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Rob Goudvis6585 

Make NotesPeek available as OpenSource (10 Jan 2010)

Having the source code is not enough. You will need information about the contents of some new structures and the meaning of its attributes too.

I have been playing around with the View design element and discovered that the attribute $FileFormat was extended. I am not sure about the meaning of all new fields. Some were obvious while others were not.

When updating an idea's body, return to the initiating view, not All Ideas list (30 Dec 2009)

The same, return to where you came from, applies to adding comment to an Idea.

A tool to identify the plugin that is consuming the computing resources (25 Dec 2009)

You might need to know where the resources are spent by the core code too. It is not always a plugin that uses those resources, it may very well be something else.

Server NSDs: Send to IBM automatically when created (18 Dec 2009)

But you could also think of a program that locally examines a NSD and when necessary send it to IBM.

Disable to open or copy mails in the mail.box (18 Dec 2009)

I agree with those who state that the ACL should handle this.

But I understand the thoughts behind this Idea. I have worked in an organization where there were over 40 people with full admin rights to the whole system. That is of course far more than required.

Periodically verify Recent Contacts against Corporate directories (08 Dec 2009)

Maybe a better approach would be to add a function where the user can check the validity of his/her contacts. And, to avoid spam, this function should be limited to the internal addresses.

Set Background Color of Active Table Tab (07 Dec 2009)

Yes, yes, and allow (programmable) colors settings in other parts of the table too.

"optionally" audit user activity in log.nsf (07 Dec 2009)

Many of your suggestions can be implemented today using the Extension Manager. It requires some C skills, but it is very feasable.

Generic filter in views (07 Dec 2009)

Yes, this is one of my main shortcomings of IdeaJam, the lack of overviews of Ideas sorted in a sensible manner.

Idea Jam Reference # (01 Dec 2009)

And there should be a way to go directly to an Idea using its reference number.

Prevent user-preferences dialog (30 Nov 2009)

I agree that users should be able to configure their environment. When this is a problem for an administrator, there should be another way of dealing with this. An option toi show all settings could be one of them. Or an option to revert to the default settings might be another one.

Add a 'Save and Replicate' option to Designer (26 Nov 2009)

And moreover it would make it easier not to forget to replicate, in case you are working simultaneously on several databases.

New database property "Inherit design and ignore exceptions" (26 Nov 2009)

I do not think that it is the job of an administrator to correct any mistakes made by a developer. I would not promote an administrator to use an external tool to remove these marks.

Rewrite Trim / FullTrim function (26 Nov 2009)

Yes, but with optional parameters.

Support events on embedded view (24 Nov 2009)

@2 To be consistant both NotesUIView.Documents and NotesDatabase.UnprocessedDocuments should be supported.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (23 Nov 2009)

Before the list is made, it should be clear that all Idea's are real Idea's and not entered here for the sake of the tophit-list. An easy scan would be to eliminate all duplicate Idea's (who has that in his/here mind?).

Rename Lotusscript Functions and variables and auto-update all references (23 Nov 2009)

It s mandatory that the rename process has knowledge of the the code, since you could have used identical names in different classes (sometime wise, and sometimes foulish).

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (23 Nov 2009)

Of course I will vote for YES, since I am currently on position 9 and going for the 8th place.

And yes not only a Lotusphere pass, but travel and stay should be included in the offer. As compensation I am willing to give an interesting presentation at the conference. Don't worry about the progress of my project. This I can handle myself.

Suggest a type when defining a variable (18 Nov 2009)

@1 This is precisely my point, why I want some of the Idea's implemented in previous versions of Notes too. I can really not imagine why some people voted against that Idea. In commercial environments you cannot always go for the latest releases of the software.

Show documents from many databases in one view. (16 Nov 2009)

Yes I am in favor of this Idea, but also in earlier releases!!!!

Need to have a this is spam flag on Ideas (13 Nov 2009)

Who is to decide whether an entry is relevant to this site? And what are the criteria?

I agree with you that there are a lot of entries that should never have made it to this site. I am thinking of Idea's that are more problems than real Idea's. Sure these problems are real, but I do not believe that this is the place to register them.

Fix ?OpenForm method of the notes:// protocol (12 Nov 2009)

And what is more: I do not think this forum should be used to address (perceived) errors in the products.

COMPLETED - Create a Redbook on Domino Development Best Practices (12 Nov 2009)

Yes, but outdated or not, it should not be limited to Notes 8.5.

Idea Aging in Statistics (11 Nov 2009)

Please include the number of votes for an Idea too, or at least the cumulative number of promotions and demotions

Lower Lotus licensing cost for students (09 Nov 2009)

Good idea to help the promotion of the porduct and hence the number of (future) users.

Give the end-user a simple method to set a default font SIZE. (09 Nov 2009)

Yes and it should be possible to set (or ignore) it on some selected items. I can imagine that you want a different font size in a larger view so that more data is shown and still can read a document with a larger font.

Allow Administer to setup list of words not full text indexed (09 Nov 2009)

@1 You can debate whether not finding the company's name is what you want. So there should be a mechnism to control this list.

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (06 Nov 2009)

@Gregg [7] It should not be forced, but it should be easier to add a reason than to skip entering one. So you are not forced, but you are pointed on the importance of adding a reason. And there should be a selection list available (including a free text entry) for the demotion reasons. So in most cases it only requires one extra mouse click.

I may be wrong too, but I cannot imagine that an author is not interested why his/her Idea is not liked by others. It is of course no exact sience but it would give you some idea of the motivations of the voters. At the moment I write this down I am thinking the following: the idea of adding a reason could be useful during general elections too. It would enlight many candidates.

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (05 Nov 2009)

As promised I checked out NextGen. Again it is a template. So this is not what I am aiming at.

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (05 Nov 2009)

@2 Although my samples were mainly based on the mail-template I was thinking more on extending the core code.

My perseption of OpenNTF is more of a community that comes up with applications rather than modifying the core code. In principle these applications can be made without the cooperation of IBM, since it only requires the current available development environment. You could wish some improvements on the existing documentation. With the introduction of Eclipse the openess of the product has shifted a little bit, because Eclipse is more open than the propriety code of Notes. Still, as I posted earlier, it should be possible to have updates on older releases of Notes too, since there are so many users that are still using the older versions.

And, yes with the usage of the C API you could do some work in line with this Idea, but that is only marginal. And the Extention Manager could help you a little too.

I will have to checkout whether or not NextGen comes in line with my Idea. I will come back on that soon.

PS @3 Great Comment Greg. Some time ago I introduced the Idea that people could (were forced to) to comment when they demote an Idea. There is nothing wrong with demoting an Idea, but the author of an Idea is very interested, at least I am, why somebody does not support the Idea.

Allow sub-classing of standard Notes classes (04 Nov 2009)

What I mean is that when you have subclass of a standard Notes class you can add your own functions. A sample could be Peter's Idea to have a NotesDocument.GetItemValueString. It would mean that you have to use the name of the derived class in your code, but the advantages will outweight the disadvantages. Especially when we all use a standard for these derived classes. Maybe start the class with NotesX would be a good idea.

When there is a repository of these functions, people will soon de happy to use them. It would be a good idea to appoint a few experienced developers to maintain the quality of this repository. So people will have the possibility to use generally accpeted and proven functions when needed. And in exceptional cases a developer has the possibility to create his own sub-classes.

Add NotesDocument.GetItemValueString() to LotusScript (04 Nov 2009)

Yes I do miss this too. Espcially when you need to check whether or not a non-string value exists.

Agent schedule should be displayed in the agent view in the Designer (04 Nov 2009)

There are also some commercial tools available to show this, but I would prefer this Idea.

Text to Columns Needed (03 Nov 2009)

@3 Thaks for the explanation, now I will promote this.

