial for traffic there though, imho. They are making improvements to get the traffic higher, which is a good thing.

Do not know what benefit have all refreshments all the time would be there...I think in-time, people would become numb to the benefit because, 'well, I can go there anytime to get a h2o, let's go to this lab now.' That is perhaps not what the showcase vendors would like.

IBM should make Lotusphere information broadly available (28 Jan 2008)

As my LS comments indicate, IBM should pay Ben Langhinrichs to create and update the Genii LS Notes DB. He provided accurate and useful information, sans conflicting information. This year, the Conference Guide and Pocket Agenda proved the least useful in my eleven years of attending the conference and for not the work of Mr. Langhinrichs' work, the BOF attendee numbers would have been even lower--for example.

@0, specifically what information are you wanting to be made broadly available? The overall request reads a bit vague to me. There is a lot and some they are not allowed to release (due to legal constraints). How should this information be made available?

Get Disney to upgrade their Internet connection (28 Jan 2008)

But is that just the D/S (Dolphin/Swan) Internet connection? The WiFi connectivity proved most challenging for many users, which included being unable to grab an IP Address on Monday and Tuesday. Specifically, this has nothing to do with the D/S hotel's Internet connection, but the Lotusphere SSID and corresponding infrastructure.

IMHO, the capacity planning for this year's show proved sorely inadequate. They know how many IPs they need (as there is a quantity ceiling in the worst case), and they know people will login during sessions to do their evals (bandwidth consumption spike), and they *should* have internal DNS which can redirect (even temporarily) the eval and LS Online sites to an internal replica server---thus, avoiding any Internet pipe constraints. Unfortunately, the perception is that none of this occurred.

(Side note, sans proper planning the attendees get frustrated and the presenters lose value information in their evals--a complete lose-lose for everyone.)

These steps would alleviate any constraints that the D/S might have and significantly improve the overall performance of *all* LS attendees during the show. Until the LS Network Team addresses these basic issues, the D/S pipe is only duct tape on a bigger problem.

Drop an IMAP or HTTP user (28 Jan 2008)

After my experiences with IMAP the past 24 hours, I'm more than happy to drop any IMAP user. I'm in. =)

Notes Maintenace Application (18 Jan 2008)

Interesting concept, Henry.

@1, @3 ... You can run Program documents locally, so thus, I would think that a batch file could be included in that. Honestly, haven't tried that permutation though.

Lotusphere Online Orientation Video (17 Jan 2008)

Interesting concept for newbie attendees, or non-technical users. =) See you in FL Randy.

Ability to compact all local databases at once (14 Jan 2008)

So, performing an "ncompact <options>" from a DOS prompt is not adequate? You can run program documents locally as well, just to make this interesting.

Disable Notes 8 Typeahead For Selected Names fields (09 Jan 2008)

@Peter, I agree...

(1) The name-lookup capability (precise marketing term escaping me currently) in e-mails is *not* type-ahead, which still exists--as mentioned to me on a support call and we all needed to level set on the jargon to get the issue resolved;

(2) In some cases the name-lookup feature can create an ambiguous name situation, as Renames don't propagate into this feature. So, the old name still appears in the name-lookup list. If the recipient's old name is alphabetically superior to their new name, then the previous name will always be at the top of the list, until the usage algorithms purges it (know way to establish a time-frame here). Picking the old name, will of course cause an ambiguous name as that name doesn't exist anymore (in theory).

So, I agree to promote your idea and hopefully resolve this at the same time (if they would address our SPR). =)

Send mail to all users in an Organisational Unit (09 Jan 2008)

p.s. I wrote a bulk-email DB app in Notes which solved the problem and saved 200MB per server per day for that client. If you want to know the basics of how it works, send me an e-mail.

Send mail to all users in an Organisational Unit (09 Jan 2008)

@2 We had a Sev1 for this back in the R4 ('98) era with the exact same thing; I requested an SPR with the fix, and it included our wanting a Reader field for groups which would also prevent finding them via type-ahead, or other address pick-lists. Lotus Development Managment promised it to me in R5, then next year, then at R5.5 (which never got released), then Rnext, and onward.

Five Lotuspheres of broken promises from Development and several calls with our then Lotus Support Manager and it never got processed. "Oh we like the idea. Makes sense. We want to do it, but it won't be in this release. Definitely on the plate." -- Dev Mgr.

So, I wouldn't hold your breath for this one--unfortunately.

