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Improve options to open application in a browser (17 Feb 2012)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Improve options to open application in a browser (17 Feb 2012)

this is partly solved, in Designer you can now select the application in a working set and press the preview in web browser smarticon...

"Open in Browser" in the context menus (17 Feb 2012)

this is partly solved, in Designer you can now select the application in a working set and press the preview in web browser smarticon...

Change the look and feel for classic Notes apps (26 Oct 2011)

use xpages in the notes client?

Possibility to be able to add a footer section to a form (11 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Recycle bin for designer? (11 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Run consistency check on the background? (11 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

be able to align text inside a field (06 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Make possible to link viewheaders in View panel (06 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Connect Geographic Location to Google Maps in business card (06 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

@Command to specify the insertion point in a field (06 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Alt text for icons in a view (05 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

ViewTemplate for multiple views (05 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Disable option for the No documents found return for empty embedded views (05 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Designer Help - distinguish between LotusScript AND Java help documents (05 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

separate the presentation from the behaviour (05 May 2011)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Highlight / indicate in designer when an element has a hidewhen formula present. (25 Jan 2011)

yep been there, voted that, what's next

Column width in Views - double click on the border should auto-size the width to the content (28 Dec 2010)

hej Theo,

we can buy your condition =)

Book Proposal: Domino goes mobile: HTML5, CSS3 and Ajax (16 Dec 2010)

great idea!

appendtotextlist for xpages (15 Dec 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Book proposal: IBM Lotus User Interface matters (15 Dec 2010)

OneUI Zen Garden, is the alternative title =)

Input enabled option for Rich text fields (10 Dec 2010)

I have no idea what we might expect from IBM investing in the classic Notes client. maybe 'Notes client' should be taken away from IdeaJam completely?

Debugger improvements (07 Dec 2010)

also add that the debugger should never loose focus !

Advanced XPages course (03 Dec 2010)

sorry I can only vote once...

Increase the number of nested tables (15 Nov 2010)

@Peter: so you mean IdeaJam can skip the posting of ideas related to the classic Notes client?

Option to include a database in a new working set (11 Oct 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Show twisties when rows are expandable (05 Oct 2010)

I mean, also display a twistie for the subcategories... not just for the (first) category

Enhance Symphony with better transitions in presentations (04 Oct 2010)

I would suggest capabilities such as in: { Link }

Display frequently used/favorite fonts at the TOP of the font selection list (28 Sep 2010)

similar idea: { Link }

Standardize Definition of Application (26 Aug 2010)

My most unfavourite idea:

{ Link }

Make Ideajam database as default application on domino (21 Aug 2010)

My first suggestion for any contribution from OpenNTF would probably be OpenLog. What about yours?

Make Ideajam database as default application on domino (20 Aug 2010)

i think ideajam is an excellent example of an extension on your domino platform. I see no need to include it in the current application portfolio

I would rather see a broader portfolio with solid applications that cover different areas (personal/team activity, content management (bookmarks, rss reader, multi mail application, common inbox) that really high end solutions. leave that to the third parties.

Dogear: Plugin for many browsers to store bookmark in dogear (20 Aug 2010)

what about a connections toolbar for the browser?

Create an AppStore for $1.99 apps (16 Aug 2010)

There are a lot of pro's and con's for an appstore, but should it be build by IBM? I hope not. IBM's interest is not selling apps, so this appstore can never be a success.

But any third party, commercially or not (openntf), is welcome to offer a sales module for applications for application developers in form of an appstore.

I have just no faith in IBM here.

Feed Readers page for Domino (05 Aug 2010)

I guess this will become an Feed Reader application?

IBM does not do applications, you know?

Have the TopGear guys as opening act (04 Aug 2010)

I believe people are shouting that IBM should reach the young ones?

Did they do that with William Shatner, Dan Aykroyd, Bob Costas, Rudy Giuliani, Walter Cronkite, Avery Brooks ? (Open the door, get on the floor - Everybody walk the dinosaur)

Instead of "This is not your father's Notes", it should be "This is not your father's Lotusphere"

The Top Gear guys are not so young themselves, their audience is a bit younger though.

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (03 Aug 2010)

it's too ugly, boring

Allow editing image shared resources in designer (03 Aug 2010)

I thought people ignore MSPaint? It rapes images...

Mood stamp / emoticon for out of office message (03 Aug 2010)

something with a riffle or fishing rod (gone hunting) :-)

Store Journal, Contacts, Bookmarks in Mail file (30 Jul 2010)

journals can become quite big, this will just decrease mobility (mail)

Select Multiple Documents in the view using LS (28 Jul 2010)

Set notesDocumentCollection = notesUIView.Documents ?