Aplication bookmark Icon = favicon.ico (03 Nov 2009)

@1 Indeed

Define View Column Titles using @Formula (02 Nov 2009)

I agree and would to see the possibility to add formatting too (color, font etc).

Don't allow voting on completed ideas (02 Nov 2009)

It looks to me that there are already Ideas on which you cannot vote (anymore).

I have no Ideas left that are unvoted, still my number of votes is way less than of other people and less than the number of Ideas in this db.

Text to Columns Needed (02 Nov 2009)

Could you give some details on what this function is supposed to do?

Documentation for the NSF File Format (02 Nov 2009)

I cannot imagine that this is what you really need to develop your own functions. What you need is a good and complete description of the C API. I would not care how the data is actually stored in a NSF-file. I would like to know what functions I have at my disposal to interact. Besides, opening the internal format would compromise the security.

Option to disable Mail-Signature when replying/forwarding (02 Nov 2009)

@1 & @2 I agree

Add a Close button to each item in the additional document dropdown (27 Oct 2009)

I do not know what button you are referring to.

Default Application Refresh Design to Current server, not local (26 Oct 2009)

I agree with Theo; there are many other situations where this applies already.

Include The File Manager Sidebar Plugin In The Shipping Product (26 Oct 2009)

Is this the only plugin that should be standard?

Disable modification of Hide when settings on RichText Fields (26 Oct 2009)

I never thought it to be a sensible feature.

Make one place for all Lotus information and discussions (23 Oct 2009)

One problem with selection on releases is that not many people add the related version on their question or issue.

Please include the version # on the download page of the device clients (23 Oct 2009)

Yes, one of those small things.

ProperCase or camelCase in code completion for methods in the new LS-editor (22 Oct 2009)

Because of these little things I entered the Idea to update these in older versions of Notes too.

Improve Install Time/reliability (21 Oct 2009)

What is the benefit of running the designer when installing a new version. How to deal with updates in the designer?

Allow the "What's Hot" sidebar feature to be disabled (21 Oct 2009)

Why do you want to have this function?

Client Shutdown should be Client Shutdown (20 Oct 2009)

Do you think that the running of notes2.exe is a matter of not waiting long enough? I doubt that, because that task remains running, even when I wait for several minutes.

Target version of IdeaJam Idea's (19 Oct 2009)

I allow everybody his/her vote and I do not mind Demotions, but I would be great to know why people demote my Idea. Some time ago I came up with the suggestion to let people add a reason when they enter their vote. To make things as easy as possible a voter could select from a range of available reasons.

Up to now I find 3 demoters and I have no idea why they are against my Idea. Do they fear that IBM will waste precious resources? Or are there other reasons? I would really like to know. It is not intent to nail them down, it is just my curiousity.

Improve alignment of parts on a form (17 Oct 2009)

@Peter, I fear that you are absolutely right. Maybe in that case they should make available the source code of these older versions, so I can make the improvements myself. Again, I fear that that will also not happen.

Improve alignment of parts on a form (16 Oct 2009)

@2 Another thought: I will submit a new Idea for backward implementation.

Improve alignment of parts on a form (16 Oct 2009)

@1 That is fine when you are so fortunate to work for an organization that uses the latest version of notes, but I am currently bound to Notes 6.5.

Now that i write this, I comes to my mind, that I would like to have a few Ideas implemented in older versions as well. Maybe it is asked too much to go back to Notes 6.5 but Notes 7.0.3 should be at least amongst the target versions.

Less cryptic errormessages (16 Oct 2009)

@3 This helps to come up with a message in the customers language (except when you have a multilingual app), but the message is still very cryptic and it is hard to find the location where it cam from.

Improve paragraph styles (16 Oct 2009)

@1 Do you want to distribute CSS styles outside a Notes domain? And how would you deal with conflickting styles?

Unvoted view (16 Oct 2009)

I assume that closed Ideas will never show up in the unvoted view. This is the only way I can explain why other voters have a higher number of votes, since I voted on every Idea.

Redbooks in the wikis pilot: Domino 7 Performance Tuning Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Domino Infrastructure (16 Oct 2009)

I promoted the Idea, but I would like to see some Redbook on development too, especially when the book is focused on performance issues (yes, I know there are several blogs dealing with this).

Database property to clear users view-resorting-settings on database open (16 Oct 2009)

And will the view remember the opened categories too? This is another Idea that is much asked for.

@2 will not work, because the designer can not always know what the user wants.

Add Auditing Feature to Server Design Task (16 Oct 2009)

@2 you could also think of reporting the output of the design task (on the server) to a separate database.

Add configurable Welcome page (16 Oct 2009)

And do not forget that other Idea about a game on this page.

Add a mini game to the Lotus Notes splash screen (15 Oct 2009)

I like this idea, but I would like to see more strategic games and less of those speedy games.

Add OnLoad event for Xpage (15 Oct 2009)

I really do not understand why people at IBM does not think of this themselves.

Put the Space Used column back in the Files view of the 8.5.1 Admin client! (15 Oct 2009)

Do the people at IBM really listen to us humble customers? You might wonder.

Set table cell background color via LotusScript (15 Oct 2009)

I too find this a missed change. It makes you wonder where the time spent by IBM for new releases is going to.

Comment notifications from IdeaJam should have a valid FROM (15 Oct 2009)

Yes, I got the same notifications in my Notes mailbox.

File does not exist... (14 Oct 2009)

I am very annoyed by a message "non-existing document" when I try to open a db. No idea what that could be. Debugging does not help me etiher.

Make the size column in mailbox.ntf template sortable (14 Oct 2009)

You could do it yourself without much effort.

Bring back the ability to use computed subforms to include a subform more than once on a form (14 Oct 2009)

@4 did that work?

Change the 'View type' of existing views (14 Oct 2009)

I think you have to modify the attribute $Viewformat too, since it holds almost all design attributes in a translated way.

Continue statement in LotusScript (14 Oct 2009)

@8 I do not agree with this; why switch to Javascript when you are used to Lotusscript? You cannot really compare these languages at all.

Default Design/Replace to last used server (14 Oct 2009)

And some modifications to Lotusscript too.

Add "merge across" function for tables (14 Oct 2009)

And when this is implemented, could you prevent the Designer to resize other columns, when I want to resize some column?

Add more options to event trigger notifications (14 Oct 2009)

You could also think of a limitation per db/mailbox.

Allow pasting in dialog-list fields (14 Oct 2009)

Strange that i never have seen this before, but I have promoted this.

Use more then one primary dictionary for instant spell checking (14 Oct 2009)

By the way, where do I find the other dictionaries?

Provide Script/API methods to control replication settings (14 Oct 2009)

@2 (a late reaction) it will mean that you need to build the whole structure bit by bit. By the way, I stopped my work on this, because I was assigned to a different customer.

Comment Field (14 Oct 2009)

@3 I have been doing this, cutomizing the mail template, but it is a really heavy task, since there is hardly any design information available. Things you want to do are not limited to an extra column, or a different color somewhere, But they have often influence on much logic in the mail template.

So, yes I agree that it possible in principle (not to mention the re-work for an new release).

Vertical Alignment of Column Headings (14 Oct 2009)

And do not forget middle too as an option.

The Klingon Manual - How To Design a Secure Domino Application (14 Oct 2009)

Is this not really an advertisment?

Allow Admin to Enable OOO Agent/Service for users (14 Oct 2009)

And do not forget to include the possibility to switch off the OoO agent too.

Allow Voting on Links (14 Oct 2009)

I do not see the benefit of this.