Automatic Smart Location Switching (09 Jan 2008)

For end-users that is fine. For Admins, I frequently change Domino Domains from the same environment, so an automatic location switch would be a burden. A preference to offer this, would be nice though.

Calendar invite to display appropriate action buttons when viewed in preview pane (09 Jan 2008)

I would also like to see an option in the ND8 side panel as well--for new entries (in gray/grey) too.

Apply Policies to Specific Locations (22 Dec 2007)

As users can create their own Location documents, and rename them as well, the sound suggestion gets muddled in the implementation. Very difficult to control and maintain, as such.

On Server Registration, allow me to copy server security settings (22 Dec 2007)

I like the Server Registration option, then have a field on the Registration dialog box to "Use Registration Policy" with a list-box to select the appropriate one. There is risk, in that a botched setting here, that is caught later, could introduce a lot of re-work later...

So, maybe hybrid with @4's option too.

I've heard that one can copy, paste a server doc then rename it and move the public key... (for version 6, that did work well) , but it seems to not work so well in ND8--in that, there are a few more subtle fields than that to synchronize to ensure success.

Sign-up/Reservation for Hands-on Sessions (22 Dec 2007)

The prospect of waiting on-line for any length of time is enough to have me avoid them all-together. The lines last year I passed en route to a break-out session, ensured that I did not even consider them. Yet there are always a few HSs that are of interest. Time as LS is far to valuable. Making people miss break-out sessions for the chance at a seat, is like showing up at dawn for a one-day only sale at Wal-Mart or Black Friday. Generally, not worth it, as there is always another way to get that toaster later. :)

Disney has FastLane for the popular rides...tweaking the general premise might come-up with a reasonable solution to address demand with time constraints.

Good suggestion, Randy,

Allow for work shift definitions (20 Dec 2007)

I know when I schedule appointments past midnight, it works just fine in ND8. Are you seeing things differently?

You could also have people schedule All-day events and de-select the option for "Make Available", which will fill their calendar, shielding them from meetings when they are away between shifts. This would allow for longer-range visual availability.

Not a perfect solution, but one that is easy to implement.

From my experience, the issue spanning midnight goes beyond the scenario you depicted, as with multinational companies, it is entirely possible and quite common with time zone shifts to have someone in another site, thousands of miles away who might get invited to a conference call late into the evening...and Notes will move it correctly though--even past midnight.

NotesNewsletter improvements (20 Dec 2007)

I have always been a fan of the Newsletter class, albeit a lesser used one, from how my developer colleagues construct code. Improvements here, imho, would be welcomed; it's a nice object.

Make a STOP button (20 Dec 2007)

The Ctrl+Break is something I train my clients' end-users and well, unless they write it down and are reminded...it's a loss cause. Many are thankful for the tip, though. In the end, a Stop sign with "Stop" inside would be great...just to the right of the Open button and to the left of the thumbnail button. Perfect placement.

Categories for your Emails (12 Dec 2007)

How would the categories work with activities, or would this just be extra work, if using activities? Otherwise, it's a nice thought.

Support Ubuntu (Debian) Linux distro for Server (28 Nov 2007)

John brings up a good point. Ubuntu is based upon Debian Linux and there is strong interest for that build. To @1's point, at what cost? What would we gain by having development dollars spent there versus improving and evolving Domino on RHEL and SLES?

No enterprise-class company will purchase any OS sans a support model to match their needs. Further more, most companies will run away from a free OS except for development purposes (in some cases), as there is a stigma of free being unsupported commercially. Domino may run well on various forms of Linux, and other unsupported OSs (e.g. XP), but the initial costs plus on-going maintenance for successive builds and testing grows exponentially (or close to that) with each new Lotus product as it all needs to be tested and supported.

Without a strong customer demand for that particular OS versus RHEL and SLES, there is no reason for IBM to invest the significant cash outlay for Debian. What would they gain by doing so?

Having stated that, if you want to support your clients on that OS, you can do so, but your ability to get support from Lotus would be impeded. I know some vendors will use this approach (b/c a client is unable to use a particular Windows SP, or a preference for one OS over another with that customer). So, it is an option. YMMV.