Last votes overview (24 Jul 2010)


Clipboard and screen capture outside Notes pushed automatically into new notebook entry (23 Jul 2010)

get the screen capture out of sametime and into the Notes client. In the action bar there must be added a button 'to journal' or something that will bring the picture into a new notebook entry.

Modernize the attachment viewer (21 Jul 2010)

If you are Dutch you do not favour the octopus...

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (21 Jul 2010)

I wish IBM would add some personal efficiency applications to the standard list...

Make it easy to select a preferred colorset for the framework. (12 Jul 2010)

corporate users will never be allowed to install such programs.

just some default predefined colorsets are fine for me.

An ideaspace for each IBM template (09 Jul 2010)

you are right Bill. probably you have said it in better words than I had it in mind.

Include mini progress bar in workspace icons (new workspace) (07 Jul 2010)

uhm something like this:

{ Link }

Replace inch for pixels/percentage throughout Designer (29 Jun 2010)

some people run the metric system { Link }

Tip of the day (27 Jun 2010)

@Vlad: you are right. Forced connectivity to the internet is definetely a NO-NO.

Why not re-use the help.nsf (or what is called) for the Client Help app. in a smart(er) way?

When Notes is mis-understood by it's users and IBM tries to solve it with selling video's I think the problem is not solved wisely.

IBM Fund Development Of A Community AppStore (20 Jun 2010)

great idea! finally we are going to make some bucks!

Open a profile document in a dialogbox (08 Jun 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Open embedded view on form/page in edit mode in Designer with double-click (27 May 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

When DoubleClick on embeded elements of design to open it by analogy with DoubleClick on SubForm (27 May 2010)

I will kill my post. It is just not easy to search through IdeaJam. It lacks some intelligence...

Bring back NotesBuddy (A lightweight Notes client from alphaWorks) (09 May 2010)

I startup Firefox and use iNotes to read my mail, goes fast enough for me =)

New Blog Template (26 Mar 2010)

instead of a new blog template I would suggest improve the existing template BUT provide a template to create small websites with

Domino Blog template needs to have a number of new user-friendly features (26 Mar 2010)

and dont forget that the blog template should have a permanent ideaspace ;-)

Domino Blog template needs to have a number of new user-friendly features (26 Mar 2010)

DXCategory tag should link to an overview of posts written by the author

Domino Blog template needs to have a number of new user-friendly features (26 Mar 2010)

an understandable configuration document.

things are not explained or what the impact is. almost impossible to use for non techies.

An ideaspace for each IBM template (23 Mar 2010)

an example where using ideajam would fit greatly:

{ Link }

Change @DbTitle into @AppTitle (04 Mar 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

option to remove names from mail document when copying it into a new calendar entry (17 Feb 2010)

what about and extra dialog which asks you if you want to include or not all recipients in the meeting invitation?

Access Recent Files from Notes Workspace (27 Jan 2010)

one workspace to rule them all

Provide a no cost Domino web server for small design/development companies (21 Jan 2010)

build a website with what?

there is no template from IBM available to build a small site

Calendar View for Xpages (16 Jan 2010)

hej Peter, I guess if you read one of the presentations for Lotusphere for the next version of Notes they say to deliver a rich set of controls, using Dojo dijits. A calendar view shoulf also be part of that.

Too bad we do not have them right now.

Out of the box FAQ template for users (13 Jan 2010)

increase the number of out of the box applications like Sharepoint offers

{ Link }

Templates, Templates Everywhere - If You Know Where to Look (13 Jan 2010)

most of the templates on OpenNTF are not in a final, roll out stage I believe. OpenNTF should also define some UI guidelines so applications for end-users look and feel the same

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (18 Dec 2009)

hej Mike, you are not alone out there...

Horizontal menu Separator to group actionbuttons (08 Dec 2009)

because then you have the mouse over effect, for example.

also I can not set any margins that only apply for the separators.

I guess I have to use an image as a background since the | sign does not cover the whole height of the action bar.

I guess you could have come up with the current problems yourself i pressume...

Lock the toolbars (06 Dec 2009)

MAJOR pain in the ass

Auto filter function for Notes View (20 Nov 2009)

will be a long discussion =)

Allow GoToField to go to non-editable fields (20 Nov 2009)

Arent anchors-links not used for this (on the web)

store NSF in more relational databases, not only DB2 (24 Sep 2009)

moving to a more 'known' database format then nsf would position Notes/Domino as a mature enterprise development platform...