Calendar Entry reminder pop-up to not steal focus from other applications (14 Oct 2009)

It is just for this reason that I always (where possible) set that I do not want any pop-up from other applications, nor would I like to hear any sounds. For me it is sufficient that an indication is shown by a blinking item on the Windows taskbar.

Eliminate redundant contacts from list, prompt if contact already exists in any group (14 Oct 2009)

@1 You should have that choice.

Allow embedded ideajam widget to accept authentication from selected websites. (14 Oct 2009)

I am not sure whether or not this will harm the authentication. SSO is a great thing but when used incorrectly it is a great danger.

Update MTBF utility (sandbox) to work properly with Domino 8.x (14 Oct 2009)

You hit the main problem with the Sandbox tools: upgrade to newer versions of Notes and the fixing of detected problems.

It is great that there is a Sandbox, but many times you wish that these isseus would get more attention.

NotesPeek is a typical sample too.

Search as you type (14 Oct 2009)

Do you mean that the contents of the first column is used to select these documents?

Run consistency check on the background? (13 Oct 2009)

@3 the danger is that people want to use their mailbox, while it still may need to be repaired.

Enable borders and other elements in the Rich Text Field (13 Oct 2009)

My solution is to embed a rich text field inside a rectangle. A lot of work and hard to change later, but it does work.

Workspace Tabs (13 Oct 2009)

Notes does not need to refresh the sotred state, it could updtae its state when a windows opens and one closes.

Allow in line pasting into server console command line (13 Oct 2009)

And wildcard characters in names, paths etc.

Default icon set for database (13 Oct 2009)

Like so many other great idea's.

Improve the order appearance of columns (and make they adjustable) (13 Oct 2009)

And remember the sorting too.

Sync Domino Directory (13 Oct 2009)

Yes for me too please.

Add Domino program directory to path on Windows platform automatically (13 Oct 2009)

I agree with you David.

Separate Design Client From Notes Client (13 Oct 2009)

Yes for @6

Make it possible to run two different standard Clients with differnet IDs at the same time (13 Oct 2009)

It should be possible to do so already. You have to install the cliet a second time and you have to fiddle with the registry settings and update the start-icon, but it can be done.

Add isSummary checkbox to Field Properties Dialog (13 Oct 2009)

Why should this not work on older servers?

Easier handling of Hide-when attribute (13 Oct 2009)

That is why it should be done in combination with an indication that you want (or not) to clear all old formulae.

Support for group boxes (13 Oct 2009)

And do you want other functional aspects of boxes too?

Shrink the bookmark page (13 Oct 2009)

How to handle "any" screen resolution?

Gradient background color for forms / pages (13 Oct 2009)

Why would i t not be supported for the Web? Are there not many web-apps that do the same?

Make @DocChildren / @DocSiblings / @DocDescendants work in any other formula (13 Oct 2009)

Now that I know how a view is build (at least I know it better than before) i fear that this will not be possible or it will increase the time to buils a view considerably.

Allow to switch user ID when client is locked (13 Oct 2009)

I think the new way is more secure.

Design info of the standard applications (13 Oct 2009)

And not only for newcomers. Experienced developpers can also learn from other developpers (also for things not to do!).

Allow partial document hierarchies in a view (13 Oct 2009)

@I would love this.

Provide Access To Open Databases/Views/Documents (13 Oct 2009)

@2 When the access rights on databases are set as they should, this would not be a problem.

Ability to do combined search in Mail and Archive Mails (13 Oct 2009)

It would encourage more people to use archiving, thus reducing the load on their mailbox.

Disable "Are you sure?" when saving a Shared Column (13 Oct 2009)

I never like the idea that I am warned for a delibarate action, especially one that can hardly be seen as accidental.

Enable WebDAV for all Notes documents (13 Oct 2009)

I never liked the argument that a feature is not implemented, because it will reduce the need for some another tool. Having such a feature makes the system stronger.

Auto filter function for Notes View (13 Oct 2009)

How about a discussion what improvements on views are much wanted?

Editing groups directly from the ACL (12 Oct 2009)

@2: I still think it is a sensible idea.

Deleting a message should put focus back to inbox (12 Oct 2009)

@2: this is precisely my point too: what happens to all those wnoderful ideas?

Some member in NotesDXLImporter to inform about compile issues (12 Oct 2009)

And add a better error reporting too.

Bring Back Blank Screen with Screen Lock (12 Oct 2009)

@2: Blank screen is not the same as lock your computer.

Computewithform failure caused by [FIELD] (12 Oct 2009)

Does computewithform stops when it encounters an error? Or does it continue with the other attributes?

Shortcut for "Mark all read" (12 Oct 2009)

There should be a closer look at "all" short cuts. Why is there no shortcut for deselect all?

Expand Style Sheet Support To Other Design Elements (12 Oct 2009)

And add the possibility to control this via Lotusscript too.

Allow for Follow up flags in any view (12 Oct 2009)

It would make a few things much easier, since you do not have to add some code to mimic this.

Reduce image size option (12 Oct 2009)

Yes, I would like to have this one.

Make @IsCategory return a simple True or False that can be used in other formulae (12 Oct 2009)

Where would you want to use it?

Optimise LotusScript Conditional evaluation (12 Oct 2009)

I understand why you would not want to change the way your statements are evaluated, but I am in favor of stopping evaluation as soon as a ondition is met

Add comments to shared fields (12 Oct 2009)

And when this is being implemented, separate the alias from the element name, as is done in a view, for all design elements.

XPages: @DBLookupBig & @DbColumnBig (12 Oct 2009)

Why should there be a special @formula for this. Why not allow for more data to be returned in the existing @formulae? You could think of a new optional parameter that could limit your return size (like NotesDatabase.Search).

Partial Update Multiple Elements (12 Oct 2009)

I asked a similar solution for the good old forms and views.

Reproduce "freeze pane" Excel feature in a Domino view (12 Oct 2009)

Useful idea

Forward as vCard as Delegate (09 Oct 2009)

There is another Idea where the comment was that you should not be able to do actions unless it is clear who did them. It sounds to me that this applies here too.

Display owner's "Top Innovator"-Score (09 Oct 2009)

It is understandable that the number of Idea's influences your score more that your votes.

Debug indication (09 Oct 2009)

@5 when it is really easy to implement, as you suggest, I never understood why it is not already there. At IBM people will obviously have to use debugging too.

Adding value to "entry not found in index" message (09 Oct 2009)

And what about the possibility to show the call-tree too? Sometimes you wish that you know what function was used and from where.

Copy Style (09 Oct 2009)

I never understood why some attributes are copied and other are not.

Tool: Flex integration with Lotus Domino Applications (09 Oct 2009)

@1: not only on here; you should use your real name on any forum

Please always have a "Properties" or "Document Properties" in the right click menu (09 Oct 2009)

@2: I am sorry but I do not

Add certification for Crash/Performance troubleshooting. (09 Oct 2009)

Good point; it will also help gathering the available information, so it can be accessed more easily.

use of use @ThisName in Hide-When formulas (08 Oct 2009)

By basing your hide-when on the contents of another field you should be able to achieve your goal.

Feature: Top Innovator of the month (08 Oct 2009)

I figured out that it is not possible to beat the number of votes cast. I have no ideas left unvoted for, still I can't go higher that just over 1000 votes. Yes, I understand the reason: on closed ideas cannot be voted anymore.

Still it will disencourage newcomers. Even with the weigth for each of the columns.

Elect to remove Top Innovators (08 Oct 2009)

Now I figured out what the weight of each column is.

create a Development and Test environment (08 Oct 2009)

I like the name for the develop version: nsd

How would you handle 3 environments in a single db? Do you have 3 times the same design element?

Launch Options: Open Designated Page (08 Oct 2009)

@2 Is this not the case of many other ideas?