Again, I am a very strong advocate of Domino on Linux. With the excellent support and products being rolled-out for Linux today ("Thank you, Lotus."), I would rather have development dollars channeled on better GUI fixes, SMTP, and mail issues, many of which are presented within this forum, than a niche distro lacking enterprise capabilities. Debian is a solid quality OS--no argument there; but at this time, it is perhaps best for situations as you described (for internal use), rather than a full-blown certified build from IBM Lotus.

use two or more dictionaries (28 Nov 2007)

Does installing multiple dictionaries solve your problem? The Notes client gives you the ability to have supplemental dictionaries. I tried to test it, but my local client lacks the necessary DLL to complete the process (install selection me thinks).

ics one-click import for 1 or many .ics files (28 Nov 2007)

The Windows Registry only exists on the Windows OS; we now have non-Windows clients. Improving ICS imports with all three main Notes client permutations, should help end-user morale towards Notes.

Designer for mac (27 Nov 2007)

Although I agree with the premise...at this time, we can not print correctly from a Mac Notes client. Thus, I am uncertain that I would want to run in production any code written from one. :)

Designer for Linux (27 Nov 2007)

IIRC, way back in the V3.03c days, they had a UNIX Notes client, that became discontinued in the R4 code stream with the onset of NT for desktops that UNIX once occupied--to better handle things like OLE. During that time there might have been a Notes Designer client, but I am not 100% certain here...someone correct me if need be.

Point being, that if they had it once, @1's statement would make it easier to resurrect it.

I am one of the biggest proponents of Linux, especially Notes/Domino. I think this client product will occur, but is perhaps an ND9 release at the earliest. A good question for Marybeth Raven's blog, me thinks.

I wish Domino had an ActiveSync-like function that supported more than Windows Mobile (27 Nov 2007)

IIRC, during the NYC Lotus Collaboration Summit, that they stated WinMobile ("for now".) They need a tactical advantage here and lagging versus leading will not help with anti-FUD efforts either.

Out of Office (26 Nov 2007)

Agree that it should be addressed. Have you looked at setting to replicate when shutting down Notes in their location documents or setting(s) doc? Then, when they shut-down, the change would be sent up. Train them to accept if prompted as well. I like the Island mode reminder.

Fix printing in the Mac client (26 Nov 2007)


Let me select multiple things in rich text (incl. form designer) (26 Nov 2007)

Or have a Style Brush, like in WordPerfect. You highlight one paragraph and click the brush icon. You are given a dialog box with what you would like to pass along (font attributes, paragraph settings, cell properties (if in a table), etc.), then, either each paragraph you click, or text you highlight gets the settings of the first area--automagically. I use it a lot; big time-saver.

I think this could be a good value-add in Notes and the productivity tools.

Replicate Mail Quota/Warning settings and Create a Report (26 Nov 2007)

I can see scenarios where one may want them to be out-of-sync. But in the situation you described, it can be quite annoying for the end-users and the administrators alike. Perhaps a checkbox on the Quotas... dialog box that states,

"Enforce quota setting on all replicas",


"Enforce quota setting on all server replicas",
"Enforce quota setting even on local replicas",

might solve the problem. This would then invoke an AdminP task, and check servers for replicas and set accordingly.

Print selected text only (26 Nov 2007)

I have enjoyed this capability of WordPerfect for years. They introduced in the early 90's (as I recall), the ability to Save Selection and Print Selection. Very useful.

Bring back cert-lab at a discounted prices (26 Nov 2007)

I would be surprised if they closed the labs, but perhaps you know something Knud, that I/we do not. I would think that closing the Test Prep lab would dramatically reduce the number of certs attempted at LS. Therefore, it should remain open, IMHO.

Propercase Function (25 Nov 2007)

For consistency purposes, it makes sense. So, with "ucase()", and "lcase()", a "pcase()" function seems appropriate.

Make Swiftfile available on non-Windows Clients (21 Nov 2007)

@3 Thanks for the insight. But know that everything in life changes with time--even licensing agreements. IMHO, that is not a show-stopper, just a barrier to success, which can passed. :)

Countdown of resources (21 Nov 2007)

Agreed. Having to select <n> projectors to see which one is available when checking schedules, can be annoying. If you need to select projector one afterwards, fine. A countdown claiming (there are no resources of this type available for your selected time) is helpful.

Add Travelling Time to Meetings (21 Nov 2007)

Agreed. I spend double time for each new appointment or meeting created, as after the event, I then create a second entry to block-out travel time preceding the calendar entry, to keep me from arriving late due to back-to-back event scheduling. It's becoming arduous and irksome to handle the increased management.