Feature: Top Innovator of the month (22 Sep 2009)

beer of your favourite brand. please do not send me cheap American blends :-)

Make it easier to get XPage components by rendered id - XSP.byId (11 Sep 2009)

it's a pain in the ass, indeed.

Elect to remove Top Innovators (10 Sep 2009)

I did not know there is such an item.

please remove my name, my boss might think I am surfing IdeaJam the whole day ;-)

Change @DbTitle into @AppTitle (07 Sep 2009)

Lotus Knows .... an application is more than a database?

Notes client view navigation - got to bottom/top, jump x number of entries (31 Aug 2009)

okej, I understand that they are nice to know/have for power-users, but not for 80% of the normal user base.

Notes client view navigation - got to bottom/top, jump x number of entries (27 Aug 2009)

great , shortcuts my clients dont want to and therefor will not learn. can't we do this programmatic and put in under a button or so?

An HTML newsletter application in Domino - Out of the box (26 Aug 2009)

free = the key =)

Documentation should be tailored to the different ways that people learn, based on their age/experience/preferences (26 Aug 2009)

very strange / stupid that there is no real/good book about xpages development available...

Give us back a Lotusphere Europe (26 Aug 2009)

more TheView events instead in Europe

delete (21 Aug 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Allow developers hide views from View-->>Goto to the end users in a much simple way. (11 Aug 2009)

{ Link }

Extend options to set preferences for Rich Text (10 Jul 2009)

Hej Rob

I was just referring to my mail, but for sure it also applies to application development

Retire LotusScript, Focus on JavaScript (SSJS) (29 Jun 2009)

one language to conquer them all please

Debugger improvements (08 Jun 2009)

I am working with Notes 8.02 and sometimes the bugger does not show the code which I am running through, I just get a window box displayed.

The only option then is to close and restart Notes. What a life.

Create a hotspot via LotusScript (05 Jun 2009)

Yes if I want to link to a document, not a reference (url)

collapsible section - use your own images (29 May 2009)


Copy location under a hotspot (28 May 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Include in Menu (Form property) -> extend to right mouse click db (22 May 2009)


can you explain me the extra value why the 'create' menu option with available forms is ONLY available AFTER you have entered the application?

In the current situation you have to enter the database first to be able to create a new document.

I see a lot of designs where a frameset is being used and a view with an automatic index in part of a default frameset.

This causes that people have to wait before the view is re-indexed.

If we could avoid that waiting by making the 'create' option available from a 'database icon' level people could start creating documents without having to enter the application first.

something similar if you create a document in the background using lotusscript (okej you have to enter the database but NOT a view).

when you have a lot of forms available from your create - menu I think this is implicit bad design also...

I hope I could make my request clear this time...

Include in Menu (Form property) -> extend to right mouse click db (15 May 2009)

Maybe a sub header 'create' would have made it more clear

Include in Menu (Form property) -> extend to right mouse click db (15 May 2009)

That the form selected will be opened.

Add ID Attribute to Domino generated Form tags (14 May 2009)

this is a pain in the ass indeed

Overall search option (05 Apr 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Overall search option (05 Apr 2009)

I am at 8.02 so my idea was not so bad. I think I can close this one then.

Overall search option (31 Mar 2009)

oh my god I can!

Always nice to open a view with ALL the documents and then start searching.

Also the icons really tell me immediately where the mail is located (in which folder for example)

Nice job IBM (not). I keep my idea open!

workflow: make todos dropable into daily schedule (31 Mar 2009)

yes, let get things done!

it would be nice to have such view available for other applications too!

Option to import custom image in "Design Icon" interface (30 Mar 2009)

@Rob: is this really too much asked?

creating thumbnails is already enabled for a field, why not for the icon?

I do not vote for this idea since icon improvements have already been posted in other ideas.

Make Notes Ready for Version Control Systems (like cvs, subversion and Rational Clear Case) (11 Mar 2009)

@Peter: Code control with TeamStudio CIAO cost bucks (lots of)....

More useful templates (11 Mar 2009)

@David: so OpenNTF is somehow in your words a platform where freelancers can upload their half-baked solutions in order to gain some consultancy fees?

IBM please add to OpenNTF a decent forum, a multimedia library, a solid website publishing tool, a simple facebook, faq, survey, news(letter) applications.

Resonance screensaver (11 Mar 2009)

no reaction? this is not a stupid idea...

More useful templates (11 Feb 2009)

@Bruce: aren't most projects on OpenNTF more like 'half baked' applications? Most of them require work and in the current situation there is very little budget for development projects. I can see MOSS could take leaps here but implementation/migration projects are also not for free...