Some time ago I asked if IBM is taken this community seriously? The reply was: yes. But where do I really find that result? I fear that when there are results, they will only be implemented in the latest version of Notes, But there are so many companies that still use older versions of Notes. I would like that some of the Idea's are implemented in releases like 6.5.6 and 7.0.3.

Use @Formula to change field font color (08 Oct 2009)

@3 Nice idea; I will give it a try.

Display number of unread mails for others to work smarter. (08 Oct 2009)

Reading through the comments so far I think it is time that we rethink the usage of mailfiles and the Inbox in particular. I have seen people with over 10.000 unread mails in their Inbox. Obviously they will never read them. But why waste precious space?

When there is a need for an easy storage, the system should offer one. Today users can move mails to another folder if they want to, but many users do not know (or do not take the time to get to know this) how to achieve it. So the system should in some way help them with this. You could think of another Inbox where unread mails that are a certain time residing in the Inbox are moved to.

Global variables (08 Oct 2009)

Sorry about the repeat; it just shows how much I am in need for this.

Change icon of a folder (08 Oct 2009)

Why limit to folders?

Mark Question As Closed (No Correct Answer) (08 Oct 2009)

What situations do you have in mind?

Send as versus Send on Behalf of (08 Oct 2009)

@3 I agree

Hyphenation for Richtext (07 Oct 2009)

Why couldn't rich text be treated as normal text (with its extra attributes)? It would solve may problems with front-end and back-end issues.

Paste-method for NotesRichTextItem (07 Oct 2009)

I doubt if this could ever be achieved, since it looks like rich text and background looks almost mutually exclusive.

Reference to another uidoc (07 Oct 2009)

@5.1: indeed, this was my idea too, to have a collection of all available front-end classes

@5.2: of course the access rights have to obeyed

Debug indication (07 Oct 2009)

@1: Yes

Yet another reason to have this.

@2: I only use FireFox (Nederlandse versie 3.5.3) to access this system, and can do all my voting, or adding comment

debug on conditional breakpoint (07 Oct 2009)

It would help me enormously during the development of my applications.

Refund My Domino Designer License Fee (07 Oct 2009)

@Peter: I will settle for 2.

Set via a policy settings - Subject for email is required in the Lotus Notes client and iNotes! (05 Oct 2009)

I hate those messages without a subject.

And I hate those messages where the sender kept an old subject, while the contents is something completely different.

Display number of unread mails for others to work smarter. (27 Sep 2009)

The implementation of this idea is rather simple (when you believe using the C API is indeed simple). There is a unread table of noteid's kept for every user that accesses a mail-file. With a few lines of Lotusscript you can "easily" access these other tables. Please have a look at SearchDomino, where I entered a sample.

Elect to remove Top Innovators (11 Sep 2009)

I find it strange that I am so high in the list with a single Idea, 900 votes and 250 comments. Why are people with more Ideas lower on the list.

Could it be that the Total Score (promotes - demotes) is taken into account too for the Weighted Score?

Elect to remove Top Innovators (11 Sep 2009)

@2 When you regularly check the new ideas you need not spent more than 5-10 minutes a day on IdeaJam. At least that is what I do. (I will need to add some more votes, because I saw that I only voted around 900 times and there are much more ideas)

By the way, does your boss has the time to check the "Top Innovators"?

It's time for NOTES.INI to become a proper database (02 Sep 2009)

I am against this idea, because sometimes you need to be able to modify a line in notes.ini without a Notes Client. In fact you cannot start the Client and have to modify the ini-file just to get the Client up and running.

Create a view in the database for action (idea, vote, comment) by Person (21 Aug 2009)

I would like to see the votes split into No Comment, Promote and Demote.

Why could not NSF be OPTIONALLY converted into a hybrid DB consisting of two naturally coexisting and harmonizing with each other parts: unstructured and structured (relational-type)? (20 Aug 2009)

@8 I think NSFDB2 shows my point. Because of the way NSF was designed it is virtually impossible to change it into a relational version (optional or not). NSF has its strenghts and its weaknesses. You should not try to change those, because at some moment in time you will reach a dead-end.

Lotus Knows: Split Screens for Multiple Tabs = Increased Productivity! (19 Aug 2009)

Or one step further: allow the tab's to be treated as can be done with your windows in a multi document application. So you could resize and move each window at will.

Why could not NSF be OPTIONALLY converted into a hybrid DB consisting of two naturally coexisting and harmonizing with each other parts: unstructured and structured (relational-type)? (18 Aug 2009)

I see what you mean. But when you need those models I would favor of using a different store than a NSF-file. The way the NSF is designed does not allow for those aspects. So you should not try to mimic these, because it will hit you back at any point in time. Of course I sometimes miss a transactional model too, or the lack of referential integrity. But trying to solve this yourself always goes at the expense of performance.

Therefor I vote against the idea. Not because it is a bad idea, but it does not fit in with the whole design of the current store.

Why could not NSF be OPTIONALLY converted into a hybrid DB consisting of two naturally coexisting and harmonizing with each other parts: unstructured and structured (relational-type)? (17 Aug 2009)

I know what a relational db is, but I do not understand what your idea would result into. Could you clarify this?

Give us back a Lotusphere Europe (13 Aug 2009)

Based in Europe too, I agree with Matt and Paul.

Self-elect in profile whether you want to share your activity (06 Aug 2009)

I cannot find any place where I could indicate my activties, nor in my profile, nor in the dashboard.

Cannot vote!! (05 Aug 2009)

I have FF3.5.2 since yesterday and I have no problems with voting (I only tested the demotion of this Idea sucessfully).

Extend options to set preferences for Rich Text (10 Jul 2009)

Such a default set of values could also be useful for columns (I know you can set apply to all columns) and many other design elements.

In fact the lack of this possibility was my main reason many years ago to write a generator database, which is able to generate another database from scratch (yes from scratch, including the icon) but with your standards. For example with a single change of a color scheme you could update all forms and views to match your new requirements. It went far beyond of what IT Factory offered.

Develop and open source a high quality framework for new DBs (06 Jul 2009)

It is a nice idea, but I see many practical problems. The differences of applications are too large.

By the way, I have already developed a few versions of what you could call a generic template, indeed with a few standard scriptlibraries, with functions you always need.

Whenever I have to do something a second time I always keep in mind whether or not I could transform it into a template that is reusable.

When I use the word "template" I do not necessarily mean a termplate that can be used to upgrade your design. It looks more like a database form which you make a copy for your new application, and modify as needed.

Close ideas when implemented or rejected by IBM/Lotus (08 Apr 2009)

@2 Part of what you saying were my thoughts when I commented on the idea about adding comments to votes (see: { Link } Sometimes I demote an idea, not beause I think it is a bad idea, but because I think IBM could better spent their time on more important issues.

True, there are much to many ideas here. Who on earth could expect that anybody would do something with this tsunami? There are also too many posts that are really bug-reports. These should be moved to another area/category or so.

New Workspace (08 Apr 2009)

I agree; it can't be that difficult or timeconsuming to do some work in this area!

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (29 Mar 2009)

@13 I see what you mean, but what about "no opinion"? This is what I use when I am in a hurry or just do not want to demote nor promote.

I believe that when you demote, the author would like to have some idea why you are demoting the idea. By the way, I think you should be able (not forced) to add the reason at a promotion too. On the ohter hand people that claim that simplicity of this forum is one of its strengths have a point.

So the best thing to do is to allow for custimization. An option (again with custimization) could be to add two buttons: "promote with comment" and "demote with comment". When you select with comment you have the choice between a short comment from a predefined list or a long comment with an edit field. Then the only thing to think about is, how to show other people's comments.