The fun increases with rescheduling of these event types, as you have to move and respond to both dialog boxes for the event first, then the travel time event. Try adding repeating meetings or appointments with combined travel time entries for each and it gets joy-filled in a hurry. :)

Idea enhancement: I would like to have the travel time label and value appear in the calendar view event hover pop-up as well.

Prevent multiple replicas on a single server (21 Nov 2007)

A warning would be nice. DDM event to set a threshold, based upon exceeding your temporary needs, is also beneficial. Preventing outright could be counterproductive, based upon examples presented here.

Make the Gateway not to require DB2 (20 Nov 2007)

DB2, although a great powerful product, presents itself as overkill here. Why do we need a Tier-1 RDBMS to store log files? It's like killing a mosquito with a steam roller for this task, IMHO.

Make Swiftfile available on non-Windows Clients (19 Nov 2007)

Agreed Steven. My preference would be for either a settings document field or a Notes Mail preference to enable it, over their extra EXE installation. Also, an option through Smartupgrade to include the installation would also be a time-saver, if not already built-in.

Ironically, the design code for Swiftfile is already hidden inside the mail template. The installation adds a couple of DLLs and flips the bit to enable the Swiftfile tab under mail preferences. Why they force admins to re-touch the desktop after a successful Notes setup for a very simple installation program makes little sense at this point.

IBM Lotus should re-think this installation and distribution process for this valuable add-on, imho.

Unique subject of the notification of comments from different ideas (17 Nov 2007)

That seems to be more of an issue in how Gmail processes incoming mail. It seems that their primary key is non-unique. Rather than applying a messageID value along with a hash-value defined from readily visible data (e.g. date+subject+recipient_list) to track the message thread, from what you describe they only use the subject.

Most of gmail's messages would be SMTP addressing-based and in this scenario, Domino breaks the message thread for multiple replies, due to the loss of the primary key identifier when a new SMTP message is received; so, it's a conundrum.

I would open a bug report with Gmail. Definitely curious how they would respond here.

Firefox instant spellchecker doesn't work when submitting an idea but does when you paste in text (16 Nov 2007)

Interesting in that I am using FF2.0 on my iMac and the real-time spell checker works quite well. Haven't tried this on my Linux or XP boxes though. Are you perhaps using a v 1.5 FF or earlier flavor, Sean?

Are the Promote and Demote actions clear? (16 Nov 2007)

I like the concept of Promote/Demote. Quite nice and clear. I dislike overtly simplified prose. :) Now, we have many in the community that are multi-lingual and I can see some confusion there. Appending a thumbs up/down to the existing nomenclature might work well for everyone. But as always, ymmv.

Can "Back to Idea Jam" go back to where you started? (16 Nov 2007)

Any Idea Space you visit causes this problem. If I am in page 4 of the Notes Client space, and click "Back to Notes Client" I want to return to page 4, rather than page 1.

Add support to the Ubuntu Linux distro (16 Nov 2007)

@1, there is a difference between what non-business and business users utilized for a Linux distro. Businesses will only use a distro that is backed by a known entity and provides fee-based support. At this point-in-time, that means Red Hat and SuSE.

So, although many of our peers might prefer Ubuntu---and for perhaps good reason---until LTS builds are taken-into account, it won't happen. Also, the standard build cycle on Ubuntu is far to frequent for a Tier 1 ISV to touch-it, the the need for the LTS Ubuntu flavor. Red Hat and SuSE both provide an Enterprise model to achieve longer release cycles so major products can work with these OSs.

I support it, but only against the LTS build(s).

Calendering Administration (16 Nov 2007)

This should be extended to To Dos as well.

Doubleclick on workspace = File - Database - Open (16 Nov 2007)

I like it, but r-click presents an option to "Open Application" on the pop-up menu. Perhaps that is the sudden tide against??

Fix the Upgrade Folder Design Agent (16 Nov 2007)

Yes... load convert -u <file> should do it for you.

Auto Filing Inbox Mail (16 Nov 2007)

In the interim, the Swiftfile program will get you close to that. Very quick filing of mail to folders.

Greying of rescheduled meetings (16 Nov 2007)

To me the logic they have now indicates that since you proposed a new time, that you do not want the existing time. Thus, remove it until settled. I can see the benefit you describe though.