More useful templates (11 Feb 2009)

Today I received a request for uploading and sharing images. Looking at some projects on OpenNTF and around on the web a combination of those examples would make a great Social Web template...

Default rendering of content for rich text field (11 Feb 2009)

Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors (04 Feb 2009)

also support this related idea:

{ Link }

Ability to 'undo' mail deletions and folder moves (04 Feb 2009)

related idea:

{ Link }

Designer Help - distinguish between LotusScript AND Java help documents (02 Feb 2009)

Wiki Migration Tool (30 Jan 2009)

please get us away from Sharepoints wiki! I am not able to use references to notes documents using { Link }

IdeaJam Facts (11 Jan 2009)

Hej, In some cases the 'completed' function relates to personal activities (like writing a presentation for Lotusphere about Developing a World-class Web 2.0 Application with XPages ;-) )

If any ideas here have contributed to the product or are included in the next version than this may be mentioned clearly to demonstrate the usage/purpose of ideajam (I guess you can use it as an argument when selling ideajam as a product).

I understand the difficulty how to decide if an improvement/achievement came 'exclusively' from ideajam or if it's a logical next step in a lifecycle/adaption to the market/technology...

anyway, ideas that have started here and made it into a new release are worth mentioning. some gratification we love and like to take =)

Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors (19 Sep 2008)

I also want multi skins available that I can apply to my Notes client

Print selected text only (19 Sep 2008)

Good idea. Save the environment (a little) with a little less printing!

Design info of the standard applications (07 Aug 2008)

this would be a great learning curve for newcomers!

Make @DocChildren / @DocSiblings / @DocDescendants work in any other formula (06 Aug 2008)

yes that would be I guess the most valuable return value.

Agent - Treat content as HTML (09 Jul 2008)

Maybe a box where you can define the mime-type would be a solution then?

Support for group boxes (03 Jul 2008)

which part you dont understand?

are you able to create such a box in Notes?

they are available in some wizard functions but you can not create them yourselves... that helps?

Right-click action "Open application's template in designer" (24 Jun 2008)

it is indeed hard to find the location of a template (without an admin client)

Tag my databases (23 Jun 2008)

I am sorry, but I must have forgotten how dumb users sometimes are (maybe that also depending that IBM/Lotus did not make the client as intuitive as it should be).

Never the less why the dumbness of users stand in the way of progress?

Make OpenNTF much more user friendly and easier to collaborate in (19 Jun 2008)

Add a gallery of all screenshots, and ofcourse make the screenshots able to vote on =)

Set your connection speed for testing (30 May 2008)

well its just 'narrowing' your connection speed for your (local) Notes client, or am I wrong?

Set your connection speed for testing (29 May 2008)

well thats just another program to buy isn't?

I guess in Dreamweaver they thought an additional program was not needed since they where cable to integrare something similar in their product. Why can't Lotus?

Better rendering when pasting in web content (29 May 2008)

This would be a real life saver!

Nowadays I paste content from the web first in MS Word and from that in Notes. There seems to be no other way for it.

This makes really SUCK for end-users!

Automatic resize of the dialogbox when table size changes during editing. (02 Apr 2008)

{ Link }

working with dialogboxes can be a pain

Allow collapsible comments in lotus script (02 Apr 2008)

I just received a 24 inch screen which is rotable but still I need this function :-?

Have IBM have a paid resource(s) working on OPENNTF (19 Mar 2008)

okej read funding instead of paid resource (at the end someone has to get a paycheck for his efforts). nevertheless the openntf stays as buggy as it is (tried to update my user profile but got an error) after how many years?

Have IBM have a paid resource(s) working on OPENNTF (12 Mar 2008)

@turtle: so you say the caused error is due internet explorer? probably the problem is not SO BIG that a simple work-around or adaption to the code would be SUCH a great effort? right!

well "have" is a big word, but if IBM is using or wants to use OpenNTF as a distributioan channel than some more demands may be made.

we dev. guys are just too friendly.

Have IBM have a paid resource(s) working on OPENNTF (11 Mar 2008)

well they support the development team behind DOJO. at least I see a win-win situation..

Emoticons in Lotus Notes Client (e.g. eMail) (06 Mar 2008)

definetely a must have!

Better Beer (22 Feb 2008)

The best beer in the world is already available: Hoegaarden!


full support of HTML and JavaScript for workspace.dialogbox (22 Feb 2008)

most the applications I work on use Notes as the editing client and Domino as the HTML rendering engine. Since the support of HTML/CSS in the Notes client lies far behind of that of the standard browsers users are forced to save the documents they work on and open them in a browser to see their results.