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (27 Mar 2009)

@5 @8 I thought of that too; when people do take the effort to go to the IdeaJam site, read an idea and enter their vote, they are motivated enough that we can ask from them to think a second or two about why they demote the idea. I do not believe that at this point they just want to select an option at random in orderto minimise their time spent.

@7 Maybe the "bad idea" should be replaced by a few more specific options. But the list must not be too long otherwise its meaning get lost. When options only differ slightly, people will easily choose the wrong one.

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (26 Mar 2009)

You could present the demoter a choice of demotion reasons like:
- other ideas should have a higher priority
- bad idea
- does not fit in product philosophy
- too complex
- unclear
- already available
- other (with a textbox for free comment)

This would help the author of the idea and it would make it easy enough for voters to get the reason behind their vote.

PS: the list of choices could be updated when this function is in place for a certain period, based on the responses of the "other" choice (or suggestions added to this list by others).

Option to import custom image in "Design Icon" interface (23 Mar 2009)

I do not like the idea that IBM has to spent their precious time to implement functions of other packages.

When you import a logo that has a different size, it will need resizing and that process can better be done in another package. Here you can resize your logo to 32x32 pixels and copy and paste it in your Notes designer.

LotusScript: Generic 'core dump' error handler (13 Mar 2009)

By the core code I mean the opposite of user written code. The compiler is aware of the scope of each variable, so it could add some extra info that can be used during a failure. It would mean too much, when the client code is keeping track of all variables, in order to achieve the same result.

LotusScript: Generic 'core dump' error handler (12 Mar 2009)

It is not really a problem for the Notes core code to show "all" variables that are in scope, when you compare this to the "useless" output produced by a system crash.

I implemented a borrowed idea to show a call trace when an erorr occurs. This is especially useful when you get an error in a scheduled agent or in a web application.

Move IdeaJam Charts to use Flash (09 Mar 2009)

Nice to have a chart, though I doubt its usefullness. What does it tell you to see a chart of the votes over time?

In case you decide to implement it, change the colors used. Use red for demotions and green for promotions.

Fix Alt-Left Arrow and Alt-Right Arrow to navigate left and right through the tabs properly (06 Mar 2009)

Is this the place to report a (possible) bug?

I do not think so.

Admin client that runs seperately from the Notes client in Windows (04 Mar 2009)

There was already a post of this kind (I am too lazy to look it up for you now). And there was already a post to separate debugging and looking on a help database at the same time.

By the way you do not really need VMWare to run a second instance of Notes, when it suits you to run different versions of Notes simultaneously. To install that needs some handwork in the registry, but it can be done.

Ability to sort functions/subs alphabetically in Script Library/Agent (04 Mar 2009)

YES, YES, I am in favor of this idea.

A few years a go I created a tool to do a sort like this on a scriptlibrary. Before you ask of a copy, I recently found a problem with, so that it does not run at the moment. But I am happy to fix this and make it available. I did run in the past, maybe it has to do with the Notes verions I am using.

By the way, I copied the original idea for the tool from the Sandbox.

NotesView Column Value as Separate Entries : NotesViewEntry only shows 1st value (04 Mar 2009)

Corey, when it is true what you are saying, I do not think it should be entered as an idea on this forum. It clearly is a bug, and there are other means of reporting a bug to Lotus IBM.

To be sinical, you might get no response, nor a fix for this bug. But still this is not the right place for a bug (even knowing how much you would like it be fixed).

Humor me for a moment: I want a Game as a Notes App (26 Feb 2009)

@2 It really is. I once implemented a Sudoku generator that originally was written in C++ into Lotusscript. The problem is that where the C++ version takes about 1 second to generate a solvable Sudoku, identical Lotusscript is more than 10 minutes busy doing exactly the same thing.

So my conclusion is, that Notes is not suitable for a game engine, but is can be used for a game that does not have to do much processing.

Anyway, I like the idea in comparison with Brick Breaker.

PS: I am aware of the reason behind this time issue.

Create an agent to periodically send emails with a digest of new ideas/comments to registered users and or people that have modified their profile. (24 Feb 2009)

This is again an entry where is stated that people need a trigger to come to IdeaJam. I do not believe in that approach. When you are really interrested, it is easy to regularly check this site. For me it is one of the "standard" things I do when I logon. I check my email, I check IdeaJam and I check the Notes 6/7 forum.

Create an option to "Never Show" in the Show who has voted config (19 Feb 2009)

The Votes in my person's profile only shows my votes and there is no count. I would like to see the counts of other people.

Allow the user to hide their Voting history from their profile (18 Feb 2009)

No anonymous voting please!

Provide a tool for migrating from Sharepoint to Quickr. (18 Feb 2009)

Maybe these tools are so expensive, because those parties know that companies have already spent so much money on Sharepoint, that these companies can easily affort their expensive tool.

Create an option to "Never Show" in the Show who has voted config (18 Feb 2009)

I am against anonymous voting. When you take the effort to vote, there is no reason why people should not see your opinion.

I would even suggest the opposite. I would like to see what the general voting for a person is. In order to form a picture if a person is promoting almost any idea, or if a person is just demoting "everything". So a summary of number of votes, number of promotions, number of demotions and number of no-opinions for each person is what I am suggesting.

This brings me to another issue. There are sometimes ideas that I like, but for which I enter No Opinion. I do this because I fear that when too many ideas get many votes the value of that number goes down. When we believe that Lotus is looking at this forum and want to do something with it, it has no meaning when there are so many ideas with promotions, that it will be impossible to consider them all.

When appending a view column, should inherit the text and title font settings of the column to the left (23 Jan 2009)

The lack of being able to define some prefered settings in form fields and views was my trigger to develop a generator tool. I was really bored to perform these similar and simple actions over and over again.

So, yes please add this function!

Improve discoverability of old ideas via a "suggest" feature based on user voting behavior (05 Jan 2009)

@5 - when becomes an idea inactive? When there are no comments added? Or when no votes are added?

But what with ideas that were entered a long time ago? Do new users bother to vote on them?

When I started reading IdeaJam (Nov 2008) I entered an idea about remembering the position of some popup-screens in the Notes6/7 designer. I got 38 votes; the last by June 9, 2008. There were 25 promotions and no demotions. But there must be more than 38 developers reading this forum. So my idea is that the timeframe where an idea is hot or being read is very limited.

Improve discoverability of old ideas via a "suggest" feature based on user voting behavior (05 Jan 2009)

I do not want the "system" to think for me.

What I do want is:

- a "better" way to walk through the ideas, but I really do not have any practical suggestion for this
- feedback by IBM on the ideas; I suppose IBM reads the ideas, but what will be done with them?

I am not sure if IdeaJam can fulfill its promise. There are so many ideas entered, that it looks not very practical to handle them at all. On the other hand, we do not want to be limited to enter a new idea. I hope that IBM uses this forum to get some feedback on their products and learn what is hot for their users.

A "component"-wise extendable / partly enrich-/replaceable, and skinnable Notes client (22 Dec 2008)

Yes, yes and yes!

Open Source the Domino Product Line (22 Dec 2008)

I demoted the idea, but what I do want is that the documentaion of the C API and the C++ API is brought to the newest level. There are samples that will not work on a release higher than R5!

Take the sample MakeView. In a view there is a complex attribute $ViewFormat that is build from several blocks. In many releases this block is extended with new sub-blocks. And there is no documentation on the format of these sub-blocks. Only by hard labour and many red-screens I was able to generate a view from scratch in R6 and R7.

Another sample is the ODS format. Again no updates for newer structures beyond R5. So you cannot use ODSReadMemory nor ODSWriteMemory.

Out of office (no end date for long absence) (04 Dec 2008)

You can easily put a date very far in the future and all will work as expected.

Perhaps you do need to use a date that far; will there still be a Notes application out there over let us say 100 years?