Swap F5 and F9 Keys (16 Nov 2007)

FYI...in the Notes 8 client, the F5 key is disabled. To log-off, you press Ctrl+F5 now; F9 still functions as expected.

Remove "Block this sender" option (16 Nov 2007)

For the messages that break-through...it was effective in stopping perpetual spam that my SPAM filter blocked...like 25 of the same subject from 25 different people... I view it as a compliment to the primary filter. It should not be viewed as a company's spam solution.

Compact All Local Databases (16 Nov 2007)

You can create a program document to run on local DBs and thus, run compact. So that might be a workaround until a more elegant solution appears.

Maybe a Desktop Settings document entry to do local replica maintenance (fixup, updall, compact), or just force a compact so you can get all replicas up to the new ODS without having to write Win login scripts to accomplish this.

New function "Clean-up workspace/bookmarks" (16 Nov 2007)

I like the premise, but many DBs may not be available at any one time if you manage multiple domains. I have entire workspace pages/tabs that only work when at the client's site, I would like to remove icons from that tab when I am there, if they don't work. But a blanket agent that purges anything it is unable to find would cause major inconvenience.

For people who only exist in one company, it could be more useful.

RSS entries reset as unread (16 Nov 2007)

Or at least allow a sidebar plug-in for an alternate RSS Reader

How about letting us park at the Swan/Dolphin for free? (16 Nov 2007)

@8 The swan/dolphin usually have cabs or cars waiting there. If not, have the concierge or doorman get you a cab..they will respond much faster to a familiar voice that works for the hotel, than a guest.

Keynote Seating (16 Nov 2007)

As per the Taking Notes podcast with Sandra Marcus, the Lotus Salon 2.08 will be in effect during that time. A nice compound term incorporating the old 19th century French salons where intellects would gather to think and share knowledge with web 2.0 technology for the theme.

Move Lotusphere to Nashville or Lexington (16 Nov 2007)

Flights to Orlando are cheap from anywhere, as FL wants tourism. Not so with flights to Nashville or Lexington. The catering and service at Disney are well-regarded and definitely work well with people who have food allergies--not so in those areas. As @2 mentioned...the list for staying is quite lengthy.

Thanks for the humor.

Lower the price (16 Nov 2007)

P.S. It is the best quality show in the industry...business or technical. I appreciate the quality, but a CLP or other independent discount off the early-bird price seems appropriate.

Lower the price (16 Nov 2007)

@Jerry... link this with "Bring back the CLP Discount" { Link }

@2, @5, I agree...and let's meetup
@6, didn't see the link there...or you would have had one more.

Free beer for overflow sessions (16 Nov 2007)

And for walking to the Y&B to find that your primary session's overflow is full and then having to go back to the Swan for your secondary session to find out you missed :15 of it.

*That* is worthy of a shot of scotch or whiskey. But I'll take beer as a back-up.

Increase number of votes for BOF Sessions (16 Nov 2007)

I like it... with 7.5k to 8k attendees and 5 BOF votes, worst-case that is 40k votes for rooms that hold about 30 people. I can see their hesitation, but ten would be good, then you would have a better way to target the the true sessions of interest, IMHO.

A Jug of Wine, a Spreadsheet, and Thee - What would you like to see? (16 Nov 2007)

As OLE is generally a Windows capability, is there a way to have a linked spreadsheet in either a ODS document or presentation update automatically when the pointed to file is updated. Now on the Linux client...as it has the tools. :)

Soliciting ideas for Lotusphere 2008 Sessions database (16 Nov 2007)

Ben -- thanks for the effort. Very much appreciated.

My idea is simple, but may be arduous to implement. There exists no cross-index for the Showcase vendors by product name, or product type. Many people know the products, but are less familiar with the ISV. Perhaps listing a product or two from each vendor or a classification (e.g. Fax, CRM, Project Managment) to better find vendors for what you need.

This has been suggested to IBM for the past four years IBM by many BPs that I have witnessed. The IBM crew working the floor agrees that it would be a good idea and also have claimed to suggest it to the conference team. After four years of asking, it remains missing. Most exasperating.

Is there a way to have the vendors send in e-mail and then feed in their results directly into the DB? Just a thought...

ALL speakers need to provide presentation slides (16 Nov 2007)

Kudos Randy...agree again. Very irksome to go through the download process, unzip the archive, find the session ID for the topic you seek and then discover that there are zero slides for it.

Barring the presentations that IBM intentionally holds-back for legal or trade reasons, the remaining abstaining presenters should be drawn and quartered.