I would prefer that my users can work within one program, preferably Notes, and dont have to judge their work in a second program.

Luckily it seems that Notes 8 is going to cover this gap up (I hope)

full support of HTML and JavaScript for workspace.dialogbox (21 Feb 2008)

@charles, you give an example yourself already. If I want to display data in a table I would use the table tags, not div tags.

Another BIG problem is that the html rendering occurs when loading a document, not when the document is already loaded. Any changes on the HTML will have NO effect for the user. Hopefully the Notes 8 client will solve this.

Alt text for icons in a view (14 Jan 2008)


Shared column improvements (14 Jan 2008)

here is a linked idea:

{ Link }

Allow tabs on Workspace to be re-arranged (03 Jan 2008)

this current way is not just time consuming, it'sjust stupid

Doubleclick on workspace = File - Database - Open (03 Jan 2008)

great idea Thomas!

Ability to mark a field as required without having to code (21 Dec 2007)

I do not like the idea of making it visible if a field is mandatory, I would consider it messing presentation and behaviour...

the option to have document ID returned by a picklist (21 Dec 2007)

@PickList ...

Option to display a document within a frameset (20 Dec 2007)

make it clearer and easier for lesser developers then?

MaxResult parameter in @DbColumn (20 Dec 2007)

I would suggest to combine the votes for both docs (if there exists another similar suggestion)

Have an visual indicator in a field how the data in it is being generated? (20 Dec 2007)

In the current distinction for the type of fields you have to have pretty good eyes also! :o)

Alt text for icons in a view (20 Dec 2007)

I was talking about vies presented in the Notes client...

NotesNewsletter improvements (20 Dec 2007)

Hej Bill, yes sometimes with some simple code you can provide something quickly that works great. But it certainly has it's limitations (read: it has not been modified for years?)

IBM should give Mr. Ben Langhinrichs full programmatic READ access to the Lotusphere schedule (19 Dec 2007)

I believe he does this volunteerly? He could just skip the job...

Rounded Corner tables (19 Dec 2007)

for the Notes client: okej, for the Web client: nah!

every person has his preferences on how the rounded corner should look like (at least of the web).

I agree not to mix up presentation with the content.

ViewTemplate for multiple views (17 Dec 2007)

uhm Kerr, kan you send me a sample database? I followed your instructions but do not succeed to het your suggestion solution into action. my email = my firstname.lastname@gmail.com

thanks in advance!

Table enhancements (17 Dec 2007)

forget to mention: assign classes directly to multiple td's at once

Allow an ID to be selected to sign a database with (17 Dec 2007)

We have an application where I can place request in to sign a database...

Please update the look & feel of the standard templates? (17 Dec 2007)

please delete this picture, it makes me wanne cry! :-)

Combine R4, R5, R6, R7 and R8 forums (12 Dec 2007)

please leave the R4 rubbisch out of the R8 forum I would say.

but an improvement of the search function with the option to search over multiple forumns would be a great addition

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (12 Dec 2007)

I do not know how the data is currently stored but a indication how many points an idea has received the last 7 days would be a better indication to see if an idea is a 'lasting' good idea.

@Command to specify the insertion point in a field (12 Dec 2007)

uhm, bottom, top or a line-number ?

Categories for your Emails (08 Dec 2007)

great thought! steal with pride and improve i would say

Column - Totals: useless for display values as icons (06 Dec 2007)

I will not call you stupid, just badly informed.
For example if I have a formula for a column with the display as icon option:


And if I select in the Totals option 'Average per document' I get an average returned as an icon, but I have no control over what icon will be displayed... (okej the icon number that is the nearest to my average) .

It just looks really silly and useless the result I get returned...

Change @DbTitle into @AppTitle (06 Dec 2007)

this was just a silly joke, but if IBM wants us to call databases applications I think they should adjust the functons/formulas to keep it consistent, having backward compatibility in mind ofcourse.

Dynamic height for embedded views (06 Dec 2007)

this is indeed a pain in the ***

Drag & Drop components onto Notes design elements (06 Dec 2007)

I would suggest a more graphical Toolbox that are available in WYSIWYG editors like DreamWeaver. (also in other programs as PhotoShop and Illustrator)

ViewTemplate for multiple views (06 Dec 2007)

Hej Kerr, thanks for the 'workaround', I was not aware of it. But Charles is right, some transparancy here would be helpful.

Table enhancemnts (06 Dec 2007)

i would like to be able to assign a class for my column header

Designer Help - distinguish between LotusScript AND Java help documents (05 Dec 2007)

can I create other document collections than collections of notes documents with lotusscript?


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