Bring back the ability to use computed subforms to include a subform more than once on a form (02 Dec 2008)

I am in favor of this proposal, but you could achieve the same functionality with XPages.

Add LS function to determine if debugger is running (21 Nov 2008)

I have asked this before, so yes please add this function.

Allow us to programatically control category column colours (20 Nov 2008)

I think it is a good idea. Maybe we need a "express designer" (sorry MS). That is a designer with a limited number of functions the user can set/change. The allowed functions will be mostly look-and-feel functions.

You could imagine that the application manager/designer indicates what attributes of an application, or of its design elements can be modified by a user.

Give us some option to show progress bar (platform independent) to users (12 Nov 2008)

I would love to have the possibility to program a progress bar in the status area.

Never mind (06 Nov 2008)

Although here in The Netherlands, most people were in favour of Obama, I do not believe that a speech can be of that importance that the world should pause. Most of Obama's ideas and plans will be known earlier than during his inauguration.

Please note, that I followed Obama's speech on November 4th live via CNN as it was held in Chicago. So you cannot claim that I am not interested in US-politics. And I am happy that there will be another person in the White House, but again: please continue as scheduled.

Recompile all Lotusscript: need the possibility to exclude some elements (15 Oct 2008)

I can see no sensible usage for this; could you please explain the background of your question?

Create a Notes-Mail-Client only (10 Oct 2008)

I disagree, because I do not think that Notes is a very good mail-application.

If you were to go for a mail-solution only, I would never recommend Notes. If you want to have groupware and do more with your software than exchanging messages, I would advice to go for Notes.

I understand that you would choose for Notes, when it comes as a free-to-use mail-client with the intention that in the future users want to have more functionality.

So, do not misunderstand me: I am 100% pro Notes, but not for a simple mail-client.

Provide Script/API methods to control replication settings (05 Sep 2008)

Another feature I would like to control via LS or the C-API is checking and setting the checkboxes on the replicator page. Indeed this information is stored in a $sitemaplist field. And yes it is not documented, though I am busy decyphering it!

Emailing a subform from the current UI document (12 Aug 2008)

I don't see how an enduser might know about "subforms".

Provide Parity Between LotusScript and Java (28 Jul 2008)

In principle I agree wit the idea, but given the time the development team has, it doesn't look efficient to use that time on this idea.

Configurable number of rows (26 Jun 2008)

I solved this by calling IdeaJam with this URL:

{ Link }

Reduce Refresh Design from Seven Clicks to Two (23 Jun 2008)

I only count 4 mouse clicks, but that is not the real point.

As a developer I have to select the server where the template is located many times. So I like to stick to the selection box. But I could do without the next screen, the one that reminds me that I am going to modify design elements. If you have come this far, there is really no need for this useless warning.

Make it possible to select internet sender address when sending mail (23 Jun 2008)

And not only the sender's address should be selectable, the signature too.

Asynchronous Agents (10 Jun 2008)

Maybe not completely the same, but when you run your agent in the background you can have the desired bahaviour.

Use return instead of function name to return a value (06 Jun 2008)

@1) It will be more in line with other languages.

I would add: allow the current way of returning a value, or we all have to rewrite much of our coding.

Support UIDoc Refresh from an Embedded View (28 May 2008)

I have an application where there is a button on the parent form that adds an entry in the embedded view. After saving the new document I do a NotesUIWorkspace.Refresh and the view is refreshed and no crash.

Lotusscript is evolving (28 May 2008)

Fredrik, it is not clear to me what you really want with Lostusscript.

Even today I am able to generate an application from scratch using only Lotusscript. I do this by calling C API functions, which are nothing more than entries in nnotes.dll (and nnotesws.dll).

The major problem is that the documentation is very poor. It is based on a C interface and that can not always be converted one-to-one into the Lotusscript equivalent. Furthermore the documentation lacks an overview. E.g. it took me several weeks to find out how to generate a view, because the sample from the SDK is not suitable for the newest versions of Notes.

Finally: what has Eclipse to do with it? The Notes 8.5 designer is based on Eclipse. Which means that the interface is different than what we used to have. But the basic idea to develop an application has not changed. Ok, there are some features available that are part of the standard Eclipse functionality. Some of them are very nice to have.

Dialog List Choices (22 May 2008)

I am in favour for everthing that allows to use Lotusscript (and Javascript).

Registration: Allow me to choose the default format for Mail Filename and ID Filename (20 May 2008)

There are many tools around that are valuable and use old 8.3 filenames.

"Grey Out" hidden view columns in designer (05 May 2008)

I do as Paul.

When this idea should be implemented, it must be implemented for forms and subforms too.

But again when is a field hidden? When all of the 3 checkboxes in the hide-property tab are checked? Or is two enough? And what about the other checkboxes?

Don't save read/unread marks per ID for shared mail files & for mail managed by PA's (05 May 2008)

For one of my customers I have added an extra column to the Inbox that shows if a message has been read by any of the named users. A named user is one that is mentioned in the ACL with at least editor rights. This to avoid that a message is marked when read by an administrator.

It took me a long time before I finally got it working, but it is ok now.

I found the idea to have this mark somewhat strange. I would prefer an alternative method for dealing with "dealt with" messages. Why not move them to another folder? This could be a folder called Inbox-read.

Programmatically prevent document printing (29 Apr 2008)

Even when there is a way to prevent printing, the user can always make a screen dump.So I vote against this idea.

Prevent Design running against database (23 Apr 2008)

The scenario you described can be avoided by having separate templates. One for development and another one for Unit Testing and one for production. When you give these templates a different name you will minimise the work to move a template to another phase of your project.

I think this way of working is less dangerous than allowing the refresh to be blocked.

View Columns - allow different Sort and Display values (22 Apr 2008)

I demoted this because of @2a.

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (22 Apr 2008)

I am using 8.5 designer and I must disappoint you all, there are situations that Notes crashes and that there are still notes-task hanging around. What makes it worse, is that restarting Eclipse just hangs and in the beginning you have no clue what the reason is. So you abort Eclipse and do it over again. This results in even more notes-tasks.

I understand that 8.5 is still in Beta, but I doubt if they will be able to fix this.

Hand-i-View (16 Apr 2008)

Excellent idea. Since scrollbars are able to handle that scrolling, I cannot imagine that it would be very difficult to implement the scrolling with a handshaped cursor. Maybe zooming will be more difficult to implement.

Action Bar (actions) global hide-when formula (16 Apr 2008)

In case you ony have a limited number of variants (e.g. only 2 roles are relevant, but apply to all of your actions) you might consider having 2 views, each with its own set of allowed actions. Of course you could loose performance when these views need regular updating and indexing.

Symphony Icons Look Too Much Alike (08 Apr 2008)

I agree with the poor design of the icons. But coloring will not solve it for colorblind people.

Let me programmatically Refresh a UI View (07 Apr 2008)

Can't you use the NotesView.Refresh function?

Design code (07 Apr 2008)

I have added to my designer a smart-button that opens a selection of code snippets to be included at the current location. The code to include can be anything you like. Sometimes I include a whole function, at other times just a few lines of code. You will have to feed this list with your own code, before you can use it.

For details see the blog of André Guirard.

Zoomable Workspace (04 Apr 2008)

Zooming is a good idea (i will promote it), but in the meantime why not add an extra tab and divide the icons over the tabs?

Form Properties (02 Apr 2008)

I prefer Lindsay's method.

Please make the popup font list usably large (31 Mar 2008)

The size of this pulldown window should be adjustable by the user. Like in many other windows. But there are some other windows that need to be adjustable too. I beleive that all windows should be adjustable by the user and the position should be remembered too. See this idea: { Link }

Application (Database) Block List for Debugger (27 Mar 2008)

I was not aware that I had to submit an idea for my comment.