Allow easy remote access (telnet/ssh) to the server console from Linux (16 Nov 2007)

Daniel...you can run FF and use the Quick Console (if you lack the Java Controller) and enter commands from there. Works great on a Mac or Linux.

@3, @4 ... his scripts rock...customized it a lot and use it on all my servers. Needs an update for D8 as the console logic changed, or at least how the OS is processing it...will get with him at LS08 for insight.

Bring back the Lotusphere CLP Discount (16 Nov 2007)

I seem to recall an entry like this on the CLP Zone site too. Whole heartedly agree, Randy.

For those of us that come every year by our own resources rather than a corporation or client sending us, the near $2k price tag is maxing the personal budget. If one shows additional commitment, and product loyalty, say, "Thanks."

Give attendees a DVD/USB with all presentation PDFs on it (16 Nov 2007)

Burning the presentations to some media storage medium closer to the event is better because many of the presentations can have last minute edits either by the presenter or IBM itself. However they distribute them, the two weeks past the event site closing is getting old, especially when you have to spend a long time creating a cross-index from session IDs to titles so that what you have is actually usable.

If they force a download, would it kill them to package in the ZIP files a PDF with a file index? (e.g. ID101 - "What's new in the Lotus Client version <x>"); then it would be searchable and save significant time looking for the correct file.

Support Ubuntu Linux distro (16 Nov 2007)

@2 Correct... along with that, know that SuSE and Red Hat went to the Enterprise model years ago to alleviate the semi-annual release cycles that impeded business and ISV acceptance of Linux. The enterprise release cycles are approximately 18 months and allow companies like IBM to build a software version to an OS and then patch it properly, without having to re-compile and re-test for all the products across a moving target (at six-month intervals).

So, the LTS releases are the only ones that would have a shot.

Improved todo workflow (16 Nov 2007)

Steve: @1 's idea will give you what you need. Going to the ToDo and sending comments will also provide the linkage that you seek, when looking in the To Do list views.

You can also have your colleagues send you Group To Dos which would alleviate some of the extra work you have to manage and organize your work with less e-mail and effort. Most users never receive training and thus, only know to send e-mail for everything...forcing the recipient to organize all the data received.

Good luck.

Transfer a folder of documents between databases (16 Nov 2007)

As a role with all security measures being honored, that seems like a good idea.

Don't want all users in a DB to dump documents to another DB. That would have several negative connotations--especially with default forms in the other DB, LAN traffic, view and FTI indexing and end-users claiming that "oops, I didn't mean to dump 2k documents from my mail file into the company sales forecasting DB, can you help me?" ...maybe an Admin level feature only.

Right-click, Arrange by..., in workspace pages (16 Nov 2007)

Agree with @Randy on all points. :)

Names Fields Display Formats (16 Nov 2007)

How does that setting carry over to views though?

One would need logic to have the view column check for that parameter and display it as set or let the column formula override that value...put an option in the view column for Name fields and a check box to use the value set on the names field if it exists? This is a bit murky and might have a performance hit...can you elaborate here?

Add Option to Limit New Mail Notification to Inbox (16 Nov 2007)

As long as you can configure to folders or folder trees, as you'll want to know when mail arrives to a non-Inbox folder through a rule...or change the new mail alert to state where the mail arrived if outside of the Inbox. That would be handy. It avoids one having to dig through tens of folders to check their message counters.

Creating URL link hotspot should be much easier (16 Nov 2007)

Agreed. Highlight the text, click a Smarticon and it's all done. Should be really easy to implement. All for any productivity enhancements.

Allow an ID to be selected to sign a database with (16 Nov 2007)

As long as the ID is not another user's ID, then this is fine. Otherwise, linking with certificates through the CA process, perhaps, and choosing which of your certificates you would want to use, might be acceptable, perhaps suboptimal, but at least add flexibility.

Form Property to exclude from FT Indexing (16 Nov 2007)

My concern here is that this would be too subtle for the users. They are used to be able to search across any document in the view with an FTI. If you exclude certain documents in the view, then they'll call the Help Desk and claim that Notes isn't working. Why not just limit the view's selection formula or have an option and visual indicator to state that the current view is *not* FTI-enabled, or add a role to eliminate the ability for someone to enable the FTI on a particular view, versus the entire DB.

Is your goal to shrink the size of the FTI itself or something else?


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