Here is some extra comment:

Last time I asked for a function to test whether or not debug mode is on. What about a function to set debug mode on? This can be very useful when you want to trace what is happening with your code when document number 1000 is handled and you dont care about the previous 999 doucments.

circular use of script libs (25 Mar 2008)

Yes, please: can't wait until this implementation!

Lotus Domino/Notes VCL for Delphi, C++ Builder, etc (17 Mar 2008)

I can't make my mind up: do I want something like this? And do I want to be able to design my application using another IDE? Like MSVC? Then again: in Designer 8.5 we get Eclipse.

So my vote goes to: no opinion.

Add Properties to Field Class in LotusScript (13 Mar 2008)

Great idea, and don't forget to add the possibility to make a derived class from those classes.

Support Mail Template Customization (10 Mar 2008)

@1) I doubt the performance issue. If you would have a look of how much processing is already done in the mail template at several places, I cannot imagine that some extra user-functionality will be noticable.

@0) There are more places where I would like to have a "hook". for instance in the calendar profile.

Better control over what gets displayed as possible values for Names fields (04 Mar 2008)

This would imply that there will be other fieldtypes, like Servers or Groups

Notes native JOIN capability in a notes view (03 Mar 2008)

I think what your are really asking for is the possibility to do all kinds of dynamic stuff in a view column, like getting a document based on a key from the current document and obtain some field-value from that second document.

I know that there will be a performance penalty.

Provide an easy way to put a corporate logo into the letterhead (03 Mar 2008)

You could setup a central service where company logos are stored (with a small fee?) and Notes will obtain the logo from there when needed. The obtained logo is stored in the receiver's database, so the logo does only need to be imported once. In general many people will only read mails from a limited number of other companies, so the overhead is limited.

Updates to a company logo can be handled by some kind of expiration date added to the original logo and an indication in the message that there is a new logo to be read.

The reader must have the ability to remove any of the obtained logos. This is like removing your cookies or your trusted sites.

Folder Unread Marks for Domino Web Access (26 Feb 2008)

I really do not know what you are referring to. I do have read marks in my folders with client 6.5.5, 7.0.2 and 8.0.

Create a way to synch the existence of databases between cluster members (22 Feb 2008)

I agree with Charles, so I demoted this idea.

Improve Lotuscript (21 Feb 2008)

And when it is being upgraded, please add the Lotusscript declarations for all C API functions too.

View Unread warning (21 Feb 2008)

In the mail template there many other features that can be set and are not recognised by users. It would be too much if there was i similar action for all of these, so I am against this idea.

Remove DDM roll-up from Replication Events (18 Feb 2008)

When you are thinking along this path, I can add another suggestion: have an option to show the replication events in the details of the user activity.

In a system with regular replication these type of accesses to an application are not really relevant to see. I have a customer with a server cluster where this replication takes place every 5 mintues. In practice you will find no older entries in the user activity later than 5 hours back. This is because the number of entries is limited to 1400.

Set a fixed size for an NSF (18 Feb 2008)

I have my doubts that with the modern machines you should worry about the allocation of blocks on your hard disc. I reminds me at the old days when you could also influence the sector latency of a track (that is the interval of physical sectors: the read/write head reads sector 0 first, next sector 3, then sector 6 and so on, on the next turn it reads/writes sectors 1, 4, 7, etc; you do this to have enough time to empty the IO-buffer before the read/write head gets the next one).

Show login box on the top of homepage (18 Feb 2008)

My bookmark to IdeaJam directs me directly to the login-page. And a nice thing: it puts the cursor directly at the first field. I do almost the same thing with IBM-Lotus forum 6 & 7, but here I have to move the cursor to the input field.

And then I vote for all idea's. Some of them get a No Opinion from me. I do this to keep track where I left off last time I logged on to IdeaJam.

Locate field in Designer (15 Feb 2008)

If I understood it correctly most of your wishes will come through in Designer 8.5. But you will have to wait until the end of this year.

Programming API for the Mail Database, Personal Address Book and Domino Directory (08 Feb 2008)

I think you do not mean an API, but you like to have a class that handles your wishes.

When talking about an API people usualy mean a set of functions that can be invoked from outside the actual target.

Anyway, I like the idea to have these new classes. They would save many programming hours of trial and error.

List warnings when compiling LotusScript code (07 Feb 2008)

You can add to the wishlist:

- variables used but not assinged any value

Allow font size in 'use formula for choice' in formula window (07 Feb 2008)

@1 Me too.

Saving shared actions should run error processing (07 Feb 2008)

@1) I wouldn't worry about the time it takes to compile things. It is my impression that compiling does not take that much of time.

Change the "An error was encountered while opening a window." error message (06 Feb 2008)

You do need to reboot. You could call from the DOS-command line "NDS -kill" or use "KillNotes"

Add "Documentation" Object to Info List (31 Jan 2008)

I promote this idea.

In the meantime you could always (mis)use the declarations-section for this. Define a layout for your comment (like version, date, author, related issue, etc.) and there you have a structure that can be adapted easily.

Keep the C++ API alive (31 Jan 2008)

I have used both C++ API as well as the C API. My first impression was that the C API was more low level and not worth looking at. My recent experience is that I prefer the C API.

The disadvantage of the C++ API is that its functions cannot be called directly from Lotusscript. An advantage is that you can create stand alone programs that act upon existing Notes databases/applications.

You can put your C++ API functions into a DLL and call the DLL-functions from Lotusscript.

Recently I use C API functions directly from Lotusscript. Once you have sorted out how to call a function, which is basicly understand how to define the parameters in Lotusscript, you have a powerful engine at your hands.

Design Refresh as push technologie (30 Jan 2008)

You can do it already using the proper C API funcions.

Creating file links in notes documents (30 Jan 2008)

A nice thought, but not always clear to the user, since you could point to a share that is not accessible for that another user (rights or on a local device).

Full DXL round-trip of DESIGN ELEMENTS (30 Jan 2008)

I vote for this idea.

But lately I switched to C API to do my manipulations on design elements. I created a LS that will generate a form based on some externally defined parameters. And I created another LS that does this for a view.

Add a dictionary of technical terms (30 Jan 2008)

Yes, after following some sessions at Lotusphere I completely lost track of the relations between many (new) terms. I miss a general overview. This idea may help

Programmatic periodic Agent schedule by formula (30 Jan 2008)

As an alternative you could start your agent with some code to find out whether or not it should continue to run. This would be more flexible than extending the schedule formula.

Improve selecting ACL Roles on the FORM/Properties/Security tab (30 Jan 2008)

So you suggest to add a button to pop up a window, similar to the formula-window of the hide-when formula.

Allow to hide view columns by a few mouse clicks (30 Jan 2008)

I understand the idea, but there so many other attributes that you would like to set faster than by using the properties window.

Allow collapsible comments in lotus script (30 Jan 2008)

I promote the idea, but not for the current designer. If you have seen what is to come with the 8.5 designer in Eclipse, this idea is just the beginning.

Allow document links to design elements (30 Jan 2008)

I beleive this could be achived already without any modifications to the client or designer.

You have to remember that design elements are just (special) documents in an application. You could create a view that shows these documents and create a link to one of those documents. I have not checked this, but I feel that it should work.

Let DB Manager see "private views" (30 Jan 2008)

Nice idea, but it could go beyond this: I can think of many things a support person should be able to do on a database which goes out of the normal handling of databases. Examples are: unread marks, private profiles, replication logging ect. Many of these things should be possible via a special ID, like the Cert-ID, but with the settings of a specified ID. So you login via the Cert-ID and indicate that you are now accessing the database as xxx-ID.

Tool for documenting Dhtml-components (30 Jan 2008)

Why is there no market for such a tool?

Many developers face the problem of having to modify an existing application without proper (and up-to-date) documentation. I am currently busy with finishing a tool that allows you to scan through applications and do all sorts of digging (e.g. given a certain field-name: where is it used). I know of TeamStudio but my tool gives you much better output.

Another remark: there is room in many design elements to add some comment. The developer could always add here something so that related elements can be found via the designer's browser. But I am aware of the fact that it requires a lot of dicipline to do this (and continue doing so).

Notes Maintenace Application (18 Jan 2008)

Nothing would prevent you by creating a cmd-file (formerly known as bat-file) with the following commands:

cd "\program files\lotus\notes"
nfixup %1
ncompact %1
nupdall %1

and run it from a dos-box with the relevant filename.

Now that I an writing this, I came up with the idea to test if the utilities would return a status that can be checked in the cmd-file.

Debugger improvements (18 Jan 2008)

I can think of another nice feature:

- Support calculated breakpoints, which means that the debugger will issue a breakpoint when a formula is true.

Suppose you have a loop and you want to step through it when the index has reached a certain value. In this case you would set a computed breakpoint on the first line in the loop with a formula like "index = 10".

Allow access to Designer/Notes/Admin Clients while debugging (17 Jan 2008)

I can think of e few other aspects in this context:

- add an option to exclude some applications/databases to be debugged (e.g. the help-db's) when deb ugging is on
- have a function in Lotusscript to see if debugging is currently on

Finding unused Variable names in Lotusscript (17 Jan 2008)

Good idea, I was just thinking about this the ohter night.

Delegate Ownership of a meeting (14 Jan 2008)

I have not checked it in Notes 8, but in earlier versions I would like to have that only the creator (and the administrator of course) of a meeting can cancel it.

Feedback on AdminP (11 Jan 2008)

There are a few commands where you can indicate that a completion message has to be send to an administrator. But I think a solution as suggested is much better.

Automatic Smart Location Switching (09 Jan 2008)

I was sorry when I had to change my laptop from Thinkvantage into HP, because I missed this function on my new machine.

Multiple email signatures (09 Jan 2008)

I promote this idea; in fact I am busy adding it to the mail-template at the company I am working for right now.

Send mail to all users in an Organisational Unit (09 Jan 2008)

I promoted the idea, but I should warn you for bulk Email. There are users who will send a reply to all receivers of a mail. I have seen it happen with mails that those users did not understand.

It is the safest way to completely block your Emial-system!

Fixed Width Table Columns (08 Jan 2008)

And when it is being implemented, please improve the table handling by the client altogether. And improve the handling in the designer (so you won't loose previous settings) as well.

JavaAPI for Servertasks - Documented and Supported (08 Jan 2008)

Why limit it to Java Servertasks?

Vote later (or more pages) (07 Jan 2008)

Ah Sjef,

You can do this by using the following URL:

{ Link }

Note the value of the Count-parameter.

@1: Please add a parameter to the profiles.

Option for view resorting to keep categories intact (07 Jan 2008)

I still like to promote the idea.

Promote / Demote Comments (07 Jan 2008)


Thanks for the reply. I will continue with rating all new ideas.

Promote / Demote Comments (04 Jan 2008)

Reading this idea, I was just wondering: "What will happen to all our idea's?"

It is nice to have people vote for idea's, but will there actually something done with our idea's?

I spend some time on this site (in fact I rate every day the new idea's), but is this time well spent?

Categorized column values to stay on screen when scrolling (04 Jan 2008)

The lack of this type of functionality forced me to compleely redisign some of my views, since it was so hard to see where you are in a view.

Set Default New Application Font Family (02 Jan 2008)

I would not limit it to the font settings. What about pointsize, color and many other attribute across the application?

@1) A nice way to implement this, because you are then able to change your settings at any time and mnot only at the creation of a design element.

Action Bar Controller (18 Dec 2007)

A good ides, but why limit it to the action bar? Setting properties across an application is also suitable for (sub)forms, views/folders, frame(set)s and outlines.

Use rules (afterwards) for already existing mails (17 Dec 2007)

Another approach could be to select a single rule and then apply it to a selected view/folder. This functionality is offered by Netscape (yes, I know: it is ancient, but I still use it because there are hardly any virusses written for Netscape mail).

Report Status of compact/updall/fixup when done (14 Dec 2007)

The Convert utility has the parameter <b>-a [Admion name]</b>, which will send a message to the administrator, when the utility has completed.

allow lists and arrays as return values from functions (13 Dec 2007)

You can always pass the array as a parameter to the function.

Combine R4, R5, R6, R7 and R8 forums (12 Dec 2007)

Agree with @1 and @2.

I found that the 4/5 forum holds more entries on the subject of C API than the 6/7 forum. So I scan both forums for these type of questions/ideas.

Voting Before Logging In (12 Dec 2007)

I changed the URL to show me 100 idea's at a time, i.s.o. the default 20, but when I log in that setting is lost, which means that I have to close the session and issue the url again.

Seperate preferences for Preview Pane (12 Dec 2007)

Perhaps it will be better to have a function that can be invoked upon view/folder opening that allows you to show/hide the preview pane.

Have an visual indicator in a field how the data in it is being generated? (12 Dec 2007)

Please be aware that colors are not always useful for colorblind people.

Alt text for icons in a view (10 Dec 2007)

See my comment onn the entry: "Option to add a legend to a Notes View"

Option to add a legend to a Notes View (10 Dec 2007)

My solution to show the meaning of icons is to add an action to the right of the view with the following code:

@PickList([Custom]:[Single]; @DbName; "Legenda"; "Legenda"; ""; 1)

and add a hidden view "Legenda" with documents that have two attributes: the icon value and an explanory text.

When you press the button a popup will show with the icons and their meaning.

Select target version for Notes application (07 Dec 2007)

I would prefer an environment that let you easily install more than one version of the Notes Client/Designer. The differences between versions are not limited to script code. Therefor it would be better to use the correct environment for a specific application.

Currently it can be done to install more than one version, but you need to modify the Registry contents when you install both a R6 and R7 (or R8) Notes environment.

Change @DbTitle into @AppTitle (06 Dec 2007)

Who will update all my applications? And who will locate all usages of @DbTitle in my applications?

Central Repository of "Notes Shops" (05 Dec 2007)

In The Netherlands there is a Notes User Group (SNUG) that hosts a partner index, where you can get information about partners but you can also search on solutions and other criteria. Have a look at www.snug.nl (it is in Dutch, but I expect that you get the idea).

Sort subs and functions in alfabetical order in the object pane (30 Nov 2007)

Hi Martin,

I think it might be a good idea to exchange (or combine) some thoughts about Lotus Notes and its (lack of) tooling. Perhaps bilateral to start with. I will send you a message through your website this weekend.

I have created many useful (at least for my clients and me) tools.

NSF Comparison Tool (29 Nov 2007)

We are working on a tool to do this. The technique to use will be implemented with the NotesNoteCollection class.

The tool will support levels of comparison, e.g. everything, document values, documents existance, design elements, etc.

Client setting for managing return receipts of mails (29 Nov 2007)

I would like to have the possibility to "permanently" set the return receipt.

For one of my clients I modified the mail-template (yes, I know, you should never do this) with an option in the Tools->Preferences to set this feature.

Sort subs and functions in alfabetical order in the object pane (29 Nov 2007)

I wrote a tool to do this. It is based on DXL/DOMparser and sorting the child nodes of a (selected) design element.

I fully support, that this should be an integral part of the Designer.

Programmatically set agent schedule (29 Nov 2007)

The is some code available that will do the trick. Google for setAgentSchedule or getAgentSchedule


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